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5 NBA Coaches on The Chopping Block

Lawrence Frank

In the NBA, coaching jobs have the same turnover rate as your local Chili’s. With several franchises off to disappointing starts, it is just a matter of time before the firing coaches talk starts to make headlines. It took just two weeks into the season for the Hornets to hand Byron Scott his walking papers. We listed five underachieving coaches who might join Scott in the unemployment line soon.

1. Lawrence Frank (Nets): Yesterday, I wrote a story about how the Nets might break the record for worst start in NBA history, which is 0-18. That cannot be good for Frank’s case for keeping his job. In fairness, it would be hard for even Phil Jackson to squeeze wins out of their current roster. The Nets are waiting until Devin Harris gets back to see what Frank can do with a healthy roster before making a decision on his future. We give him two weeks.

2. Larry Brown (Bobcats): Taking the Bobcats job at the beginning of the 2008-09 season, it was known that Brown would have some time to develop his team before he was judged on his performance. The Bobcats were in the playoff hunt at the end of last season. This year, the team has not improved and their record stands at 3-8. Of course, Raja Bell has been hurt and they are still trying to work Tyson Chandler into the offense. Now that they traded for Stephen Jackson, things could go south for Brown. We all know about both their pasts and some believe that there will be some sort of drama between the two within the next month or two. Brown won’t be fired soon, but wouldn’t rule it out come the end of the season and summer.

3. Mike Dunleavy (Clippers): I have no idea how this man still has a job with the Clippers. From Baron Davis to Corey Maggette, Dunleavy has failed to maintain good relationships with a lot of his players. He also hasn’t produced much wins for the organization either, missing the playoffs the past three years. The Clippers are 4-9 right now and if they continue to slide in the next month, Dunleavy will finally be relieved from his duties.

4. Lionel Hollins (Grizzlies): The Allen Iverson experiment was obviously a complete failure, but still, the Grizzlies should be better than 3-8. Hollins hasn’t had a lot of time with this roster, he took over midway through last year. But the Grizzlies have a talented young core and fans are starting to get restless with this franchise. Somebody is going to have to take the blame, and I imagine management would rather Hollins take the fall than them.

5. Don Nelson (Warriors): It seems like everybody in the Bay wants Nellie to leave. From his choices of players he brings in to the drama he’s had with his players, Nelson has turned the Warriors into the league’s most dysfunctional team. It also seems like Nelson doesn’t want to be there himself, but probably doesn’t want to walk away from his contract. Once they get rid of Monta Ellis, they should get rid of Nelson and try to start fresh before he makes Stephen Curry and Anthony Randolph want out of Golden State too.

Which coach do you think will be the first to get fired?

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  • http://twitter.com/anthonyeladjo abpin

    Lawrence Frank needs to go. I don’t understand how he still has a job. If you want a marquee player to come in next year, LF needs to go. Especially starting 0-12.

  • scotsman

    i will be the happiest man in the world if the nets finally fire lawrence frank. i stand by my statement that he is the worst coach in the NBA.

  • Coop

    “Into the league’s most dysfunctional team in the league”?


  • http://www.random-ish.com Scoob

    I will be the happiest man in the world if the Nets do the right thing and move to the bricks.

  • Timmy D

    Hollins. He is a terrible coach and is horrible with the media. The whole organization is a joke but we cant get rid of the owner so I guess getting rid of the coach might do something. But Heisley wont pay 3 coaches, he is already paying for Ivaroni and Hollins, so it probably wont happen

  • magicfaninTN

    Should be Nelson, but he’ll probably be the last to go.

  • Jake

    Hollins, I don’t know exactly HOW bad he is, but I say give him a year then decide. Larry Brown won’t be fired and I think Stephen Jackson will actually help the team instead of bring them down like everyone predicts.

    Nellie, Dunleavy – those 2 NEED to go, they needed to go years ago.

  • Taj

    Don Nelson…

  • Mdance

    Frank should get some slack… no team in the league can win with 4 injured starters… najera, harris, yi and lee.
    not that they’re equal players, but take Smith, Williams, Bibby and Johnson off the ATL they aren’t winning any games either.

  • http://tckonbroadway.wordpress.com/ Carlito Roc

    Lawrence frank can kick rocks.. Fire him!

  • control


    I’m surprised some fantasy basketball team manager/fanatic hasn’t put a .50 cal into his forehead yet. The guy is HORRIBLE, just utterly HORRIBLE. How does he have guys who go like 11-13fgs in 20 min, and then DON’T PLAY the next fucking game? How many other coaches think that you should build a team of guys who are 6’5 to 6’8 at EVERY POSITION? It’s like he picks his starting line up and shift rotations using a dart board (while blindfolded) 5 minutes before the game.

    Of course, he’ll have the job as long as he wants it…even though even he seems to hate it. Fucker must have a gambling problem or something, to need the cash that bad…

  • loons

    don nelson and mike dunleavy are the two that need to go the most, but will probably keep their jobs forever and ever. ive seen this before. im a knicks fan.

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    All fairness, Lawrence Frank’s roster has been shaken with injuries since the start… the bottom three have to go in order for those teams to get back successful…. the fact that Dunleavy is still a coach makes me sick to my stomach, but also gives me hope knowing that i can have a career in coaching, even if I do suck..

  • MissChick

    I PRAY the clippers slide

  • scarboroslikechuck

    Dunleavy is an abomination

  • dmitry of jersey

    anyone who watches nets games consistently knows L Frank is a joke. the injuries are just a convenient excuse.. we need a real coach with a real, consistent system.

    @scoop: nets are moving to the bricks starting next season..

  • le_hotdawg

    The Raptors office should consider dropping Triano and picking up Byron Scott!

  • hector

    By FAAAAAAARRRRR… Don Nelson has to get fired… NOW.

  • the cynic

    I hope Nelson and Dunleavy get lifetime contracts, they keep the Warriors and Clippers entertaining

  • dc

    ^lol cynic

    lawrence frank might not be a good coach, but cut the guy some slack, he’s playing with guys that would have a tough time beating some d-league teams.

    Nelson has to go though, and he will. He’s just sticking around to chase history.

  • Da_Griff

    The W’s should keep Monta and fire Nellie. They’ll never get anything close to as good as him in a trade. Nellie needs to go collect his pension.

  • bola

    fire MIKE BROWN so the cavs can have another play to run aside from step-aside for LBJ..

  • RA

    First fire Franks asap. Jason “the snake” Kidd got him the job in the first place. Jason hated Byron Scott cause scott wouldn’t treat him like the Diva he is. Frank is a d leaque coach at best.
    second fire Nellie and keep monta. He’s not a bad kid and he can ball. injuries happen and i would like to see he and curry work it out for at least this year.