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Who’s Better: The Celtics or Lakers?

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett

Big things are expected out of the Lakers and Celtics this season. Obviously, with the addition of Ron Artest there are high expectations for the Lakers to two-peat. There’s even talk of the Lakers challenging the ’95-96 Bulls’ 72-win season. For the Celtics, as long as Garnett, Pierce and Allen are healthy, they’re always going to have a legitimate chance at a chip. They won one in ’08, but caught a bad break last year when KG went down and missed the entire playoffs. Now that KG is back and healthy again, the Celtics are expected to give Orlando a good run for the East’s top spot. Come June, we may very well see a rematch of the 2008 Finals between Boston and L.A.

You can argue that the Lakers have one of the toughest rosters in the history of the league. With Kobe Bryant, who is probably the best player in the NBA, and guys like Gasol, Artest, Bynum and Odom – the Lakers are a matchup nightmare for any team. They finished the 2008-09 campaign with a 65-17 record in a competitive Western Conference. Plus, with the exception of Artest, they have played together for so long and all know their roles. The key for this team is staying focused. They always say winning the second title is tougher because the target is now on your back and the drive might not be as strong. The Lakers are already dealing with distractions with Lamar Odom’s wedding to Khloe Kardashian and time will tell whether Artest will become a problem.

Ever since the Celtics traded for KG and Allen, they posted two consecutive 60-win seasons and won the title two seasons ago. They owned the East’s second best record with at 62-20 last season. Boston will be better than last year now that Garnett’s back at full force and the additions of Rasheed Wallace, Marquis Daniels and Sheldon Williams. But getting back to the Finals will be harder than it was in 2008. The defending Eastern Conference champions, the Magic, are even stronger this year. Plus, the Celtics’ big three are getting older and more injury prone. But with the veteran leadership on this squad, the focus will definitely be on point all season long.

I think the Celtics will finish the season with a better record than the Lakers. I think the Lakers’ distractions will become a temporary issue at some point in the season. The Celtics have what it takes to get past Orlando and Cleveland to reach the Finals, but in the end, I believe the Lakers will have caught their stride by then and will defeat Boston in a close six or seven game series.

Who will have a better record? Who would win if they met in the Finals?

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  • ToAn

    i don’t see any big locker room issues for the lakers. and if so that will not stop them from getting 60+ wins, they are just too talented, just look at the shaq-kobe lakers where locker room issues were the standard. as for the celtics they are the best team in the east…IF no big injury happens to pierce, garnett, allen and rondo. they definitely need all 4 to win it all. i still go with the lakers…better record and a title, should they win the west and play against the celtics.

  • Rizwan

    I thought Cleveland owned the best record of the east last season at 66-16?

    Another mistake by Gerald!

  • karizmatic

    Two-peat? Really? You couldn’t just write repeat? The Lakers will have a better record and if they met in the finals the Lakers would win in 6.

  • Rizwan

    And no way are the Celtics posting a better record than the Lakers during the regular season!

  • Boomhauer

    Who’s better? The Cavs.

  • yoda

    so far no distractions among lakers, and i doubt there will be some during season, at least not big one. if most of lakers stay healthy, they will win all. and i’d like to see kg trying to bully lakers this season. first, ‘drew started to grow that eff you aditude and now they have ron, which is really bad ass and not fake like garrnet, who goes only after smaller players. plus, don’t think anyone is mentally tougher then kobe right now. as for gasol, after that finals lost, he showed he won’t be pushed around so he should be good too. lakers all the way :D

  • http://www.realgm.com Rare Air

    I am very unconcerned with who comes away with the better regular season record – as long as LA wins the west and gets back they have the weapons now to take Boston down.

    Cavs and Bron are sham and will be exposed once again – and even if they did get to the finals, Kobe would teach Shaq one hell of a lesson in why he should have kept his fat mouth shut.

    The wild card for Boston is going to be Sheed, can he stay down, ball up, and be the piece that gets them over the edge? I can say the same for Ron Ron, but now I believe Kobe has more motivation than even last year to get the deal done and repeat.

    Laker Nation in 6 – insert challenger__________

    KB24 for MVP in 09′-10′

  • creamio

    You goon, keep perpetuating the Myth that Kobe is still the best player; Lebron is the best player and everyone besides Lakers fans knows it, the only thing he can do better than Lebron is jack up jumpshots.

    And you think the magic are stronger, despite losing their best play-maker for an old jumpshooting Vince Carter, as well as losing Courtney Lee.

    And the Cavs added Shaq who is certainly an upgrade from Z, plus tall perimeter defenders, and a solid player in Anthony Parker, plus Leon Powe who comes back in February. Also, Lebron is better than Ray Allen and Paul Pierce combined, so I honestly don’t see how the Celtics get past Cleveland.

