Smack / Nov 7, 2009 / 6:22 am

24 Hundred Thousand Trillion

Kobe Bryant

It’s like the schedule makers did all they could to allow LeBron to run the show Friday night. For this season’s lone trip to MSG, ‘Bron had the national TV stage while his chief rival for attention, Kobe Bryant, was stuck playing the Grizzlies in what would surely be as low-key a Lakers game as can be. Or not. Dumping 41 points (19-30 FG) on Memphis, Kobe solidified his spot as the League’s leading scorer and likely put himself in front of the early MVP race in the eyes of a lot of voters, and he surpassed the 24,000-point mark for his career; becoming the youngest to ever hit that milestone … How tough has this week been for O.J. Mayo? Last Sunday his career-high 40-point effort in Denver was overshadowed by Carmelo‘s 42; the next day O.J. was on the wrong end of 48 points from Kevin Martin; then he struggled shooting the ball at Golden State while Monta Ellis gave him 24 and 12 dimes; then last night O.J. ate a fistful of turnarounds, pull-ups and post moves from Kobe that most guards just can’t do. Oh, and the Grizzlies lost each and every one of those games. Tonight O.J. gets Eric Gordon on the schedule … L.A. dominated the second half and won pretty easily, even though Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum were out with injuries and Lamar Odom didn’t really contribute anything at power forward. DJ Mbenga did his thing, though, posting 13 boards and four blocks as the starting center and only getting dunked on really bad one time by Rudy Gay … One time Zach Randolph (21 pts, 15 rebs) got a rebound, looked off Allen Iverson and decided to take it the length of the court himself. (It’s like when a defendant decides to defend himself; you know it’s going to end badly as soon as he makes the call.) So Z-Bo gets all the way to the lane on the other end and fires a no-look pass to Iverson (8 pts, 21 mins) on the wing that goes about five feet behind Allen and six feet above him. Naturally, Zach throws up his hands and looks at Allen like A.I. was the one who screwed up … Meanwhile, it was kind of hard to watch the whole LeBron-in-NY production and not see him signing with the Knicks next summer. As expected, it was like a big recruiting pitch for a grown man: The fans made signs with LBJ wearing a Knicks uni and had customized #23 James jerseys made up; everybody from Reggie Jackson to Charles Oakley was in the crowd; and the newly-crowned Yankees — LeBron’s favorite team, remember? — were there and made sure to show ‘Bron some love after the game. Jay-Z was also there, of course, but his presence probably helped the Knicks’ pitch more than the Nets; just another example of how playing in NY would mean star-studded crowds every night … As for the game itself, LeBron put up 33 points, eight boards, nine dimes and three steals in a Cavs win. You think he wasn’t hyped for this one? On Cleveland’s first possession he got an iso up top on Larry Hughes and put a J right in his face. Then LBJ skied for a rebound at the other end. After a Cavs’ turnover, he got up and swatted David Lee, although the refs made a bad goaltending call …

Brandon Roy (photo. Aaron Hewitt)

Brandon Roy (photo. Aaron Hewitt)

