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Back in the Mix

Antawn Jamison

You know what you’re going to get when the Cavs and Wizards play on national TV: Plenty of talk about LeBron‘s “rivalry” with DeShawn Stevenson, LeBron’s rivalry with the Wizards, Mike Miller wearing LeBron’s shoes, maybe Washington’s injury problems … And then there was the story line for last night’s game that nobody wanted to talk about: The gossip-page reports saying Shaq got caught messing around with Gilbert Arenas‘ girl. Anyone think there’s a slight chance that’s really why Shaq sat out? Say what you want about being a professional and focusing on the game, but that’s grounds for any grown man to get punched in the face at any random moment. … Speaking of, the crowd was booing LeBron (34 pts, 9 asts) whenever he got the ball, while the Wizards were crowding him with multiple defenders. It wasn’t working early on, as ‘Bron found open teammates and racked up assists. Toward the end of the first quarter the crowd really laid into LeBron as he brought the ball up slow, then spun off Andray Blatche and threw down a monster dunk to silence the building … But playing with a fully healthy roster for the first time since like 1984, the Wizards found a rhythm in the second half and actually played a little defense, pulling off a convincing win to snap their six-game losing streak and prove they can hang with the Eastern Conference’s elite. Antawn Jamison was jacking like usual in his season debut, dropping 31 points, while Caron Butler added 19 and Gilbert scored 18 (6-22 FG) with eight assists … Does anybody not love watching Earl Boykins play? One time Boykins used a pass-fake to lose his defender like Magic did to Sprewell in his comeback game, then later he floated a shot about one half-millimeter over LeBron’s outstretched hand when ‘Bron got as high as possible trying for the block … The announcers were talking about how the D.C. fans booing LeBron inspires him to torch their team even more. “They should throw rose petals at LeBron’s feet,” Mark Jones joked. Actually, that 15-minute segment they did on SportsCenter yesterday about LBJ potentially playing in the NFL should suffice. Even King Jaffee Joffer thought that was over the top … The Hawks look more like a legit East contender every day. Playing in front of their first sellout crowd of the season, ATL’s swagger was on 100,000 from jump as they knocked off the Heat. A few minutes in, Jamal Crawford took a three in front of the Hawks bench and spun around to nod at his teammates even before the ball went in … Your nightly Josh Smith highlight reel: (1) Catching and finishing an underhand flip ‘oop from Mike Bibby while still rising, (2) Eating up a Mike Beasley layup and going coast-to-coast for a layup, and (3) Trailing a fast break and taking an over-the-shoulder pass from Joe Johnson that he finished with another dunk … Spurs/Mavs ended like every big-time game should, with the franchise players taking turns making franchise plays. With 30 seconds left in the fourth, Tim Duncan (22 pts, 14 rebs, 6 asts, 4 blks) hit two free throws to tie it up, followed by Dirk Nowitzki (41 pts, 12 rebs) tipping in a Jason Terry miss on the next possession to put Dallas back up — one of the most athletic plays you’ll ever see Dirk make. Duncan responded with a bucket in the post, and on Dallas’ last chance in regulation, swatted Terry’s jumper when it appeared Jet had a clean look … In overtime it was all Dirk: He got the go-ahead score on a layup plus-one, hit a three that almost broke San Antonio’s will, then iced it with free throws. Playoff atmosphere for this one … Other big stat lines from Wednesday: Rajon Rondo had 18 points and 12 assists in a blowout of the Warriors; Elton Brand posted 19 points, 11 boards, six blocks and three steals to beat the Bobcats; Rashard Lewis had 17 points, 10 boards and nine assists in a win over OKC; Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay scored 21 apiece as Memphis beat the Clippers; Andrew Bogut had 21 points and 11 rebounds to keep the Nets winless; Larry Hughes had 22 points, 10 boards, seven dimes and three steals in New York’s win over Indiana; Carlos Boozer put up 22 points and 18 boards in a win over the Raptors; and Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge scored 20 apiece to lead Portland past the Pistons … Somebody had said that T-Mac was going to play last night when the Rockets visited the Wolves. Then somebody said he wasn’t. Then somebody reportedly saw McGrady in the locker room in full uniform minutes before tip-off. Turns out McGrady didn’t play, but it’s not like the Rockets needed him … Some mistakes are forgivable, and then there’s this: After Corey Brewer got a dunk off a Houston turnover, the Minnesota broadcast waited until a stoppage in play to show the replay. Standard fare, only this time they made us miss Chuck Hayes shooting a free throw. We don’t care if Brewer did a backflip and cooked Prince some pancakes in mid-air, you don’t rob people of the chance to see Chuck Hayes shoot free throws … We’re out like McGrady. Still …

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  • Judas

    Lebron to the NFL — Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Adrian Wilson are licking their chops!

