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Stephen Jackson: “I’m Not A Fan Of Kobe”

Stephen Jackson & Kobe Bryant

“I’m not a fan of Kobe. I’m not somebody who looks up to him. I’m a grown man myself. So when I go out there and play the game, I play the game.”

While most NBA two guards won’t come out and say it as publicly, I believe they’d agree with Stephen Jackson. Because as any competitor knows, to truly be the best you can’t be afraid of anybody.

Think about an NBA film session. When Ray Allen is watching tape and looking over assignments for the Lakers game, is he thinking, “But Kobe is the MVP.” No. While he certainly understands the task at hand, Ray can appreciate someone else’s skills and talent but isn’t going to be wearing a KB24 jersey when he’s playing pickup.

This summer when I was in Chicago for a photo shoot with O.J. Mayo, I asked him about how Kobe has always been his favorite player, but how things changed once he got to the League.

“He was my favorite, this is until I went up against him,” said Mayo. “I can only appreciate his game now. We’re all fighting for the same thing.”

If you ask me, Mayo couldn’t have said it better. Whether it’s a victory, a playoff berth, a championship or a contract, there’s only 30 starting two guards in the NBA and thousands more that are trying to take their job. So once you’ve made it, it’s every man for himself. (re: Iverson crossing MJ)

“I feel like I’m just as good as him,” says Jackson. “I might not get the publicity or notoriety he gets, but I feel like I can play with anybody in the NBA any given night.”

And while 99 out of 100 people would beg to differ and say that the Mamba would put the player formerly known as Capt. Jack in the hyperbolic chamber of doom, Jackson has a point. He should feel like he’s just as good as him. If I was his teammate, I’d be telling him that before the game, during the game and after the game. Because if you hit the floor with a lack of confidence, a guy like Kobe will eat you alive.

What do you think? If you were a competitor in the NBA, would you be a fan of Kobe?

Source: Oakland Tribune

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  • BiG ShoT BoB

    I think it’s like the same thing when you ahve a friend that plays for the opposing team. It’s cool to hang out and joke off the court but once were facing each other your my worst enemy. So it’s cool to be a fan every other game except when going up against them. On another note whether you believe your as good as Kobe in your own head doesn’t make it true. In fact it kind of adds to the fact that people think he’s flipped his wig….LOL See what playing for Nellie can do to you.

  • control

    This is a non-article to be honest, and you explained why yourself. Every player shouldn’t fear or “be a fan” of another player if they want to compete against them.

    SJack is a fucking headcase though, I would take a one armed Kobe over him, him saying that he feels he’s just as good as Kobe is just him talking crazy and proving he has lost all touch with reality. Him whining about making millions of millions of dollars for being a fucking retard is just more proof.

  • banga

    I’d be a fan of his is I was on his team… look at Ron Artest.. He’s a Kobe fan but when he’s playing against him he would rip off his head if he had to stop him from scoring

  • sh!tfaced

    Sounds like a perfect player for the Cavs… maybe even the Celtics or Nuggets. We all know he was a fit with the Spurs.

    And its 99,999,999 out of 1,000,000 people and not 99 out of 100.

  • sh!tfaced

    Dammit. Too many 9’s. lol

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    I’d Julious Hodge him right in the sack during warm ups to let him know it’s really not a game and i’m coming for your head. That includes anyone else who is considered better than me in the NBA. I’d go right for their throat just to make them respect me.

  • JMat

    Does Kobe even know who Stephen Jackson is?

  • George W Kush Sr

    I agree with S.Jax, FUCK KOBE

  • douglas copeland

    dime there you guys go again crediting ignorance, ofcourse nobody in the L should be saying there a fan of Kobes when they play him every night.I think the top tiers stars get to a point where they can appreciate another players greatness because they know they are great themselves(ie Bron,D-Wade,Melo)all going on record saying Kobe is the best in they L but when they face him they go at him with no fear like they feel there better than him but for Stephen Jackson who is know where on any of these guys levels to go out there and say that, that’s just ignorant and this statement”I feel like I’m just as good as him,”made by Stephen Jackson is really ignorant because everybody including him knows that’s just not true…I’m going to go cliche nike ad on this one and say Kobes better is better than Stephen Jackson’s better and most of the time that’s what it comes down to in the L,Kobe performing at his best and 95% of the league performing at there best, Kobe wins,his better is just that much better…stop talking Stephen and go out there and get baked by Kobe like you always do.

