NBA / Nov 30, 2009 / 1:51 pm

All-Star Watch: Rajon Rondo Is A Lock At This Point

Rajon Rondo

We’re only about a quarter into the season, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the All-Star game. There have already been plenty of players that have already made a case for a spot in the league’s midseason classic. One of those players is Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. The fourth-year guard is leading Boston to a 14-4 record – currently the best record in the East. He has never been an All-Star before and a lot of people don’t believe he deserves to be in that class. We break down whether Rondo deserves to be among the NBA’s elite 24.

Why He’s In: Right now things are looking very promising for Rondo. Just weeks after he signed that big extension with the C’s, Rondo has been showing his worth. Aside the fact he is playing for the East’s best team record wise, Rondo has been putting up some stats as well. He is averaging 10.9 ppg, 9 apg (fourth in the league), 4.1 rpg and a league-leading 2.5 spg. For a guard he is a great rebounder and also shoots an excellent percentage (54 percent). Very few guards in the league can match Rondo’s speed. It is doubtful Rondo will get voted in by the fans but he is right there in the mix to get voted in by the coaches.

Why He’s Not: There aren’t many guards around the league that get hated on quite like Rajon. A lot of people think that he is just a product of a loaded team. There is some validity in that claim. Imagine if Devin Harris, Jameer Nelson or Derrick Rose had the luxury of playing with the Big Three. Would it be out of question to say they’d look really good too? If you threw Rondo with the Nets, would they be much better than 0-17? It also doesn’t help that Rondo isn’t the most likeable of guys. We all know about his flagrant fouls on the Bulls during the playoffs and there have even been reports that his attitude has rubbed his teammates, coaches and management the wrong way at times.

Final Verdict: Whether he is a product of a good team or not, I think you’d have to put Rondo in the All-Star Game if the selections were based on these first 20 games. He is in the top five in steals and assists and is playing on a winner. After Dwyane Wade, Joe Johnson and Vince Carter, I think you’d have to put Rondo right there with Brandon Jennings for the fourth best guard in the East.

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  • control

    I can’t even express how wrong this is. 10/9/4 is good enough for an All Star game now? The guy is shooting 17% from the 3 point line and 38% from the FREE THROW LINE! 38%! That is THIRTY FUCKING EIGHT PERCENT! From the FREE THROW LINE. He’s helping his team out A LOT throwing up those bricks. A grade school kid who shot that bad from the free throw line would be laughed out of the gym…

    I know it ain’t all about the numbers, but come on. What is next? An article arguing that Zach Randolph should be in the All Star game? The same idiots saying Rondo should make the All Star game are probably going to be the same idiots saying Steve Nash WON’T make the All Star game, even though he is putting up 16/12/2 with his outstanding shooting %s.

    Fuck Rondo. He’d be a less deserving All Star than Mo Williams.

  • AdvancedMind

    Yea you pretty much hit the little ELF on the head with this one.
    Holy Celtic Taint Blowing today!!!!

  • ERIC

    WTF is going on with all this nut hugging of Celtics today?

  • LakeShow84

    Too bad he aint on the Cavs..

    Lebron would whine him in no doubt..

  • LakeShow84

    And funny how the article says “The fourth-year guard is leading Boston to a 14-4 record – currently the best record in the East”

    Funny i thought it couldve been the other 3&1/2 HOF’s they had on the roster..

    rrriiiiggghhhhttttt lol

  • LakeShow84

    Damn 38%??

    Thats embarassing, Control.. why you putting him on blast like that lol..

  • http://dime eyes

    You stated everything he doesn’t do well. What about the rebounding,defense,hustle plays,passing,IQ.? He maximizes his talent with his limited abilities. No if you put him on the Nets they wouldn’t be 0-17. Also if you replace him wth Jameer or Devin they wouldn’t be better. What about the luxury the Big Three has playing wth someone who does alot to win. That’s hard now a days wth the young guys. W/O him no champioinship. He’s proven what he could do last yr playoffs. His #’s were gaudy and they lost to the eventual champs. Give him some credit. He holds his own against all the top tier guards. When it all said & done. It won’t be pretty but he’ll be mentioned. Just ask opposing guards how they feel about RONDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    I even think he’d be great for the Olympic team along wth Jennings.

