Smack / Nov 4, 2009 / 2:59 am

Bigger Fish to Fry

LeBron James

In lieu of making yet another LeBron/Jay-Z analogy, let’s put it this way: The Cavs are treating the Wizards like LL Cool J did Canibus. They’ll take some time out to address the beef, but always with a swagger that says “Who is this little pest?” It’s even trickled down to the announcers. When Washington came out blasting last night (“Second Round Knockout”) and put the Cavs down by as much as 18 in the first half, Austin Carr admitted the game didn’t mean as much to LeBron and Co. as it did to Gilbert Arenas‘ squad. In the fourth quarter, after the Cavs had caught up and started to pull away on a barrage of threes, the other Cleveland announcer yelled something about the Cavs showing the Wiz, “they’ve got bigger fish to fry!” … LeBron finished with 27 points, eight boards, six dimes and three steals, and Shaq put up 21 points and eight boards, but the Cavs actually looked their best when those two were on the bench and a lineup of Mo Williams, Boobie Gibson, Jamario Moon, Anderson Varejao and Big Z delivered the backbreakers in the fourth. LBJ and “Big Witness Protection” came in later to play the Mariano Rivera role … There was almost a disaster in the fourth, after Boobie hit another three and Washington called timeout. LeBron rolled off the bench laughing, but he rolled right into the path of Shaq, who’d hopped off the bench to greet Boobie. Shaq just avoided stepping on LBJ and causing some damage one way or the other … DeShawn Stevenson was getting booed every time he got the ball, but after a while it just seemed pointless. He did bad all by himself, going 0-for-4 … Question that came up during the game: Is Shaq the best passing center of all-time? Tell us what you think … Cruel joke that came up during the game: Shaq’s black and white mouthpiece looks like an ice cream sandwich in his mouth … Defensively, the Heat did almost everything you’re supposed to do when trying to slow down the Suns: Don’t give up a lot of open threes, get Amar’e in foul trouble, do your best to control the tempo, and force Steve Nash into being a scorer. All that, and playing without Leandro Barbosa (wrist), and playing on the road, Phoenix still pulled out a W in a matchup of unbeaten teams. Nash scored 30 points (11-15 FG) with eight assists, and the Suns even played a little D of their own, slapping on a zone in the second half that kept D-Wade relatively in check (23 pts, 7-18 FG) … Is it just us or does Miami look like a faster team when everybody is wearing white shoes instead of black? … Talking about Heat sixth man Udonis Haslem, the Suns announcers had a conversation about how “most players” understand that it’s not about who starts the game, but who finishes it. Subliminal message for Allen Iverson? … Apparently the Pistons just have Dwight Howard‘s number no matter who’s in the lineup and how lopsided the matchup is supposed to be. In one of those “die by the three” nights, Orlando hit 10-of-35 beyond the arc and Dwight fouled out in just 16 minutes, somehow failing to dominate a frontline consisting of Ben Wallace, Charlie Villanueva and Jonas Jerebko … Where was Tayshaun Prince, you ask? The Iron Man of the NBA, who’s been as reliable as a bus schedule for the last six years, missed his first game since 2003 with a lower back strain. Rip Hamilton (ankle) was also out, and starting in his place, Ben Gordon led the way with 23 points (11-11 FT) …