Yeah, the Spurs are known to start the season slow and we know not to even get concerned about them until like February, but still, how often do you see Tim Duncan and crew lose three road games in a row? Just like they did on Thursday in Utah, the Spurs fell behind early against Portland — by as much as 17 at one point — and spent all their energy just trying to get within striking distance. It also didn’t help that Tony Parker hurt his ankle in the first half and never returned. The Spurs cut the lead to three eventually, but Brandon Roy (24 pts) took over down the stretch and wouldn’t let the Blazers blow it … Sometimes it doesn’t take a genius to coach San Antonio. Knowing Greg Oden would be guarding Duncan, and knowing G.O. has issues with foul trouble, Gregg Popovich just had his guys feed Duncan right from the start and let him go to work on the kid. Oden picked up two quick fouls and had to sit — but then he came back and stayed on the court long enough to make a difference with 14 points, eight boards and four blocks … Oden also happened to be on the court when Richard Jefferson went back to Tucson and dunked on him reminiscent of what Kobe did to Dwight Howard a few years back … Other stat lines from Friday: Dwight Howard went for 22 points and 12 boards in a win over Detroit; Baron Davis and Eric Gordon scored 25 points apiece in a win at Golden State; Jonny Flynn‘s 20 points and three steals topped Brandon Jennings‘ nine points and three assists, but the Wolves still lost to Milwaukee; Danny Granger had 22 points and four steals and Tyler Hansbrough added 13 and five boards in his NBA debut as the Pacers blew out the Wizards; Raja Bell scored 24 on five threes and Gerald Wallace had 18 boards and 11 points while the ‘Cats 20-pieced the Hawks; and Brook Lopez posted 22 points, 11 boards and three blocks in a loss to the Sixers where NJ was missing three starters … Oh, and did you see what Andre Iguodala did to Terrence Williams? Maybe it’s not quite rookie hazing, but some people would rather fetch coffee and newspapers for Jarvis Hayes than have THIS happen to them … You try figuring out the Hornets. Having seemingly turned the corner with their big national TV win against Dallas earlier this week, the Hornets came out (at home) and got smoked by Toronto. Chris Bosh scored 27 on 9-of-9 shooting, and while Chris Paul was in passing mode (21 pts, 18 asts), the N.O. offense was again short on guys who could actually put the ball in the basket. Bobby Brown is a decent player, but he shouldn’t be one of the best players on what’s supposed to be a playoff squad … No matter how crafty a veteran you are and how much ice you might need to put on your knees afterward, almost every ballplayer can get caught up in a running game against a running team. It’s almost instinct to want to play the game fast. That’s what happened to the Celtics last night, as they fell into Phoenix’s trap and lost the sprint for their first loss of the season … Jason Richardson, a non-factor in Phoenix’s first loss in Orlando the other night, dropped 34 points along with six threes, and Steve Nash handed out 12 dimes plus 16 points. Boston didn’t get totally ran out of their own gym, though: They were down by four with just under a minute to go when Nash hit a three that was pretty much the dagger … The Nuggets also took their first L, getting shut down by Miami’s D while D-Wade “only” scored 22 points. Big game for Jermaine O’Neal, who had 18, seven boards and three blocks, including one where he met ‘Melo at the rim and sent him packing … Tell us again why Flo Rida was at the game sitting next to D-Wade’s mom? … We’re out like O.J.’s week …

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  • BMW

    Let’s go Heat

  • H3


    Where’s that article bout boston can go undefetead this month?
    Suns came in and torch em… Giving up 110 points, playing uncharacteristic to their offense. 82-0, 79-1? Keep dreaming!

    Warriors fans bood baron davis upon his return to the bay area.
    It wa only 2 years ago when boom dizzle were tearin up d court.
    He didnt wanna leave @ the 1st place. Stupid warriors management.
    Trade maggette!

  • H3

    Ohhhh. BMW beat me by 1 minute to the 1st post.
    Hehehe next post then.

  • Francisco

    Bron should stay in Cleveland and build a dynasty like Mike did in Chi-town.

  • KB24

    Cause Flo Ridah wanted to get low low low low low low low low.

  • rangerjohn

    AHHHHHHHH spurs defense is killing me! they picked up some scorers and i love that but damn their defense SUCKS right now. no worries, they will pick it up, and pop is about PISSED so i expect they pick it up sooner rather then later.

    pop got all up in jeffersons ass about 40 seconds into the game, he was letting RJ have it, i think everyone else kinda took a step back a little.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Word out of my bar tonight is unanimous: the RIP CITY jerseys for Portland are garbage.

    Also, almost all of Oden’d fouls are from him leaving his feet and jumping forward on shot fakes. If he jumps straight up (or not at all) he would have 3-4 less fouls a game.

  • Bobby

    Don’t laugh but DJ Mbenga is starting to become my fav player in the league, sure everyone gives him shit about always being posterize but atleast he’s man enough to face up and try to block instead of steping back

  • Bill Bixby

    One day. A Cleveland fan is gonna snap, and start taking out New Yorkers with a blow torch. How Stern, and ESPN can allow that type of shameless promotion is beyond me. Fine with fans running around with Bron NY jerseys… you can’t stop that… but is that the only thing that deserves airtime during a nationally televised game??? Unlikely. It taints the game and pisses on the fans in Cleveland.

  • Vinman

    @sans: I for one loved the Rip City Portland Jersey’s and the fans do too, the jerseys are selling like hot cakes in Portland. Why do so many people refer to Queen James as “Bron”? Do ya’ll know him on a personal level? Unless you have his number in your cell phone his name is LeBron James. He could give a rats ass about you so don’t act all buddy-buddy with the guy. Who cares if he goes to NY? He’s going to eat up a ton of salary and the salary cap is expected to DROP after this season!!! That leaves Queen James on one AWFUL team. You could put both D-Wade and Lebron James on that roster and they still wouldn’t be as good as the Celtics, Magic, Lakers, Nuggets or Spurs (once they get their act together). Ignore the hype and look at the reality, and the reality is teams will have a whole lot less to spend. Take Queen James off the Cavs roster and they’re still better than the current Knicks. If James can’t win with Cleveland’s team he won’t win in NYC either.

