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Tim Donaghy’s Explosive Book Excerpts

Tim Donaghy

For various reasons, disgraced NBA ref Tim Donaghy‘s tell-all book about his antics in the League has been canceled by the book’s publisher. “Blowing the Whistle: The Culture of Fraud in the NBA” was supposed to drop later this month, covering Donaghy’s experience in the NBA and the events leading up to his conviction on federal wire fraud charges.

The official cancellation didn’t hit though until some explosive excerpts were released to some media outlets including Deadspin.com. The clips Deadspin posted from Donaghy’s book are jaw-dropping. We’re not taking sides here, we’re just passing some of them along …

Donaghy on “star treatment” for certain players:

If Kobe Bryant had two fouls in the first or second quarter and went to the bench, one referee would tell the other two, “Kobe’s got two fouls. Let’s make sure that if we call a foul on him, it’s an obvious foul, because otherwise he’s gonna go back to the bench. If he is involved in a play where a foul is called, give the foul to another player.”

Similarly, when games got physically rough, we would huddle up and agree to tighten the game up. So we started calling fouls on guys who didn’t really matter-“ticky-tack” or “touch” fouls where one player just touched another but didn’t really impede his progress. Under regular circumstances these wouldn’t be fouls, but after a skirmish we wanted to regain control. We would never call these types of fouls on superstars, just on the average players who didn’t have star status. It was important to keep the stars on the floor.

Donaghy on how easily refs are influenced by “favorite” players:

Allen Iverson provides a good example of a player who generated strong reaction, both positive and negative, within the corps of NBA referees. For instance, veteran referee Steve Javie hated Allen Iverson and was loathe [sic] to give him a favorable call. If Javie was on the court when Iverson was playing, I would always bet on the other team to win or at least cover the spread. No matter how many times Iverson hit the floor, he rarely saw the foul line. By contrast, referee Joe Crawford had a grandson who idolized Iverson. I once saw Crawford bring the boy out of the stands and onto the floor during warm-ups to meet the superstar. Iverson and Crawford’s grandson were standing there, shaking hands, smiling, talking about all kinds of things. If Joe Crawford was on the court, I was pretty sure Iverson’s team would win or at least cover the spread.

Donaghy on Dick Bavetta:

Two weeks before the 2003–04 season ended, Bavetta and I were assigned to officiate a game in Oakland. That afternoon before the tip-off, we were discussing an upcoming game on our schedule. It was the last regular-season game we were scheduled to work, pitting Denver against San Antonio. Denver had lost a game a few weeks prior because of a mistake made by the referees, a loss that could be the difference between them making or missing the playoffs. Bavetta told me Denver needed the win and that it would look bad for the staff and the league if the Nuggets missed the playoffs by one game. There were still a few games left on the schedule before the end of the season, and the standings could potentially change. But on that day in Oakland, Bavetta looked at me and casually stated, “Denver will win if they need the game. That’s why I’m on it.”

I was thinking, How is Denver going to win on the road in San Antonio? At the time, the Spurs were arguably the best team in the league. Bavetta answered my question before it was asked.

“Duncan will be on the bench with three fouls within the first five minutes of the game,” he calmly stated.

Bavetta went on to inform me that it wasn’t the first time the NBA assigned him to a game for a specific purpose. He cited examples, including the 1993 playoff series when he put New Jersey guard Drazen Petrovic on the bench with quick fouls to help Cleveland beat the Nets. He also spoke openly about the 2002 Los Angeles–Sacramento series and called himself the NBA’s “go-to guy.”

And those are just some of the excerpts. Check out Deadspin for more.

Do you believe everything Tim Donaghy is saying in his book?

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  • justlovethegame

    Waal!! Crazy for sure

  • nola

    wow. you were dead on with “jaw-dropping”

  • Heckler…formerly ‘Yallallreadyknow’

    i dunno. tough to believe and tougher to ignore.
    remember, a hated man like jose canseco wrote a book calling out names and people laughed him off (due to his character). but look how on point canseco was.

    tim donaghy could be the same thing…

  • control

    This isn’t really news…he even mentions the Suns/Spurs play off series specifically. It was OBVIOUS how much bullshit was going on during that series.

