Smack / Oct 31, 2009 / 2:15 am

The Face of Frustration

Kobe Bryant

By now, you should know that when NBA announcers keep saying, “Kobe is really frustrated,” it’s actually code for, “Kobe’s shot isn’t falling and he’s battling with the refs.” … That was the case during Lakers/Mavericks last night, as L.A. got smoked on its homecourt and Kobe (20 pts, 6-19 FG) struggled between breaking out his best whiny faces. The low point came late in the third quarter, when J.J. Barea cruised in for an easy layup out of the halfcourt offense that put the Mavs up by 22, soon after the Lakers fans started booing when Jordan Farmar dribbled the ball off his foot out of bounds … The Mavs didn’t exactly play a great game, they just put together a few runs of consistent execution and allowed the Lakers to drown in their own frustration. Dirk Nowitzki finished with 21 points (5-14 FG) and 10 boards, while Shawn Marion posted 18 points and Jason Terry had 16 off the bench. Matrix might look older and slower, but last night he found his vintage game, catching ‘oops from Jason Kidd (2 pts, 11 asts) and showing that crazy quick-jumping ability … L.A. almost put together a comeback in the fourth quarter, sparked by some inspired defense by Kobe and a ridiculous Shannon Brown tip dunk. But the Ron Artest three that would have cut the lead to single-digits and blown the roof off the building rattled out, and Kidd turned that miss into a Dirk layup on the other end, killing the Lakers’ best chance … Memo to L.A. fans: When we’re only two games into the season and your team is down by 15 in the fourth, no chanting “M-V-P!” when Kobe goes to the line … You heard every Boston fan in the world insisting last year’s Bulls/Celtics series wouldn’t have been close if Kevin Garnett was healthy. Well, they might have been right. With KG on the court, Boston waxed Chicago easily, leading by 15 at the half and winning by 28. Garnett had 16 points, Paul Pierce had 22 and Ray Allen hit for 20, while Rajon Rondo handed out 16 assists … Hubie Brown made a good point: When Boston’s current second unit is on the floor, you only really have to worry about guarding Rasheed and Marquis Daniels, and whoever is on Eddie House should never leave him to double-team anyone. If only Vinny Del Negro could’ve heard that; House (22 pts, 9-13 FG) was lighting his dudes up … You might remember an ESPN show called “Dream Job,” where aspiring sports anchors competed for a job at the network. Whenever somebody made a mistake on-camera, the judges would make a huge deal about it, dropping icy threats like, “Mistakes are NOT acceptable at ESPN.” So at halftime of Celtics/Bulls, Avery Johnson said “Danny Manning” is the GM of the Cavaliers, then Stu Scott told us that the last time Dallas beat the Lakers in L.A., “Avery Johnson was the Lakers’ coach.” And not only did Avery neglect to correct him, nothing on his face registered that he even heard the mistake. Then during Mavs/Lakers, Jeff Van Gundy said Dallas would be a championship contender as soon as they get Tim Thomas back. (Avery also said that he liked Boston’s “bowel movement,” but you have to chalk that us to his country accent.) …