  • Celts Fan

    He’s definitely a better teammate than Kobe (he may want out, but he’s never ratted out a teammate.) And yes, EVERY GUY IN THE LEAGUE should think they’re the best. That’s why I was ok w/ Pierce’s (obviously wrong) comments about being the best in the world. If you don’t think that, you’re done before you ever start…

  • Amar

    I respect Jack, he’s honest. Rather then just say what looks right, he speaks his mind which I give him credit for. I don’t think he slandering Kobe in any way, and like others have said, off the court, you can be whatever, but when you get on the court to play, you can’t be afraid of anyone, if you are, you might as well not play.when you are playing amongst the best, you need to believe you are the best, not in an arrogant manner, rather its having the confidence that you are at equal with your peers. Thats why all these guys are in the league, they can compete with one another.

  • douglas copeland

    you would agree with Jax George W Kush Sr…you would agree with a guy who went WWE style into the crowd at the palace for dousing his teammate with a MGD…both of you guys are irrelevant and ignorance drives your every move and obviously the Kush is driving that statement. Why Stephen Jackson is being quoted behooves me

  • life-p

    S Jack is a little emotional right now…

  • Ross

    Neither am I.

  • douglas copeland

    celts fan, don’t you get it? None of the guys who actually are viewed by the majority of the league and fans as the best ever feel the need to go before the media an proclaim to the world,”i’m the best in the L” that’s a loser statement. Kobe’s never did,MJ never did,Magic never,Bird never did,Kareem never did they just went out there and played like they were the best.You guys are confussing confidence with sheer ignorance and tough talk.Pierce looked really ignorant saying that because 95% of the league and fans don’t believe that just like they don’t believe Stephen Jackson,less talk more action.One NBA finals MVP and roughly 3 all nba first team selections doesn’t make Pierces proclamation of being the best great or prophetic it makes it the public statement ignorant.

  • douglas copeland

    exactly life-P those are mutterings of an emotional dude. One thing to think that another thing to go before
    the media and say that when we all know no matter how hard he plays Kobe is better than him.It’s like gravity you don’t have to agree with it but if you jump off a 12 story building the law of gravity says you will hit the ground and die a miserable death.Kobe would be Stephan Jackson’s law of Gravity in this case and everytime he faces Kobe he takes that 12 story leap of arrogance only to hit the ground…everytime I see Kobe play this dude he embarrases him,more playing less talking stephen.Well done is better than well said.

  • kevin

    The only reason this fool is pissed off at Kobe cause he just got crossed over the other day in a preseason game and was so pissed off he got beat like a little school girl that he picked up 5 fouls in a minute and a T. His own coach send his ass to the back like the little school girl he is. Live with it aint no big deal Jack, after its Kobe and not some guy with no name.

  • Boofrog

    is it stephen jackson’s time of the month already?

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla


    Jack-one avg like 20-5-5 last year. How much more “well done” can he do? He’s maxing his potiential. And it seems like you are upset with his comments because you just don’t respect him as a man/player.
    Dime is not giving credit to his ignorance, they are just asking a question to start a convo about what would you think in S.Jacks (or any starting 2guard) situation. The lead on the article was misleading, but that’s every article on this website lol. Once you read the article, you realize all Jack is saying is he’s not scared of anyone/Kobe.

  • douglas copeland

    the comments made by Kevin & boofrog or the only response this qoute by Stephen Jackson should be receiving,you got guys in here big upping this cat for going before the media and sounding ignorant,when not one time has this dude ever out bested Kobe.

  • kevin

    Live with it Jack, you know you wish to be like Kobe. You just cant because you are a little crybaby. Instead of talking trash in the media or trying to fight on the court you could just play the game of Basketball and show the world what you made of, just like the other day when you got sent to the back by your daddy Nelson,you could have tried to outplay Kobe, plain and simple no talking bullshit just playing like you say you can. You made a big deal out of it and wanted to be thrown out because you know, I know and the whole world knows you cant even do half the stuff Kobe does in your dreams.

  • douglas copeland

    Chicagorilla” And it seems like you are upset with his comments because you just don’t respect him as a man/player”that’s exactly what i’m saying and if you read my whole blog,I’m saying that doesn’t need to be said publicly especially if your Stephen Jackson and never made one allstar or all nba team.You need to continue working Jax.I’m saying it’s better if he doesn’t say that and goes out and plays Kobe like he’s not scared of him, to date he’s won no battles against kobe.Kobe doesn’t have to go on record saying he’s not scared of Bron or D-Wade, he just goes out there and plays against them like he’s not scared of them,puts up numbers and wins games.Be a professional Jax keep your mouth shut,avoid slugging hard working and good paying fans and step your game up.

  • Sacto_J

    Wow – jock much DC? You just compared Kobe to gravity…It BEHOOVES me (proper usage) to point out that while Kobe is undoubtedly the second best player in the league, he does it with plenty of discreetly dirty tactics (See Rockets v. Lakers playoffs ’09)and while he may be a better player on the floor than Jax, you have to surround him with a bunch of ass kissers who are willing to play the game Kobe’s way, otherwise he’s the biggest damn baby in the game. So dude’s a little delusional saying he’s as good, but why you’re bullying every poster who has something negative to say about Bryant baffles / mystifies / amuses (but not behooves)me. Fuck him, the Lakers, and message board bullies….

