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Top 5 Best Backup Point Guards In The NBA

Allen Iverson

While it seems many people could care less that the Heat signed Carlos Arroyo yesterday to be their backup point guard, the deal only goes to signify to me once again that the role of the backup point guard is perhaps one of the most important in the League. Guys like Travis Best, Greg Anthony, Jacque Vaughn, Lindsey Hunter and Anthony Johnson have made a career out of it, and the best teams in the NBA take note. So with that in mind, here are the Top 5 best backup points this season:

Note: No rookies were included on this list, as time will tell with them.

1. Allen Iverson, Grizzlies – While everyone in the Dime office believes that Iverson will be starting at some point this season, whether it’s simply due to injury or coach’s decision, he’ll be starting the year coming off the bench. There isn’t a PG in the League that wants to face AI, let alone playing with the second unit.

2. Andre Miller, Blazers – Like it or not, Miller is going to be coming off the bench at least some of the time in Portland. And if I was him, I would just keep my mouth shut and win games. Sure Miller is the League’s reigning iron man, but Steve Blake has been the leader throughout the Blazers’ turnaround and still can hold his own on the court.

3. Anthony Carter, Nuggets – Even after Denver drafted Ty Lawson, there’s a reason they re-signed Carter to backup Chauncey Billups. One of the reasons the Nuggets were so successful last season was because when Billups would sit down, AC wouldn’t let the pace of the game change.

4. Jannero Pargo, Bulls – After a year overseas, Pargo decided to come back to the League this year to backup Derrick Rose. While he may not have the more talent, he’s able to be extremely efficient. Just ask Chris Paul.

5. Jose Juan Barea, Mavericks – Backing up Jason Kidd is no easy task, but Barea makes you forget he’s a backup when he’s on the floor. Actually, the dude played so well at times last season, that he would often end games playing alongside Kidd in the backcourt.

Who do you think is the best backup point guard in the NBA? Who else should be on this list?

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  • aj

    uh…Will Bynum?

    And you know that Ridnour is going to be coming off the bench behind Young Money…

  • knock knock

    Guarantee that every backup pg would LOVE to have allen iverson guarding him when he’s running down the court. Can you say, “career high??”

  • liukz

    i think arroyo its going to be a good back up.
    Will Bynum too
    Alston in Jersey

  • aj

    Knock Knock are you kidding…

    The Answer is going to light up every back up pg in the league…

  • JA

    J-Jack in Toronto

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Shannon Brown, Earl Watson, Tyreke Evans

  • s.W.o. 4 Life

    How you haters gon’ forget Jarrett Jack? Way better than Pargo and Carter any day of the week

  • cb4

    carter, pargo barea, cmon be serious. What about jarret jack?

  • Prof. TX

    Rafer Alston was just in the finals, it’s not that long ago.
    Kyle Lowry has potential.

  • anenome

    pargo showed chris paul what its like not to give up during the playoffs. i’ll never forget that last game when chris paul decided he’d rather cry then play ball and pargo of all people took the team on his shoulders and kept the game interesting. i’ll always respect dude for that.

  • Lee

    How about Farmer ????

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Jarrett Jack is solid, I’ll give you that.

    @Prof. TX

    As for Rafer, he’s on his way to another team.

  • life-p

    DJ Augustine

  • deeds

    Jarret Jack should definitely be on there. He was better than Ford last year in Indiana, and made things interesting in Portland before that.

  • calvin brodus

    AC is terrible. absolutely awful. if the nuggs could lose one player i would pick him twice.

  • Kobeef

    Wow – I can’t believe you people are listing guys like JJ Barea, Anthony Carter, Jarret Jack and Rafer Alston before Kirk Hinrich.

    Kirk has been overdue for a trade for at least a year. He is a good shooter and great leader and needs to be moved in echange for more young talent. He’s just too good to play a 6th man role on the bulls. The Bulls should send him to NY for Al Harrington’s expiring deal.

