• Kevin

    Stephen Jackson… out of Golden State by the trade deadline?

  • http://www.lifeofagiant.com Big Aaron

    Funny thing is, Orlando beasted NO and scored all them points, despite TWENTY-FOUR total turnovers. Imagine if that number was even halved.

    Orlando for the chip this year. I can feel it. LAst year was a bonus, This year, Anderson for 6th man or MIP

  • J-Lod

    am i 1st? the first line is hilarious..mike sweetney..classic..

  • Josh Tha roc

    How’s the 3 shooting of the knicks. They were like 3 of 100.

  • alf (from melmak)

    I am just repeating myself here but Golden State and Utah should start talking trade. Stephen Jackson plus change for Carlos Boozer. Nobody looses in that trade.

    My meal allowance says we should start calling Rasheed Wallace Dr. Evil and Eddie House Mini Me.

  • dmitry of jersey

    jerry sloan’s sanity loses in that trade

  • Josh Tha roc

    I just can’t see how how Jerry Sloan would ever accept a trade for capt jackass. Sjax has lost all my respect in this one.

  • That’s whats up

    Captain Jack-Off

  • alf (from melmak)

    Give Stephen Jackson the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he is just a very emotional guy who at times puts his foot in his mouth.

  • The Real Tyrone

    Ain’t no doubt that them Celts are going to be rockin it y’all. Da team be full of players who aint be caring abt no statistic and just be carin about the W yo. Ain’t nothin more importan than be glass eatin and be dishin dopey dimes and be makin dem game easier for dem cats’ teammmates y’all.

    True thugs NEVER lie.
    The Real Tyrone

  • K Dizzle

    @ Josh – Knicks are comedy. Watchin nbatv and these “pros” shot 7-41 from the three and no word of a lie, they showed over 10 AIRBALLS…cappin the hilights with Elton crackin Jeffries with an elbow to the eye, then callin him soft as the blood ran down dude’s face…
    Can’t wait for Stephen A to predict the Knicks makin the playoffs again.
    This is the squad supposed to be gettin Lebron next year? Why would he come to this mess?

  • Jota Jota

    KOBE! KOBE!!!!!!

  • vince

    compare orlando’s 3pt shooting (19-30/63%) with that of new york (17-41/17%)


  • egypt

    I’ll never understand basketball fans that hate on players for being honest with the media…. I’ll never understand blasting a player for speaking his mind and not repeating the 3 generic options that his espn publicist has for any question thats asked…

    dude wants a ring, every player does… he already got paid, he was lied to by his front office(as well as Monta), he won’t be able to contribute for much longer at his current skill level so why not? Guy wants to play for a team that wants to actually win games…

    Boozer would be sik for the Dubs though… Biedrins, Boozer, Randolph, Curry/Morrow, Ellis….buike/turiaf off the bench… that could get the 8th spot

  • Kobeef

    Once Vince knocks off the rust, Orlando is going to be a very good team. So far they are looking much more confident than they were last year. Cleveland and Boston should be concerned.

    It’s early to call but the Knicks look like the worst team in the NBA. Other than David Lee, there isn’t a guy on the team who is a clear cut starter on another team…and even Lee would be a 6th man on a good NBA team.

  • Cha-Ching

    Capt. Jack is going all out with this, “I don’t wanna be here” antics. Next thing you know he will become a matador on defense and start throwing the ball against the backboard on every shop. Whats the odds that he gets purposely kicked out 8 out of the first ten games?

  • rangerojhn

    lmao dime deleted the video of tyrones little girl cussin up av storm

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    I’m just lovin’ the Warriors soap opera!!! Can’t wait for the next “episode”!!!

  • Boofrog

    Captain Jack needs to come to Milwaukee. Plug him in the at 3 and we’ll make the playoffs…I think…I hope…I pray.

  • gregory

    People aren’t criticizing Jackson for speaking his mind, well I’m not. It’s that he should be thankful the Warriors gave him an ridiculous extension no one else would have and before it even kicks in, he’s asking for a trade. Supposedly he’s angry the Warriors backed out of a promise to him and Monta that they would get a big like Amare. But it’s not like he gave the Warriors a discount to stay. It’s not like he could have gone anywhere else for the same big money but he was loyal to the Warriors and they betrayed him. No, the Warriors treated him very well and now he’s acting like he’s some big mega star who should rightfully be battling for championships.

  • control

    People like SJack make me sick. Absolutely sick. The guy is being paid 100s of times more than the average person for playing a game, and he’s being a spoiled and whiny bitch about it. Fuck people like him, if he had to get a job based on his intelligence he’d be on welfare. He’s not even really that good at basketball, he’s just a jacker who gets hot sometimes, but usually costs his team because he’s cold more than hot. Fuck him.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    You forget to point out that taking second place in any division isn’t worth jack (no pun intended) unless you’re one of the top 8 teams in the conference. What does it matter if you’re second in the division if you’re record is 22-60?