  • Sweet English

    I don’t care about Chuck actually shooting a free throw. it’s watching everyone step in to box out while he is still mid way through his motion, and then do that lil one footed dance as they try to stop themselves falling over, while not actually stepping into the paint.

    I made my created player on 2k10 shoot his free throws like Chuck. im shooting about 28% from the stripe but its worth it.

  • Judas

    76ers should NOT trade Elton Brand. 76ers will need his post-up game for the playoffs since we all know the playoffs is half-court game!

  • Sweet English

    Only Chuck Hayes can make Dirk Nowitzki do the hokey-kokey on national t.v without even making eye contact.


  • yo

    Anyone out there catch what kicks Al Harrington was rocking (just wondering as the Knicks got a W)?

  • alf (from melmak)

    Man, Chuck Hayes is unintentional comedy. Classic.

    Eric Maynor is also turning out to be a class act in Utah. Like I said before, he is the sleeper in the draft if he ever get his ticks.

    My meal allowance though is getting ready for the Spurs to blow the Jazz tomorrow. What is the over and under on this game?

  • Atom

    Wait, the Spurs are going to be blowing the Jazz tomorrow? What are you going to do with your day then?

  • Shrink This

    Flipping by the Wizards game last night I thought Walter Hermann had moved to a trailer park and started a meth lab. Then I realized it was Mike Miller.

    It looks like you can take the boy out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the TP out of the boy.

  • sh!tfaced

    Shit, man. Once you go SHAQ, ya don’t go BAQ!!!

  • oO

    Man, just when i thought Larry Hughes is dead, he steps up and puts up 22. Still I’m going for AI to NY for a 1 Year deal, it can only work for New York. They have no biz taking the Franchise to the Playoffs, so why not risking this deal? Duhon sucks big time and that rookie Douglas is going to get his tick anyway. I know AI could be another Cancer like Starbury was, but did you see Isiah last time arround? What are you’re thoughts?

  • TJ

    That “Lebron in the NFL” story is bullshit. People always underestimate the skills you need to succeed in the NFL. They think a great athlete can dominate, but football is really about knowing the game and being precise with your movements (better if you’re fast while you do it, but still you need to be precise). I grew up in northeast Ohio and graduated from high school the same year as him, so I saw him play a decent amount. He wasn’t really a good football player, only using his height to beat up on small white kids. Yea, he made All-State, but that was only because he was a big name basketball player with a huge profile by then.

    Look at John Capel, a sprinter and receiver from Florida. He was fast enough to make the Olympics, but wasn’t a starter in college and never got more than a practice squad flyer in the NFL.

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    Earl Boykins 9 pts, 3 assists, 1 rebound, welcome back earl!!!

  • Diggity Dave

    The Hawks are overrated, and aren’t going anywhere. Good team, but not a contender.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    Funny shit all around. The Smack was great. The posts were hilarious…

    HAHAHAHAHA @ Smack’s Chuck Hayes comment, then #’s 2 and 4, 6 (on accident), 7 (right on the money), and 8 (woke up my girl when with laughter as I read that ish).

    I can’t believe Earl didn’t get paid by an NBA team the last couple years. The guy is a stud. His size may be a big liability defensively, but shit, there’s a lot of guys that are worse than Earl on D – this guy could play for any team in the league and log meaningful minutes. Good to see him back. It’s as if the Wizards said, “Shit, if Arenas is getting 12 TOs in a game, we might as well sign the 5’4″ point guard”

    Jamison was a stud in college – he plays a lot different now, but those who didn’t see him, the guy was a great college scorer in the paint.

  • steve nasty

    Al Harrington needs more playing time. He is the best forward on that team full stop.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    I really did not want to picture Tim Duncan blowing Mehmet, but thanks Alf for the visual…

    No mention of the Blazers almost blowing a 20 point lead in the fourth? They were stuck on 76 for a good ten minutes while Detroit’s scrub squad brought the blowout back into an actual game for the final minutes…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qtOTBQcbiM&feature=related rodnets

    Scola 20-16 line is better than Elton Brandt. Show respect to Luifa.


