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5 Suitors For The Inevitable Monta Ellis Trade

Monta Ellis

At this point, it appears that it’s not if, but rather when, Monta Ellis will be traded from the Warriors. With his agent, Jeff Fried, scheduled to meet with team management in Oakland tomorrow, apparently at Don Nelson‘s urging, Golden State has been calling teams and offering to trade Ellis all week.

We all know the stories. From throwing his teammates under the bus to beefing with Steph Curry to his verbal altercation with Nellie in New York, things have not been good since Monta signed his deal to stay in the Bay. Probably didn’t help with that whole moped thing.

Like Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington before him, when players want out of the Bay, they seem to get their wish. But with four years and $44 million owed to him after this season, he’s not as easily movable as you may think. With that in mind though, here are five potential suitors for Monta:

1. Philadelphia: Monta Ellis for Samuel Dalembert
Like any trade, both teams needs to be willing to part with something. And that’s definitely the case here. The Sixers are in desperate need of another guard, and one that can score, while the Warriors could use an athletic big man in Dalembert.

2. New Orleans: Monta Ellis for Emeka Okafor
With Chris Paul out for the next couple weeks, the Hornets need to act fast. And what better way than to bring in another exciting guard who can take some of the burden off CP3 once he returns. We all know that the Hornets have been underwhelmed for with Okafor’s production since he’s come down to NOLA, and the Warriors would love to have the athletic big shore up their front line. Could be one of the nastiest backcourts in the League.

3. LA Clippers: Monta Ellis for Baron Davis
This would be perfect for both teams. Although he’s back home in Los Angeles, Davis hasn’t been the same since he left Golden State. Plus, the Clippers are basically getting the same type of player – but younger. With so much turmoil up in the Bay, bringing Boom Dizzle back for a renaissance would be a gift to their fans.

4. Cleveland: Monta Ellis for Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Could you imagine a backcourt of Mo Williams, Monta Ellis and LeBron James? While that might be too much firepower for the Cavs, this would definitely be a move in the right direction to get LeBron to think about Cleveland past 2010. With all the injuries on the Warriors, Big Z would get the minutes he’s looking for in Golden State and the cap space after this season. Win-win for both teams.

5. New York: Monta Ellis for Eddy Curry
I know that the Knicks have no desire to acquire long term deals, but it’s becoming increasingly more evident that New York needs some glimmer of hope before any free agent (that wants to win) is going to sign there. Plus, Monta’s deal would be on the books, but at least he’d be productive. Ellis would not only help the Knicks win some games this year, but he’d also sell some jerseys. While E-City probably wouldn’t have much to contribute for the Warriors, if they’re in desperate need to ship Ellis, this move should be considered.

What do you think?

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  • thenatural

    sign allen iverson… i’m sure he would LOVE nellie’s inconsistent coaching/playing time methods

  • sk

    inane ideas…every player you mention is vastly inferior…

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com da real

    last time i checked Ellis just had that scooter thing on his resume. other that he as as it gets for young guards in the league. he will be better off with another team. Don Nelson is to unorganized. Too bad for Curry he will stuck there with good numbers but his game will no develop

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com da real

    last time i checked Ellis just had that scooter thing on his resume. other that he is as good as it gets for young guards in the league. he will be better off with another team. Don Nelson is to unorganized. Too bad for Curry he will be stuck there with good numbers but his game will not develop

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    how did i know New York and Philly would be on the list. Only ones missing is Boston and the Nets to complete the circle.

    Nola would be the best place for both teams. Philly wouldn’t work because Louis Williams is a ball hog, and so is Monta. and that will then turn Igudola into a ball hog along with T.Young. And how does he fit in Clipperland with Eric Gordan?

    Monta would fit well in:
    Memphis (cuz everyone hogs the ball there)
    Nola (needs a scorer/SG)
    Toronto (needs a real SG sorry Dorozen/Bellini/A.Wright)
    PHX (Run, run, run)

    Plus this will give me another team to play for in NBA2k10 when i create my player. Cuz at this point i don’t think me and Monta could work on the court together…it just won’t work!