  • http://dime eyes

    Also if the Cavs had him instead of Mo they would have been better off. Mo was & is less deserving than Rondo of a All Star spot. Who you think gets Ray all those open 3’s? What about getting easy buckets for KG and some leftovers for Big BAby,& the Perk Man. He even makes E.House look good. They have no backup PG. He’s even 1 of the most durable players in the league (PRICELESS). You never have to worry about him injured. He plays through them. I even wish the Lakers or Knicks had him. He’s earned every dollar. Name 3 guards better than him aside from the obvious. Paul,Deron,Billups,Nash,Parker. You could say Parker is only good because of Duncan & Ginobli.

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    Rose better pick up his game and get his damn spot back…

  • control


    You just described Luke Walton, “rebounding, defense, hustle plays, passing and IQ”. Saying anything about him being on NJ is kind of unfair, they are 0-17, there is only ONE way to go, and that is up…and it’s soooo much more than a point guard situation. That being said I think Rondo wouldn’t make an impact at all, they’d still be 0-17.

    You say without Rondo, there would be no ring…I would love to disagree with that. You replace Rondo with any of the point guards his nuthuggers seem to think he is as good as, and yeah, they still have a ring. If you replace Rondo with anyone who Rondo thinks he is as good as (basically Jesus would be resurrected and be playing, that is how much of an ego he has) and not only do the Celts win the ring, they cure hunger, AIDS, cancer and bring world peace.

    Opposing guards hate playing Rondo because he’s dirty. They know he is going to do something cheap and flagrant to them and get away with it somehow. They sure as fuck ain’t worrying about his outside shot, or worrying about sending him to the line.

    Yeah I’m hating on the guy, but until he can shoot better than my 3 year old (who is probably stronger than him) and adjust his attitude, he can go fuck himself. Ain’t nothing I have said that ain’t truth.

  • Timur

    Rondo’s development is impressive, however he’s still not a “true” point guard…


  • Mike brown is a dumbsh!t

    Zydrunas Ilgauskas is said to be devastated by his benching on Saturday when he was set to break the Cavaliers’ games-played record at 724. He was a DNP-CD against Dallas.

    LeBron James has come out and said that Z’s record was even more important than the game, questioning the logic of coach Mike Brown for benching him. The Mavs were going small and Delonte West was playing well, but still. In addition, Ilgauskas had a contingent of friends and family in attenance to help him celebrate.
    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

    what a joke of a coach…winning is nice, yes. But allowing players to reach something special is much more important IMO.

  • flipisatrip

    umm your 3 year old is not stronger than rondo, sounds false to me.

  • control


    She’s pretty damn close, she’s damn near 4ft tall and 50lbs (she’s also not even 3, will be 3 begining of 2010). Seems to take after me, and might end up being as tall as me (hopefully not though, unless she really wants to be an athlete when she grows up). You are right though, that is a slight exaggeration. I’m glad that of the book I typed, that seems to be the only thing worth arguing about, haha.

  • http://dime eyes

    @11 LOL
    You never know these days. He might have the next Candace Parker or Brittany with the Lebron/D.Howard syndrome.


    GTFOH it aint no way he’s deserves to get in. Will Bynum is better than him ;-)

  • UncheckedAggression

    Control is pretty accurate, in my opinion. This article is kinda ridiculous. I can’t believe the first reason stated for NOT including him is because he is hated. Sorry, he just isn’t good enough. The only thing he brings to the table that most others don’t is his scrappiness. And along with his scrappiness is his broke-ass jumper and questionable decision-making at the end of games.

    Whenever I am watching a game that I want the Celts to win, I cringe when Rondo has the ball. You just don’t know if he’s gonna decide that THIS IS THE DAY HE SHINES… and puts up the brick that the defense was hoping for. Shit, run the offense through Allen at the end of games. He’s just a smart player–something you cannot teach everyone.

  • B Carroll

    Yup Luke Walton=Rajon Rondo for suuuuuuuuure.

    Are you kidding me I’ve never seen such a phenomenal amount of hate spewed. How can you call yourself a basketball fan if you completely ignore the strengths.

