Smack / Oct 26, 2009 / 1:17 am

Oops, Pau Surprise

Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol

Is it just us, or has this been — from an injury standpoint — the most destructive NBA preseason in a while? Last year Deron Williams started out on the shelf, and of course Gilbert Arenas and Monta Ellis had their issues, but we don’t remember too many other notables beginning the regular season logging DNPs due to preseason injuries … One standout who’s absence will be very noticeable on Opening Night is Pau Gasol, who as of yesterday is expected to miss the Lakers/Clippers opener with a bad hamstring. Gasol and Andrew Bynum (shoulder) missed L.A.’s last two preseason games, but while Bynum said he’s going to play Tuesday, the Lakers look like they’ll be getting their rings with Gasol in a suit and Lamar Odom in the starting lineup … And just to make TNT sweat even more bullets, Blake Griffin (knee) might also miss the Lakers/Clippers game. Griffin hurt the same knee earlier in the summer, then banged it up again during the last preseason game. That’s just the Clippers’ luck that they finally get a high-profile national TV game, and now their marquee attraction can’t go … Tyler Hansbrough will definitely miss his first NBA game (and more). He’s still recovering from the hip injury he suffered a while back and is reportedly a couple weeks away from playing … Allen Iverson (hamstring) is still slated to miss Memphis’ opener againt Detroit, but you know A.I. wants to get back to show the Pistons they messed up. It just goes to show Iverson has an uphill battle trying to prove himself when his team doesn’t seem to mind that he’s missing time. When A.I. was in Philly, they’d do anything they could to get him on the court so long as he wasn’t missing a limb. (FYI, Mike Conley should play in the Grizzlies’ opener after tweaking his ankle in their last game.) … Michael Beasley says he’s not sure whether he’ll be ready for the regular season, as he’s dealing with thumb and shoulder injuries. Over the weekend you probably saw the photo that’s been circulating of Beasley on a boat laid out next to a bunch of bottles of alcohol — sort of a better-quality version of the infamous maybe-weed-maybe-not photos from this summer. The company line is that Beasley was simply asleep at some team function and that he never touched the drinks. Basically it boils down to whether you can visibly tell the difference between “asleep” and “passed out.” It seems like no big deal, but hopefully Beasly learns he just can’t get caught up in situations where things could look bad … Derrick Rose missed a big chunk of the preseason with an ankle injury, but he says he’ll be ready for the Bulls’ opener against San Antonio. Have you seen Chicago’s schedule? They start off with the Spurs, then go to Boston and Miami, and between a road game at Cleveland and getting the Nuggets at home, their only “breaks” are games against Milwaukee and Charlotte. And then not too long after that, the Bulls go on a two-week road trip … Devin Harris (groin) and Emeka Okafor (toe) are also coming off recent injuries. Odds are they won’t miss any time, but won’t be at 100 percent … Nellie named his starting five: Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson, Corey Maggette and Andris Biedrins. If you’re looking for Anthony Randolph, he’s a little banged up, and Nellie said he wouldn’t start him right now even if he was healthy because he needs to rebound (among other things) better. So naturally the alternative is starting 6-5 Maggette at power forward; that’ll help the rebounding situation. The Rockets, who get Golden State in their first game, have to be loving this turn of events given their own frontcourt issues. And in Game 2, Amar’e Stoudemire might score 60 points if he’s got that frontline guarding him … The other “Nellie being Nellie” move: He put down Acie Law as the backup small forward. Yeah, 6-3 point guard Acie Law. The day is coming — probably this season — when Nellie runs out a starting five of all guys 6-5 and under; it’s like he thinks the NBA is a rec league … We’re out like Pau …

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  • Gunner J. Matthews

    ROFL at the smack title. GS has a lot of little big men though

  • chebs

    kobe goes for 30 in game 1

  • Smithy

    It’s official Don Nelson is crazy!

  • Don Pedro

    Hahaha, that was a good title. Kevin Love is out 6-8 weeks with the broken left hand too.


  • the cynic

    -“The other “Nellie being Nellie” move: He put down Acie Law as the backup small forward. Yeah, 6-3 point guard Acie Law”

    lol, isn’t this team loaded with wing players? Morrow? Azubuike? Are they too tall to play SF for Nellie? How drunk is Nellie?


    DJ Menba is happy dude comes Tuesday! DJ will get more minutes due to the absence of Gasol and no Blake means, “I ain’t getting dunked on tonight.”

  • alf (from melmak)

    If it works, Nellie is a genius. If it turns into a wreck, as many expects, Nellie is headed to the asylum. At least he will be remembered for the Run TMC days.