  • Sweet English

    Can we all stop saying ‘blowing’ please.

  • rangerjohn

    the spurs mavs game was great, right up until the final score.

    the ESPN crew from that game SUCKS! ol whats her name said about 2 minutes into the game that TONY DUNCAN was out due to ankle, one of the comentators said anthony mason jr came into the game, they said dirk made a shot breaking the tie and putting the spurs up by 2. i mean damn man this is your job, at least know who or what is going on!

  • Guitar Hero

    What? No reference to Eddy Curry’s slim clone’s solid debut?

  • Soopa

    Missing some comments on Curry making a decent season debut! Are you guys thinking the same as me? 10-15 game showcase for Curry and he is shipped to Goldenstate in a multi-player (maybe multi-team) deal involving Monta “The Pest” Ellis?

    Would also love to hear some thoughts on CDR’s big game. Granted the Nets stink, but my week 1 annoucement of him as MIP is still alive – and theres still room on the bandwagon!

  • QQ


    Isn’t it ‘once you got Shaq, your squad will now suQ!’?

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Man, that Mike Miller is one ugly broad.

  • fallinup

    Earl blowing around Mo Williams and dropping that floater in to get his 6th point was all I needed. I love watching little guys making the big guys scramble.

    Washington was playing top notch last night. When they are healthy, I like watching this team.

  • ERIC

    DIME –

    Amazing throwback references with King Jaffee Jofer and the Magic fake on Spree..

  • tobacher

    Who said Dirk ain’t clutch..

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    So Curry slimmed down huh? He did that in Chicago when he was trying to get that 2nd contract. Then he developed that heart condition.

  • Paul Wall

    What exactly does “My meal allowance though is getting ready for the Spurs to blow the Jazz tomorrow” even mean?

    You always say that stupid shit.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Houston Up!

    To funny about Chuck.

    Can we just say now that the scoring title will be between Dirk, Kobe and Melo.

  • AdvancedMind

    When did Brand become a post up player at 6’6 in high heels, wich he wears often i hear.
    Hes a face up/spot up shooter, watch more basketball.
    Next your gonna tell me that Boozer is banging in the posttoo, like he doesnt shoot fade aways in the paint. SMH

  • Gnasche

    It was great to see the Spurs playing some inspired defense again. I think both the Mavs and the Spurs became better teams last night. Great basketball.

  • Sideswipe

    Did not realize that Boykins was back in the league. Good for him. Solid scorer and play-maker.

  • Dagomar

    Wow, Wiz “prove they can hang with the Eastern Conference’s elite?” Can we stop the Wiz hype for, I don’t know, a couple months at least? The team is way below .500 and beat a Cavs team at home that played the night before and is missing half its front court (after getting trounced by them in the first half, so fatigue was probably a factor). The Wiz didn’t prove shit.

  • Dagomar

    By the way, Dirk has been, by far, the most clutch player of the season so far.

  • Brown

    No mention of Bosh’s 32 and 17?

  • Diego

    @ 13: The Hawks are damn good–and have been beating solid teams. Wait until they get to play a lot of scrub teams at home. Boston is old (Garnett is junk); Miami is a one-man team; Cleveland has old man Shaq to mess things up. Orlando (and healthy Wiz team) are only teams in East with peer talent to healthy current Hawks team. And Marvin is in slump; wait until he regains his game.

    Josh Smith, JJ, Horford and Bibby are killing right now, and Smith and Horford probably are the best 2 tandem big men in the league. (Yes, better today than aging Pau and not yet mature Bynum combo.) Smith is beasting everyone right now. On rebounds, ball goes up, Smith gets board because his reach is about 4 inches above everyone else going for it.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    I love how their makin a big deal about lebron like EVERYONE who dunks hasn’t banged their wrist on the rim before. OMG, he his wrist, lets all react like its career ending and thats the real reason they lost to the lowly wizards and not like he had 6 turnover and jamison was givin him buckets.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @dagomar, ur are ALWAYS tryin to find reasons to pretend dirk is clutch lol…he can score on mcdyess, whoopie..again we will see where this all is again come playoffs or against teams actually expected to win a ring this year, not the booozer jazz and old spurs. Speakin of old spurs, is it just me or is duncan finally in the shaq phase where he just looks really old suddenly. Last night he was missing basic stuff right by the basket. He was never a great athlete but still, even drew gooden was holding his own.