  • Diego

    When does Oden officially become a bust? Przyblla currently is Portland’s best center–and has been the past 3 years.

    While I am not saying Durant will ever reach Jordan’s status, I also do not think Oden will ever match Sam Bowie’s career (not that Bowie had that much of a career–but his will top where Oden is heading). So Portland pulled a deja vu boner in taking Oden over Durant.

  • jota jota

    When his career ends, DJ MENGA will have more posters than Tom Brady’s wife!! but i like his aggressive play!

  • Octopus Jonny

    @ Diego…did you watch Oden play last night? Dude was the best big on the floor and looked a defensive force, altering many shots in addition to the 4 blocks. Dude looks like he’s starting to get it, but looks like you aren’t. This is nowhere near the Bowie/Jordan ish you’re talkin. Oden lookin good when he stays out of foul trouble. Remember, this is only year 2, and he’s still super young.

  • padoods

    LOL this was the year the spurs were supposed to bring it for that one final push for a trophy. i havent seen it so far. maybe we’ve been overestimating these spurs too much

  • yoda

    what was amazing about kobes 41 points is that he didn’t tried even one 3pt, and had only 3-4 free throws. now that was impressive.

  • Rizwan

    Surely the suns beating the Celtics should be the top story from l
    ast night games. Once Amare is comfortable again, they could get homecourt advantage in the playoffs. Come on Suns, 4th seed.

  • Ansonious

    Lets not mention how Steve Nash is playing out of his mind so far this season. He has been taking the games over in the second half shooting daggers in everyones face and playing like an mvp again. I was loving it last night when he used KG to screen his own teammate and when Rondo recovered Mr. Nasty shot a three in his face to seal the big W. So far I’m impressed with how the Suns are doing.

  • Dagomar

    Bron said he didn’t care about the max, but he’d go where the winning is. Looks like he may sign with the Heat. His first quarter was insane, by the way. And Z-Bo has to be my least favourite player in the league. The guy just doesn’t get it.

  • Diggity Dave

    Here’s what Dagomar is talking about:

    Chris Sheridan / ESPN wrote: NEW YORK — LeBron James dropped a bit of a bomb on the entire NBA when he spoke his final sentence Friday night before leaving Madison Square Garden, a statement that should leave everyone in Cleveland, New York and elsewhere — especially in Miami — wondering exactly what the King meant by those parting words.

    “As a kid I visualized playing for almost every team in the NBA,” James said. “Right now, I visualize playing with a lot of guys in the NBA. There are a lot of great individual basketball players that I would love to be alongside of and try to contend for an NBA championship.

    “I think at the end of the day, a max deal or anything like that doesn’t really matter to me at the end of the day. It’s all about winning for me. So I’ve put myself in a position that when that day comes next summer, I want to win, and if I feel like the team is capable of winning, I’ll make my decision like that.”

    Did you catch that part in the middle? The part about how a max deal doesn’t really matter at the end of the day?

    That, folks, could be a game-changer — a statement of epic proportions that could shake up everyone’s preconceived notions about who has the best chance of landing the game’s best young player.

    Cleveland, of course, can offer James the most money — a six-year deal in the range of $120 million. The Knicks and the Nets have the salary cap space to give James the maximum they are allowed to offer — a five-year deal in the mid-to-high $90 million range.

    Some people just can’t wait for the free-agency period to commence on July 1, 2010. And then there are the Heat, who already have a max player in Dwyane Wade and who would like to add two more max-level players if Pat Riley can charm those two players into signing for something less than the max, giving all three players (let’s assume Riley will shoot for the stars and go after James and Chris Bosh, while also retaining Wade) opt-out clauses after three years. Put those three together with Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers, and that right there is a bona fide powerhouse.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    The Hornets lost because of horrible perimeter defense and because no one on the team– including Chris Paul, who actually went into the half 17-10-5– decided to show up for the third quarter. They gave up 5 threes in like 3 minutes and boom- game over.

    With the game over late in the third, the rookies (including Marcus Thornton, a scorer who might actually help a team that got 18 points all night out of its wing players) didn’t see floor until TWO MINUTES were left. One of the coaches must’ve had Chris Paul on his fantasy team. It’s the only explanation.