  • control

    I’d have to go with the Lakers. They are going to be brutal, and I bet Pau is going to have a break out year (yes, even compared to his last few seasons). I don’t think Bynum is going to amount to shit, but they don’t need him too because they’ve been doing their thing without him for years now. Bynum will be out w/ a season ending knee injury by Jan. Probably while playing against the Hornets, you can set a calender by it.

    Boston has a monopoly on fat power forwards for some reason. They are making sure they have every single out of shape power forward in the league, and I heard they are looking for Tractor Trailer’s agent so they can get him on board.

    Marquis Daniels is going to be an underrated pickup, Rondo is going to be a bitch, KG and PP are going to be talking shit, Ray is going to be looking old but still hitting shots, Sheed is going to be crazy, Perk is still going to be mean mugging and racking up more fouls per minute than any other player in the league, and Fatboy Glenn Davis is going to be running over young fans. With all that going on I don’t think they will win too much, 50 wins approx I’d bet.

  • i am a witness

    I dont undastand what in the fuck the hype bout the lakers are…..u people fail to realize if kg was not injured then boston would’ve repeated… FUCK LA go CAVS ( or boston or magic or wizards or even fuckin hawks) I HATE KOBE!!!!!!! snichin on shaq PUNK ASS MOFUCKAAA

  • M Intellect


  • Ian

    best team in the east vs the best in the west
    slight edge to boston imo because artest isnt an upgrade at this point over ariza hes not better on d anymore and on offense he likes to go kobe without the talent and boston got better than they were in 07 when they destroyed the lakers. the lakers cant match the 96 bulls because there is more competition now. now i do think the lakers best player is a tad overrated while their second best player is alot underrated works the other way around for boston best player is underrated (pierce) and their second best is prob the most overrated player ever (well after iverson).

    regular season record doesnt mean shit.

    i am witness
    i kinda agree with u without all that hate this is the first time ever i think the best player in the league is someone that hasnt won shit.

  • sweetv0mit

    whoevers healthiest will win the chip

  • srb

    control, come up with real reasons the Celtics won’t win 50 games. So far you’ve got Garnett and Pierce trash talking, fat power forwards, Rondo whining, Rasheed being crazy? and Perkins committing fouls.

  • Celts Fan

    @Yoda – I’m sick of this KG only talks shit to smaller guys bs. KG goes after anyone that has the sack to talk back and if you’ve got a pair, you won’t back down. This is an NBA court, not 4AM at the Rucker. And people always try to forget him getting up in Dirk’s and Zaza’s faces (and say what you want about Dirk being a bitch, but Zaza looks like the kinda dude that can have the KGB make you disappear and who has an AK or 7 somewhere in the crib.)

    Having said all that San Antonio over Boston in the finals.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian – you guys need to understand Artest is a DIFFERENT type of defensive player.. Pierce would KILL Ariza because of the weight advantage cuz he KNOWS how to play with it.. Same with Melo and Bron.. Artest can play D on bigger better scorers.. besides Kobes and Dwade, the rest of the elite scorers are big boys..

    Sure Ariza came up with those steals but how was Arizas overall D on Melo in that WCF?? Melo was torchin Ariza every chance he got.. shit i think he damn near hit 100% one game lol

    we are 2 years OLDER, more mature mentally and OVERALL BETTER from when we lost that Finals.. I doubt we give up a 20+pnt lead in the second half of a home game again.. and dont forget if we won that game it was tied 2-2.. But nah we got destroyed, beasted and sodomized cuz we soft lol

    LAKERS ALL DAY HATERZ.. tell me how you can argue against;

    YOUNG supremely stacked talented team
    GREATEST coach of all time to coach them
    BEST player in the ever Dynamic Mamba to lead them
    BEAST player in Artest to smash suckas
    CRAFTIEST offensive big man in the league

    You guys really think KG will come back full strength?? FOR REALLY THOUGH?? maybe 90-95% but not 100 and he was already a shaky crunch time player.. team is full douchesbags and i aint never seen no team full of douchebags win it all..

  • Ian

    Lol celts fan agree with the zaza comment. I wouldn’t mind a kg vs td finals cuz those spurs vs minny series we all knew what was going to happen now kg has a good team.

  • Ian

    Relax I’m messin I really don’t care for either team lol I even threw in a kobe overrated to get u worked up but the artest part is true.

  • Marcus

    The Celtics will be a pain in the ass for opposing teams and that includes the Lakers.

    But nobody knows who’ll come on top. But the Cavs are there, as there is the Magic and I would not write San Antonio off, yet.

    But the Lakers have al the tools to repeat. And to be the professional sports team most featured in TMZ this year.