  • Claw

    @Diego – You need to find Dora and wake up from your fantasyland. I don’t like the Lakers but you are saying Josh Smith and undersized Al Horford are better than Pau and Bynum? What sh*t are you smoking, you need to hook me up with some of that weed.

    Dirk does look inspired this year, see what getting rid of a psycho chick does for ya.

  • jeremy
  • LakeShow84

    @ Bron42

    You know Lebron.. he might be out for 1 week now..

  • LakeShow84

    Lol did someone call 28-29 year old Pau aging??

    Damn peeps get excited..

    Didnt Bynum BY HIMSELF beast the Hawks frontline already?? My my Diego how we forget.. As a matter of fact i think our game showed u kids how to play championship basketball.. So YOUR WELCOME..

    I luv being smug sometimes lol

  • Diego

    Yeah, what I see through the smokey haze of the nice weed is a solid Hawks team cutting through its tough early season schedule like a hot knife through butter.

    And, unbelievably, Josh Smith may reach his All-Star goal at mid-season (if the stat keepers quit robbing him of half his blocks during the game). Pau is weak; Bynum is not. Bynum could be a problem…but, then again, long, tall Oden, Przybilla and Alridge were not, as Portland got swept this year by the Hawks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    @3 – I’m with you all the way Judas.

    He needed to that type of game for his, eh, confidence.

    See what a game against Tyson Chandler does for one’s confidence??

    I think he forgot he can do those things.

    Yeah, 6’6 in high heels AdvancedMind, yeah, surrrreee you’re right, with 6 blocks to go along with that.

    I’ll take Brand or Boozer and they bangz, YOU need to watch more bball. Or play it, do sumptin!

  • http://threeb.forumotion.net/ Dean

    Man, NOW I gotta watch Chuck Hays shoot his FTs. CAUSE I don’t know what you Dimes are talkin’ about! I just don’t recall, dammit.

    NICE watchin the Hawks doing so well.

    Hey all, check out my link.

  • MissChick

    Good post Dime, especially the last comment about Chuckie. Honestly I hated that guy with a passion last year, but now I admire his hustle and his role. He knows what he’s suppose to do, and he does it well.

    His role is NOT to shoot free throws.

  • LakeShow84

    Ooooooo Whitlock givin Lebron the buziness..

    He just lost half his East Coast Fans..

    @ DIME

    And why the hell is everygame Lebron plays the main cover story for the smacks?? The Hawk-Heat game was much better.. shit the Dallas/SA game went into OT.. Wizards/Cavs IS NOT RIVALRY.. BOTH teams have to win at certain points.. you guys know this.. I HOPE..

  • LakeShow84

    “It’s too bad Cavaliers coach Mike Brown doesn’t have the necessary authority to tell James to spend his free time fantasizing about developing a consistent low-post game rather than feeding the media quotes about silly NFL dreams and Jordan’s jersey number.

    He’s an incomplete, title-less basketball player who wants to possibly experiment with football. He’s immature and shallow.”


  • K Dizzle

    “Pau is weak?”
    Where does that crap even come from?
    Can the man play first?
    And how is it that J-Smoove on the all-star squad is unbelievable? He SHOULDA made it last year
    Some free advise for Hawks bandwagon jumpers – You really don’t wanna peak in November…that one was free

    @ DIME – Puttin up the “big” statlines from the night and givin no love to Scola(20 and 16), Bosh(32 and 17), CDR (31 and 10) even S-Jack(26, 5 and 5) in his 2nd game for Charlotte is suspect….

    One more thing – Even if Gilbert walked in and found Shaq balls deep in his girl, what’s he really gonna do?

  • LAballer

    @ diego

    now you’re comparing oden and pryz to pau and bynum? go to sleep for a little while son..you’re delusional

    pau’s at his peak..how is he aging? oden’s the one aging..badly..

    dime..that king jaffe joffer line was nice haha..let your soullllll glowwwwww

    dallas/spurs is developing into a nice little rivalry hahahah..too bad they are both second tier squads

  • fallinup


    Just go to you tube and type Chuck Hayes in the search bar. “chuck hayes free throws’ comes up first.

    As said in one of the comments there… “It’s like he has a brain fart at the time of release.” :D

    Kinda like Barkley’s golf swing.

  • fallinup


    Or this is a good one. Chuck Hayes shooting technical free throws.

    AI was saying he traveled. Hilarious.