    I have said it for almost two years, the NBA may not be completely rigged, but there is DEFINITELY some bias at the top. Coming from Stern himself I am 100% sure.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    WOW. By the looks of what Donaghy is saying the NBA seems more like the WWE than “real” sport. I hope this shit isn’t true or Stern has a lot of explaining to do.

  • Kudabeen

    I don’t believe him, but I believe that these things occur in a less overt way…

    We all can’t just be paranoid onlookers. I have no money invested in games. I see the disparity in treatment and how some teams seem to win despite the Refs.

    I remember Iverson saying plainly that Steve Javie hates him. He was saying that he didn’t do anything to him, but he just doesn’t treat him fairly.

    We all remember how Duncan was treated by Joe Crawford. Yes he was punished only after the press and Spurs put pressure on NBA.

    Refs are just people. That’s why I don’t trust them. Their mistakes are swept under the rug and they don’t have to publicly answer for their public mistakes. That is a horrible privilege to give to anyone. I’m not surprised Donaghy was lost in the mess he was in. I’m sure he wasn’t the first or last. Foul calls change the game. Letters of apology after the fact don’t reverse the fortune of the teams wronged.

  • rlf

    his mistake was using kobe as an example. because kobe’s is the least of the stars that gets away with things. if not look at his Ts through the season and the playoffs.

    if we talk about lebron and especially wade then we are talking.

    like last night with lebron or the other night that lebron’s was a block and the same exact thing a player from houston did the same and it was a foul.

    but i do believe what he says. it’s just that kobe’s a BAD example.

  • KB24

    This makes me sad.

  • control

    The Cavs/Raps game is almost shining PROOF of the reffing situation in the NBA. Cavs are making a run in the 4th quarter, and the refs are helping out as much as they can.

    Mo Williams getting fouled when JJack was CLEARLY 6 inches or so away from any contact at all…and interestingly enough, the whistle was only blown after it was obvious the shot was going to miss. LeBron getting the call when he just straight runs over Chris Bosh. You know when announcers are like “wow, not sure what this guy was calling” and then going completely silent about it, because THEY don’t want a fine…there’s something going on.

    I don’t know why the refs didn’t just throw on Cavs jerseys and jack up a few shots themselves.

  • Taj

    This comes as no surprise!!! Its a shame how Stern has the refs in his back pocket…and controls them like puppets. The real surprise here is that they ACTUALLY FAVORED a team that was playing VS the Spurs!!! LOL…

    Although this is still all hearsay.. There goes all your priviledges KB24….

  • 112

    I don’t believe him because his allegations are too ridiculous to be true.

    But star treatment and team bais is definitely prevalent in the NBA more so than any other sport because of the subject interpretation of the rules.

    That block on Bosh last night was sad. Lebron Usmain Bolt’ed right through Bosh who had position for a good second.

  • the cynic

    i don’t get it; where is the explosive earth shattering news? I thought everyone already knew all this crap about favortism and make-up calls

  • http://www.ajc.com/hawks Ariose

    MIKE BIBBY WAS ROBBED IN 2002!!! We all know it!!! This man speaks the truth!!!

  • Steve A

    It’s true about the comparison with Canseco. Ya never know. One would hope it isn’t as true to the extent he’s said…

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    If he’s lying why hasven’t the refs mentioned sued him?

    Anyone who doesn’t see the superstar calls needs to get their eyes checked

  • rangerjohn

    i am trying to find this denver vs sa game he is talking about at the end, i did find a game on april 14th 2004, at SA where the spurs KILLED denver 93-67 and duncan only had 2 fouls total. ???? hell according to this, SA swept denver that year in the reg season.
    TD didnt play in the only other game he could be refering to (feb 28th.)

    i call BS on most of what that guy has to say.

  • flegman

    Lately the stern era is a huge, big grand FAIL, with the lockout of those (these!! them!!) refs and bringing in the replacements as latest. Didn’t I say that it would turn out like the synthetic ball experiment? It did.

    Maybe the replacement refs were a FAIL cos they didn’t blow like they were supposed to blow. whatever.

  • ERIC

    This is why its even more troubling when David Stern openly jocked LeBron..