    Look RR is quite possibly the fastest guard in the league with a eurostep strait out of T Pain’s book. Ya he’s in a shooting slump that is frustrating to say the least, but how are you gonnna look me in the face and say he’s weak? This year he’s looking cut like a diamond and he’s one of the better dunking PGs in the league(don’t Belive me ask Jason Maxiell)

    You think free throw percentage makes an all star? How bout dishin the rock like Nash, while putting opposing defenses through hell at the when they meet him at the basket.

    Ask any true Boston fan, we wouldn’t trade Rajon for the world. A 6,2 PG with a freakish wingspan wreaking havoc in the passing lanes, bolstering the best defensive team in the league.

    Rondo can go fuck himself? How about you go fuck yourself. Excuse me, I’m gonna go put some water in eye’s momma’s dish. Hater.

  • Troni

    Never seen rondo be that clutch in the fourth, and never seen him thread needles. His defense is overrated as well -. I’d consider him an average defender, although other pgs are much worse.

  • LakeShow84

    How does a man who shoots 20fters at the end of close games while knowing he is nothing more than a driving PG get credited for basketball IQ??

    Come on EYES.. ive heard better from u.. and when KG went down they still had PP and Allen.. and thats all the perimeter attention u can spare on a basketball team.. Harris, Rose, Jennings, Nelson, Stuckey and Arenas are all better PG’s in the EAST alone.. he just fits with the Celtics cuz hes a scrappy player..

    Shit case in point.. put any of those PG’s on the Celtics (yes even Stuckey) and tell me how they fare.. Shit Will Bynum would beast peeps with the spacing Rondo sees every night..

  • LakeShow84

    Rondo only has one thing going for him that separates him in anyway from the other PG’s..

    Hes a good/great defender..

    Lets not make him into something hes not.. namely an All-Star.. and when u say hes an AllStar u start comparing him to some real AllStars and..

    He isnt the fastest (Parker), he isnt the best shooter (Nash), he isnt the best passer (Paul), he isnt the most athletic (Rose), he doesnt have the best IQ (Kidd), he isnt a beast (Williams).. Shit i dont even think he got much swag (Jennings)..

    only thing he can do is defend, give shitty interviews and get away with cheap shots..

  • TJ

    11 ppg and 4 rpg is terrible for someone who plays 33 mpg.

    Also, the comment about how the Cavs would be better with Rondo is retarded. Regardless of your feelings about Mo vs. Rondo, the Cavs need a shooter at that position, which Rondo is definitely not.

  • control


    You forgot the ONE thing that actually DOES separate Rondo from every other point guard out there: He plays on the Celtics with 3 future HoFers!

  • the_man

    if he was on the nets they would still be 0-17, hes good but not as good as everybody thinks he is. Lakeshow is right, they have 3 future hall of famers and if it wasnt for those 3 nobody would even be talkin bout rondo. he needs to get a jumpshot before he’s an all star, thats y kobe just lets him shoot when they play the C’s

  • http://dung dung

    its crazy that brandon jenings isnt even on the ballet you gotta write in vote for him

  • http://www.random-ish.com Scoob

    C’Mon Son! Get the **** outta here with that bull****

  • VuDoo

    are u guys kidding?

    16.9ppg, 9.7rpg, 9.8apg, 2.5 spg – last year’s playoffs, how easily y’all forget, jumper or not, give me that line any time come playoffs, who can give you that?

    why does he need a jumpshot before he is an all star? ben wallace didn’t need one? he is averaging 9 apg which is much higher than rose, nelson and harris – nelson has lewis, VC and dwight to pass to so u can’t tell me he doesn’t have options to get assists

    he also has 2.5 spg which is by far and away ahead of the rest

    he is also clearly the best rebounder out of rose, nelson and harris despite rose’s athleticism, go look up the rpg stats this year or years past…

    lastly do me a favour and go to nba.com stats page, sort by eastern conference (he only needs to be an all star for his conference so there is no point bringing parker, nash, CP and deron into the mix guys that argument is irrelevant), then sort by guards, and efficiency

    Rondo is 5th on the list with RIP first which doesnt count, dwade second, iggy third and lou williams who is out for 8 weeks 4th. jennings is the only one that’s close, not rose, not nelson, not harris, not gilbert, not JJ… so tell me why again he isn’t an all star? and who in fact you would put in front?