Chris Paul

When Emeka Okafor was in Charlotte, it always seemed like he could’ve scored more, but the ‘Cats didn’t get him the ball. Last night must have had a flashback in New Orleans, as Okafor (11 pts, 5-8 FG) was destroying Sacramento’s Jason Thompson whenever he had the chance, but saw prolonged stretches where he didn’t touch the ball. Okafor made things happened when it mattered, though, getting a follow dunk with 43 seconds left that proved to be the game-winner before Chris Paul (31 pts) iced it at the line … If you’re Erik Spoelstra and you want to motivate Michael Beasley to step up his defense, get a video of the Indiana broadcast of last night’s Heat/Pacers game. One time Danny Granger caught the ball on the wing, and as Beasley stepped up to guard him, announcer Quinn Buckner (who knows a thing or three about getting buckets) blurted out, “Oh, take him.” Like Beasley was some scrub on the playground. You think Buckner is saying that if Caron Butler is standing in front of Granger? … D-Wade scored 32 in the win, but the story was Jermaine O’Neal, who had 22 and 12 boards in front of his former Indiana fans. O’Neal got some boos, nothing too bad, but one of the loudest cheers of the night came when J.O. swung on the rim after a dunk and got called for a technical … Other notable stat lines from Friday: Dwight Howard posted 20 points, 22 rebounds and four blocks in a win over the Nets; Steve Nash dropped 18 points and 20 assists to beat the Warriors; LeBron put up 24 points and nine boards in a blowout win at Minnesota; Kevin Durant had 25 points and 12 boards in a win at Detroit; Zach Randolph went for 30 points in Memphis’ win over Toronto, offsetting Chris Bosh‘s 37 and 12 rebounds; Carlos Boozer had 20 points, 12 boards and seven assists in a win over the Clippers; Al Horford put up 10 points, 12 boards and five blocks in a win over Washington; and Gerald Wallace posted 18 points (4-20 FG) and 15 boards, while Ray Felton added 22, eight boards and nine assists as the Bobcats knocked off the Knicks in double-overtime. D.J. Augustin hit the game-winning free throws with 2.5 seconds left … Brandon Jennings snatched the early Rookie of the Year lead away from Ty Lawson by putting up 17 points, nine rebounds and nine assists in his pro debut, a loss to the Sixers. Meanwhile, teammate Ersan Ilyasova will be tough to beat for the NBA’s Most Awkward Player trophy. As soon as he got in the game, Ersan tried to do a crossover that went over as well as Marlon Wayans‘ cross in Above the Rim. Same possession, Ersan ran a pick-and-pop with Jennings and launched a ghastly-looking airball from beyond the arc that could’ve killed somebody sitting on the baseline. And he did this while wearing high socks like Walt Williams and a thrift store Rip Hamilton mask … We’re out like Boston’s bowel movement …

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  • YW

    Tim Thomas is still in the league? hahaha

  • nas

    MVP MVP MVP…lol

  • alf (from melmak)

    Shawn Marion looked really good in the game today. Just goes to show he needs a very good point guard to become productive again.

    My meal allowance says Utah is too soft right now that making the playoffs seems like a mission impossible. Struggling against the Clippers. Tsk tsk tsk.

  • hoopsguru

    every season I barf just a little bit when I see the sparse Memphis crowd of 10,000, and know that if the team was still in Vancouver there would at least be 12-15,000. Sure there is more tax, but our city is nicer and our women are hotter!

  • BMW

    Jermaine is solid for the 1st 2 games. Hope he can keep it up…

  • sh!tfaced

    That ESPN halftime show was hilarious, bloopers and wrong names made by Avery and Stuart Scott, plus you have Jalen Rose patronizing Avery’s coaching career…

  • King

    You were quick to post those lebron blocks but what about the Shannon brown dunk where he was damn near chest level with the rim

  • the cynic

    Hurry back Gasol

  • nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Whiny Face?

    Durant’s intimidation or ‘grown man’ face is laughable

  • the cynic

    “Then during Mavs/Lakers, Jeff Van Gundy said Dallas would be a championship contender as soon as they get Tim Thomas back”

    memo to Dime. The Van Gundy’s are very sarcastic and that was hilarious. Tim Thomas is like a verbal punching bag

  • fLaVa

    No mention of D12’s block on Courtney Lee where he just grabbed it with one hand in mid air ? dirrrrrrty….

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    hi hi and big hi hi to mr burton.

    and i say to alf melmak, what is meal allowance. please help. you always say that and it not too funny but might be from america.

    euro player is the best today. so many stats.

    this is from jurgo.

  • vince

    @ king: chest level with the rim? next things you know, he tripped over the rim.

    chest level with the rim…hahahahhahah

  • Tony B

    Walt williams namedrop …nice!
    You think the bucks are regretting letting charlie v and rj24 go? Very poor showings so far

  • ab_40

    hey the fake jurg is back.

    dwight’s block was NASTY oh and the lakers bowel movement looked stagnent vs dallas. Kobe is at it again he took 19 shots yesterday and he shot 26 times in the first game. this isn’t 04/05 kobes get your teammates involved. Lamar looks far less efficient with pau gasol being out.

    There is an article on nba dot com about the cavs… that man is ignant. I still don’t understand why charlie V signed with detroit instead of cleveland. and the brest cancer relief is a good cause… but pink headbands? Times have changed in detroit

  • Name (required)

    shannon could have facebutted the rim on the putback dunk.