  • Dr.Googles

    Basketball is dead

  • Notorious

    @Rangerjohn, click on the deadspin link as the part about Denver/SA posted on Dime got cut short. Later in the recap, he says Denver had already locked up a spot and it was now San Antonio who needed the win. And they got it. I think you got the right game, just the Dime post cut out the end of that story. Read the whole article, and see how the story flips around.

    Crazy, crazy stories for sure. Read the whole thing on Deadspin. For the most part they sound somewhat believable, NBA has some explaining to do…

  • Del

    This is not news to Toronto Raptor Fans. We’ve been going through this for years.

    I can’t imagine how livid Stern would be if the raptors ended up making it deep into the playoffs. The amount of T.V revenue the league would lose would be astronomical.

  • Notorious

    Here is the rest of the Bavetta story…

    As it turned out, Denver didn’t need the win after all; they locked up a spot in the playoffs before they got to San Antonio. In a twist of fate, it was the Spurs that ended up needing the win to have a shot at the division title, and Bavetta generously accommodated. In our pregame meeting, he talked about how important the game was to San Antonio and how meaningless it was to Denver, and that San Antonio was going to get the benefit of the calls that night. Armed with this inside information, I called Jack Concannon before the game and told him to bet the Spurs.

    To no surprise, we won big. San Antonio blew Denver out of the building that evening, winning by 26 points. When Jack called me the following morning, he expressed amazement at the way an NBA game could be manipulated. Sobering, yes; amazing, no. That’s how the game is played in the National Basketball Association.

  • momo

    and the era of real NBA scandals begin… the game will never be the same guys….all thanks to this jerk off ref….

    remember that…

  • Kermit the Washington

    Nothing about this sounds made up to me…and the fact that the WILD stuff is actually believable hurts my feelings. NBA, you better not have staged my entire fan experience. That’s just wrong. I just don’t see how Stern would be opposed to doing the things this guy is saying. Do you?

  • flegman
  • Birdy

    Perfect example of this would be the block called on Chris Bosh last night when LeBron James went to the hole. Late game situation, Cleveland with a chance to tighten it up and they put a superstar on the line. Replay showed it was clearly a charge as Bosh was outside the circle and had established his position. We can’t have Cleveland going to 0-2 can we? We sure do!

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    The game hasn’t been the same since the 80’s

    this is great. even if this exposes MJ for all his superstar calls I won’t care. I hate the WWE and every since the 2000 LA vs Por series and later the LA vs Sac-town series, I knew the NBA was fixed. Then came Lebron… the best wide reciever to ever play in the NBA. Seriously he should just play football, his basketball skill level is so low it’s embarassing to watch him avg 30ppg all from FT’s and people not wanting to foul out.

    This is probably why cats don’t get dunked on like they used to. So many times, they just jump out the way to avoid the foul. Someone needs to tell G.Oden that the refs are calling fouls on him purposely.

  • ryanzgunz

    This stuff may not be entirely true, but if any of you think Donaghy is the only dirty ref in the league you have your heads buried in the sand. He was just one to get caught. For every one that gets caught with these sort of things there is a dozen that didnt get caught.

  • Big Sia

    R.I.P Naismith

  • Ross

    Oh great, here come the whiny Suns fans bitching about the 2007 playoff loss to San Antonio.

  • calvin brodus

    @ rlf

    are you saying that kobe doesnt get superstar calls?

  • Ross

    I’d like to read all the Joey Crawford stories myself.

  • MenoRikey

    @Birdy, the rules are the defense player must establish position BEFORE the offensive player collects the ball and starts him move towards the basket. If you look at the slow motion replay, Lebron had already collected the ball and took a step, while Bosh was in the middle of planting his feet, therefore it is a block. It’s just looked like a charge because Lebron knocked Bosh on his skinny, Ru Paul, ass.

  • control


    You are an idiot. If what you say is true (which it ain’t, rule is defensive player needs to have feet set before offensive player has left his feet), then there wouldn’t be any flopping, it would be pointless because there would only be charges if a guy is stationary for like 3-5 seconds and gets ran into by another player. Hell, the only situations in which that would occur is if the defensive player isn’t even paying attention and the offensive player steam rolls him.