  • LakeShow84

    And you can thow in the matchup nightmare Odom,

    young up and coming Bynum,

    diamond in the rough Brown,

    Plus we won a chip with 2/3 PG’s in a year round funk.. i expect either Farmar or Vujacic to have a better year this year.. both is a bonus..

    Damn we so stacked i can talk shit ALL DAY..

  • Ian

    The machine seems kinda douchy

  • control


    Celts are just getting old. They mortgaged the future for a championship, got what they paid for and need to pay the price now. Their window is closed.

    PP is overrated IMO, he ain’t going to get athletic or anything this late in his career (already looks like a dough boy) and only has his crafty moves left.

    KG probably won’t be 100%, and it don’t take much to refuckify a knee. He’ll probably fuck it up again when he gets on all fours to bark at a point guard or something.

    Sheed will run his mouth and get techs at bad times, completely fucking up flows and costing the team (happened in Detroit).

    Ray Allen is starting to show his age as well, he’ll shoot the lights out every 1 out of 3 games, but he’d have to really put up some numbers to get back to his old self.

    Glenn Davis is useless unless you need a kid steamrolled into the pavement, or need a buffet cleaned out.

    Perk is useless, basically just a really warm body that can collect 5 or 6 fouls a game and mean mug people, while talking shit in the media about how good he is.

    Rondo is just a piece of shit, kid can’t even finish open layups, or shoot from outside of 5ft if his life depended on it. He’s getting a bitchy attitude from hanging with idiots like Perk and shit talkers like PP and KG. He’ll cause some locker room issues this year, I bet.

    Those are all real reasons why the Celt’s have a very slim chance of beating the Lakers, if they can even manage to beat the Magic or Cavs.

  • Marcus


    Diamond in the rough Brown? LOL He’s Lester Hudson with pedigree, that’s all.

  • Yoooo

    Celtics are gonna be tough. As a Laker fan I can honestly say they have a certain edge to them the Lakers do not. We’ll see if Artest can make up for the usual lack of toughness we display. Who’s better kinda depends on this: Toughness vs. Talent. The Celts play that Nigga ball that translates into success. While the Lakers play that pretty boy, up the hill basketball. Super organized and all that, chuckin 3’s.

    Ima a Laker fan tho, so I’m rockin with my boys, pause.

    On a whole different note, doesn’t Andre Miller look EXACTLY like Pee-Wee Kirkland? Not even Pee-Wee 30 yrs ago, Pee-Wee right now.

  • sh!tfaced

    Lakers vs Celtics in the 2010 Finals.

    Anything else will be a disappointment.

    Because the only team that can really beat the Lakers is the team that beat them before.

    Although a reloaded Spurs team might have a chance. While most contenders reloaded, the Nuggets unloaded.

    Let’s get real, even with VC, the Magic have no chance of beating the Lakers in a seven game series.

    And Cavs fans are dreaming, they were fucked when Delonte went desperado. Unless they do something about it and get someone like Capt Jack.

  • Jota Jota

    Last year, if it was celtics vs. lakers in the finals everybody being healthy, lakers would have won in 7. but this year, with artest (who is paul pierce’s nemesis, if you dont believe me check his stats against him) lakers in 4 or five. Kobe Bryant will be the mvp this season because i believe his game is gonna change to a more dominant type. working with the dream was an example why Kobe is who he is, the best of the world…..

  • http://dime fan

    Any team that starts D.Fisher. Has Farmar,Walton,Brown,
    as back-ups and can still win last yr & Also compete this yr. Big ups to Phil/Kobe/Odom & Co. They used Josh Powell. I give Bron props for getting far w/ Boobie Gibson at the healm. The Addition of Artest makes this a no brainer. You guys forget how that Indiana team was w/o Artest. He by himself transformed the Kings & Rockets around. He respects Kobe to much to mess this up. Artest & Lamar chemistry from AAU is going to bode well for the team. They may 3 or 4peat. I’m hoping they do. Kobe deserves it for all the work he’s put in on the basketball court. Don’t judge him off it. It’s hard to be good at 2 things. Critics couldn’t shoot a ball in the Ocean. Lebron James is great and we’ll be able to enjoy him for yrs like Kobe after Mike. For know it’s MR. BEAN house. Phil is going to rack them up. Lamar is going to prove doubters wrong and be the Scottie of the League. Highly underatted. He’s so good I think he gets bored. Artest is a nightmare on both ends. Pau Pau is getting better throw in Bynum sub par and man. If Morrison hits 2 threes a game that’s big. Once you have a great player anything is possible. If Skip was more mature he could start for Lakers. The Reincarnation of Showtime.