    all of your theoreticals based on if someone else was playing with the Cs or if he was playing with the nets, are just that, theoreticals, based on actual facts, he is an all star right now. come on now.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    rondo sucks. if he makes the squad, its only by default and that he balls for the celtics.

    under no other circumstance would he make an allstar team discussion.

    sheeeeeeit, if he was in the western conference, would he even get a vote? (chris paul, deron williams, steve nash, jason kidd, tony parker, chauncey billups, brandon roy, monta ellis, baron davis)?!!?

    rondo is a bum. a bum with the luxury of playing on a team with superstars all over the court. sheeeeeit, even chris duhons bumass could have that affect with the celtics

  • VuDoo

    “November 30th, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    TJ says:

    11 ppg and 4 rpg is terrible for someone who plays 33 mpg.”

    rose, nelson, harris have never averaged more than 4rpg so how terrible does that make them with the same-ish amount of playing time

    on top of that rose can’t get more than 1spg yes 1spg let along 2.5spg

    u forget rondo’s 9apg? rose is on 5.1apg in 34minutes with 16.6ppg, if you convert assists into 2points and add that to the ppg, rondo is responsible for more points per game combined (ppg + apg) than rose is.

  • don cannon

    wow dime i think you should refrain from the rondo talk because all this sited does is hate on him haha wow this has to be the worse input ive ever seen you guys obviously dont watch basketball…yea he has his weakness but his stregnts outweight them but the fags on this site act like rondo fucked their moms or something lol

  • me

    rondo is a bitch, plain and simple funny how ‘sheed didnt call out rondo for flopping you’d think he grew up overseas the way he flops….if he continues to put up decent numbers AND have a winning record after the big 3 are gone, then i’ll give him some props,other than that hes just like the rest of the team, he only has a ring becuz of them, and i’m tired of hearin how he put up good numbers against the bulls, that was last year, didnt do them any good in the end, i’m sure theres all kinds of players that had a good series, and end up not winning the ‘chip, hes just one of them,

  • control

    It is absolutely hilarious how polarizing this Rondo idiot is. People either hate his guts and want him to die, or act like he is their baby-daddy (85% correctly hate him though). Is this guy like Shawn Kemp or something? Where he has baby-mommas littered around the USA and they all read and comment on Dime?

    Dime, you should seriously let me write an article about this guy. I’ll get it straight as it is, let all the haters know what is up!

  • VuDoo

    good numbers? damn near averaging a triple double is not good, it’s great buddy, big difference, don’t try and downplay it

  • agent zero

    yeah i don’t think so. he has potential though

  • gnut

    He’s not even a great dunker check out Shannon Brown, now that is a PG that can Dunk!!!

  • rban


    Enough said.

  • aubreey

    I didn’t really all of this article. All I read was the section that said why Rajon Rondo shouldn’t be an all star. I disagree with what you guys had to say. I believe that it is Rajon Rondo that makes everyone look good not the “three big man”. The “three big man” that are on the team aint shit! I mean I like Ray Allen, don’t get me wrong; he’s my dude but the team is nothing but old farts and Rajon Rondo has a small part of keeping that team alive!

  • Don D

    I am tired of all you Rondo haters. Basketball is a team sport. You need 5 guys on the floor at the same time on the same page to win. Just because he has 3 future HOF on his team does not mean he is not good. He is just as valuable to the team as they are. None of them won rings until they all came together. Rondo does not need to score like Paul or Williams. They are the main scorers on their team. The celtics work a system. Each player has their roles and they fulfill those roles. Paul & Ray are their main scorers. Rondo is the faciliator or, as Pierce likes to call him, the quarterback for this team. They need him just as much as he needs them.
    If being a high scorer was all it took to win, how come Lebron James, Chris Paul, or Deron Williams don’t have rings? They need future HOF on their teams to win championships. You can not win it all with just one good player. You need a team.
    Lebron James dominates every category. The cavs are never gonna win a championship with just one guy doing everything. Mo Williams should be embarrased to call himself a point guard. How can you let your forward beat you in assists? The PG should always lead his team in assists.