Dirk Nowitzki

Speaking of having somebody’s number, the Jazz can’t seem to do sh*t with Dirk Nowitzki or the Mavs. Utah was up 15 in the fourth before Dirk morphed into the owl from The Fourth Kind, dropping TWENTY-NINE points in the quarter on 7-of-8 from the field and 14-of-14 from the line, finishing with 40 points as the Mavs scored 44 in the quarter. The loss was Utah’s 12th in their last 13 trips to Dallas. Jerry Sloan was unavailable for comment after the game, seeing as his head had exploded earlier … Since Andrei Kirilenko had to guard Shawn Marion, and Carlos Boozer‘s sorry defense was a perfect match for Erick Dampier‘s sorry offense, Mehmet Okur drew the short straw and the mismatch on Dirk. Oh, and Nowitzki added 11 rebounds, five dimes and five blocks … Other big stat lines from Tuesday: Paul Pierce had 21 points and Rasheed Wallace scored 20 on six threes as the Celtics routed the Sixers; Jamal Crawford put up 27 points and seven dimes in Atlanta’s win at Portland; Carmelo scored 25 and Chauncey dropped 24 with five threes as the Nuggets smashed the Pacers; and Luol Deng posted 24 points and 20 rebounds in a come-from-behind win over Milwaukee. Brandon Jennings (25 pts) outscored Derrick Rose (16 pts) in their matchup, but Rose blocked Young Money’s attempt at a game-tying bucket in the final seconds … When the Thunder actually become a good team, it’s gonna be crazy watching playoff games in that arena. Last night’s near-upset of the Lakers had that postseason atmosphere and volume, in a game that was back-and-forth in the fourth quarter and went to overtime. While Ron Artest making things tough for Kevin Durant (28 pts, 10-24 FG, 7 turnovers) was no surprise — KD had a couple airballs and some ugly bricks down the stretch — not many people would have expected Thabo Sefalosha to give Kobe such a hard time … Scoring 31 points on 9-of-22 shooting from the field, Kobe hit a Jordan-esque baseline fadeaway with 1:30 left in the fourth quarter to put L.A. up by two, and after Jeff Green tied it on the other end with a jumper, Kobe got a clear-out on Thabo with a chance to deliver a dagger. Kobe’s crossover didn’t fool Thabo, however, who poked the ball mid-cross and forced Kobe into a long airball. After Durant forced a 30-footer that didn’t hit anything, Kobe had another shot with 2.7 seconds left. And while Kobe did pop open on the inbounds, Durant deflected the pass intended for him and Thabo stole it … The Lakers were up three with 10 seconds left in overtime when Lamar Odom gave OKC a chance to stay in it, bricking one free throw and then airballing the other. But Russell Westbrook‘s three on the other end missed, and that was the game … Worst segue ever: One of OKC’s announcers did the contractually obligated, “Your friends at Jack Daniels remind you to drink responsibly, then added, “Ron Artest has been scoring responsibly here in the fourth quarter.” Wouldn’t scoring responsibly involve a condom? Maybe an extra Adam’s Apple check before leaving the club? … Speaking of corporate shilling, here’s your RCA Universal Remote Control PAUSE of the Night: OKC’s play-by-play guy said the Thunder’s equipment manager was “using his miracle juice” to clean blood off Etan Thomas‘ jersey. That’s a new alternative to club soda … We’re out like weak rivalries …

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  • Sambuu

    fire Sloan!

  • the_don_mega

    “scoring responsibly”… priceless…

  • singharaj

    First! haha. A lot of one-liners tonight eh?

  • singharaj

    Boo, I guess I wasn’t the first.

  • alf (from melmak)

    To all the Jazz fans, like me – lottery here we come! Not the fault of Jerry Sloan but as I have said yesterday, this team is just going through the motions. No swagger whatsoever.

    Overhaul the team. Trade everyone except Deron Williams, Memo Okur, and Paul Milsap.

    My meal allowance says I should look for another team to cheer. Been a fan of the Jazz since the late 80s. Maybe I should go back to being a Celtic fan. Never been one since they dismantled the Bird, Mchale, Parish, Ainge, Johnson nucleus.

  • Soopa

    Isnt Nash the early, EARLY, MVP front runner? He is in my book.

  • yoda

    well, kobe was ill, had flu like symptoms so he has excuse for so-so game. important thing, LAL got another W and pau might play soon :)

  • http://www.basketsim.com BNZA

    “Carlos Boozer’s sorry defense was a perfect match for Erick Dampier’s sorry offense”

    Had me loling

  • William

    Dirk just took over the fourth quarter.