    Don’t know if the team has given up on Byron Scott, but I certainly have.

  • Peja Stojakovic

    A: Too early to even talk about MVPs.

    B: The Lakers are SUPPOSED to be good right now.

    C: The Lakers schedule is more or less HISTORICALLY EASY right now.

    D: They STILL almost lost to the Clippers in the opener, almost lost to the THUNDER, and BARELY beat the Rockets who are without Yao AND T-Mac. I know that Pau Gasol is out, but this is probably the least impressive 5-1 team I’ve ever seen.

    E: Pretty heady prediction from Dime, when Melo is playing well for the FIRST PLACE Nuggets, and Steve Nash is also playing out of his mind for the SECOND PLACE Suns. Both of those teams were supposed to be worse than the Lakers AND the Spurs. Speaking of overachieving teams, the Heat are in second place in the East, ahead of the Magic and the Cavaliers. I don’t like him, but D Wade probably deserves early MVP talk over Kobe, who has Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, and Andrew Bynum. Dwight Howard has his team at 5-1 without Vince Carter OR Rashard Lewis.

    F: Despite having such a “deep” team, Kobe is taking a league-leading 26 shots per game, 4 more than the next player (Kevin Martin, 22.2 on a team that desperately needs him to shoot)!!! For all the talk about how much Kobe has “matured”, he’s still the exact same player.

    Hopefully, no one is REALLY on Kobe’s nuts right now.

  • dagwaller

    How crazy is it that the Bobcats are in the 7 spot at 3-2, while the last two spots in the West (Spurs, Jazz) are 2-3?! I don’t think that this is how the season will end, but kind of funny nevertheless.

  • knockk

    Diggity Dave- You are an idiot. If you really think lebron meant anything by that, your like a child. He’s been saying that shIt for years, and it’s beyond annoying. BTW, even if chris bosh, wade, and lebron were on the same team, it would not be no powerhouse. And miami doesnt even have the money to sign 3 max agents, and your nuts if you think lebron is gonna be the least paid on the team. Lebron ALSO said he wanted to be the first billionaire athlete, and you can tell he wants that more than any championship. Look at his horrible shot that he hasn’t worked on in years??!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @ Diggity

    Or Lebron can take less than the max from the Knicks leaving enough for another star to sign as well. Like Bosh or Wade for example.

  • padoods

    @Peja Stojakovic

    LOL at lakers being deep. have you seen their lineup without bynum and pau or are you blind? i guess you must be if you cant see how different kobe is now compared to before :))

    FYI, kobe may have had a majority of the shots but its not as if he’s doing it outside the flow of the offense (evidenced by lakers 35 assists)

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    When Lebrons career is all said and done and he does not have a ring, is he still called the king?

  • Peja Stojakovic

    Padoods – it’s early, so let’s just get that out there.

    The last two years (the Pau era), Kobe’s averaged around 20, 21 shots. They made it to the Finals both years.

    Before that, he was up near 26, 27 shots a game.

    Obviously, Pau will come back, and Kobe’s shot count will probably come back closer to 20 a game.

    Til then, offensively, he’s still a gunner that isn’t REALLY making his TEAM much better. He’s just showing that he’s the best gunner out there :)

  • Promoman

    Since Iverson’s been looking off/ignoring teammates his whole career, it’s good to see the karma train still running on his ass.

  • Doug

    I’ve said this since the beginning of the season with the Spurs…You guys…there an old team the acquisition of Richard Jefferson doesn’t mean jack. Everything I said about them is coming to fruition.I said one player out of those three would be complaining of injury or pain, Tony Parker, in this case. I said that they would have a hard time keeping up with young teams that like to push the ball and they have…evidence being losses to the Blazers and Bulls both very young and inexperienced teams and I told yall the class of the west would be 1.)Lakers 2.)Nuggest.The #1 comes as no suprise but alot of yall were arguing the Spurs to be contenders with the Lakers and I told yall it would be the Nuggets again. Season is still early but the Spurs problems with age and injury seem to be ever present and not going anywhere. They will be a 4th or 5th seed like I said and will make it to the second round at best. They will not be playing in the western conference finals because Denver or Portland will beat them before they can get there.

  • LakeShow84

    Man after watching the Spurs last night i hate to say it but i think their best days are behind them.. That team is just too small.. yeah they have skill at certain positions but Timmy is their biggest player and he doesnt have the lift anymore to be that shot changer.. Cheryl Miller said the same thing after i was thinking it the whole game..