  • egypt

    if you play basketball for a living, at some point in your life you may or may not want to develop the ability to actually shoot a jumpshot…

    and thats all ill say on rondo…

  • QQ

    I hate the Celts, they are a bunch of douchebags who thinks they are the best team ever, BUT I think that Rondo can play. He’s a baller.

    But DAAAAAAAAMN, wassup with the fucking hyperbole. A lock for the ASG?

    Argument that ends all arguments: He has THREE fucking HOF’s in his team.

    You know how it is so easy to play when you have 3 great players around, and you don’t have the same pressure to perform? Ever played ball Dime?

    If you’re argument is that he is playin the point well for a top team, then give Mike Bibby or Jamal Crawford an All-Star nod. Because JJ, Marvin Williams, and Josh Smith sounds alot less than Allen, Garnett and Pierce.

  • VuDoo

    egypt – plenty of players have jump shots and it is an obvious weakness of rondo’s but that’s exactly what it is, an obvious weakness, which every player has

    ur point is?

    we look past the obvious weaknesses of the good players because in the end their positives far outweight their negatives

    to base an argument on that one thing is to say damon jones is better than rajon rondo because damon has a jump shot.

    it’s getting old guys.

  • VuDoo

    guys… derek fisher plays with kobe, ron artest, lamar odom, pau gasol, andrew bynum.

    if that roster isn’t more stacked than the celtics than i don’t know what is (the Cetlics HOFs are getting old…)

    so all of you are saying how easy it would be to play with 3 great players on your team and do what rondo is doing right? should be a walk in the park for a veteran/multiple champion PG in derek fisher right? oh what is derek fisher averaging?

    ur arguments are getting old…

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    If Rondo gets in who among the big 3 doesn’t make it? I think KG and Pierce will be voted in, certainly KG. But will Ray Allen be the odd man out if Rondo gets in?

  • http://www.twitter.com/bfears bfears

    wow. im biased cuz im from louisville, but all the rondo hate? c’mon. he will always be an allstar in my eyes

  • darkdefender

    he plays D & passes to the HoFers (9 assts per gm).

    So he basically does his job. The all-star game was not meant to be for ppl who do their job – its meant to be for those who go above and beyond.

    Rondo is an okay player but ALL-STAR SUGGESTION FAIL

  • King

    He’s the best pg in the eastern conf. This season and he will def make the allstar team

  • Joe

    You can’t bash theoreticals and then spout on about RR’s stats in last years playoffs. Those were last year, they have nothing to do with this years voting, as I understand it the voting is based on play during the current season. So last year’s numbers are about as relevant as the theoreticals.

    It’s obvious playing with the Big 3 is a boon to RR’s stats. Anyone can see that, they would be a boon to anyone playing with them. The team defense allows him to gamble on steals, KG is a great guy to feed to rack up some assists, etc etc.

    In the end it’s all just conjecture. I don’t think he would have the same numbers playing on another team, but at the same time that could afford him the opportunity to improve his own game and jumpshot. He’s done well in the role the Celtics gave him, cannot deny that, he’s a valuable piece to their puzzle, give him credit. But I wouldn’t want him on my team.

  • rav

    I dunno.. maybe not a lock but definitely should be considered.

    I put Devin Harris ahead of him, put Devin hasn’t played mucht his year. Rose, Jennings, Nelson, Arenas, Mo Williams are in a similar bracket, but each has a flaw: Nelson (no assists despite his teammates), Arenas (Just playing badly, wizards should have been 5th seed good but they suck), Williams (plays less pg than LEbron), Rose (playing worse than last year) and Jennings is a rookie).

    Has anyone considered that because 3 HOFers are ahead of him in priority for shot chances may be the reason Rondo doesn’t score as much?

  • AdvancedMind

    Celtic fans are so unrealistic, they would argue for anyone of there players including Scals and Eddie House.
    Im a realist and Rondo is a soild point who doesnt F up the Celtics Offense and play decent D, but in no way shape or form is he an allstar. Soild player in his system yes but allstar no. As a lifetime Bulls fan i realize whos good who not and whos a product of there system. Celtics fan should be real with thereself for once, to say Rondo is an all star is false, cause in that cause i could argue that Noah is an all star, wich is completely retarded.