  • magicfaninTN

    Refs had something to do with the Orlando loss–D Howard and Marcin Gortat combined: 40min, 12pts 12boards, 12 fouls?! The Magic backcourt may have been the other reason.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Tough one for my Thunder,would’ve been a statement game for them. Looking at the standings, i think OKC are a stupid chance at the playoffs this year. If hornets and utah remain terrible.

  • Arno

    The question now is : who will beat the Celts ??

    I can’t see any flaw in this team, at both ends of the court. Providing they stay healthy, they have an answer for every other team in the League.


  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    alf, don’t be a fairweather melmak fan…and how isn’t this Sloan’s fault…trade Boozer for Rip, or get Udonis Haslem and Daeqaun Cook–kid can shoot and jump in the open court, Ronnie Brewer can only do one of those things.

    great Dime tonight…

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    this is coming from a browns fan (yes, they are an all-lower case caliber squad) if you roll on your team because of a losing streak, you don’t deserve your fandom.

    hate the management, point out the players flaws, or how they flood the Major Leagues with the most talented players to win chips with other clubs (also an indians fan), but never give up on your squad….

  • Atom

    Shaq the best passing big man? He’s nice, but I would have to put a couple of guys like Sabonis and Divac over him.

  • rick773

    I agree with Atom for my money Sabonis was the best passing big man I’ve seen….Good Win for the Bulls(Monster game from Deng) Shouldn’t have been down to the bucks by that much….But Young Money looks legit I had my doubts about him but he’s doing his thing

  • cdubb

    Dirk was just insane. 29 pts in the 4th? you gotta be kiddin me!!!! mavs all the way

  • ab_40

    wow another small forward with a 20 20 game today it’s luol deng with 24 and 20 that’s crazy. Dirk… no words

  • the_don_mega

    best passing big man? Sabonis over Shaq…

  • Atom

    Dime get on yo research. When was the last time somebody scored more in a quarter? 29 is bananas. Gotta give it up to Dirk. He wasn’t settling for jumpers, saw the mismatch on the footspeed and just kept driving it down Utah’s throat .

    I’m out like Memo making defensive first team

  • K Dizzle

    Nash was ridiculous tonight.
    35 years old? What?
    That no look baseline flip to J-Rich was vintage. One foot step back floaters in the lane, runnin floaters. Easily the best “tough shot taker and maker in the l”
    Sorry, Kobe…
    and that’s from a “Laker til I die” fan

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ sans

    Thanks man. I just hate to see the Jazz this way. Stockton and Malone had far lesser talent around them but they managed to come out with wins on most nights.

    This current Jazz team has the depth to go far and do special things if only they would follow what Sloan wants them to do. This is now a team with players that are indifferent to each other.

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    @Atom and Don_mega

    Definately Saboins over shaq, and vlade, i’d even put yao over shaq, and hakeem

  • rangerjohn

    wow, the lakers thin bench is getting worse! i mean damn they combined for 6 points, 2 assists, 2 turn overs, and 5 rebounds. i mean that is not even a good line for a single bench player, let alone the 6 that actually saw a minute of playing time. hell etan thomas had more points, rebounds and blocks then the lakers entire bench combined? really OLLIE’s line was as good or better by himself, at least he got 2 steals twice as many assists, and had no turn overs.

    lakers are gonna need more then gasol back if they plan to even get to the west finals more or less the nba finals.

  • Soopa

    @ Atom #20

    Atom get on yo research. Happend last season, Melo 33 points!

    Not that his performance takes anything from Dirks tonight which was riDIRKulous (sorry…)

  • rangerjohn

    oh i forgot to mention, farmar thinks some of the guys on the bench NEED MORE MINUTES! lmao really? so now farmar knows better then phil? make something of the minutes you get now and maybe you will get more minutes.

  • sh!tfaced

    Go back to the Celtics Alf! LOL.

    Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish aren’t walking back throught the door, although Danny Ainge came back and look what he brought back. Though Parish did too(?), and DJ (RIP) is literally rollin’ in his grave.