  • jason
  • Diggity Dave

    Monta Ellis is worth more than any of these deals.

  • http://bestplayerontheplanet.com Chase

    good observation on these. I think these are actually all accurate and would benefit either team in either situation.

    Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing him end up in New York. Playing under D’antoni in that run & gun system, he could be even more exciting to watch and could give the Knicks some serious help in the outside shooting department.

  • AdvancedMind

    Eddie Curry for Ellis?
    Did you write this while wearing your Starburry New York Knicks jersey? That is beyond a reach, as far as putting your beloved east coast teams on the trade rumor mill. Why does every free agent and trade rumor with you guys end up with the Knicks being apart of it? Horrible.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Guys. I know Monte is better than all these guys, aside from perhaps Baron. But when it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Did Steph still have some stuff to offer in NY? Yes. What about Tinsley in Indy? Chemistry goes a long way, and if you can’t get along with your coach and organization – buh bye.

    They may get cents on the dollar, but don’t think that they’re entertain these deals. While they may not be getting back the best talent, they are getting rid of four years and $44 million.

  • AdvancedMind

    Well Aron i agree, Baron is better then Ellis.

  • dangertronix

    Wouldn’t do a whole lot for the Jazz’s cap situation but, I’d take him for Boozer…

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Clippers or NY I can see.

    Other than that I can’t see teams wanting to deal with dude. He need good people in his ear tellin him to shut up and play.

    He honestly just needs to stay put and thrive where he is and make it happen there and move on later under better circumstances than throwing people under the bus and what not.

    If I am a squad I honestly don’t even trade for this dude unless it’s something that is just a serious make or break playoff contention move. I don’t see where there is one involving dude.

  • Jau

    Oh god as a raptors fan i hope we can get him

    Doesnt help our defense at all or rebounding but we would have a fierce starting five. Only question is who do we give up?

  • chan

    here’s one- monta ellis for rudy gay and a body that makes the salaries work. ellis is from Mississippi, so its close to memphis, plus gay wont be back since he didn’t sign the long term contract. works for both clubs. until nelson f*cks with rudy’s head, too.

  • flavur

    All these trades kinda suck except for him going to the hornets but the hornets would not let emeka go especially with no other legit center behind him maybe for peja or mo Pete

  • Mack Brownee

    please stop mentioning the knicks in any trade that would make sense for them; no matter who’s running the show, they can’t make a quality roster move to save their life

  • Mike

    Quit saying that Monta’s better than all of these guys. It doesn’t matter.

    You’re not going to get equal value after all of the stupid things Monta has said and done the past 2 years.

    He’s turning into the NBA’s version of Terrell Owens.

  • Mike

    I’d trade him to McDonald’s for a happy meal. Good riddance.

  • That’s what’s up

    this is slightly ahead of CP3’s whine-his-way-out-of-town schedule, but maybe you can trade Scooter for Cheater

  • alex

    I will be so pissed if ANY of these trades go down

  • That’s what’s up

    …and why is Monta Ellis’ official nickname not SCOOTER ?

  • nola

    emeka’s actually been one of the hornet’s most consistent players (which probably includes 2-3). wtf?

  • Brown

    The only one I like is #3, but with the way things ended with Baron in GS, I doubt he’d want to come back. Depends what GS wants to take back salary-wise.

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    “That’s what’s up says:

    …and why is Monta Ellis’ official nickname not SCOOTER ?”

    I 2nd that notion. All in favor of calling Monta, “Scooter Ellis” from now on say(write) I.


  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    The Hornets don’t actually have a backup center, though. A great backcourt is no good without a big man.

  • Brown

    What about this trade:

    Monta Ellis and Devean George to Minnesota for Mark Blount (expiring contract), Ryan Gomes and Wayne Ellington.

    Minnesota could use a guard to pair with Jonny Flynn. Golden State gets an undersized PF in Gomes who rebounds better than his size and a young SG in Ellington.

  • RunTMC

    U can’t be serious with all these trades now?