  • Mellmeister

    Skip to my Lou should be on top, just on this year’s finals… he was the clear cut for starting point in orlando… ‘coz he was better than jameer in those games against the lakers…

    Kirk Hinrich was overlooked… get back and reprint this shit dime… y’all betta check out what’s up too… and Jason Williams would be off the bench too for Orlando… so another one to be mentioned…

  • http://twitter.com/thehoopla Peli

    WOW where the hellll is Jarret Jack?

    He’s better than 2/5 of that list.

    I swear I should be a consultant for your articles

  • boombastic

    Delonte West? gonna be playing back up point the whole year, cause we all know booby cant run an offense….pargo, carter and barea are all stiffs

  • “Tha Boddy” Iverson Can’t Be Blamed

    Randy Foye is better than 4 of 5 backup PG’s you posted…Give The Wizards some love DIME I know you can do it

  • Stephon

    Jason williams needs to prove himself first. But leaving out Jarret Jack is a big mistake. He’ll do huge damage on for the Raps this season, especially with the Raps run-n-gun style.

  • http://www.hot1047fm.com Steve Gomez 10a-3p on Hot 104.7 Modesto, Ca

    @ Big shot Bob

    From everything I’ve seen, read, heard, Tyreke Evans is going to be the starting PG for Sactown. Not Benos’ back up homie.

    Gotta agree that Captain Kirk should be 3rd on the list. Other than AI and Andre Miller, he’s the only back up PG that has starter talent. Its just that who he backs up has more.

  • Detroit Dave

    Will Bynum!

    On a side note, remember when Troy Hudson used to give cats major buckets up there with the T-Wolves?

  • Stephon

    wow. troy hudson. brings back memories.

  • Eric

    Goran Dragic
    Okay, i’m kidding

  • Name (required)

    how have they got Pargo on the list of top backup PGs when he isn’t even the top backup PG on his own team. Hinrich would start on half the teams in the league.
    What about Nate in NY?
    Sessions wont be backup for long in Minesota, but he is now, so should be on the list too.

  • That’s whats up

    George “The Thrill” Hill !!!!!!

  • johnsacrimoni

    Why would Sessions start the season as the backup? He’s one of the most underrated players in the L and Flynn is a rookie. Kirk Hinrich is the best backup point in the league. Don’t forget how great his defense is too.

  • http://projectspurs.com Michael

    Look out for George Hill

  • jvedo

    you open with five guys you say made a living playing bacy up point guard and than jump right to AI as number one on yout list he is not now nor has he ever been a one c list all true points AI is atwo cuold make good argument thaa hes a combo yoi get the point hinrich is top 10 at worse 12 how is he not on your list get it together dime

  • flavur

    Mr. Jack up in T-dot, carlos aroyo, and Will Bynum he will give any pg the business.

  • Adam

    The author can’t even read a depth chart.

    I don’t know which is worse, the fact that Pargo isn’t the best backup point guard on his own team, or that he’s not even a back up point guard.

    Kirk Hinrich is one of the best backup point guards in the league, and would be starting if the bulls hadn’t won the lottery.

  • quest???

    Ai and barea

  • Scott

    I think Dime drafted, edited and posted this article in about 5 minutes … that’s the only possible explanation for all the oversights? Definitely some weak selection/analysis

  • http://dime fan

    @27. That’s Will Bynum’s nickname. Don’t get that little man started. He’s Nate Robinson with a better yo yo and pg skills. Sebastian Telfair is also a sleeper in the back-up dept. He’s going to have L.A. 2nd unit running smoothly like Minn last yr. Marcus Williams is also a sleeper for this category. Sean Singletary got waived by Philly BECAUSE????????????
    A fan rooting for Andre Barrett to make the Cavs. He is a problem. Has one of the highest skill sets of guards this past decade. Could easily score like Earl Boykins and run a team like Brevin Knight. He is extremely valuable, great Person, & very humble. Lastly he comes from a great bball program and family. Go Barrett. This is from a guy who’s pleaded for Will Bynum to get this opp. Please look out for Eric Maynor as well. Sheron Collins next in line for Chicago beasts. What is in the water down there?????? Got bottle it up for our NY boys. Yes that was a jab. Not a Mayweather one though. Those really hurt. LOL. Johnny Flynn is so Special sorry RYAN.