    No mention of how shitty the knicks game was? suprising. Gallo scored as much as any of the starters in less than half the minutes.

  • Name (required)

    @ ab_40 Charlie V signed with detroit for about 5/6 milli a year more than cleveland could offer him. only a complete fool would turn down that money, even for a ring.

  • Rangerjohn

    Lakers are anorexic, they are so thin. This is another no-peat year.

  • http://twitter.com/movezthaking movez


  • Diggity Dave

    Haslem’s dunk on Jones last night:


  • Jay Jay

    Did anyone notice Channing Frye shooting 6/7 on 3’s?

    That’s crazy, since when did he become a decent player? …lol

  • Dagomar

    Jay Jay: since he was paired with Steve Nash.

  • justice

    Frye has some serious range now phoenix looks ok…no mention of vc getting hurt? wtf was jordan farmer drunk last night? i counted 3 turnovers in about 2 minutes… shout to footprints lounge in bklyn for letting me watch nba basketball and be a crazed fan

  • LAballer

    hahahahahaha the “bowel movement” line had me rollin..

    lake show isnt playing with any motivation the first two games..especially the bench..fools got some rings and think they are someone..they need to step it up..they got away with it against the clips but couldnt against a much better team in the mavs..our bench is playing way too lazy..and i will never question phil..but i mean..isnt it time already for shannon to get ALL of sashas minutes? ive been saying this since last year..but come on!!!! and boy does artest get shitted on by the refs..i mean he did last year in the playoffs too but he wasnt in purple and gold so why would i care? that tech he got was ridic..

    bulls/celts was fun for like 12 minutes and then it wasnt..they look pretty hungry..but then again..they have had some favorable match ups the first three games..i wanna see them against orlando..who btw is killin it themselves..is carter out for long? any word on that injury?

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    No comment about vince surprisingly gettin hurt already? And if your Powell on the lakers are u happy brown made a big play for the lakers or mad your teammate dunked on you? Magic/celtics east finals will be interesting.

  • Jim Les

    Love me some Laker humiliation

  • Chi-Tizzle

    LA will get it together. Better when Odom becomes the six man cause then you will have to guard him in Shannon Brown. Just a bad shooting night. I do like that Artest’s emotions were tested. He got the tech but he sat down quietly. The call was so bogus. Kidd acted like he caught an elbow but the elbow never made contact.

    BTW, caught some Jamal Crawford. Dude has to be one of the top underrated players in the league. You guys didn’t even mention him.

  • King

    The chest level line was clearly hyperbole but watch the replay and see how that kid got up. That’s rediculous, Shannon brown is only like 6’2 -6’3 and most of his arms were over the rim

  • LakeShow84

    @ LABaller

    Yeah i think the Vujacic wait and see days are gone.. Not like he had a day but waiting for him to come around is a wash.. at least Shannon can play decent D.. and im 30 games away from saying the same thing about Farmar.. i dont know how many times im going to watch him make a stupid pass 20 ft down the court and get it took.. oh well.. last night was more of Jackson being Jackson.. No Bynum all 4 qter?? leaving Vujacic and Powell out there even when Vujacic was minusing like a mofuck?? damn lol

    And the officiating?? i dunno.. what was the spread lol the offensive foul and proceeding technical on Artest was hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    did any of you see ronnie price (6’2) rebound dunk . . . sure, he doesn’t play for the lakers (like s. brown does) but it was still pretty nasty. you can catch it on nba.com


  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    I cannot believe that the Lakers lost…

  • Sweet English

    Oh lord. Shannon Brown jumping straight out the Gymnasium before he decided to start obeying the laws of gravity.

  • LAballer

    @ lakeshow

    man i feel you..we gave this dude half of last year..playoffs..pre season..he just isnt doing it. for every 1 good thing he does on the court, he does 4 things incorrectly whether it be a turnover, foul, missed shot, etc..ive actually sat and counted this and my ratio is correct..hes 4 to 1..like the fake ass charge he tried to take yesterday..he was slow and didnt try..his effort is just not there..shannon on the other hand..give this dude some PT..he talks on D..hits the open j..makes huge plays that gets our sleepy ass LA crowd into it..this man needs minutes period.

    and i feel you on the farmar thing..its time for these fools to get serious if they wanna get somewhere in their careers..otherwise peace out..also why did bynum not get time in the 4th? i think maaaaaybe phil is trying to send him a message about his D? bynum loves to score..he needs to love the other side of the court as much..but yeah that was strange..