  • http://dimemag.com B-DIDDY


  • douglas copeland

    Yeah Sacto-J, you probably still think the world is flat..I have no response for passion garnered by ignorance,Kobe the 2nd best player? I see actually where your going and it’s not anywhere that makes any logical sense.Your hate for Kobe is the reason for the foolish comments your making find another as foolish as you like a…say…like Ian.He should do, both of you guys sound like you could have a pretty decent Kobe bashing session where you throw out silly comments like Kevin Durant is better than Kobe and it would make perfect sense in your irrational little minds…Facts are facts i’m a fan of the game and it just so happens Kobe is the best in the game hands down no one close to this guy in the L as far as stats,accomplishments,rings go.Please refer to all greats who’ve gone on record saying he’s the best in the L MJ,Magic,Bird,Drexler,Isaiah Thomas,Hakeem Olajuwon and resist your urge to be ignorant…btw all the greats had dirty moves in the arsenal…that means nothing Sacto-J..fallback you fool.

  • douglas copeland

    Sacto-J i’m sure your this dimunitive,bitter,little man sweating behind a computer in your moms basement but that’s no reason for you to try to bang on me over a blog forum.It’s not my fault you didn’t graduate from highschool..Lighten up tough guy, it is a blog forum,it baffles / mystifies / amuses me how people could be so tough sitting behind a computer screen.

  • rlf

    we are talking about a preseason game, right?

    and kobe will play with his mind ALL season. because that’s what kobe does. and if the other player (ron artest, jackson) then so be it. it doesn’t affect kobe one little bit.

  • rlf

    * and if the other player (ron, jackson) go CRAZY, the so be it. *

  • Lady Luck

    So being a fan of another player makes you scared of him? I didn’t realize the terms were interchangeable. This is an article attempting to start something between two players and hopefully spark some type of rivalry. I think that you can be both a fan of another player and still be challenged to try to beat him. I don’t think being a fan makes you scared of this person.

    It’s also good to be confident as a player. What else was he supposed to say? “I’m just not that good” ?????

  • Jake

    I could believe I to, am better than Kobe – but then I’d play him and start crying.

  • douglas copeland

    exactly rlf, these guys (sacto-j)getting real gassed up for no reason.


    Send a memo to Kobe — Please let S-Jack suck your dick!

  • Notorious

    Douglas the Hyprocrite. Calling others out for being an internet tough guy, when his ignorant ass is the one acting all e-thug on a forum board. Hope they dont revoke your library card and deny your internet access. Ignorant forum troll.

  • control

    SJack must be doing something right, he has a lot of people who are hanging off his jock like he cums chocolate. Just the fact that everything this retard says is in an article somewhere says something about his jock warmers.

    The only funny thing SJack has ever done or said is hunting down Leprechauns when he was in Mobile, AL:


    He apparently isn’t a fan of leprechauns either.

    Hey doc, fuck you.

  • LakeShow84

    I bet he does feel like hes better than Kobe before every game..

    Then he go out and shoots 3-15 and misses 8 3’s..

    Lol but like someone said look at RonRon.. almost chunked ‘em with Kobe during the playoffs and is now back to being buddies.. Put Stephen Jackson on the Lakers and im sure he’d love Kobe and DEFER..

    @ Chicagorilla.. No way he avgs that on a contender.. Nellies system is “put up your #’s but lose every game”

  • Mack Brownee

    I wonder what does s-jack thinks about ron-ron?

  • richie rich

    @12 Douglas,

    I dont think behoove means what you think it means… Maybe you meant befuddle..

  • http://www.realgm.com Rare Air

    Memo to Captain Jack,

    First and foremost you have to earn the right to take a swing at the greatest player in the world right now.

    Stay in your shoes, play a full season without making a total ass of yourself, sacrifice for the sake of your team, and just ball up dude!

    He and his comments are trash at this point

  • Sacto_J

    Richie rich gets it, probably because unlike DC he graduated high school. Notorious – agreed! To DC – you’re not even imaginative enough to come up with decent disses. You basically stated all the facts about yourself (minus the Kobe dick sucking) and put my name in place of yours. You might be munching Kobe’s short and curlies, but I am here to tell you this – at this point in time, Kobe is the 2nd best baller in the L PERIOD. He may have more accomplishments (and you sure can list them out extensively for an illiterate troll, IMPRESSIVE!) but he’s also going to be on the decline physically and statistically for the rest of his career. 2nd best Baller from this point forward, and there’s nothing wrong with being a #2, so don’t behoove yourself up about it. Just enjoy the ride Mr. Buss is giving him while he fades out, and remember – you can use those short and curlies for floss after your done eating….