  • http://dime eyes

    I believe the real argument should be. Is he an all-star talent. The answer is NO. Especially in the past there’s no way even with injuries he’d make it. Though in today’s watered down game. Overall there aren’t 10 legit starting point guards in the N.B.A that are capable of running a team. TP/Devin/M.Williams are new era scoring guards. They think & look to score then pass. Nothing wrong but you can’t win with them. Very talented scorers but they lack creating easy oppurtunites for others. One of A.I.’s problems.

    Every great guard in the league has a flaw. Nash can’t stop anybody and is to unselfish at times. Paul doesn’t really defend man 2 man well & 3pt shot aside from this yr isn’t consistent. Deron hasn’t won with a very solid team/coach. He’s one of the better all around talents. I can’t really think of a weakness. Kidd can’t really shoot and isn’t a threat to score. Even Baron isn’t consistent & is injury prone. If Rondo just so happens to magically gain a offensive game. He then would be an All Star in any era. His game isn’t pretty to look at but I would take what he brings to the table anyday.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Ha you guys are funny rather you hate on Rondo or not he’s still one of the best guards in the league and he will still make the allstar team. No matter what you civilians think everybody in the league knows how good Rondo is.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    So hate until you turn blue in the face but it won’t make a difference…

  • VuDoo

    re. Joe @47

    your point about last year’s stats are right.

    however i also went on to point out rondo’s overall efficiency rating being higher than most of the eastern guards that ppl are favouring. those figures are from this year and should be taken into account regards to all star selection.

    you then go on to make the point of playing with 3 HOFs, rightfully so you say that in the end it is all just conjecture, i agree, u cannot deny someone an all star spot because of conjecture because u don’t sit there and argue that if devin harris was on the celtics he would be killing, therefore he deserves an all star spot, because point is he isn’t on the celtics and he isn’t killing – conjecture.

    lastly you say you wouldn’t want him on your team, which is fair enough, alot of ppl would agree, but objectively you can’t really say that he isn’t an all star in the east right now.

  • http://dime eyes

    Someone on that staff or Tim Grover should help him with his basketball skills. Shooting & Free Throws. Could easily cost you guys down the line. He is a liabilty on offense. Worse than Kidd. The Mavs sometimes play 4 on 5 on Offense. Rondo actually clogs the lane. I like him but somebody especially him needs to take the ceiling off and give him some pointers & confidence. The better he gets it benefits him & the Celts in long run. Go Celts although the East is going to be interesting this yr. I MISS BIG BABY OH EXCUSE GLEN DAVIS THE I II OR III.

  • VuDoo

    re. Advanced Mind @49

    tough call to say in no way shape or form he isn’t an all star

    everyone keeps blatantly saying he is not an all star flat out, why don’t you tell us who you would pick ahead of him to be an all star in the east (assuming 4 guard slots) and back it up with some objectivity – stats

    please don’t even say something stupid like devin harris because he is the better talent and that you would take him over rondo etc… because that is not realistically the way being an all star works, i.e. harris has simply not played enough and not well enough to warrant consideration.

    lastly everyone keeps saying he is doing his job by getting 9 assists a game, then why isn’t jameer averaging that, why isn’t derek fisher averaging that, why hasn’t tony parker averaged 9apg despite playing on some stacked SA teams? by dumbing it down and saying rondo is just doing his job, you are essentially exposing flaws in the games of some of the players i just mentioned…

  • Spyking

    Rondo For All star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cwill101

    what about mike bibby! the hawks r nothing without him so he should be an allstar. and Rondo has to make it this year cuz the other point guards in the east haven’t impacted their teams as much as he has. Devin harris’s team is winless, jameer nelson has been hurt and jason williams and anthony johnson have done just as good as him and also gilbert arenas hasn’t been that great either. don’t even mention mo williams he didn’t deserve to be an allstar last year. yep this is rondo’s year

  • got beef?

    rondo is def. an all star, everyone says the big three make him better… that means you don’t watch the game, 90% of the time he is setting them up to score

  • chief youngblood

    regardless of whether rondo deserves too or makes the all star team …. who can like mo williams ? ugh he ain’t boobie gibson but he’s second in line for bron bron dick riding

  • RobertGingerbreadman

    @ Control/ Damn I’m Speechless I Can’t Even Defend The Nigga Now Lol