  • dagwaller

    Phoenix has second place in that division on lock. Seriously, what an insult.

  • srb

    The Big 3 better play tonight.. I’m going to the game in Hartford.

  • D.H.

    Going out on a limb here and saying it now; the Hornets will NOT make the playoffs.

  • JH

    Before he was known as “Captain Jack”, Jackson was a good role player on a solid San Antonio Spurs team. After the years in GS though…I don’t think he’ll ever be able to return to being a “role player” on a good team. If so…he’ll be able to contribute on any team. I don’t think he’s at that franchise player level though. Poor FG% and high TO’s = lottery bound. I prefer Brewer over Jackson for the Jazz.

  • Dagomar

    I second control. And I’ll say that his stats are inflated because of that insane system he plays in; if he played in Cleveland or Miami those stats would drop like a rock.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    What did he expect the Warriors to do. They tried to get Amare and the Suns were asking fro too much. Not to mention if they had traded for Amare who says he would have stayed at years end and resigned? In fact I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have.

  • John D

    Jackson’s ego is so out of control right now. And the guy seems really unstable. I would LOVE to trade him. Anthony Morrow could step right in and do a better job(maybe not on the defensive end). I’m really disappointed in his recent behavior. It’s like he’s reverted to his pre-Warriors days. Not sure exactly what happened, but I can’t wait for Nellie’s weekly radio show in the Bay. Hopefully he’ll explain it more.

  • John D

    Also, Jackson’s stats are SO inflated. He takes way too many shots, and the offense slows down with him in the game. He stands there pounding the dribble or doing his jab steps, rather than passing the ball. I’m excited to see Curry, Morrow, Randolph, Azubuike together.

  • sh!tfaced

    Captain Jack-Off. Damn that boy don’t savvy.

    The new Celtics’ Big Three:
    Sweetney, Perk and Big Baby.
    Is there a team out there right now that can match these three at the post-game buffet?

  • kevin k


    “The new Celtics’ Big Three:
    Sweetney, Perk and Big Baby.
    Is there a team out there right now that can match these three at the post-game buffet?”


  • ScoGo

    Can’t say it often enough. PRE-SEASON. Where the future of the D- and Euro- leagues match up for junior ball in big-boy uniforms.

    Looking forward to the end of the month.

  • ScoGo

    Gotta hand it to Bulls GM Gar Foreman. Taj Gibson and James Johnson look like contributors. Can’t think of the last time a GM landed 2 legit players out of the lottery?

  • http://dime fan

    @34 Two very big sleepers. Who are ready to contribute immediately. Dleague players and players vying for overseas money shouldn’t take up roster spots. Especially the players who don’t have a chance at playing in the N.B.A. It makes for a bad preseason and you allow the stars in the N.B.A. to get complacent. They feel like they’re playing agaisnt JV talent. You should want a star to get outplayed or embarassed. Maybe the majority would play with a lot more passion or maybe even practice harder. Mastering the craft only leads to more everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Wink Wink.

  • the cynic

    Ex-Captain Jack is the next Jamal Tinsley. Man, it must have been hilarious in the locker room when Indiana had that wack job roster

  • dagwaller

    On paper it makes sense for the Jazz or some other team that needs help at the 2/3 spot trade some defensive/hardnosed players for him…but Jerry Sloan is way too smart to take on a knucklehead like Jackson.

  • doc

    Peolpe kill me.Sjack makes more than the average person so he should shut up and play.What the fuck!!!Just because somebody make more than yall broke average asses dont mean they should suck dick for a living.Every good team trying to get dude as we speak.You cats dont know shit about whats going on and expressing bullshit views.He earned his spot.U dont make the league at his size with talent alone.Just because u bum fucks cant make the league and complain dont mean u hate on the next man.Same fucks on here be bitching about every article that come out on this page but they would be good troops on a ball team.If u cant understand a good baller complaining about something chances are you just a bum who happy to sit the bench for ya local high school team.Jerry Sloan wont take on Jackson?He already proves with a winning atmosphere which is all he wants he can be humble.Ask Pop.

  • cbil01

    “isn’t Eddie House kind of a smaller version of Rasheed? House is only slightly more of a gunner … ”

    …..stunning comparison. Eddie House is almost exactly like Rasheed Wallace, except for the defensive ability/post game/versatile offensive skills/ability to put a good team over the top and win a ‘ship (04 pistons).
    statements like these sort of threaten the credibility of anything ever said on this site ever.

  • Alee-Mo

    Ummm … I think they meant Eddie House and Rasheed look alike.

  • cbil01

    hope you’re right, alee mo. thought they were saying they’re both just gunners.