  • doc

    I knew this would bring all the Kobe dickriders out in full force.S Jack aint say shit wrong.His confidence is sky high and thats why he plays ball for millions for a living and yall comment.But he’s a loser.lol.Yall some funny dudes that would try to catch S Jacks sneaks if he threw them in the stands.I know one thing.Bron,KG,and Timmy better fight to get this man on they team.Especially Bron.

  • doc

    He’d defer all day Lakeshow.But he dont play for LA so Fuck LA and everybody on that team.Thats how a REAL BALLER is trained to think.And u cant make the L without confidence.U tell a NBA player they cant do something they’ll bet the house they can.

  • doc

    He dont act like these fake fucks in the league that says whatever that old conservative white people and black people who got some money so they turn into uncle toms want him to say.And the black people love him for it.And everybody that calls him a loser is just crazy,because his loser ass will buy ya bitch and send her back with a gaping asshole.

  • douglas copeland

    Notorious? do I know you? acting tough I think your a Sacto-J imposture who just changed there alias.i’m talking facts,no tough talk,i’m all business, no need for the tough talk.

  • pigpen

    well said, doc. well played, sir

  • douglas copeland

    thanks richie rich,you’ve met your citation quota for today you grammar cop. Notorious,Sacto-J,Richie Rich,Control yall cats are hilarious.Excuse me you all are hilarious.LOL.

  • Sacto_J

    DC – the only thing diminutive about me is my patience for bullshit, which is all that comes out of your head. Get Kobe’s junk out of your mouth, get a decent line / take / insult (your choice,) get your momma to spell check it for you, and then maybe you’ll start to make sense…

  • douglas copeland

    Doc,was that necessary?come on boss we talking basketball not about dude having more bucks than a bunch of dime bloggers of course he does.Uncle Tom?because cats aren’t going out there running there mouth and are just letting there games do the talking…hardly.The best players in the L are the ones that aren’t making comments like Jax…Please stop confussing keeping it REAL…with keeping it REAL stupid…there is a difference. We are talking about the Stephen Jackson right? The cat that slugged a fan because he threw a slurpee at his teammate?LMAO…man please..no one with half a brain is listening to anything Jackson is saying and taking it seriously…lol.

  • douglas copeland

    Sacto-J…your patience can’t be dimunitive…but it can be short…your stature,however,can be both dimunitive and short…this is probably true…grow up…figuratively and literally Sacto-J.

  • douglas copeland

    Doc,control yall always bringing down the class of the forum,real inappropriate comments about cats gender preferences,yall got alot of issues.Seems like yall can’t have a difference of opinion with someone without the obscenities..real caveman like.

  • doc

    Yeah well thats how i talk.U always answer first so it must not be that bad.I say whats in my heart.And thats the whole point.U NOT SUPPOSE TO TAKE IT SERIOUS.But its the whole LA on here calling him Losers and crazy because he said he aint a fan of Kobe and think he can bust his ass.So take ya own advice pimp.And hell yeah its uncle toms all throught sports.Players and media.And dudes like S Jack dont conform so he gets put in the loser category by dudes who wish they were him.Why when he do something good they dont talk about it.Because they can give 2 shits about making him look good.He aint say shit wrong and no ball player Kobe included would disagree.

  • doc

    Yeah Ima hold us down pigpen,until AB put Tony Parker on that go to guy list over the 5 best player alltime.Then Im quitting.

  • Sacto_J

    DC sounds like S. Jax with all that talking out of his ass…Everyone does not agree with you, get over it Troll…

  • SayItAintSo

    1) I want whatever S-jack is on because the ish seems like it really gets you trippin hard.
    2) When the hell did the Eastern Conference become the dominate conference? Write me an article about that because now that I’m thinking about it…it’s totally true. The power has shifted. The top three/four teams in the East are collectively better than the top three/four teams in the West. WTF? Happened before my eyes almost.

  • control


    Get your facts straight son. I haven’t thrown an obcentity at another poster without a few thrown my way first. Unless SJack or Spree happens to be posting here that is. I will admit that I have thrown hate their way (and to all of NY, and manu) randomly, but that is what I do. Doc is a piece of shit, at least when I hate on someone I type it so people can make sense of it, instead of looking like some retard who broke into a library and figured out how to use the internets for the first time.

  • http://juanm.garcia@comcast.net Tru2daGame

    This just adds to Kobe’s greatness. Notice how every player tries to compare their game to the best? No one ever says I’m better than Wade or LeBron cause they know they don’t set the bar. You always want to compare your game to the best even if it falls short. In this case, way short.