  • Jayo

    I like the Celts. Its amazing how soon Lakers fans forget that 40-piecing that Boston dropped in LA in the Finals. Pau won’t be as dominant with KG & Sheed all over him. Plus we’ve seen that PP can D-up Kobe. LA won last year basically cause KG was hurt. Boston is coming back for theirs.

  • boombastic

    Cavs and Bron are sham and will be exposed once again……..wtf? how so? boston’s old, orlando can’t exposed there lack of perimeter defenders anymore…

  • http://dime fan

    Rondo is a special guard. Big Baby has definitely improved over the yrs. Looked great last yr in the playoffs. If he didn’t have weight issues. Special player. Could help any contending team. Has a consistent 18 footer. Great Hands and was a beast in college. If he never got injured in College. Would have big boys proud. Big Baby got twinkle toes. LOL.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Ha Pau Gasol soft ass fuck. As soon as KG start getting physical with him it’s going to be the same thing as 08′.

    @LakeShow84 – all those things you named (Best coach, Best player etc.) make it look worse if you guys lose.

    Celts = Better Defensively = Chip

    Lakers = Soft = Better season than Celts but loose in the Finals.

  • Jah

    This is tough…but the Lakers ARE the champs. Gotta’ give it to them.

  • Ross

    Lakers are better.

  • jvedo

    oh you banwaggin laker fans kill me first off all orlando was abetter team last year than this one VC and upgrade?what has he ever done in his carreer to earn that idiotic praise jason williams will have a better impact and help win more games than carter besides whoes gonna guard VCs man the magic are irrelavant in the championship picture trust me as long as the celtics stay healty they are up and down side to side the BEST team in the nba the nba is about match ups c cavs/magic ecf last year the only player the lakers come up plus in a matchup is kobe agaisnt celtics the wild card is clevland because lebron IS the best player in pro basketball PERIOD great off season roll players who can defend and hit open shots which there will be plennty off with shaq and lebron demanding double teams and yes you have to duoble shaq in the post as he will still DUNK on you!!!!!besides a healthy lighter duncan plus jefferson makes the spurs VERY legit again and denver as a great season to build off and everything out off nuggets camp says htey are better than last year so better than last year means what 4 denver?long story short lets c how well kobe and co do in a much better west!!

  • insane

    Lakers are so much better. They should have matched them up with Cleveland, not the old man roster Celtics. By the end of the season, they’ll be all injured.

  • pharoah

    I don’t think the road to the finals will be easy for the Lakers. I think San Antonio will meet them in the WCF if they place second or third. Plus Dallas might be a scary team and Portland is always knocking on the door. But the Celtics will have a tougher time. Pierce cannot guard LeBron James and Perkins cannot guard Shaq. Plus, Orlando can still shoot the ball well and they will have their all-star point guard Jameer Nelson back.

    I hope the Lakers win. Give Phil an 11th ring, hopefully 12th and 13th rings too.

  • deeds

    Who is better? The Spurs

  • K Dizzle

    Keep goin, Lakeshow. Really could talk all day without havin to mention that Boston is OLD…I love KG, but all that barkin and woofin don’t help you against Pau’s diverse, ambidextrous game. Dude reached another level this summer

    @ Gerald – you really think Lamar’s marriage gonna be a distraction? That’s reachin.

    I’m waitin on DIME to discuss Kobe workin out with Hakeem on the moves and the footwork.The Dream showin Kobe shit, Kareem showin Drew shit. Who everybody else got? When the best is learnin from the best, it’s the difference between kids sayin you the best (Bron) and puttin in work to stay the best.
    Haters keep sleepin..Kobe’s gettin better

  • LAballer

    havent posted in a MINUTE

    im not even adding to it tho..lakeshow got it..

    im friggin foamin at the mouth waiting for this season to START!!!!!

  • http://www.geraldnarciso.com Gerald Narciso

    @ K Dizzle

    Yeah I think just the whole paparazzi keeping close tabs on the Lakers will be a distraction. And also that TV show Khloe is on could be a problem, if he participates in it.

  • Mellmeister

    Celtics – their the east’s version of the aging disgruntled spurs…

    Lakers – they ain’t repeatin’… i’ll guarantee you that… They’ll be there… but not for the championship…


    It’s going to be a LeBron vs Melo Showdown…


    just like their HS Days…

  • Mike Jones

    Celtics will win the CHIP this year…Hands down!!!

    The Lakers may not even get out of the West. Spurs have stepped it up, and even if they do the Celts have too many weapons.

    KG, Paul, Ray, Rondo, Sheed,
    5 players that can get you at least 20 with no problem.

    C’MON SON!!!!

