NBA / Oct 27, 2009 / 2:36 pm

Opening Night Crystal Ball: Boston Wins On The Road

LeBron James

LeBron James

The NBA season officially tips off in T-minus five hours. You’ve picked your fantasy team, you bought your league pass, now it’s time to play some ball. Tonight there are four games scheduled – two of which are on national TV. We took the liberty to hit you with previews and predictions for each contest.

Celtics at Cavs: The first of the TNT double-header, this match up between two of the East’s powerhouses should be a thriller. Could this be a sneak preview of the Eastern Conference Championship? The ’08 champs are back and in full force (minus Big Baby’s dumb a**) and come into the Q to face LeBron and the Cavs (minus Delonte West’s dumb a**). Expect King James to have a monster game and Shaq to have a solid debut. Also expect Shaq to give Kendrick Perkins the business tonight. Boston’s big three will get theirs, but it will be the C’s bench that will make the difference in tonight’s match up. Prediction: Celtics win by three in regulation.

Wizards at Mavs: The return of Gilbert Arenas finally arrives. After two years of battling injuries, Arenas is looking to bring back the Wizards to the playoffs. Although the roster looks solid on paper, the Wizards will have to go at least a month without Antawn Jamison, who has a shoulder injury. Washington has a tough opening night contest against the Mavs, who have improved over last season. Shawn Marion should benefit from having Jason Kidd feeding him the ball. If the Mavs keep everyone involved and start hitting the three ball, then expect this game to get away from the Wizards in the third quarter. Prediction: Mavs by nine.

Rockets at Blazers: So much is expected out of the Blazers this year. They are coming off a 54 win season and they added Andre Miller during the offseason. Now that they have a playoff series under their belt, there are no more inexperience excuses. Tonight they face the team that eliminated them in the first round of the playoffs. The Rockets added Trevor Ariza in the offseason, but lost Ron Artest and are without T-Mac and Yao to start the season. Expect Portland to get revenge for the playoffs and route the Rockets. Prediction: Portland wins by 11.

Clippers at Lakers: We stated yesterday that the Clippers could be a playoff team if they stayed healthy. Key word: healthy. Maybe we jinxed it because it was announced yesterday that star rookie Blake Griffin will miss the first 4-6 weeks due to a knee injury. No doubt, the Kobe and Co. will probably win the first battle of the L.A. squads, but I expect the Clippers to throw up a fight. They had a good preseason and Baron is said to be back to all-star form. Plus, Ron Artest is still adjusting to the triangle offense. Prediction: Lakers by five.

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  • Reddi Red

    buffalo wild wings tonite!!!!!!!!

  • K-Dub

    Bold choice pickin the Cs over the Cavs when the home team has won every game in this matchup for a while now. Even though the Cavs haven’t won an opener in a couple years.

  • Reddi Red

    thats a restaurant/bar for the unfortunate!
    Tuesday free wings…….got a nice little honey dip to take with me too. can’t get any better.

    had to share.

  • rangerjohn

    i have to say i think the cavs win, other then that i like your pics. i think lakers and blazers win by more though. and unfortunately i think your spot on with the mavs on this one. (damn i hate the mavs lmao)

  • Reddi Red

    honey dip = a chick


  • http://www.bouncemag.com 40 cal bouncemag.com

    I got Boston beating the cavs, shaq slows down the offense in Cleveland and make things to congested!

    I got the Mavs over the Wizards

    Blazers will beat the rockets by 10 plus, remember I said that.

    Lakers are going to defeat the Clips but this might be a real close game depending on how Blake plays

  • dan

    “honey dip = a chick


    thats what first came to mind then I was like maybe he really is talking about a sauce…..lets go heat! tomorrow…

  • sh!tfaced

    Dammit, DIME. Why are your predictions have to be so close to the damn spread. Ugh. Second guessing is the last thing I need right now… Haha.

    But at least we agree on the Clippers@Lakers.

    And you know Shelden and his 6 fouls might start earning that paycheck right away… vs Shaq and maybe vs Mo Williams too…

    lol@honey dip comment, btw

  • control

    Way to run with the safe picks eh?

    Cept that first pick of yours, Boston over Clev? Nah, apparently that crystal ball you were looking into is a bong and you were huffin.

    Without Glenn Davis there to murder the pregame lunch, all of the Boston players are going to be feeling fat and bloated, since 3 times the normal amount of food will be there, and they won’t even realize it because Glenn is usually holding it down at the buffet.

  • rangerjohn

    apparently 40 cal of bounce mag has not heard the not so breaking news that blake is not playing tonight and is out for 4-6 weeks??????

    i hope he doesnt really work for bouncemag cause thats embarrassing.

  • JBaller

    Yo Ranger…the really embarraasing part for 40 cal is that he thinks that if Griffin were to play the game would be close!

    I’m just messin’ witcha 40 – don’t bust a kneecap worryin’ about it.

  • flavur

    Man I agree wit all these picks they are all pretty safe picks.

  • Kermit the Washington

    @ Reddi Red:

    “a nice little honey dip…”

    John Witherspoon?? Is that you??

  • Reddi Red


    “you gotta coordinate!!” “you see, the mushroom belt with the mushroom lining”

    ha ha haaaa

  • http://dime fan

    I’m guessing your a smart #@$. Thank God you don’t have Delonte’s condition. Speculation isn’t fact. Stick to basketball.

  • chriscross

    you really have the mavs beating the wiz by more than the lakeshow is gonna stomp the clips? crazy.

  • http://www.bouncemag.com 40 cal bouncemag.com

    Lol I got caught off guard… I haven’t tuned into my set for a week or so until today and just realized that!

  • control

    Cavs come and play like shit, make me eat fucking crow, god damn…

  • jheck

    Cavs ang mananalo..kalokohang matalo ang Cavs…Saang perlas na bilog ka ba tumingin sa Divisoria…sira ulo ka…..


    ^^^ ULOL… HAHAHA!