  • the cynic

    maybe if Jackson was a fan of Kobe’s he could learn a little something about posture controlling his balance and improve his footwork instead of dribbling with his head down while “skip” running like a retard. Jackson thinks that guarenteed contract gives him barginning postion? Play the game like a fucking professional(which he isn’t doing), then he can spew whatever braindead garbage comes into his head. Nobody wants Jacko at the money he is going to be making

  • douglas copeland

    “Yeah well thats how i talk”Doc you sounding like a Mike Tyson interview right about now.LOL.What are you going to say next if i don’t like how you talk turn off my station.come on doc,Mark Jackson says”your better than that”

  • douglas copeland

    thats not why i’m calling Jax a loser doc,i’m calling him a loser because i think he talks to much even before his kobe comments,i think he talks to much..show us on the court…right now he’s a loser because all he does is lose.

  • Sacto_J

    Cynic’s on point. Reasons to back up his argument that are based in fact, not because his mouth’s around Kobe’s jock…

  • doc

    Well he has a ring so if all he does is lose……Control u know nothing about sports except Kobe plays for the purple and gold team.And Mr. Copeland its like 50 comments on here.Was just stating my opinion on ALL of them not just u.I responded to u because u asked me a question.I dont understand the turn the station off comment.We probably joke different just like we think different.And I aint mad at how u think,but thats not the only way.Because Im getting six figures myself and graduated from college.And all i do is play ball and travel the world for a living so i know how the media can team up on a cat.We grew up different.I curse a lot.This aint no dam job interview so I curse here also.But like I said u aint gotta read and respond pimp.You just know deep down u love reading my comments.Its all good.Just like u would get S Jack autograph and tell him hes nice on the court if u seen him.I know ya type.

  • doc

    And when I say here comes the kobe dickriders in full force and u come on here talking about im talking about u.Well I need to say no more.lol

  • Reddi Red

    WOOOOOOW. you guys are going hard today!!!!!
    I kinda agree with (ex capt) jack, when you go on the court, you shouldn’t be intimidated by whoever you gotta check. I think that is what the man was saying, but there are sooooo many S.Jack haters that no matter what he says, the haters will take it their own way.
    The true focus is. . . . . how do we get S.Jack on the Pistons for Rip. lol!! (i know! it won’t happen)
    Personally, I think there would be mad match up problems with s.jack at the 2 as long as he allows himself to be coached. . . . .thats the key.

    Oh and for the record. . . .yes, Kobe is the best player in the league. . . . maybe not be season’s end but right now, yup, he is. Bron at a close second.

  • TBone

    douglas copeland smashed the nail on the head.


  • Nana

    all Stephen don’t be so touchy!! Kobe24 kills everybody! sweetie your not on Kobe’s level!!!! your a joke, you can’t hold a candle to Kobe!!!!! Kobe!!!! is a beast!!!!!!!!!!

  • douglas copeland

    ” Im getting six figures myself and graduated from college”..and you still talk like that.BTW how do you know how I grew up?I came from the gutter boss but I’m not here to compare mountains.I grew up and made wiser moves,now when I disagree with people I don’t go toes with them or curse them out anymore.I give you my point of view and let it breath….BTW I was on this topic before you got on DOC had nothing to do with you bashing Kobe as the cow bell that brought me on…don’t flatter yourself…you sound foolish to me.

  • Ian

    yeah he knows he was on the spurs team that made kobe cry.

    that man is a lost cause dont even try i sure hope hes at least kobes cousin. dont get into conversations with retard havent you noticed how everytime there is a kobe article he stays on all day refreshing the site talkin bs to everyone that doesnt like kobes nuts on their faces like him. behoove for dc? comon and dont wait for a clever insult from him he told me the other day if i see dead people and followed it with a LOL yes that was clever for him.

    this is the best part of his posts
    that your are getting gassed up for nothing when hes posted 22 times about how great kobe is. no one comes close to his accomplishments?? ask shaq and duncan that.

    he always pulls that crap insulting everyone all ethug and sayin its the other way around

    jackson can say whatever the fuck he wants period. he said whe he thinks and you guys want him to say well X player is the best and i wish i could play like him. fuck that he said what was right. lakernation jack is crazy but a loser he is not he won a ring being the starting 2guard for the team (beatin bryants threepeat lakers along the way) and makes millions playin basketball you guys are posting online about him and hes the loser??

    that only one bringing down the class here its you if jackson says the same thing about say lebron you wouldnt be here talking bs. havent you noticed that these arguments with insults only happen when u post?