    Damn Kobe.. SLOW DOWN.. i know Melo has looked nasty but Kobe is lookin UNSTOPPABLE.. how many moves does this man have now?? i mean seriously.. seriously.. too bad hes hated on so bad cuz after him there wont be another for a while..

    @ Peja..

    Lol we’re missing our 2nd best scorer and our stud center.. not to mention Artest is still gettin into the flow and Odom has always been streaky.. So lets say thats about 25 extra touches right there.. would u rather give ALL those extra touches to Fisher?? or how about Powell?? yeah sleep on that moron..

    And Peja Stobrickavic sucks.. go work on ur game or get a new idol..

    lol first guy to say we’re deep all season..

  • QQ

    Good to see Dime’s prediction that Boston going undefeated in November is still holding up.

    Oh wait…


    How many times had that happen to you, Dime? From ‘T-mac still matters’ (then his team eventually reaching the 2nd round without him) to ‘Gerald Green can play’ (then another squad waives him, seeing he’s a baller with no work ethic). Daaamn. I give you the site with the most ‘Oh Shiiiiiiit’s everaward.

  • George W Kush Sr

    9 for 9 with 27 points, Bosh has been playing great this year.

    I like Mbenga hustle too, he earns his paycheck because he tries to swat everything. If I was a Lakers fan I’d love the effort even more.

    Spurs, obviously need to and will pick up the defense but I think Jefferson should now be the 3rd option on offense, maybe even 2nd on some nights. He can run with Parker all game so then you still have Manu and Tim for the 4th quarter.

    That is all for now.

  • Diggity Dave


    What the fuck is your problem? I’m an idiot? I’m just quoting an ESPN article, douche bag. Go call Chris Sheridan an idiot.

    Lebron was the one he said a max contract doesn’t matter. Go call him an idiot, too. That pretty much leaves any winner with a good chunk of cap space a potential landing spot for Lebron. Go call them idiots as well. Asshole.

  • Doug

    peja ur an ass clown nuff said. Pick a new alias, how do you pick a week bastard like peja, by saying so little your saying so much.”kobe is the best gunner and that’s it”..your real ignorant.

  • Mack Brownee

    JO = comeback player of the year so far

  • Kermit The Washington

    There never was any question, really…’Bron might as well had just came out and said he was going to NYC back when he was a rookie. There’s no way he’s NOT going there. There never was any doubt in my mind. I’d be surprised if he didn’t, but I’ll go out on a limb and say he’s guaranteed to go there next year, even if they’re not set up to be an instant contender (which they somehow will).

  • K Dizzle

    Nice game by the Lakers last night. No Bynum , no Pau. Griz shoulda had the advantage up front with Zach and Gasol Jr, but Kobe made that a moot point. All that trainin with Dream is alreay payin off, Mamba got it anyway he wanted.

    @ Ranger
    y’all got some big problems. I called an injury, just didn’t it would be TP. Same ankle he hurt last year. How’d the Lakers bench look last night tho lol?

    I know it’s early, but teams better start takin the Raps and Bosh and Nash and the Suns seriously. Raps shoot the three as well as or better than the Magic and are DEEP. Phoenix ain’t even got Barbosa and are just killin. When he gets back, they gonna push the pace even more…

    Now Ima chill and wait for the Bosh/Hedo/Nash/Kobe haters to try it out today lol

  • K Dizzle

    Almost forgot:

    Props to Baron in comin back to the Bay and havin the kinda game Boom fans expect: 25 and 7 on 8/13 shootin and just puttin much foot on the Warriors throats. Payback is always sweet

  • knockk

    my bad dave, i meant to say what lebron said was a straight quote from his pr rep. Saying all he cares about is winning puts it in a positive light, and takes away all the playoff exits that have hampered his career. He never said that he WOULDNT sign a max contract, just that he “didnt care, its all about winning” but any regular person should know that he’s going to sign one. He made it his perrogative to sign for the most money after his rookie deal, and will continue to do so.

    Everytime lebron makes a “statement”, it’s to make him look better. every time there’s no “clue” that espn claims. I’ll bet 1,000,000 that no one will end up seeing lebron sign for the veteran minimum, he cares about $$$. that’s it.