    LeBron didn’t even jump when he ran Chris Bosh over. Bron even gave a fist pump and a “choo choo” howl, so get off the guy’s jock by even suggesting that wasn’t a charge by LeBron.

  • Diggity Dave

    Tell you what, though. Looks like the refs are about to get their just desserts for being jackasses. They’re lucky this shit didn’t come out when they were still negotiating, or they would have been shit out of luck.

  • control


    I know this is another post, but I just wanted to get through to you how stupid you are. Thinking that you can’t get a charge unless the defensive player’s feet are set BEFORE the offensive player “starts his move towards the basket” is fucking retarded. Think about it, how many times is an offensive player making a drive moving AWAY from the basket? Did you think that shit out man? What you say would require defensive players to have their feet set at ALL TIMES for there to be a charge, think about it man.

  • http://dimemag.com Mike

    If this suprises people u then ur an idiot. I love the NBA but its so obious the refs try to fix it. Remember at the end of the day its about making money & dats all da NBA cares about

  • control


    Just fucking think about it. Just fucking think man, god damn. Think your post out before hitting that “Submit Comment” button. Key word of the day for you is “think”. Think about that, please, just fucking think.

  • marcus the great

    i wish i hadnt even read that. it should make anyone that really loves the game sad to know this sh*t is goin on…. hopefully i will forget about this as the season goes on so i can enjoy watchin like i used to

  • http://www.lifeofagiant.com Big Aaron

    This book HAS to be released. Publishers need to grow a pair. Every NBA fan should read this book.

  • Big Sia

    lmao @ Control dropping ether on MenoRiley

  • Blazermark

    Kobe and the Lakers get calls…. gee is that supposed to be news to anyone??? I wonder if the refs and Stern think that everyone other than laker fans are blind to that? Thats just like saying that the lakers will be mentioned on ESPN, no matter who they played against. ESPN are just as bad as the refs… you are bound to see hour after hour about every move kobe makes… and LeBron for that matter. ESPN, the NBA refs are both jokes to me.. Oh well. Until David Stern retires and someone honest starts running things… it will continue to be this way.

  • http://freshouttatime.blogspot.com/2009/10/loonwatch.html freshouttatime

    refs ‘influencing’ games with orders from top brass in the nba really should be no surprise. i didn’t read all the comments but someone remarked the refs are human, as well as top brass, meaning that for every good quality a human has they also have bad qualities.
    our mistake is to assume that stern and top level folks in the nba are immune to corruption and human ways of looking at success; even if it means having a marquee matchup in the finals or having superstars remain on the floor.

    oscar robertson put it best in his book, take the refs out of the game early by being relentless against your opponent.
    everyone playing in the L, and involved with teams i’m sure knows these unspoken rules but they deal with it. its only a big deal to the public who aren’t familiar with the unspoken business aspect of a professional sports league.

  • Blazermark

    Wait until you read how Dick B. helped the lakers get over on the Blazers in that game seven “choke.” The Blazers should have shot the ball better and not allowed the stupid ass refs that much power over the game, but 36 whistles in that fourth quarter were a little excessive.

  • Blazermark

    Steve Javy isnt mentioned?? He should be.

  • Claw

    Not earth shattering, but please yes Kobe gets calls, any superstar gets the benefit of the doubt, where you’ve been?

    The Dick Bavetta one was the only instance where it was definitely tampering. The rest we already knew and refs are only human they will give better calls to players they like and less calls to those they don’t.

  • x0t

    think these guys get millions of dollars just to dunk a ball? Theyre paid to keep quiet and keep the fans stupefied

  • Billy Sunday

    i bet the reason why they canceled the book was David Stern and the nba paying the company mad money to not publish it. i would buy this book in a heart beat




  • LakeShow84

    What a coincidence this book never came out lol

    This aint no surprise.. U cant be that blind..

    If there was ever a doubt last years Orlando/Cleveland series summed it up for me..

  • KnicksFan84

    This is why I kinda like NFL over NBA. Harder to fix NFL games in my opinion. I believe every word out his mouth, he has no more reason to lie, fyck da money. If I was Tim, I’d donate all proceeds of book to charity, change up the spelling of names by reversing the initials of ref’s names and altering them and call it a day. Go sue that mr. Stern.