    The damn C’s have meshed so well, it seems like Sheed has been playing with them all along (Marquis and even Shelden too).

    Slick move by Celtics’ management fitting Tyronn Lue fitting as their ” the ‘Director of Basketball Development’/or in case something happens to Rondo back up plan” because of the maxed up roster. He’ll most likely be part of the lineup late in the season.

  • the_don_mega

    @Soopa – “riDIRKulous”… apology accepted… lol!

  • That’s whats up

    If the Jazz team members would just not drink, have several wives each and all magically turn white, their season would turn around. Just ask their fans.

  • sh!tfaced

    Something tells me Tayshaun Prince drops the Iron Man rep and will miss more games this year. If D-How keeps playing like shit vs the Pistons, Big Ben might get a job with an Eastern Contender down the road.

    Maybe a reunion with his brother Sheed…? Dumars still owes Ainge “assisting” the Pistons acquire Sheed and Mike James with that three way trade they did with Atlanta back in ’04.

    And oh yeah, Bill Walton was arguably the L’s best passing big man, all-time. Along with Sabonis and Divac up there.

    And whoever says Wilt was just because he led the NBA in assists one time doesn’t know shit about his NBA because we all know that Chamberlain was a stats whore anyway.

  • Boo Boo the Fool

    @ Atom
    Melo did it last season when he dropped 33 in a quarter vs the Twolves

    Actually was at the blazers game and took notes….

    J Smoove just looks lazy and disinterested and is disruptive to their “offense” jacking up outside jumpers and trying to display post moves.

    G Oden is horrendous in the post point blank period

    J Crawford was abusing Steve Blake and Dre Miller and made a living at the freethrow line

    LA blatantly refuses to play in the post lol but was killing with midrange and turnarounds

  • sh!tfaced


    With a player named Boozer and a wife like Andre “I don’t mind my husband getting laid with another bitch once a year” Kirilenko has, that seems unlikely right now…

  • No J Mayo

    D Steve= Joke.
    Nash/Nowitzki…Could you explain again Cuban why Nash’s money was better spent on Erica Dampier??
    B Jennings= ROY.
    Watched Lakers/Thunder last night and Durant CLEARLY wanted no piece of RonRon…played hot potato and when he did shoot the shots had no chance. Surprised how easily Ron has become a complimentary offensive piece.

  • No J Mayo

    Oh yeah, that shit about Shaq as best passing big man? Another joke. He ain’t Walton, he ain’t Sabonis, he ain’t even Yao.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ sparkyjay23

    Hakeem, The admiral, Sabonis, Divac And Timmy is in the mix too
    Shaq is probably the strongest of all time but best passing? No

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Dime, what’s the over/under on how many times you have used the terms “Jordan-esque” and “Kobe” in the same sentence?

    I’m thinkin’ 50 and takin’ the over.

    Pacers and Jazz are surprisingly off to a bad start.

    Brandon, Bogurt, and Warrick got the Bucks lookin’ like the N.O of the East. 3 players, that’s it.
    With all due respect Redd, I aint seen you play in a minute.

    Detroit’s guard play is sooooo fun to watch.

    Celtics bench = LIGHTS OUT


    As for the Cavaliers go, the significance of having Z and Shaq will be magnified come playoff time. Gaurantee that. They might be relatively slow and definitely “aged”…hahaha…but I can see this post tandem causing some teams problems in the post season.

    I’m with the Spurs Groupie — the Lakers’ “thin bench…combined for 6 points, 2 assists, 2 turnovers, and 5 rebounds.”

    Yeah, that’s not a good look. Gasol’s absence is effecting some things for sure.

  • the_don_mega

    if C-Webb can be considered a “big man” then he gotta be on that list too…

  • Dagomar

    Wow, let nobody say Dirk isn’t clutch anymore. Dude is CLUTCH. That fourth quarter was spectacular. Mavs look pretty killer so far this year and that’s without their second-best player! Overall if the Mavs/Suns have impressed so far and the Blazers/Jazz have disappointed, the Hornets just stunk up the joint.