  • http://www.diznuts.blogspot.com Darkness

    Look at what continuity and patience have done for the Hawks. And Josh Smith has finally realized he has no real range on his J yet. I’m not sure what cap space ATL will have, but instead of Joe Jeezy fleeing, what if they are able to sign a 3rd or 4th tier player to add with Joe? Scary thought…

  • Dagomar

    Whitlock is a fool. Apparently in order to do well in your job you must focus entirely on that job, with nothing else in the way. That’s not even humanly possible. Apparently I can’t write a comment here, else I’d be distracted from my job. Lebron apparently can’t focus on being the league’s best player because when someone asked him if he’d do well in the NFL he said that he could. What a load of childish nonsense. The guy is just a sensationalist trying to get a lot of hits on his article; I don’t know how people live with themselves when all they do is write stupid hackjobs. Lakeshow as a Lakers fan I’d expect you to know better, because those are the only sorts of stories people were writing about Kobe for years on end.

  • the cynic

    Chuck hayes at the foul line, Eddy Curry played a game, and Shaq had sex with Gil’s girl while his team was getting its ass kicked. the NBA where amazing happens

    The Hawks are legit, maybe not title contender, but I think they could reach the Eastern Conference finals

  • K Dizzle

    @ post 54

    you’ve never read an article about Kobe havin fantasies offcourt and needin to improve his game.
    Difference between Kobe and Lebron is that Kobe’s always been all hoops, all the time. For the past 7 years, we’ve been sayin that “Lebron needs to improve his free throw shooting.” “Lebron needs to develop a jumpshot” “Lebron needs to develop a post game”. 7 seasons. Dude is a 6’9 250 small forward and a ridic athlete, but his lack of development as a basketball player annoys me. Yeah, he puts up ridic numbers and he makes scrubs better, but he should be more complete as a player after 6 seasons.
    Noone’s ever said that about Kobe. If there was a weakness, he worked on it. Dude has had no weakness in his game for almost a decade….and he still develops a deadlier post game with Dream. That’s the kind of focus Bron should have with all the media hype he gets. That was kinda the point of the article

  • Dagomar

    K Dizzle:

    Facts are your friend. Lebron was hitting about 48% of his two-point jump shots for the second half of last season and he’s hitting around 50% this year. He was shooting around 78% on free throws last year; this year he’s right there again. Put it this way: Lebron’s free throw shooting has been higher than Wade’s for this season and last season; same goes for three-point shooting. Did you know that Lebron’s three point shooting is 16% higher than Kobe’s so far in the year? Meanwhile Lebron has vastly improved his defense.

    As for Kobe . . . the whole thrust of his last few years has been learning how to be a better passer, a better team player. That’s what he’s always been criticized for. Right now he’s averaging .5 more turnovers than assists. Who’s not improving?

    What are you talking about dude? it sounds to me like you’re just going off of hunches and biases rather than A) watching the games and B) checking the stats and C) being open-minded.

  • LakeShow84


    I know he pushes the envelope but read everything he said.. its kinda spot on the situation.. and honestly i havent addressed the Lebron in football thing because (i hate to say but as Whitlock said) the only reason it came up was because Mangini didnt want to talk about the season and said he’d welcome Lebron.. BUT he did have some valid points;

    A)All of a sudden because LJ wants 23 retired the WHOLE LEAGUE should do it?? and his basis for this was “because he was the greatest to play”?? another media response from a media darling.. no depth and didnt make much sense to me.. he said Jordan did so much for the game?? NO Russell, Erving and Magic paved the way for him to PLAY.. Jordan made a one man show exciting..

    B)He aint won shit yet to have his eye wandering over to the football side and as someone who has played both sports as a professional football player i would be offended for him to think he can jump onto my stage after his only credence is dominatin high school kids.. at least make sure your game is sound.. post up anyone??

    And there are no more comparisons between Kobe and Lebron.. i wont even address cuz its nonsense.. Lebron needs to win something before i even look at him as a true elite player.. look at the REAL elite players right now.. hes a media darling and thats all.. and the way he is treated on the court by the refs is an insult to players who have had to work their way up and fans who like said players..

    Kobes, Dwade, Duncan, KG.. they all won a championship for their team.. only one not on their is Melo and he barely became elite.. and its frightening for me to admit it but i think Melo’s game will win Denver a chip eventually..

    i hope Lebron avg those #’s.. if he didnt you would need to justify how the man touches the ball 80+ times a game and aint droppin shit..