    I know GSW didn’t get much with the SJAX trade but come on now!!!

    All these guys from Dalemburt, Okafor, Davis, Curry, and BIG Z are all guys on the end of their career or on the trading block for guys like expiring contracts ie Kenny Thomas and Andres Nocioni type dudes…not Monte Ellis type guys.

    If he’s going to Philly, Thad Young and Lou better be coming to GSW.

    If he’s going to NYK, Lee and Nate better be coming to GSW.

    If he’s going to Nawlins, they really don’t got nothing to give cuz DWest ain’t coming…unless it’s just 1st round draft picks.

    Cavs…nothing good there..Leon Powe/Delonte West/1st Rd

    Clippers…uh Baron no…how bout Gordon/Kaman.

    Memphis…I believe is his hometown…Conley/Thabeet.

    How bout Miami…Beasley/DWright?


    Timberwolves….Rights to Rubio/Kevin Love/Add in Ramon Sessions?

  • SayItAintSo

    I can’t believe these cat’s saying Monta is worth so much…

    He is just another scoring guard in a point guards body. He is a system player…a Jason Terry, Nate Robinson hybrid. He’ll be a sixth man who comes in and scores on any other team.

  • egypt

    most of you clearly never watch the warriors, i wouldn’t blame you, but ellis can ball… he isn’t a “system” player, especially considering that the warriors are the 1 team in the league that don’t have a system… its pickup ball with timeouts….

    the philly one is the only decent one on this list… hornets wouldn’t send emeka, boom dizzle wouldn’t go back to work for that front office and the clips lose in that scenario anyways, the NY one is ridiculous and is only mentioned cuz dime is in NY… I mean really dime?? really? what does curry and his contract do for the warriors? cavs wouldnt send z when jack was offered, they wont do it for a longer contract in monta…

  • Name (required)

    what about to miami for Qrich and Chris Quinn? mia get a great 6th man and GS get cap relief.
    Dallas for Jet? dallas gets a younger version of Jet, and GS get no headache, 2 less years and about 3 mill a year saved.
    Utach for matt harpring and Cj miles? GS save cash and Ut get a starting 2guard
    orrrr…… what about… LA send Adam Morrisons and Dfish’s Exp deals to GS and then GS wave fisher so he can go back to LA. GS cut cash and LA get even better.

  • money

    yawn, what a bullshit article. come on, would any of these trades really happen? outside of baron, who doesnt want to come back to goldenstate anyways, none of those players would fit don nelson’s system and monta is a superior player to all of them even with in a half court system.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    @egypt…finally someone worth listening too. These trades are ludicrous. Please stop mentioning NY in trade roomers. No one on any team on the planet wants Eddy fucking Curry. The knicks were the only stupid ones to pay him like that. You think the Warriors want ot bail you guys out of that decision…keep dreaming.

  • The Court Jester

    Are you kidding me?

    First Monta’s agent is in town to talk about arranging another fight at Oracle for his fighter Andre Ward who he also reps.

    Second…lay off the glass pipe.

    Third Baron isn’t coming back. He’s on the way down.

    Fourth The only potential team that makes sense would be Memphis for some package that included Marc Gasol or Houston for Landry and a pick.

    With Jackson out of the way, this team has too much talent to develop. Monta is going anywhere for some other team’s Thanksgiving Giblets.

  • RA

    Keep Monte, Retrieve SJack and get rid of that that crazy nellie!!!!

  • Thought.Ya.Knew

    LOL at your list man…

    Just because the Dubs gave up Jax for Cap relief doesn’t mean they would do it for Ellis’ case. He is far superior player than what you offered there. MOst of these trades rape the dubs and only help the other team. These are the kind of offers that Chad Fraud or Peter (info made up ) Vecsey would do.

    Unless you make a trade that puts equal value in return don’t even bother. You can only do this crap trades in nbalive or 2K.

  • SJ

    We’ll take him in Indiana. Golden State can have TJ Ford or Josh McRoberts. Or both.