  • http://www.in-n-outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    I just cannot except this. I don’t beleive that BUM Donagay.
    This would seriously ruin basketball. Such a great game, how can people be this low.

  • Sanssasin

    Very interesting.

    I have no reason to deny what he is saying. I can’t prove what he is saying is false. Watch an NBA game or any of those games he mentions and it is very hard to prove Donaghy’s statements false.

    We all know that NBA refs can make or break a game. I understand that some calls are just plain bad thanks to human error. I can handle a couple bad calls, but when it is consistently bad all game and favors one person or one team then it’s hard to take that there is no refereeing problem.

    Until someone can prove what Donaghy is saying is false, I believe the guy. I remember some of the games he has mentioned and I watch a lot of games. I have found and recall nothing that proves him false.

  • JH

    Does anyone know if the NBA publishes who is reffing a game prior to tip off? Or is it kept secret until game time?

    I think that information might be fun to know when betting on future games…test out this guy’s theories and make a buck on the side.

  • http://dimemag.com Pakman

    Are u fucking serious…I really dont know wat to say

    I dont think its true

  • mosduff

    “rlf says:

    his mistake was using kobe as an example. because kobe’s is the least of the stars that gets away with things. if not look at his Ts through the season and the playoffs.

    if we talk about lebron and especially wade then we are talking.

    like last night with lebron or the other night that lebron’s was a block and the same exact thing a player from houston did the same and it was a foul.

    but i do believe what he says. it’s just that kobe’s a BAD example.”

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?!

    can you tie your own shoes in the morning? Can you see, hear or talk? is your IQ high enough to use the bathroom?! that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read on the internet.

  • jim

    whats not to believe?? have you doubters watched a game recently?

  • required

    who cares. it’s a game. get a grip. watch or do something else.

  • LoBezn0

    ^ Ditto, required.

    Hey, there’s nothing there that didn’t exist some decades ago anyway. I guess its just part of the refs being human as well with Donaghy exaggerating some stuff a bit.

    Whatever, doesn’t prevent me from enjoying a good game when I see one.

  • Promoman

    I think he’s either telling the truth or at least a great deal of it. Superstar calls have been debated long before Donaghy became news.

  • Mikey F Baby

    It’s true about Javie hating Iverson. Despite it being blatantly clear anyway, Iverson has said that in the past.

  • King

    I believe there’s Some truth to everything he’s saying an as a lifelong fan of the sport and the NBA I reallly want to read this book

  • dreams

    i wonder if the cavs go 0-3…

  • LaMont

    how many times have we heard announcers say “that would be a foul if such and such team was at home or they’re not gonna get that call in this building”? A foul is supposed to be a foul anywhere. i believe it’s all true. the best thing about these accusations is that the league has to come out and be more critical of the assignment of referees and their performance. could be a blessing in disguise.

  • meathead

    Lebron had 1.8 fouls per game called on him and people are shocked.

  • http://yahoo.com john grizz

    Shit is no joke, I 2 started to ponder this yesterday as I saw the wolves comeback 2 beat the nets where everthing the nets did was a foul or a strip with no foul, shit is very real and a sad sad truth. 2bad that david stern does whatever he whants without any body there 2 control him, he is a fag p.s. Kobe doesn’t get calls cause stern hates him ahahahah

  • fLaVa


    The whole excerpt is in that link… theres some crazzzzy stories

    If this is a publicity stunt to sell more books… its certainly working as I will be the first to buy it and i m sure many NBA fans would as well but I doubt Stern lets this book out to the public.

  • rick773

    Whats worse about this book is that it’s going to give delusional fans more ammo. Everytime the refs make a bad call that the fans disagree with they’re going to be whining about how the games are fixed.

  • james patterson Jr.

    for every one who say they dont believe it, come on now. They guess served prison time for gambaling. So you know he did alot of bad thing in the games. So you have to realize at least some things he says are true.