    @ prophet

    i can totaly believe they lost..they had no effort..and the mavs came in after their loss to the wizards w something to prove..just played much harder and got the W

    ive said this over n over and i feel its true..teams dont beat the lakers..the lakers beat themselves..

  • LAballer

    refs help too sometimes haha

  • rangerjohn

    “teams dont beat the lakers..the lakers beat themselves..”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, i call BS! if a spur fan said that same thing you lakers homers would be all over them. just like in 2006, the mavs didnt beat the spurs, manu beat the spurs. come on man, take your lumps like the rest of us and face the facts, as it is right now, the lakers dont look real tough. inching out a win over a so-so clippers team, then losing to the mavs, and not “close” but ugly loss. (ok i didnt watch it but i had to get the shot in you know)

  • LakeShow84

    @ Rangerjohn..

    lol lump taken..

    We still smilin :)

  • Ace-One

    “Hubie Brown made a good point: When Boston’s current second unit is on the floor, you only really have to worry about guarding Rasheed and Marquis Daniels, and whoever is on Eddie House should never leave him to double-team anyone.”

    I don’t see how this is a good point, as if Hubie’s got the Celtics figured out. How many teams would love to have three weapons on their second unit (and you might say four when Big Baby comes back)? Add that to the fact that Rivers rarely takes out all five starters at once, and you do the math.

    Here’s a good point: The Celtics’ second unit looks like the best in the league.

  • UncheckedAggression

    I agree with Ace-One on the Celtics bench. I love Hubie, but that statement wasn’t anything special. The Celtics are pretty loaded, and I have a hard time thinking any other team might have a better bench. When you’re trying to find weaknesses on the second unit, you’re reaching…

  • QQ

    I’m finally back…..


    5 whole months of shying away from the spotlight, g’s. Seems like the pretenders and haters had quiet down.


  • http://bouncemag.com LowerEastScribe

    My co-worker (a huge Knicks fan) said that Ray Felton wasn’t one of the league top 15 point guards and that he wouldn’t be a better fit for the Knicks.

    “…Ray Felton added 22, eight boards and nine assists as the Bobcats knocked off the Knicks in double-overtime…”

    Every time he talked about how bad Felton was, Felton did something else great (drop a dime or score all on them). I honestly think he heard him…

  • dial up

    Bostons second unit is so good now?? Yeah, just overlook the fact that the whole 2nd unit can’t play d, as eddie and rasheed are the same players. 3 point shooters. wait till half season before loving ur 2nd unit

  • QQ

    @41: Big ups.

    I don’t think bringing out your best angry face (which Garnett all taught them) and yapping all day constitute being a good bench in the NBA.

  • gregory

    I was so glad that Kobe was bricking shots and getting stripped all game long because I can’t stand the stupid piranha face thing he came up with during last year’s playoffs. Wow, Kobe, you’re such a competitor, you really want it, nobody wants it more than you, the intensity and passion overtakes you. What a fool. First you have to come up with your own nickname–I mean who does that, that’s so pathetic– but then you want a stupid signature facial expression? The difference between Jordan and Kobe, aside from the 6 to 1 NBA finals MVPs split is that Jordan was likeable for how he played. He didn’t do stupid faces, he didn’t look at refs with his eyes all open and shocked after he nearly hacked a guy’s arm off. Yeah Jordan could get pissy but he was never the annoying idiot that Kobe was on the floor.

    Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson should stop comparing Kobe to Jordan. It’s a great achievement that Kobe has four championship rings but he was the top dog for only one of them. Jordan was the top dog for six. They’re not close.

  • kudz

    haha, u guys had to drop ‘whiny’ from the title! what happened, kobe threatened to take the whole magazine to his hotel room in colorado??

  • UncheckedAggression

    dial up- You just said Sheed doesn’t play D, which proves you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. And Daniels? You are a moron if you don’t think the Celtics have one of the best benches in the league. And on the side, I am NOT a C’s fan.