  • Mike Jones

    Plus L.O. married Khloe Kardash.
    He will have buyers remorse by Midseason, and F up the team…

    Then Ron Aretest and Kobe will get in a fight…Ron will beast Kobe and break his confidence

    Season over! lol

  • Mellmeister

    @gerald narciso

    The Lake Show might end up as Dave Chapelle’s skit, “Mad Real World” with Ron Artest as “Tyree” and a special participation of Brian Scalabrine as the “White Dude” who had his GF f*cked by Tyree and his dad stabbed by him too while they inside the house. hahahahaha!

    I’m out like chappelle from comedy central.

  • Phil

    All you laker fakers out there. Im lovin it. dont give none of the props to boston… exactly how we want it

  • meltdown

    Khloe needs to get on one of those G2 Fit exercise mats.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Phil

    FUCK THE BOSTON CELTICS.. Capice?? lol

    @ Everyone acting like we said its a cakewalk

    It never is so we know it’ll be tough.. Like the 7 game series everyone dismissed us for having.. Then we beat the Nuggets in 6, then Orlando in 5.. but according to the world we were done after the Houston series..

    BOTTOM LINE is all you foo’s will just end up doing EXACTLY whatchu did this year after all your hating.. Hanging your heads and hoping someone gets better to knock us off..

    Boston??? please this wholes arms race was because we were light years ahead of the league.. You think Cleveland got Shaq JUST for Howard?? cuz i think our BIG ass front line influenced them just a little too..

  • LakeShow84

    How scared do you think CLeveland was after getting MURDERED down low by Orlando then Orlando getting MURDERED down low by us??

  • doc

    Until LA beats Boston in the playoffs with the kid.Boston is the favorite.Because KG is Pau Gasols daddy.When they asked Kobe who was the best pickup in the offseason behind Ron-Ron he said Sheed to Beantown.He know whats up ahead.

  • Diego

    Lakers, no doubt.

    And Boston won’t get out of the East. Anybody who thinks Hedo is better than VC should make an appointment to have their head examined. And Orlando is LOADED. In any 7 game series this coming year, Orlando will crush Boston.

    (And all this VC is not ever clutch stuff is baloney. I’ve seen Vince hit gamewinners at the buzzer. Turk had 1 or 2 nice years in Orlando courtesy of Dwight and the system; Toronto should not have thrown so much $ at him.)

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ post 48

    @ Lakeshow – best part of all that shit was that Cleveland was lookin right past Orlando, who “destroyed us” in the regular season cuz we swept that ass in LA and in Cleveland. Now they thinkin Shaq will save em, but the problem wasn’t Cleveland’s size. It was Mo, Delonte, Boobie totally losin their strokes after crushin Detroit(zzzzz) and ATL(zzzzz). It’s do or die for Cleveland now cuz they know Bron pullin a Braylon Edwards after this season….

    Oh sorry, where we talkin about the Celtic?
    yeah….they still old lol

    One more thing. For the crackheads sayin that the Spurs are gonna roll us and then lose to anybody out the east, put down that pipe. If ANYBODY out west beats LA, they takin it all. Point blank.

  • LakeShow84

    Trippin DOC

    Say what u want but in any sport you and i know damn well the favorite is the defending champ unless they significantly got worst..

    And like i said we took both game from the “Kid” last year with a lot less firepower..

    bigups to Kobe for keeping it real but that was a no brainer.. Sheed to the Celtics?? KG and Wallace on the same team?? yeah id call that a big pick up..

    Everyones going off the 07 Celtics like they the same team.. You never whats going to pop off over there.. They got a whole lot of assholes on that team lol people worried about our chemistry?? Perkins, Daniels and Sheed, shit even Pierce look and ACT like they on a work release program lol and i keep hearing mindjob reports on Rondo..

  • srb

    control I can tell this is going to be another long season of you making up nonsense about the Celtics.

    You’re wrong about Rondo, probably dead on about Rasheed though.

    Celtics bench is deeper this year, no moron Mikki Moore or Marbury.

    and I guess you missed the series where “useless” Perk made Dwight Howard a non factor for a few games in the playoffs. (even though the series ended up a loss.) Somehow one of the only centers he hasn’t been able to guard effectively ever is Zydrunas.. Dwight ate the Cavs by the way once Perkins wasn’t there to keep him in line. yeah he had a lot of boards against the Celtics but I bet nobody else on the team averaged more than 5 in that series.

    I doubt there will be any locker room issues with Rondo. It’s been his team for the last two seasons and nothing is chaning. Also Glen Davis is not useless either. I really don’t like him but he’s becoming really valuable and may continue to be the first man off the bench every game.

