Smack / Oct 10, 2009 / 7:42 am

Run-TMC knocks off Showtime, or something like that; Bosh is back

Monta Ellis

Monta Ellis

Friday was supposed to be the glorious return of “Showtime” for one night only as the Lakers returned to The Forum, but the Warriors turned it into a Run-TMC flashback instead. Coming off an ankle injury he suffered in the preseason opener, Monta Ellis dropped 24 points and eight assists in the GS 20-piecing, while Kelenna Azubuike scored 18 and Anthony Randolph added 18 points and eight boards. (OK, so maybe it was more like Hardaway, Spree and Billy Owens.) … You think Stephen Jackson might be trying to get himself traded? He picked up five fouls and a technical in NINE minutes. The other Steph, Steph Curry, had eight dimes and zero turnovers, but hit just 1-for-7 from the field … Kobe Bryant — who along with Derek Fisher is the only Laker who was with the team during the old Forum era — was also in foul trouble, picking up five (plus four turnovers) in 22 minutes. He finished with 15 points. Andrew Bynum scored 19 and Ron Artest posted six points and two steals … Meanwhile, the Clippers had the Staples Center all to themselves and filled it up about halfway for Blake Griffin‘s big league debut. The crowd who was there gave Blake a standing O when he checked in, and he put up eight points and five boards in 21 minutes as the Clips knocked off the Blazers … Andre Miller got the start at PG over Steve Blake, putting up 11 points, five boards and three assists in 24 minutes next to Blake’s three points and two dimes in 16 minutes … Chris Bosh also took the court for the first time this preseason, making an 11-minute cameo in the first half of Raptors/Wolves and posting nine points and seven boards. Andrea Bargnani led the Raptors with 21 points in the win; Kevin Love had 12 points and 14 boards for Minnesota, while Al Jefferson scored 14 in 17 minutes … Kevin Garnett treated the Boston fans to their first basket support headbutt in a while, returning to the new Garden and putting up 10 points and eight boards in a win over the Knicks. Rasheed Wallace added 13 points (3-9 3PA) and 12 boards … Dime’s Austin Burton called Francisco Garcia “an injury waiting to happen,” in his ’09-10 preview of the Kings, and then we get this news: Garcia broke his wrist yesterday when an exercise ball burst under him as he was working out. No timetable was set for his return, but this is the second bone-break he’s had in the last couple months … Elton Brand had 13 points, six boards and hit the game-winner on a short jumper with seven seconds left to put Philly over the Nets, while Chris Douglas-Roberts scored 20 and Brook Lopez added 18 for the losers. Get used to stat lines like this from Terrence Williams: 12 points, five boards, four assists, three steals … Josh Childress was back on an NBA court, as his Olympiakos (Greece) squad visited the Spurs and got beat. Childress scored 15 with nine boards and three steals, Linas Kleiza scored four, Von Wafer had 11 points, and Baby Shaq put up 16 points. George Hill led San Antonio with 17 points … Shawn Marion had 26 points (11-15 FG), five boards and three steals in Dallas’ win at Washington, while Jason Kidd had 15 and seven dimes, and rookie Rodrigue Beaubois added 14 points and three steals. Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison scored 19 apiece, and Gilbert Arenas posted 12 points and nine assists … Dwight Howard got the night off for the Magic, who beat the Rockets behind Rashard Lewis‘ 22 points and Vince Carter‘s 19. This time the Rockets started David Andersen (12 pts, 7 rebs) at center, and Trevor Ariza (12 pts) struggled with his shot again, going 4-for-12. He’s shooting 21% from the field in the preseason so far, and don’t look now, but Vince is hitting 18% from beyond the arc … Getting the start for Dwight, Marcin Gortat posted 14 points, 14 boards and six blocks. Against David Andersen and Chuck Hayes. See, Polish Hammer was totally worth all that money … We’re out like Capt. Jack …

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  • knoc

    late dime today. live 10 is finally comin out. coppin that and 2k10!

  • Arno

    Kobe in foul trouble ? If those replacement refs call what they see (and don’t care about star power), we could see some real basketball early in the season…

  • steve nasty

    Captain Jack…what a nutbag

  • that’s whats up

    Captain Jack, Stephon Marbury, J.R. Smith, Larry Hughes and Zach Randolph as starters on my ALL-TIME FUCK-UP TEAM

    Bench players TBD

  • doc

    These games mean JACKSHIT right now.


    Francisco Garcia!!!

    Oliver Miller, Robert Traylor, Eddy Curry, Big Baby, Baby Shaq, and not even Shaq himself can burst an exercise ball. Today date is Oct 10th not April Fools Day!