    @Big Shot Bob- Haha… ‘roomers’. I have to agree on Curry, of course. He’s overpaid tremendously and, even with his get-in-shape offseason, he has yet to play a game due to injury and will likely sit for a while. Even when he’s back, he won’t be productive.

  • http://thediaspora.com gmoney

    You’ve GOT to be kidding. All 5 of these deals are HORRIBLE for golden state. I think the only deals worth doing are one of the following:

    1. Monte and a scrub for Chris Bosh and one of Toronto’s future 1st round picks (since Bosh is a free agent after this year)

    2. Monte for Beasely and some scrub to make the money work

  • Voice of Reason

    Eddy Curry? You want us to take this article seriously and you’re throwing out Eddy Curry as if he has trade value? My god, you must be the biggest Knicks homer of all time.

    Okafor is the only name on that list who even has positive value to the Warriors. If they can’t get something that would actually benefit the team, they are unlikely to make a deal at all. If the Warriors are going to pay someone to do nothing, they may as well keep Monta and just bench him if he’s unhappy. At some point a team will offer a useful player or draft pick for him.

  • Peter

    Monta’s spectacular to watch but today he’s a small, shoot-first combo guard, a defensive liability, probably the easiest position in the league to replace. Nellie called it right: for Monta to become a star he has to learn to pass first. Until then he’s a piece, not a centerpiece, and therefore tradable. Best deal listed above would be Monta for BD. Okafor has no handle so Nellie doesn’t want him. Same goes for Dalembert. Big-Z already nixed a trade to Warrior Purgatory, don’t expect him to change his mind. Monta for Eddy Curry? Be serious. For fifteen years the Warriors have just shuffled pieces instead of identifying and retaining stars. Today they have a roster of pieces. Trade Monta and you still have a roster of pieces. They need a centerpiece: too bad that Cohan believes that the franchise centerpiece is sitting in the owner’s courtside seat.

  • Dagomar

    The problem with just about every one of these trades is simply that the team acquiring Ellis would gain talent BUT lose a vital piece at a more important position. Giving away Z would make Cleveland painfully thin at the 5, and Shaq isn’t exactly good to play 40 a night. Giving away Okafor means the Hornets would have a huge rebounding/shot-blocking/interior-D hole. Etc, etc. Almost none of these trades are realistic.

  • AlamedaTechie

    It will be riot in OAKLAND if one of these trades ever happened.

  • http://nba.com/heat BB IQ

    He’s either Net,76er,Raptor,Pacer,Cav or Sac Town bound!

  • Redwoods

    All the above is nonsense based on dumb rumors based second hand on a few out of context quotes spun to appear to say something far from what was said…in short,tabloid grade slander. Yeah…guy can’t ride a motorbike worth a damn. last night he had 24 pt and 8 asst vs the Cavs…about exactly C Paul’s average this year,which is a nice yardstick for a POINT guard. Nellie says he “ABSOLUTELY” wants Monta on the team. Absolutely sounds…well….absolute. Monta has said SEVERAL times now, he’s a Warriors and wants to be. He has never HINTED at wanting to get traded.

    Aside from Okafor, none of the above junk was even a good return for Jackson,who I was glad to see leave,even if a year late.

    Curry? Have ya lost your bloody MIND? Ellis is a young 20 + scorer,and if GSW get’s past the Nellie BS, Ellis becomes a star for about a decade. Curry is bench ballast IF healthy. Z? A slow old guy who’s a one and done? Dalembert? Damn high $ BACKUP. The only asset in that pile o crap is Okafor and the Hornets would have to add chips..which they don’t happen to have.

    Court Jester is right, there’s no reason GSW trades him, and especially in ANY of these deals. Yes he can play point when that’s his role. No Stephen Curry is not ready to take control yet. Yes Ellis can D…to the extent the Warrior’s oddball system even makes D noticable. his D has been notably improved this year and his 3% is WAY up. The guy works and every year adds to his game. If I trade him it’s only for a player I like A LOT.

  • Scoty

    If any of those trades happen, I will cry.