  • K Dizzle

    Here we go again with the Dwight “made” Hedo bs. Dude barely missed the all star game last two seasons and it had nothin to do with Dwight. they played off each other so stall with givin one guy ALL the credit and sayin the other dude is d-league. Back it up and see that Hedo is a playmaker with deep range so you can’t leave him and because he’s unselfish, he finds the open man and because of his range, defenders run out to get blown by. I understand Dwight is a beast, but please. Turk been in the league 9 seasons. Nobody gave Webber or Duncan any credit when he was ballin with them, but now they tryin to say Dwight made him? Dude avg’d 19.5ppg, 5.7 rbs and 5 as and was most improved in 07-08. Now, he leaves and he ain’t shit? lol Haters are ridiculous
    Same dudes rippin on Ariza for leavin. That’s fine. Rip dude for leavin, not by sayin stupid shit like he never did anything for LA

    And i don’t even wanna get involved with all the “big shots” Vince hits. When dude does something in the playoffs, please let me know

  • control


    Glenn is first man off the bench because it takes him 5-8 minutes to stand up…Rivers HAS to throw him in the game after Fatty puts in that heroic effort.

    I’m not just making shit up, you saying Ray Allen ISN’T getting old? Or that Paul Pierce ISN’T overrated? Rondo CAN hit layups and shots from outside the key? KG doesn’t bark at people like he’s DMX?

    I ain’t making that shit up, it’s for real man. For serious real.

  • doc

    @lakeshow-not if the team that beat ya ass want at full strength.And Im talking PLAYOFFS.Not Reg season.The Sixers beat yall ass in the reg season but I wont say we can beat yall in 7.And until I see Pau not scared of KG Im calling Boston.But they better get past the Bron Shaq dup first.Bron getting Shaq was a BIG thing.Sleep if u want.And K Dizz we know u from Toronto somewhere but save that Hedo shit for your fanbase.Dwight was the REASON that team was irrelevant.Nothing u can say to dispute that.They would’ve been a 35 win team barely without him.So if u think Hedos a all star u go head pimp.It will be real funny in 2 years when yall cant dump his contract.And H-Town gonna wanna dump Trevors too.They just paid a 5th bannana 2nd bananna money.Hedos a third bannana with first bananna money.

  • doc

    Watch all of a sudden Vince makes shots in the playoffs because his center gets him in that situaition.

  • K Dizzle

    @ doc

    you couldn’t pay me to live in Toronto. Nobody really likes that city, even my boys who live there got nuthin nice to say,
    and that’s why they gotta pay Hedo 2nd banana money cuz if it was first banana money, it would be the max.
    Ain’t no free agents ever go to T-dot so yeah, you gotta overpay. If Portland had got dude, it woulda been how he’d help them out, but he goes to the T-Dot and now, dwight made him. You don’t gotta be a raps fan to know that’s bs. Dwight just started drawin double teams cuz for his career, he never had a post move and he couldn’t pass out of the post to save his life.So how were you carryin the team if we can’t throw you the rock inside, and when you did get fouled, you couldn’t cash a freebie. It’s his team, but his influence was 95% on the defensive end, swattin and boardin. Hedo made that team go cuz he got guard skills and 4 size. Ran the team, took the shots with the clock windin down, drawin the d and findin Dwight or Shard for open 3s. Now he’s got a team that got shooters and scorers all over the place. His job got easier. Bosh in the post, Bargnani and Calderon at the three stripe, Derozan and Jack on the wings, even sonny weems showin Denver messed up lettin him go. If I’m a playmaker like Hedo, it’s christmas.
    Let’s be real tho, Raps ain’t stoppin NOBODY, but I don’t care about that shit cuz a) I wanna see that high octane offense go
    b) There are only 4-5 teams that REALLY d up in the L and raps aren’t goin anywhere anyways so they might as well be fun to watch …

    And I doubt Pau afraid of KG. KG wanna bring that crazy shit to the court, we got Ron-Ron waitin on him…but you right tho, They ain’t gettin past Cleveland or orlando

  • Ian

    wtfoh with that howard crap explain to me like im a 5 year old how howard made hedo?? if hedo isnt on the damn team they dont get to the finals he was orlandos go to guy in crunch time so by your logic howard made hedo their go to guy?
    k dizzle you are right is like the fuckin fakers out there talkin about ariza like he aint shit.

    hedo isnt a third banana he can be the second best player on a team that can win it all (wasnt he that in orlando) now howard cant be the best man on your team either then if u cant go to your best player in crunch time. you said they win 35 games without howard well ill use my crystal ball then and say they arent shit without hedo either.