    My meal allowance really wants all the team trainers to be investigated. A conspiracy might be in the works here.

  • money

    not to mention antawn jamison is out for awhile too

  • Name (required)

    look out for Biedrins to average 20 boards a game.

  • no j mayo

    Title’s hilarious…funny especially cuz i was just thinking about that dumb ish the other day. Nellie’s a tard. For real, Randolph jets from there at soonest possible time.

  • ToAn

    could someone please explain to me what’s the funny part of the smack title…i don’t get it at all, maybe i’m missing some important information…and Nellie should be fired long time ago, i mean they are not winning even though they have talent. it’s nice that he had some success with RUN TMC but that was like 20 years ago. and he’s fucking with A. Randolph’s carrer, he is wasting his time and his psyche. let the season begin

  • Dean

    Look for Turiaf to have his best season yet!

  • Eduardo

    Have you guys ever heard about Kevin Widemond, former San Jacinto College Guard? Man, he was playing here in Portugal(I’m from Portugal by the way) and he died yesterday at the halftime with a cardiac arrest. Sad news for the basketball world. He was just 23 man, damn.

    R.I.P. Kevin.

  • http://www.niketalk.yuku.com NTstateOFmind

    @Toan, it references a Chappelle skit

  • dapro

    Post 11

    It’s a Chapelle show reference bruh

  • hadoken

    supposedly beasley didn’t want to go out on the boat but was ordered to go by the heat. there goes anymore charitable team functions for super cool beas…

  • Yoooo

    1st and foremost, R.I.P. to the bol Kev Widemond. A Westside Roughrider, Texas A&M alum and a damn good ball player. He died doing what he loved, but it feels VERY premature. God Bless my brother!!!

  • ToAn

    @NTstateOFmind & dapro…….thanks. here in europe only some people know chapelle. well that’s how it is where i live. in fact, i saw my first chapelle show 2 months ago and watch it ever since. before that i never heard his name at all, and i’m watching a lot TV

  • LakeShow84

    Damn forget what the hell is wrong with Nellie but if im a GM, VP or president and my over 60 coach tells me hes starting Corey FRICKING Magette @ PF in the WEST i’d get his ass put in a home..

    That man is killing that roster.. That team will be posted up into oblivion..

  • http://dime fan

    Very True. Keeping the players important should be very high on the priority list. Denver and Phoenix are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys ahead of the curve. Nene,Martin,Billups,Shaq,Hill,Nash,Amare,Penny,JR Smith,Melo You get the picture. Their players bounce back from injuries others suffer w/their whole career. Some of the worst staffs. Knicks,Lakers,Bulls,Sixers. Where players jam fingers and miss months.

  • That’s whats up

    Nellie would roll out Muggsy Bogues, Michael Adams, Nate Robinson, Spud Webb and JJ Barea if he had the chance

  • LakeShow84

    ^ With Earl Boykins coming out as the 6th ^

  • Giuseppe1075
  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    @20, I don’t want Derrick Rose coming back from injury too quick. For all I care, he could sit out the entire year just to keep that ankle healthy and 100%. He can do the M.Jordan thing and sit out the entire year instead of tearing that ankle up. Maybe we end up with a nice draft pick we can package in a deal with Deng-a-lang to bring in some real talent in the post.

    @14, I just realized it was a Chappelle show skit. Oh man, imagine the skits Chappelle would come up with now-n-days. I read he just did like 5 hrs of str8 standup at the Laugh Factory, in an attempt to break Dane Cook’s reacord of 8hrs or something like that.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    @dapro…what chappelle skit is that from?

  • Maynard

    Not a big deal, but Hansbrough has shin issues, not hip. I’d say his bigger issue is lack of NBA talent and a tendency to look like a slack-jawed moron, but the guy has an NCAA chip, can’t take it away from him — even if he is turning 24 in a week.

  • JH

    Nellie has some outlandish motivation techniques. I don’t think he’s serious about Magette…however. Most hated coach?

    If his health allows it(Randolph doesn’t look like he can last a whole season)…I think Randolph could be special though. I picked him up on my fantasy team.

    I think his health will be a bigger concern than his starter status or minutes played. One nasty fall and…

  • jheck

    biedrins should go back to their country and plant same potato

  • Colton

    the dave chappelle skit with john mayer.
    hahahaha. i officially am laughing out loud. not cliche lol shit. i miss dave chapelle.

    if you wanna see the oops pow surprise video go there. haha.

    worst freestyle ever! haha

  • chebs

    **********LOOK AT POST NUMBER 2…WOWWW***************
    kobe for 30 like i friggin sed