  • Scoty

    You guys have made so much about Monta giving Curry a hard time, can you at least include this quote from Curry just in case you are over blowing the whole thing.

    “I don’t want to see (Ellis) go,” Stephen Curry said. “He’s producing, and he is a good teammate.”


  • dial up

    Wack trades. It’s like every opposing team’s “dream” trade. Getting a scorer like ellis for your 6th or 7th man that is getting no tick but is making 10+ million dollars. Why would they trade a cancer for a bench player that still makes a ton of money?? Answer: none, its a made up article from in this writer’s mind.

  • D.H.


    you on crack dude.

  • egypt

    i mean the dubs already dropped jackson for cap relief… they wont drop arguably their most promising/talented player for more cap relief… i mean at some point you have to field an nba team…. honestly none of these make sense for the warriors….

    that ny one is ridiculous beyond belief

  • jditty

    None of these trades would benefit Golden State except the Baron Davis one (I didn’t even think of that one). Ellis is a way better player than any of the other ones you mentioned. The Warriors shouldn’t be desperate to trade him though.

  • Matt K

    The Curry for Ellis trade would not be straight up obv. u guys. The Knicks would probably send Curry, Wilson Chandler (who would immediately be a starter on GS), and Cat Mobley’s insured expiring contract for Ellis, Ronny Turiaf, and Speed Claxton (and more importantly, his expiring)…this trade would make sense for both sides, as GS gets some value and Knicks get a serious piece and only lose an additional $1.6 mill in cap space for next year…

  • Rodney

    Monta and a scrub for Bosh AND a draft pick? Are you kidding me? If Bosh does leave, don’t you think we’d want the available money to use on something other than Monta Ellis, while also giving up future talent?

  • Andrew

    Eddy Curry for Ellis?! Are you serious?! Only a Knicks homer would think that’s a good trade for both teams. I think a trade package that involves Ellis and David Lee would make more sense. From the Sixers, maybe something that involves Thaddeus. Baron, not going to happen. Ilgauskus, again not going to happen. Cavs didn’t want to give him up for Jackson, why would they for Ellis.

  • Andrew

    “While they may not be getting back the best talent, they are getting rid of four years and $44 million” – If I was the Warriors, I’d keep Monta than get rid of him for cap space. Face it Aron, your Knicks is stuck with Eddy Curry. The Knicks can’t even trade him for cap spacem, let alone a player with actual talent.

  • wifey

    what about jose calderon for monta ellis straight up? Golden State gets a leader who would be perfect for Nelly, and the raps a much needed offensive/aggressive minded player since every raptor’s a pussy.

  • gilford22

    What the hell is that trade for Sam Dalembert? Lou Williams and Monta Ellis plays exactly the same. And neither of them is a shooter!

  • kshak

    Im sorry to say, but these trade ideas are extremely weak. It just shows how little the author of this article knows about Monta Ellis and his value.

    Pretty weak article, I have to say.

  • TDP

    Monta Ellis and Anthony Randolph for Tayshaun Prince and Rodney Stuckey.

  • Brettman

    @28, you are freakin’ dreaming!

  • http://www.diznuts.blogspot.com Darkness

    Ima lifelong Knicks fan, but even I know a Scooter Ellis/Fats Curry trade, with them as the headliners, wouldn’t work. I can’t even say “09 Eddy Curry” and “trade centerpiece” in the same sentence with a straight face.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    I love these comments. Couple things:

    1. I am NOT a Knicks fan.
    2. I check all the trades out in the Trade Machine and they work.
    3. You gotta understand that he’s making $10 million this year so only so many guys you can trade for him straight up.

  • RunTMC

    @ Brettman @59

    Please list some fair trades then if you got something to say?

  • june

    ok, why are alot of you people
    crying about getting someone real
    good in return for Ellis like if he
    was an all-star. It would be ok just
    to get something in return and get
    rid of him as soon as possible. You
    just dont need guys on your team that
    dont want to work hard everyday..

  • albert

    First, we need to get rid of Nelson!!!!!

  • Sweet English

    Everone saying ‘Monta is worth more than all those trades’ I would like to take this oppertunity to say, you are a bunch of divs.