  • LakeShow84

    @ DOC

    Come on now i saw a young Gasol SHIT on KG by yakkin on him in his face.. How is Gasol scared of KG?? Cuz the weak ass Celtics got to play like 80’s Knicks and we had to follow the current day rules?? HA thats why we housed them last year..

    come on bruh if the regular season is indeed COMPLETELY unrelated to the playoffs then all your Vince arguements is wack.. Vince is a STRAIGHT regular season guy and Hedo showed big cojones in this years playoffs.. shit someone get me Vinces FG% in the postseason!

    And u guys beat that ass?? i know u was smilin when u typed that blasphmey lol

  • doc

    Ill bet that ian,because they gonna win 50 plus and go to the East finals and if they dont Beantown got em.Which was gonna happen last year anyway if the Kid was there.Dont say I aint warn yall.I seen Hedos kind before.Toronto will be pissed in 2 years.My fault dizz for putting u in T dot I just know u rep them and the lakers.

  • doc

    We did didnt we?U dont remember Iggy hitting that game winner in Mr unstopables face at the buzzer.If you win by 1 or 51 u busted that ass.And we did.And regular season is unrelated to the playoffs.It dont mean shit.Homecourt dont even mean shit if you’re a true contender.

  • doc

    What I can say for Vince is he carried a team to the East Finals as a TRUE GO TO GUY.Not a second or 3rd bananna pumpfaking the world.But like I said time will tell the truth….Which is Hedos overated.

  • Ian

    east finals??? when???

  • srb

    yes, control, i am saying that Pierce isn’t overrated. maybe HE overrates HIMESELF but in the general sense of most NBA fans he is not overrated. He’s lethal and you know it.

    And I’m still not getting how KG barking like he’s DMX, or how calling Davis fat are reasons the Lakers are better. It’s nonsense.

    Ray Allen is getting old.. but I bet you his production drops off less than either Pierce or Garnett. He’s at a point now where he gets open shots by running off screens and ices free throws when he makes that deceptive cut to the hoop. There’s no reason he can’t do that for another 3-4 more seasons.

  • doc

    East semis my bad.Hedo still aint do that.I mixed them and Milwaukee up my last feel good year.Players fuck up!

  • doc

    SRB-Why even go there.Dude just hates on people.He brings nothing to the table as far as b ball knowledge.

  • Ian

    how far had the magic gone with howard before hedo came to the team?

    pierce got the conference finals with his second best player being antoine fuckin walker.

  • Diego

    @ Ian:

    Hedo was Orlando’s 2nd best guy? Huh? 3 guys made all-star, and none were Hedo.

    Hedo was the reason the Magic won in the playoffs? Did you see Howard put up 40+ in ECF? What about Skip playing out of his mind in that series? Rashard hitting CLUTCH jumpers? The Frenchman similarly hitting clutch shots. Even AJ playing well off the bench. Hedo was okay, just one of the gang.

    Hedo made Dwight? Hell, Dwight was only in the league about 1 (maybe 2?) year prior to Hedo signing with Orlando. I’d say it’s Hedo who rode Dwight’s rise up. Two nice seasons out of about 10, both of which happen to have been with Dwight.

    Quit snorting that Turkish pixie dust!

  • doc

    Considering Dwight came in at 18 and he’s 22 now.I think hes ahead of schedule.Lets see Hedo make Toronto a contender.When he does that Im done bashing him.But it will NEVER happen.And yall know it.And thats why Paul nickname is THE TRUTH!And not the Turkish 3 baller or whatever horseshit name Hedo got.

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    Lakers threepeat 4 sure

  • LakeShow84

    Nah DOC you will APOLOGIZE to Hedo lol

    If Hedo carries that team to the Eastern Conference Semi’s you need to write an apology letter to Hedo and post in on the morning smack lol

    I could give 2 shits about either..

    And take ur prayer win bruh.. But dont think it was forgotten.. cuz i know “Mr Unstoppable” aint forgot lol

  • gilford22

    I don’t think there will be any distraction in your locker room if you have KOBE and Phil Jackson at your team.

  • arisloco

    I don’t see either team meeting in the Finals again. It’s more of a Melo and Bron showdown. Celtics and Lakers are all hype because of all those bandwagoners. And YES, KG barks at smaller players. Who cares about him getting on Dirk and Zaza’s face? Those two guys doesn’t seem to look tough anyway. Have KG do that on Shaq and let’s see what will happen. Artest and Kobe almost throw punches at each other during the West Semis and now Artest says he always wanna be a Laker? WTF! I guess he’s also one of those who wanna jump on the Lakers bandwagon. PP – says he’s the best player in the world, KG – talking shit on smaller players, Rondo – whinny diva, Sheed – 30+ technicals for this season, and Perk – ugly looking mean-mugger who looks like a sea creature with that stupid-looking face and beard.

  • futurestar

    he said second best record not THE best record.