  • http://www.dunk.com.au Mr bEn

    Vlade Divac was the game’s best passing centre!

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Dirk had Jerry Sloan singing Furgie last night
    “This sh!t is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!” It was like watching Floyd Merriwether beat on Juan Marquez for 12 rounds. You kinda want it to stop, but it’s a beauty to watch.

    Derrick Rose should really sit out for a few weeks until this ankle thing has gone away. Mark Price and Isiah Thomas can tell him how important it is to rest an ankle injury. And just DRose luck, on a bad ankle he has faced the speed of T.Parker, DWade/Mario Chalmers, Rajon Rondo, and Brandon Jennings. Next up is Mo Williams so a least he gets to take it easy.

    Also Noticed that Rose plays pretty good denfense in one-on-one situations. When he is ran through tons of screens, he tends to get lost. But just like he did to Rondo in the playoffs last year, he had a game-saving block.

    AI has already turned into a Cancer for Memphis. Nice.

    and Stan VG clearly hates D.Howard. When D12 gets 8 pts against one of the worst front lines in the L, while his team jacks up 35(!!!!) 3pointers, the coach should be slapped. 10/35 3pt FG! I can’t get over that.

  • rangerjohn

    i surely hope chicagorilla was trying to be funny when he said floyde merriweather. i mean if not, how embarrassing to throw in a guy like him and get his name wrong while doing it. i mean thats like saying “its like watching terresa mcgrady go down with an injury once again”

    THIN!!! lmao

  • Kermit The Washington

    Watch. Cleveland hit a bunch of 3s and won, but the Wiz are gonna give them problems in the future. They be rollin’ around on the bench laughing and carrying on like they did last year and WATCH. I’m tellin’ you…I can’t wait to see that series go 6 or 7

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla


    you dickhead

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Shaq as the best passing Bigman?

    Well Wilt Chamberlin did lead the League in assist. I mean its kinda hard to argue anyone being better than him. Divac has some slick passes too, and Brad Miller. Bill Walton also. But still Wilt the Stilt led the L in assist.

  • Brian

    @ dagomar- Until he proves that he can win the real important games (i.e. playoffs), I’m not buying.

    Someone needs to force Sloan into retirement. He has an amazing track record with the Jazz, but he has 21 years of showing he is just amazing enough not to go to the lottery. Nothing more, nothing less. The team looks completely heartless. They have been outscored 110-63 in the 4th quarter in their three losses. That is a major sign that this team has very little organization and is not ready to finish. What else does a coach do if not give organization and get the team mentally tough enough to finish? Instead he is an asshole to his best players in the media. Thank you for making the Jazz the most mediocre team the past 21 years, Jerry.

  • sh!tfaced

    More like FRAUD. Watching Gayweather beat JMM is like watching the Sixers beat mediocre teams like the Bucks and the Knicks this season but they can’t play for shit when they go against contenders like Orlando and Boston.

  • Dagomar

    By the way, Dirk’s 40/11/5 asts /5 blks /2 stls statline is by far the best of the season so far.

    And as for proving it in the playoffs . . . check his record. The Warriors and Heat aren’t the only teams he’s played . . . he’s had monster performances against the Spurs or Kings when it mattered most, for example. And last year he was again a beast. When a player gets double or triple teamed as he did with the Warriors, it’s up to his teammates to get the job done.

  • Claw

    @ Chicagorilla – Now that’s old school, to think about Wilt leading the L and there was some solid guards back in the day. I don’t think a center every before or after has achieved that feat.

    DHow also hurt his shoulder and didn’t play much, another reason why his stats were down.

    The Jazz actually look confused on the offensive end, which is hard to fathom of a Jerry Sloan team and Deron at the point.