    1. Monta has a BIG contract, this aint NBA Live 04, trades have to make sense financially before they make sense on the court.

    2. When a player WANTS to be traded, you don’t get full value for them. Its not like the Warriors are taking advantage of a blinding couple weeks in Montas career and trading high while they can. Monta is currently struggling and coming off the back of some poor decision making which makes him a RISK.

    When a player wants to go and there is nothing you can do, you should be lucky you get anything back in return at all.

  • Derek1021

    As a lifelong Cavs fan Id be extremely pissed if they traded Big Z for Monta. I know the big guy is old but he’s been here from day 1 and I cant wait until his #11 is in the rafters at the Q.

  • Bo Diddly

    Another vote for Ellis’ nickname to be ‘scooter’.

    It is too easy to jump on a player that makes it clear they are unhappy when playing on a terrible team. I am a Warriors fan, but I can understand Captain Jack and Scooter ; ) wanting to get out of there. It is only right for a vet to want out of a situation of constant losing. A bit of loyalty would be nice but let’s face it, apart from THAT ONE SERIES, the Warriors have been tuurible forever.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    I like sending him to utah for boozer and shit. (redundant)

  • rob miller

    I think Knicks need him hands down. They need to build and build fast cause Lebron not going there and then get Amarie or bosh or both. And trade Larry Hughes he don’t want to be there.

  • Joe’s momma

    why does every trade scenario involve the Cavs? Every player in the NBA who is about to be traded gets lumped with the Cavs and the Knicks. Lame

    Why would GS want Eddy Curry? guy doesnt fit into what they want to do.

    Clips don’t want an undersized 2 who cries and says “I’m not taking anything else on my shoulders.” Plus they already have a 2 who is superior in E. Gordon.

    NOLA is not gonna trade a big for a small. Hilton Armstrong is not gonna hold down that fort.

    Cavs aint giving up Z for a small. Shaq is already hurt 10 games into the season. Z has been very durable, and they love him.

    Philly, maybe. But that is pennies on the dollar.

    Come up with some better trade ideas boys and girls…

  • kuz1998

    Monta scored 34 last night, played great defense and led the Warriors all over the Blazers. He sure didn’t play like a player who for sure will be traded. The best trade for the W’s regarding Monta is NO TRADE! Now that ball hog Jackson is gone the W’s are beginning to play like a team and actually passing a few times before shooting – Good luck to the Bobcats…

  • zac

    Monta has not said anything about wanting to be traded… he is worth more than any of these guys. How about derrrick rose for ellis?

  • Kquaye

    I think sending him to Utah for Boozer would be a good trade for both teams. Utah wouldnt really losse anything. They have Paul Millsap who filled in for Boozer and put up better numbers than Booz when he was in. and Monta could play minutes at PG and SG. GS could play Steph Curry at the 1 and Anthony Morrow at the 2

  • zac

    How about derrick rose for ellis?

  • ss

    Trade Nelson not Monta!!

  • JB

    Whoever wrote this article is really dumb. It amazes me that someone could be so stupid. I don’t know who aron philips is, but if he works for DIME they should fire him. Monta is a future all star, top 10 player in the league. For starters, MONTA ISN’T GOING TO BE TRADED. For the retards at Dime, find some other lie to sell magazines. Monta for the sum of the players on all 5 teams listed might be fair (golden state still would be getting a bad deal).

    Please take your head out from between your cheeks and report something real from now on. Aron Philips is a major idiot who knows nothing about basketball.

  • GURU

    THIS Doesnt make any sense who would trade him for EMEKA OKAFOR (the NO need a big guy there who can do what OKAFOR is doing ) they dont need another Guard…

    Mo Williams, Monta Ellis and LeBron James??????This doesnt make any sense either..WHos gonna play at the 5?

  • mike

    these are all terrible

  • Kevin

    Ellis is the more dominant player out of all these choices by far, his stats say it all. Keep him, Steph Curry, Biedrins and see what happens next year. WE are all injured this year.