  • LJ

    Celtics will meet the Lakers in the Finals…and the Celtics will win it, because of DEFENSE…

    The Celtics are just more committed to Defense than the Lakers.

    Don’t get me wrong..as a life-long Celtics fan I have to acknowledge that the Lakers are probably the most talented OFFENSIVE team in the NBA right now, but we all know that DEFENSE wins games (And Championships).

    And on offense, the C’s are much better this year, as well. Whenever SHEED is in the game, he will demand either Gasol or Bynum’s attention at the three-point line, leaving either an improved Perk down low with one-on-one coverage or KG.

    And I believe the C’s bench is deeper than the Lakers this year as well. The C’s can bring in Eddie House, Marquis Daniels, Sheed, BBD, Shelden Williams, Scalabrine off the bench.

    The main reason why the C’s were able to beat the Lakers in 2007-2008 was that Kobe NEVER got any clean looks at the basket. He Always had someone shadowing him. Kobe can be slowed down, as great as he is.

    And please don’t assume that a healthy Bynum or Ariza would have made any difference that year (2007-2008 Finals).

    The X-Factor in all of this is Health…I really hope that BOTH teams can make it to the Finals Healthy. So either way there won’t be any excuses.


    I’m a big Celtics fan, but I agree that KG picks on smaller players to trash talk to. KG needs to stop doing that, that only makes him look like a bitch. If he is gonna continue talking shit, I want to see him talk shit to Shaq or even Dwight Howard. Sheed is gonna be Sixth Man of the Year. The Lakers, they are not gonna repeat. Celtics gonna beat the Spurs in the Finals.

  • LJ


    Yes I agree that KG does talk a lot of trash, but I see nothing wrong with it. He’s not a person that will play dirty, he just works on getting in an opponent’s head.

    From what I understand, he did the exact same thing in Minnesota. Maybe people are noticing it now since he has won a championship. I guess that no one really cared whether he did that stuff or not in Sota, because the team was not as successful. And now that he has won, I guess a lot more attention is given to it.

    I don’t believe it’s fair (the attention), myself.

    Back when I played ball on a regular basis, we all talked trash. We did it to get into our opponents heads. The only way to shut up a trash talker is to win.

    The thing I find funny is that Kobe does it ALL the time…and no one seems to care. From what I understand, he was talking trash to Stephen Jackson of GSW and this lead him to go off on his tirade that got him suspended.

    I have never met KG, but I don’t see him as a punk..I have seen games where he talked trash to David West (6’9, 250), Zaza Pachulia (7’1, 280). He doesn’t care.

    KG employs the FULL range of Defensive Intimidation – from the physical (Shot blocking, Steals, rebounds, etc) to the mental games. He’s an artist.

    Love him or hate him, every NBA team would love to have him. KG is a top player, along with his Big Three mates P2 and Ray Ray.

  • http://losangleslakers.blogspot.com/ brian clark

    losangles lakers will be a force to be wreckoned with this year. Not only because of the talent but also because kobe gets better as time goes on.

  • mike

    this is for jealous ass i am a witness & creamio and all u jealouse cavs & celtics fans lebron might be younger and more athletic than kobe but kobes basketball iq is much higher and who would u rather have take the last shot kobe or labrick james and ass for boston not winning without garnet we weren’t a full team either we had two players injured bynum & ariza lakers are deeper and better than ever fuck the celtics go lakers

  • mike

    and if garnet is so tough why are kobe and artest above him in the GM poles as the toughest players in the league as garnet is 3rd and shaq 4th two guards of la are tougher than garnet not my words but the GMs say so garnet can pick on small guys but kobe and artest go at it with any one bigger than them now we will see whos a better and tougher and the reason kobe doesnt have the numbers lebron does is because he has players around him and doesn’t need to do all that much and since his older he could save him self for the playeoffs don’t forget with a bad team kobe was avg. 35 points i dont think lebron has 35 points. ave in him GO LAKERS prove these haters whos the Best in the NBA

  • the_man

    the lakers should repeat this year, shaqs too old and lebrick is a baby. the celtics are too cocky and big headed, and the magic are not talented enough. too all the ppl saying the celts woulda won if KG was there, thats some bulls*** cuz the lakers beat them twice in the regular season WITH KG

  • jesus

    ok holdddddddd up.. why the fuckkkk is pierce here and not allen.. theres 2 spots left.. kobe will be one and im guessing wade is second.. what the fuck happened with allen. these guys are queerbags. yeah put boris diaw in this list but not ray allen. the guy who rapped the fucking bulls last year in the playoffs.

  • rick ross

    My name is Rick Ross .. and im the Fucking BOSS

  • kenny flo florian

    lakeshow is really gay just like kobe. I bet they tea bag each other after games.