    What was Francisco Garcia doing, HUMPING the exercise ball?

    This is F.Garcia next Dumb-Dumb injury. The first was when he injured his ankle with going up for a ball, a ball that was stuck between the backboard and the rim. Garcia landed on own teammate, Brad Miller foot! It was a dead play.

  • vince

    #4, new to the nba? where are vernon, shawn, vin, isiah rider, roy tarpley, eddie griffin?

  • doc

    That Eddie Griff hurt Vince.He had problems man.Same kind of depression shit Delonte got.Thats a good friend forever though.Me and Ed played on the same aau team from 7th grade to highschool.RIP EZ ED

  • doc

    Yall left out Len Bias John Lucas,Michael Ray,and every baller from 75-84.

  • doc

    And yall sleep on the WNBA if yall want.Turasi and Cappie is some bad bitches.They got a hell of a squad.Tamika Catchings nice as hell too.It was some good games for people who fans of basketball and not dunking.

  • jzsmoove

    i hate it when Austin is right.

    Preseason, everybody is optimistic. Everybody has a legit chance for a Chip, well except for the Bucks and Knicks. Its like watching that movie, Letters from Iwo Jima. Japan is portrayed by the Bucks and Knicks, US is played as the rest of the NBA. you like to support your team (Japan), but in the end you know their collective asses are getting beat. In the process, you sort of feel pity for the Japs (Bucks, Knicks) while getting blown to smithereens.


    Actually these games very important as far as develope is concerned. 2ndly They demonstrate which teams have depth, and are very fun too watch. You get to see a couple guys that can ball but prolly wont get alot of pt (eg. Bynum and Daye).

    Lets go Deeeeetrooooitttt!!!!

  • Royal

    Doc:Were you trying to complement them by calling them “bad bitches”?

  • Tim


    Bynum is gonna get minutes this year. He’s earning it everytime he steps on the floor. Daye probably not…but it probably wont be long for him with his skill set. I think Kuesters really gonna use the young guys a lot this year.

  • big mo

    STEAL OF THE 09-10 DRAFT-RODRIGUE BEAUBOIS!!!!Mark my words….he reminds me of a young tony parker…drafted late,baby face, looks too young to play!!!but all bets are off when he gets on that court….
    DIME, lets get Tony Parker and beaubois in a foot race for charity or sum??????


    Bynum Should be getting starter minutes he’s better than half the guys out there now. BTW I think the League should fear Detroit we still gone be a problem.

    Aint nobody checkin for no damn WNBA right now sorry bro.

  • Yoooo

    Yo that WNBA game last night was dope. Taurasi is just amazing. I wonder if shes gay? Great series either way. I dont know why ya’ll hate on the WNBA, no lie they go hard. Good ass basketball.

    Yo Dime I ordered that Don’t Ruin the Dynast L.O. shirt and havent gotten it yet. Holla at ya peoples

  • Big Island

    I can’t wait to see the replacement refs during the regular season! I wish this had happened when DWade got 10,000 bullshit calls to beat the mavs. I am done with the NBA. Jesus. Who am I kidding.

  • L@zYChUck

    1- I luv these refs… calling it like it is.. somehow these refs were better then those college refs NBA used a few seasons ago when there was, surprisingly, another NBA regular ref hold-out..

    2- THe Don is only playing mind games with stack Jack.. That Ego=tistical Mutha (DON NElson that is) is messing with Captain Jack throwing rumors like trading him to the King for Big Z’s expiring Contract… u know u love Jack to death Nelson!

    3- Acie Law and Steph Curry was a big part of the Run TMC last nite too!! i m OUT!!! WOOOOP~

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    all-fuck up team can be almost made up entirely from the len bias draft 1st round.

  • iLL Mago

    Marcin Gortat worth more than than the person on today’s smack picture Dime. If you want to be sarcastic, I suggest making sense.

  • dreams

    Chris Douglas-Roberts!

  • http://swagbucks.com ProphetGK

    The replacement refs are wasteeeee! They call so many fouls you’d think there was a ufc fight going on in the court… missing NBA REAL REFS :(

  • Arno

    When it comes to Beaubois, I’ve seen him play a lot of times in France. The kid is obviously gifted : can get to the rim at will, smooth J, quick hands WHEN he decides to turn D on.
    But, until now, he’s never shown the necessary toughness. Of course, this can change (and J Kidd is a good role model). So we’ll see.

  • doc

    @Royal-Where Im from a bad bitch is a term of endearment.Come on dog its 2010 I thought rap got everybody up to speed on slang.@fed-I check for it and they be balling.Diana will bust that ass.