  • Ian

    spurs need another big asap

  • JamesinVa

    Funny how there are still idiots talkin about this sam bowie/jordan thing saying portland Fd up taking oden over durant. Again, TEAM NEEDS. If durant is on the team, where will the Defense be? Przybilla cant play no 48 minutes a game. Theres only 1 ball and roy durant aldridge webster and even outlaw all need shots. Oden is the better fitfor portland and he is doing very well. most of these idiots callin oden a bust now dont even watch they games. they look at box scores and see 14 points 8 rebds 4 blocks and say “thats it???” fukn morons. anyways im not a cavs or knicks fan but i do hope lebron does goto nyc. New York and their fans been STRUGGLING for Ws forhow many years now? and the love being shown to lebron is just amazing.

  • sh!tfaced

    The Lakers are so deep that when Bynum and Gasol are out, DJ Mbenga, starts at center… Oh yeah.

  • Chainfire

    The raps cannot shoot the three as well as the Magic, but they can get hot from downtown. Hedo, Calederon, Bargnani, Wright, and Belinelli can light it up, but that’s pretty much it.

  • Rangerjohn

    Good call on that bench dizzle, considering you played the worst or maybe 3rd worst team in the league.

    I agree Ian, I would love a kaman but he is gonna cost to much

  • QQ

    @ 43:

    Props for saying that.

    LOL at these fools saying the Raps can run with the Magic in terms of 3 point shooting. These early season records startin to fool yall, seeing the Raps are winning now.

    But…The Magic fucking reached the Finals with that offense. No one can mess with my squad.

  • http://juanm.garcia@comcast.net Mayan Mike

    What most have missed is that a lot of pundits were already talking about Kobe being on the downside of his career. He just loves the shit talk and proves everyone wrong once again. When will you mofo’s learn.

  • Rizwan

    That was a pretty dirty play by Paul Pierce when he ran over Steve Nash leading with his elbow.

  • http://www.bouncemag.com 40 cal bouncemag.com

    Dear Kobe, I never liked you and never will, I hope your wife takes your 4 championship rings and pawns them and moves to a remote island where some guy named Bear rubs her back!

  • K Dizzle

    @ QQ

    you realize Hedo’s gone, right? And Rafer was the guy that got y’all to the Finals while Meer’s wing was healing….just sayin

  • that’s whats up

    the reason the Magic won’t win the title…

    Because they have a Gay-Ass name.

    Nobody fuckin’ fears Magic

  • PeanutButterSpread

    Peja –

    You clearly haven’t been watching the Lakers or Kobe play. You’re basing your assumption that Kobe’s a “Gunner” on Kobe’s point total and his shot attempts without actually watching him play these past few games.

    Yes, his point total and his shot attempts are high, reminiscent of 06-07 Kobe, but the difference is his shot selection and efficiency.

    Kobe’s been taking it to the high post, his shot selection has been incredible, he continually exploited the mismatch between himself and OJ Mayo, by taking it to the post and showing a crazy amount of post moves that ARE NOT “Gunner”-like moves that he used to take.

    The past few games, Kobe has been showing the post moves he learned from Hakeem and he has been EFFICIENT while doing so. He wasn’t been “hogging” the ball, he didn’t even attempt a 3-pointer, he was simply exploiting what the crappy Memphis defense gave him, which meant taking it to the post.

    His point total and his efficient night wasn’t by accident. He did the same thing to Battier, who is a great defender, by taking it repeatedly to the post against Battier for another 41 point game AND he did it efficiently.

    Sure, it’s no secret Kobe likes to shoot the ball, heck, he’s even admitted it, but if you’ve been watching him play at all these past few seasons, you’ll notice he’s been much more selective in his shots. But that still hasn’t changed him getting his teammates involved. The Lakers had a 35 assists to 45 shots made ratio. That’s pretty good, which means his other teammates were also contributing. It wasn’t just the 06-07 Kobe show. So save the derisive “mature” snide remarks.

    Lately, most of the Laker fans have been excited at the array of post moves Kobe’s been displaying. Why? Because it’s making him a much more efficient shooter than he was when he was forcing fadeaways and much less of a “gunner” as you put it :)

  • rangerjohn

    TWU, tim duncan fears magic, he doesnt have magic powers in his LARP conventions lol.

    i love his game, he is a great player and great person but damn man LARP and D&D? (thats live action role playing).

  • JJustice


    Iverson granted leave from the Grizzlies…

  • That’s whats up

    didn’t take long for AI to go MIA

  • Robbin
  • hansosword

    I was at the game. Anyone else see the half time performer get booed out of the building by 20,000 people????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA…. New York is COOOOOLLLD HEARTED!!!!