Video / Nov 9, 2009 / 12:45 pm

Ballin’ With Manny Pacquiao

If you haven’t been watching HBO’s reality series “24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto,” you’ve been missing out. Chronicling the preparations and back stories of both fighters as they train for their November 14th showdown, the four-episode series has been great. Check out this clip as Pacquiao and his trainer Freddie Roach talk about his passion for basketball, its role in training camp and the agreement between the two about the sport and the approaching fight.

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  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I got Cotto in an upset.

    Still nice to see Pac-Man ballin with that ugly alley-oop lol.

    None of them wanna see Floyd Plain and simple!

  • Ric_Hardwood

    Cotto is going down… I call 9th Round…

  • quest???

    @ poppi i agree with you. its going to be close but i think cotto will win. Manny is fast and strong, but cotto is a natural welterweight, manny has never faught a true welterweight. He faught oscar when oscar was obviousy too old to box and ricky hatton was overrated. Dont get me wrong manny is a great fighter, but i think cotto will win this one.

  • SWAT

    man dudes jumper is broke…lookin like a mexican shawn marion out there…lol


    Is Manny wearing a knock-off Nike T-Shirt?
    Is that dude wearing a knock-off Green 76ers jersey (1:03 mark)?

  • sh!tfaced

    Oh yeah. Never thought the old hood would ever be featured here. Repping the shithole city of Baguio, where knock-off apparel and broken jumpshots are as common as Freddie Roach’s tremors. Hell, even the Starbucks was a knock-off. Naw. LOL.

    That wasn’t a 76ers jersey, it was 79ers. But it was a cheap ass imitation just the same. He was prolly playing, or used to play, for the 79th street, district or something.

    Gonna go traitor here and pick Cotto too, a good big man will always beat a good small man.

  • heartbreaker85

    im starting to believe that a lot of the guys who leave comments on this site are filipinos.

  • JesusFTW

    Pacman will dominate Cotto. He’s too slow and too big of a target for Pacquiao to just launch a couple of punches and evade even before Cotto can react.

    24/7 is building up Cotto’s camp too much so it won’t look too one-sided

  • Leoni

    The handle is suspect too, to be easy on the guy.