  • doc

    U motherfucking right I talk like this.Why cant I?I would say my moves were pretty wise also since Im living my dream.I aint curse u out I just curse when I talk.Maybe I get it from my mom I dont know but it is what it is.Like I said u understand and make a comment back within 5 minutes so u understand.Here u go talking about I bashed Kobe.Where?U dudes are in love with the black dodo chaser.

  • Celtics10


  • doc

    I aint mad at u though Douggie.Are u the old Doug?We got different opinions.And I dont think Kobe is a god either.Like a lot of yall do.And S Jack obviously thinks he gotta put on his boxers like the next man also.And whoever think no team wants S Jack.SSSHHHHIIIIIIIIIT!

  • Ian

    i want him on the spurs doc.

  • the cynic

    At 10 mil a year no one wants Jacko. The NBA is a business and that is a bad investment, he only gets traded for someone else with a crappy contract because Jacko doesn’t sell tickets

  • Sweet Kill

    doc MIGHT be xCapt Jack himselfl. Same lack of a grasp on reality and same stupid ignorance.

  • Sacto_J

    Hey Doc, can I borrow 100 bucks? kidding. The reality is neither Kobe nor Lebron are the best baller in the L, cuz neither have got shit on Darko, now what!? Sorry, couldn’t resist….

  • doc

    Darko as the best player would be true if this was the 60’s.And if u think nobody would take S Jack why is Cleveland on his ass as we speak.

  • doc

    And Im tight with mine Sacto.lol

  • doc

    @ sweet kill-Stupid ignorance?Whats smart ignorance?No those who think if everybody dont think like them got the lack of grasp on reality.Its millions who think like me just like its millions who think like u and dougio.Thats the facts.If everybody thought like yall Id be sorry for this world.We need cats like me and S Jack that dont do shit like yall and still make it bigger than those who knock us.Then who would yall call losers.

  • doc

    Those who think if everybody dont think like them they’re wrong my bad.

  • the cynic

    Because Cavs management is dumb, they just gave Vagina 50 mil. or Maybe because Delonte West needs a level headed mentor

  • doc

    Whatever its because thats one CONTENDER that will take him.Boston deep already they dont need him but could USE him.Just like Pop could.Ask Pop how Steve can get down for the crown.Kobe aint DESTROY his ass that year.

  • Sweet Kill


    Your rants remind me of Stallone in Rocky (6).
    Long incoherent rants about things you think are important, but arent. You probably slur when you talk and have a droopy eye. The world doesnt need idiots like xcapt Jack, or you.

  • SagJism

    Why is it dime never wants to put Kobe in a good light? when LBJ hid the tape of him getting dunked on they were all in his corner. Now let some scumm that dont even need to be talking think he is on Kobe level and what do you see , them trying to justify what he says when 90% of the playersin the L tell you Kobe is the man, even dwade and LBJ says that but you azzholes wont acknowledge it because you hate Kobe so much. Why no footage and coverage of what kobe does during the summer to make himself better, working with the Dream and running camps? You made 3 days worth of information talking abotu how LBJ dresses and who he had lunch with but no basketball comment or artices about arguably the greatest player to everplay the game? This site has turn to BS, I wish we could go back to the originators of the site. YOU SUK ASS so tell my how my ass taste.

  • doc

    I know.U aint saying nothing wrong.Thats how dudes like u think.But Im living good enough for me and get treated very well where Im at.As Im sure S Jack does also.Just google Dawan Robinson and plenty of articles will pop up about me.Then u can see what I look like for yourself.

  • doc

    Or u can fly to Italy and check me out.

  • doc

    Just tell me its sweet kill and i might even get u a bitch on me.I aint mad at u pimp!

  • doc

    And thats why Kobe runs up in Lebron and Wade ass because they dickride so much.If they got they mind right they would do better.There is no way them 2 should be publicly stating that ANY current player is better than them.Kobe wasnt trying to hear that Shaq shit when he was the man either.Thats why he where he at because he think like S Jack when it come to them lines.Nobody can fuck with me.Which is why he was 18 trying to 360 on mike head.But hes a killer,everybody else is crazy.Whatever.

  • the cynic

    Sure it could happen, but I don’t see it; I don’t think Jackson is as sought after as he thinks. I’ll eat my words if he gets dealt, but until them im not buying it. If Jackson wants to get dealt he needs to do his job and understand the bay area media market is one of, if not the most, vindictive, paranoid inducing in the nation

  • doc

    @cynic-I think if Don Nelson would give his ass up he would’ve been gone already.But hes holding him hostage.When he signed they said they were getting a big to compete for real and then they didnt.He tired of that small ball shit.Call him a loser if u want but he got a ring and in his Indiana years they were contenders and before him and ron ron blacked out they were on their way to the finals.He went to GS,perrinial losers and they went to the 2nd round.I dont see how a knowledgable person can call him a loser unless u one of them dudes.