  • Sweet English

    donaghy is clearly just getting back at the league for being spurned from his position. The guy has been labelled by national law as a liar and a cheat, and this is a man who you chose to believe?? this is the trustworthy party in this whole exchange? No. and you all know it. par examplar;

    ‘Bavetta went on to inform me that it wasn’t the first time the NBA assigned him to a game for a specific purpose. He cited examples, including the 1993 playoff series when he put New Jersey guard Drazen Petrovic on the bench with quick fouls to help Cleveland beat the Nets. ‘

    All he says is that the NBA assigned Bavetta to that game. There is absoloutely no inclination or suggestion from ANYONE except Donaghy that Bavetta was given any specific instructions to call the match in a certain way. Bavetta is a ref and is assigned to games as such.

    Donaghy has proved nothing against the NBA, Stern or the entire organisation. All he has outlined are a tiny minority of greedy and corrupt refs who used there position for financial gain. I for one think that the refs do a great job officiating and adding to the drama of the game. Look how much everyone bitched when they walked out. Everyone here knows how well our games are officiated professinaly and fairly (the majority of the time), but unfortunately, one team is always going to lose. 100% of the time, that losing team is going to have had fouls called against it by the referee. Losing fans are always going to want to point the finger.

    Donoghay always has and always will be a money grabbing scab, who will quite happily call some bad fouls to earn a few bucks, and foul some peoples reputations to sell a few books.

  • Al

    What you all are missing (or leaving out) is that for the most part, the stars are involved. If you think great players cannot overcome corrupt officiating, then you are missing the point. In the 84′ finals when Magic & Kareem appeared to do what was necessary to lose. But living in L.A. and as I Laker fan could I really complain? I mean, we, the team, got James Worthy after winning the title and already having Magic and Kareem. I love it, but you can’t tell me that there isn’t shit in the game. Most recently Kobe and Gasol get Ron Artest? yeah right. And the Celtics? Bird and DJ and Mchale were slated to get Len Bias to even things up, but he tragically died as did the Celtics championships for years after. But they are back. In just one year they get Garnett and Allen to join Pierce? And now Wallace? It’s all about the show! VC in Orlando with Howard and Lewis? Bring it on!

    I call them “made men”, that is, the stars who are “down” with the program. Kobe did not join the program until after that Colorado “rape” thing and whereby he and Shaq played very conveniently bad as Larry Brown and Detroit got the title. I could go on and on with examples. Dick Bavetta? I wish he was my uncle so I could know which team is supposed to win. I would hang out in Vegas myself. What Donoghay said about Dick, I have been saying for years. To me it’s that obvious. Still, with all that being said. I just love to watch the game! It’s that good. Some years I say, never again!… but I always come back. Sometimes when they just let them play it is the best you can get in sports entertainment! I am hoping this is one of those years. Let’s the games begin! lol

  • James

    How long before Donaghy turns up missing? You know David Stern is discussing options with his “security” staff…
    True or not, these allegations are bad for the league. I mean, we’ve all thought these games were shady but to hear a ref say it (even this scumbag) is disheartening.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    This is the reason I like college ball more. If this is some big revalation to any of you then I don’t kno what to say. Ofcourse the refs are trained to call the game a certain way and most of all make sure it’s entertaining. Does that make me want to watch it less hell no. The reason being is no matter what the refs call there are players that are so good it doesn’t matter if there not getting certain calls. You play through that shit and win despite the refs agenda against you.

    But this is no different then any other business where there is alot of money being made. Stern and every owner in the league is in this business to make money and will do anything in there power to see that they profit.

  • ab_40

    I believe things happen in the L where there are favorable calls for stars. in europe it’s veterans who get favorable calls. nothing new there.

    the man is convicted and now he comes out writing a book. this makes sense for him from a revenue standpoint but from the outside looking in and knowing a thing or two about human psyche I say 90% of that book is complete BS

  • DarthSickness

    all i can say is…..that shit hurts me. i knew fishy shit went down in some games, but damn.

  • AVeezie

    Yup there is NO Question that Donaghy telling the truth. The league is fixed so is the NFL (Rams Patriots SB 36)

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    @bigShot Bob,

    You don’t think college ball is fixed? Maybe you should watch more Duke games. Take not of the number of Ft’s they shoot compared to other teams. Back in the Jwill/Boozer/Dunleavy era, it was flat out embarassing. I think Coach K has a little button in his pocket that he presses when he wants to refs to make a call for him.