  • http://dime fan

    George Hill is very nice young player. Could turn out like Rondo.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    @Steve Gomez….haha just thought that because that’s how they got it setup on NBA 2K….LOL I guess because they want to be able to rest K-Mart with Tyreke off the bench.

  • the cynic

    Anthony Carter?

  • http://dpf dpf

    Pargo isn’t even the best on his team. Captain kirk is the best backup pg in the nba hands down.

  • Ian

    so we are making pointless lists so iverson can be in something?

  • Voice of reason

    lol. so much hate on this post.

    i cant believe we didnt get one mention of keyon dooling in this post. he was great last year as a backup and a starter when devin got hurt.

    the nets are in a neat little predicament with devin harris as the clear starting point guard. they now have keyon dooling and rafer alston who are both starter quality players sharing what few minutes devin wont be using. expect one to traded in the near future hopefully for a little help at the forward spot

  • JohnnyB

    You guys are messed up to not even mention will bynum in the article. He tore it up last season towards the end and has shown major improvements in the preseason. Anthony Carter and Parogo are terrible.

  • SIR_SILK23


  • JR

    Top 5 best? Come on, I’m no grammar freak but that’s just a disgrace.

    Top 5 or 5 best would have been fine.

    Quit tautolizatin’ man

  • doc

    AI never was and never will be a point guard.Cut it out.

  • spirow

    Man this article sucks. . . You forgot to mention kirk, you also forgot to mention jarret jack who last year challenged TJ ford for his position and out played TJ. . . Im sorry but bynum belongs there two. . . And another thing i’d put andre miller over iverson the man is seriously under rated we’re talking about point guards not shoot first wanna be point guards . . .

  • DTC

    He recently switched to SG off the bench, but for most of his career he was a backup PG, and IMO better than so many of the guys on this list – Leandro Barbosa

  • sh!tfaced

    Jeff Teague. With the way the rook has been playing in the exhibitions, he might become a top back up PG this season.

  • futurestar

    its crazy to me how a guy like A.I can come of the bench..

  • maeng

    white chocolate!

  • g

    I know wouldn’t rank him a top 5 back-up point guard right now, but as far as where I think he may be at the end of the season, I really like George Hill. I am so looking forward to seeing what George Hill will do as this season unfolds and if against certain teams he will be on the floor at the end of the game alongside Tony Parker. This is an exciting season for Spurs fans!

  • mtindore520

    maybe Captain Kirk didnt get put on the back up list is because there’s a good chance he’ll get the 2-guard starting spot

  • alew

    How do u call yourselves a credable mag without hinrick as the top back up pg? AI isn’t a pg for one, and neither is andre miller. Pargo? R u kidding? He’s 3rd on chi towns depth chart for pg and 4 as far as guards. Get off AIs jock n show captin kirk some love.

  • alew

    Sorry bout the typo,andre miller is deffinitley a pg but not a back up.

  • Da_Griff

    Yeah, gotta say that this list needs tweaking:

    JJ Barrea

    I agree with those

    Andre will not be a backup for long, so I don’t count him.
    For the others, you gotta go with:
    Will Bynum
    Capt. Kirk
    DJ Augustin

    Those three would wipe the floor with Carter and Pargo.

    They probably forgot about Kirk because he’s so good he should be starting.

  • cbil01

    I’m just piling on here as it’s been mentioned already, but not only was Kirk overlooked i’d have him above everyone but Andre Miller; better shooter than AC, a better defender than AI and Barea, and i believe Pargo was HIS backup at one time. hope this has already been corrected somewhere