  • doc

    And when I say call him a loser thats at the page not u.Because some dudes feelings get hurt like broads on here.

  • the cynic

    Damn I thought it was going to be my turn to throw a hissy fit. Too Bad

  • douglas copeland

    ahh ian..i knew it was just a matter of time before you joined in on the ignorance with your boy sacto…contrary,to what you may say i don’t loud mouths period..if jax said this about bron i would be on because he don’t take care of his biz on the court when he sees these guys he’s too busy getting tech’d up and…well…doing what he did that got u guys big upping this cat…talking way too much and sounding really ignorant.

  • douglas copeland

    Sweet Kill fantastic blog#80…very poignant and well put…you might wanna throw an obscenity in there just so DOC we’ll understand you…he’s a college grad,who makes 8 figures.lol.and thats just the way he talks.All the “high siding”is unecessary.What I make don’t make you nothing DOC,so why do you feel the need to broadcast your economic status…theres no place for it…now I can see why you see no problem with what Jax is doing yall both talk too much and devulge way too much info.than need be,real cats move in silence DOC.

  • doc

    I aint big upping shit about that game the other night doug.Im talking about THIS statement on THIS.That game dont have shit to do with it.

  • Sacto_J

    Nice stat line Doc! Legit through and through, and good point of view as well. Keep it up baller…
    And I’m with you on S-Jax. Dude’s got skills even if he does talk out his ass, and would bring alot of value to any team crazy enough to bite on that contract….

  • doc

    I aint no gangsta what im moving in silence for.lol.U trying to give og tips now?Im one of those dudes who tell it like it is and not how it should be.U will NEVER understand so get over it.And I make 6 figs not 8.At least not yet.

  • douglas copeland

    SagJism that’s how dime gets down,constantly hating on the best in the game,it’s that east cost bias,these cats think they’re opinion is end all be all.BTW doc it don’t matter that you allege Jax got Kobe “that Year”the spurs won the ship.nobody remembers him he disappeared into obscurity just like his former team the spurs who are officially rebuilding.Lakers got now they don’t care who got next Kobe just won his 4th ring.Everything you guys said he couldn’t do…he’s done….but still the same amount of venom for this cat…that’s hate plan and simple.


    Bern Brogden: “I’m not a fan of Stephen Jackson.”

  • douglas copeland

    moving in silence has nothing to do with banging boss it has everything to do with stepping your grown man up, you grow up and realize you don’t gotta loud talk,tough talk or broadcast your “6 figure”income because at the end of the day no one cares what you make doc.If your ignorant your ignorant money doesn’t make you smart and the money you do have you’ll soon loose because…well…your still ignorant.Please stop with the broadcasting of your income, Forbes has blog forums for that,we’re talking sports.

  • doc

    I never said he couldnt win.My screen name was I like Kobe and Bron for a minute because dues act like u gotta hate one to like the other.And i dont see how this article hates on Kobe.By saying S Jack said that and saying he feels where hes coming from as a baller?But hey,u see what u want.And people do remember that year.U just dont wanna remember.Im a fan of this shit also and I remember all the years I seen.Even know what happened the years I didnt.U just told me you dont even remember the 03 season or whatever it was so u still a young pup in this ball shit.Listen and ill tell u about the past.Because u cant erase it.

  • doc

    u cared because u brung it up.lol If u read what i write you’ll actually notice that was 1 sentence out 1000.U sure me and S Jack the ignorant ones.Im talking b ball here.And b ball is why he said what he said.U think he dont know Kobe better than him?He just was ready to fuck Kobe up the other night and they asking him is he a fan of him.Hes Kobe’s competition.Gets paid to beat him.And judging by what he gets paid,he’s damn good at it.Thats all we saying.

  • douglas copeland

    there you go with the assumptions and obscenity laced rants doc.No one but you credits Jax for that spurs championship and Kobe was sonning that dude the whole series,not one game can you say,if you have half a brain that Jax individually bested Kobe in that series…Kobe owned that dude,i’ve been playing and watching ball since a youth man.

  • dreams

    This is a stupid article.
    Every young ball player has a hero growing up; (Kobe,Jordan)
    Obviously if a kid makes it big time and makes the association he’s gonna have butterflies if he’s checking Kobe or Nash, but there gonna eventually mature and realize it’s a game and it’s all about the rings.

    & Stephen Jackson’s retarded

  • Sacto_J

    If you want to point out ignorance DC, keep spouting dumb shit like “the spurs are rebuilding,” cuz last I checked, they haven’t done anything but let go of washed up role players for fresh ones. Then there’s your point of “real cats move in silence”, yet you have the most posts in this thread. You tried to bully for Kobe today and got your ass showed up and stuffed, now go home and have momma put the cream on it….