    @70) Is that you Mr.Stern…or are you Kenny Smith?

    @71 I’m with you 100%. The 80’s Lakers/Celtics teams stealing all that talent. Apparently the Celts drafted Larry bird without no one knowing he was available to draft in 1978 because he was a 5th year senior. Why is it that the Celtics are the only team aware of that? Same thing with James Worthy in 82′. How does LA get that pick? from a trade made a year or so ealrier? GTFOH!!! The Knicks in 85′ with Patrick, The bulls with Rose last year (thanks Stern!), Orlando getting back-to-back #1 picks with Shaq and Webber! The WNBA must have not learned yet as they let LA get Candance Parker when her hometown team had the #2 pick only because the Sparks tanked the whole season (Lesie was prego).
    Most recently with the refs, Kendrick Perkins getting 9 blocks in a playoff game against the Bulls and not having at least ONE foul. The with into OT and Perk even had like 15rebs. But never picked up a foul. Damn

    But like #70 says, I still watch. I wait for the games when they actually let the players play and it’s the most beautiful thing to watch in sports.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Also,I coach AAU ball and to be honest they aren’t too far off from the NBA when it comes to special treatment. I coached a game this summer in Ohio where the refs were calling the best player on the other team by their first name, then I watched that player shoot nearly 20fts and score all but 4 points for their team. Also watched that player beat up everyone on my team only to get 2 fouls over 36min of play.

    On the flip side, as a youth I’ve had refs tell me during a game “Keep going to the basket and I’ll get you a foul”. So it’s not just regulated to the NBA or NCAA, goes all the way back to elementry!

  • Barry

    If you watch the game with these statements in mind, then you can see that COULD BE TRUE. I watched the Wizads game v. Cleveland last night and there no way Wahshington was going to win that game. The officiating was horrible and kept the Wiz bigs in foul trouble and allowed LB to get away with goal tending and any other potential foul. I believe there is a problem with officiating! The Fix is in!

  • THE chuck swirsky

    couldnt agree more. sports in general is fixed to a degree. i dont get why its so hard to believe. these ppl are humans after all. and money talks. examples:

    2000 POR/LAL Game 7
    2001 PHI/MIL Game 6
    2002 SAC/LAL Game 6
    2006 MIA/DAL NBA Finals
    2007 PHX/SAS Western Conf. Semis
    2009/2010 Cleveland Games so far… (CLE @ TOR ; WAS @ CLE)


    PITT/SEA Superbowl

  • http://none Shawn Williams

    To RIFF

    Kobe gets by with everything; traveling, hooking, charging, reaching in, and every other kinda foul you can get. Refs give him T’s cause when they don’t give him the call that he shouldn’t get anyway he wines and cries about it. Dude is like Danny Ainge and Reggie Miller. Which are the two biggest crybabies in NBA history. Plus the T’s fall right into what Donaghy was saying about the refs lil games they play with each other.

  • arisloco


    I agree with you 100%. Kobe whines and cries if he doesn’t get the call because he thinks he’s untouchable and he’s the best. Fuck Kobe! He’s like Duncan who cries whenever he gets called for a foul. He thinks that he never fouls a player that all his defensive moves are legal. Fuck Duncan as well! I feel sorry for teams who doesn’t have superstars in them and they can’t do anything but to watch the opposing players (particularly superstar and his teammates) to take a free throw.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    As a ref, I believe a lot of the things that Donaghy says.

    1. When a player is close to fouling out in a HS game, 4 fouls, we (the officials) will communicate that the foul out foul should be an obvious one that the coach cannot complain about, nor the fans. Also, to clean a game up, we call games tighter. As to deferring to star talent, that doesn’t happen at the lower level, but Basketball Officials are governed by boards that are separate from the HighSchools themselves, although they pay us. In the League they run the officials and tell them how they want the games called. Just like in college, the individual conferences tell the officials how they want the games called beyond the prototypical Advantage/disadvantage scenario.

    2. I can see the League telling the officials to keep the stars on the floor. For real, they need to separate the Officials from the League and call games based on Advantage/Disadvantage, and have refs control games based on intelligence rather than star power.