  • SagJism

    OMFG, I am ROTFLMBAO at hayes free-throws, WTF is that? my coffee just came up my nose and the link #52 provided, and why is the hell is he shooting techs? LOL OMFG.

  • SagJism

    @58, way to be on point.

  • Dagomar

    Lakeshow, I don’t really want to waste my time arguing with someone who doesn’t consider Lebron a really elite player, but I can’t believe you added KG on that list. So you didn’t consider KG an elite player before he won a Chip? I guess he was that much better in Boston than in Minny, right? Let’s face it: the best player Bron ever played with is Mo Williams, and the Cavs are still a title threat.

  • Diego

    @ K Dizzle:

    Yea, Pau is not that tough. I recall Horford dominating him in a game in ATL Horford’s rookie (I believe) year–and Horford is vastly improved. (Look it up; I don’t have to.) And yes, Pau is not what he was when he was go-to center for Memphis, winning rookie of year and single-handedly taking them to the playoffs a couple of years.

    Naw, J-Smoove realistically did not deserve All-Star game last year–I am not that biased.

    And note to NBA (and school of life?) novice–a good start is always nice. Once you start on a roll, it often keeps rolling (and the flip side). And would anyone today bet Atlanta doesn’t make playoffs? Phoenix? How about N.J.–anyone think they will make playoffs? How is Milwaukee looking? Anyone now think Atlanta might be top 3 seed in East? Anyone think Atlanta will have 2 guy on All Star team (not voted; chosen by coaches)? Last 2 items still may not happen–but certainly does not seem as farfetched today as 3 weeks ago. Bottom line: Like most things, it is great to get things off to nice start and build momentum. Compare Heat this year vs. last year.

    @ LAballer: I am crazy comparing Oden and Aldridge to Bynum and Pau? Question: What’s the difference between Lakers and Trailblazers? Answer: Kobe.

  • dennisfromdallas

    @ 49

    Alledgedly, Gilbert’s girl is pregnant….only she would know the truth.

  • Claw

    @Lakeshow – You smoking some of that Diego weed also? Lebron not elite? Are you flippin kidding me? KG is not the player he was in Minny, not even close to being that dominant force.

    How soon we forget Kobe airballing 3s in the playoffs. Lebron is a better player at 24 than Kobe was. Kobe was mastering his craft really? In Kobe’s 6th season he was shooting 25% from downtown, that’s dominating. BTW Lebron is at 36%.

    Let me know when Smokie shows up to your party.

    I don’t which is worse JSmooth/Al better than Pau/Bynum or LBJ not elite and hasn’t worked on his game like Kobe.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Dagomar..

    there aint no point in arguing because there is no arguement.. like i said.. your boy got to win something to impress me and pure basketball purists.. until then i still see bad footwork (LMAO they legalized the crab dribble for him??), charges and clutch time bricks.. He still bricking clutch FT’s?? DAMN..

    IMO hes WACK.. he should chalk up 2-3 more charges a game.. and 2 should be in the end of close games cuz hes retardedly predictable.. just like CP3 should get 2-3 more pushoff fouls a game.. but aye thats just the way it is..

    And HONESTLY NO i didnt think KG was elite because he didnt ACCOMPLISH THE MAIN GOAL IN ALL OF SPORTS after being a beast for so many years.. after a while stats dont mean shit.. thats why so many superstars start hopping teams looking for rings later on their careers..

    But KG got his ring and the stats to back it up..

    It dont go the other way around..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Claw

    Lol all everyone can jump on is “You said Lebron isnt elite!?!? how dare u!!”

    knocs, of course i know he is elite.. but its funny how everyone gotta bring Kobe into the discussion..

    Kobe was 3 time champion by the time he was 24.. NO DISCUSSION.. So you all must know Lebron couldve led the charge that Kobe led against Portland in that playoff series?? lol actually i know.. he wouldve either charged or choked.. Could Lebron have locked down the other teams best player at 24?? Nah but aye he couldve blocked him on a fast break! YAY!

    Yawn.. the discussion is so tiring.. accomplishments vs hype and what ifs..

    HMMMMMMMMMM who wins..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Claw

    So when KG went to Boston and turned their D into one of the best defenses in YEARS it was really because of Ray Allen and Posey and all the other roster fill??

    Yeah sit and think about that my friend.. if you were a basketball player you wouldnt win jack either..

    You do what you do for your team to WIN.. if u can drop stupid #’s along the way fine but if not know ur role.. just cuz they superstars dont mean they dont have a role.. Allen Iverson anyone??