  • Nevacare

    Hell No. Kobe wouldn’t be a fan of yours. Case & point when Kobe & Dwight Howard got tangled up fighting for a loose ball in the Finals, Kobe ripped it away from him & things got heated Kobe was pissed Dwight tried to laugh it off like “But We’re Supposed To Be Friends”.He made Dwight Howard look like the “NBA’s Biggest Wuss”. That’s when I agreed that Superman is talented but doesn’t have IT mentally.That’s why he won’t win

  • Nevacare

    TO ALL YOU CATS on Here LEAVING COMMENTS. We’re all supposed to be sports fans not Fu**in Groupies. Ya’ll are cat fighting like ya’ll have man-crushes on these athletes. I have my FAVES too, but Enough is enough.It’s cool to argue your point,cause I love to bust somebody’s chops too & that’s the point of BLOGGing.Remember these guys have people that they pay to be there publicist & promote them. They probably wouldn’t even spit in your direction if you spoke to them in public.REAL SH*t

  • Nevacare

    And for the record I happen to like the way Captain Jack plays. He plays his butt off & competes. He could be a bit more professional off the court.The Dude is HOOD. But hey I don’t want him to meet my parents I want him to win B-Ball Games. I’d take him on my team anyday,probably not for that monster contract that he has but I’ll take him

  • arisloco

    Kobe only gets a lot of help from the refs. What more now that the replacement refs are kissing Kobe’s ass? More calls to come in favor of Kobe. This just ain’t right. Damn!

  • http://twitter.com/Monsterko8e @MonsterKo8e

    Stephan Jackson amazes me. He’s a comedian. I lmao when he said he’s just as good as “The Monster Kobe” on any given night. I’m sorry Ms.Jackson Wooooooo, I am fo reaaaaal…but your most notable part of your career was “fight night” in Detroit. You have no tittles, no jumper, no leadership & no rings! Maybe a toe ring but that’s it. I don’t even recall you competing for a ring, so you’re not even as good as 2nd place. Listen up young-old man-respect the game, your team, your coaches, & players far greater than you…ALA KOBE :-)

    Twitter me @MonsterKo8e

  • KnicksFan

    Actually Jackson does have a ring with the Spurs…And Jackson is not good as Kobe but has the right to think so..Im not a Kobe fan and definitely wouldn’t be if I were in the league with him.. I appreciate his skills but thats it. Kobe is an ass.

  • Jazz Man

    Well If He’s That Good Please Name 10 Let Alone 5 2 Guards That Start That He Is Crushing Day & Night On The Court?????

  • Reddi Red

    @ Nevercare. .. . . good points!!

    i still would love to trade Rip/Maxiel for S.Jack!!

  • http://comcast.net/The_Defiant SagJism

    @95 Thats what i dont lik eabout this site, thereis so much Hate for KB and LBJ that it just does not makes sense. They are the 1and 2 players in the L (I include dwade as well but he does not get the hate spewed at him like KB and LBJ). I dont like LBJ, not the person the player, I think his game is 2 deminisional but he does not have that killer instinct andI dont think he can ever get it. He relies on his physical prowess too much, not that he cant dominate with that but I think he work work on other areas andthat will make him not reach his potential. But I never go off on his person just his game.(LB gets a lot of unnecessary hate almost as much as KB). With KB, people on this site seem to just want to tear the man down for whatever reason, ghate because he was accussed of raping a whore who had 5 other dudes sperm in her panties, hate cuz he possibly ratted on Shaq during a poilice questioning, even though the only time KB might have spoken to poilice was to sign them an autograph, hate because he scores 81 points or 2 times scores 60+ in less than 3 quarters, Hate him cuz he is as close to MJ and mightpass him, Hate him cuz you think he made Shaq leave even though he does not control any finanaces fo rhte Lakers, Hate him because he cant win without a big man, whatever they hate him for it weont makes sense because they are just hating no matter what, but also hate because we love him for those same reasons because we can understand. LOL. LA2010, KBMVP-MVPF, Oh yeah, hate because in the 2K decade, there is not another player on the same level, TD Shaq, say what you want, they still dont compare to this kat, dude is the 2nd coming of Doc J (MJ was the first), but he is the Kobe Bryant – Best NBA player in the 2K decade.

  • CD23

    A little late, but after the game last nite, Stephen you got a new #1 FAN!. SCREW Kobe!!! We all know he is an all time JERK, he is a man with rings and no FRIENDS. Its like being RICH and still MISERABLE. Stephen is so great, so talented and so awesome. Im so happy your’e in Charlotte now. More access. Thanks for the autograph last nite. You beat the heck out of the Lakers last nite. See @ a game soon. Get us to the PLAYOFFS!!!
    Your new #1.