    Suns undefeated? Frye hitting 3s and Nash placed in the time machine. Reality hits soon, Orlando and Boston coming up. We’ll see if this keeps up and are at least competitive with Boston, Rondo can’t wait for that game he might hit double digits in scoring.

  • rangerjohn


    ha dickhead, you got me there, i am a dick. i love it because it is to easy to get under your thin skin.

    TO EASY!


  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    after the first 3 games the Bucks have played. I can see how Al Jefferson, Kevin Martin, Rudy Gay/OJ Mayo, The Toronto Raptors, and the Entire Knicks Fan Base all have what Kevin Hart calls the “I ate a$$ face”. Al Jefferson should be the most pissed of all… Rubio and Flynn… one doesn’t exist and the other one is a ballhog. While Brandon Jennings looks like he’ll be in the best PG in the L talk along with CP3, D-Will, and Rose a few years from now.
    I love how he is in the same division as Rose too, should make for some great basketball. Notice I didn’t include Rondo….ooooh TREATED~!~

  • Guitar Hero

    Sabonis and C-Webb are the greatest passing big men ever. Shaq and Divac are pretty good as well.

    Dirk is just an amazing offensive player. Easily one of the best in NBA history.

  • AdvancedMind

    -Watches the gay english teachers point out typo’s-
    Isnt this website about basketball?

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    Dirk needs a new nickname the 4th (quarter) reich. ridiculous.

    Utah is just a mess right now. Injuries to outside shooting wings (Korver, Miles) means floor spacing is all messed up, and make the jazz easier to defend. the offense looks bad because it *is* bad. hopefully the slide continues and forces sloan to play younger guys and forces the front office to make changes.

  • LakeShow84

    Whats up with RangerJohn this year?? Dude u been on some straight 15 year old shit.. u get laid off or something?? “i love getting under peoples skin” thats what my little brother used to say all the time..

    Then he hit puberty..

    Anyhoo.. Divac was by far a better passer than Shaq.. Watching Divac and the best passing PF ever in Webber was sweet.. as much i hated it i liked that shit out of respect for their skillz..

    Good win last night.. Artest already showing why he was swooped up.. Can bang up the big scorers (Melo, Pierce, Bron) and can scare the lil scorers (Durant, Jefferson, and whoever else wants some).. and dropping 20 with 6 assists is a nice BONUS..

    @ whoever said the Celtics have no flaws.. Fuck the green even if they celibate.. they aint played us yet so aint no flaws been exposed..

    And quit hating DIME our boy had his year annual flu game.. still dropped 30..

  • LakeShow84

    Lol so who said the Jazz should keep Okur too??

    Cuz that was your CENTER getting MURDERED last night out there.. Like i said when your C is your best 3pt shooter and thats all he can do u aint winning JACK.. And watching Boozers help defense was comical.. he was half swiping half jumping out the way on every one of Dirks drives.. COMEDY.. i always though Odom/Gasol had his number but Boozer might seriously be the worst defensive PF in the league.. for really tho..

    Hate to say it but where you Jazz fans at now?? i thought u guys was solid this year??

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    The only negative to Dirks 29pt 4th quarter massacre…14/14 ft’s. It makes me start to think Stern mad a call to the bat-phone in Dallas. It’s clear that no one wanted to touch him once they started calling so many fouls. Jerry Sloan looked like he had a bad headache and just wanted to go to sleep after the game.

  • Kudabeen

    The Magic was bullied by three smaller guards…wow. Dwight only got off 2 shots? Jameer was getting carved up and no one looked like they were trying to do much. JJ Redick and Jason Williams were the only aggressive players. JJ is really asserting himself and getting support that he didn’t get in years past. That back and forth between him and Gordon was great. His swag was on full tilt, but then the Magic stop going to him. I was just shocked watching this hyped team get man handled buy a guy that is 5’10…crazy. Magic has all the talent, but toughness is still lacking…

    That LA OKC game was great even though the refs really made some bad calls against OKC. Jeff Green keeps showing that he is the most consistent player on that team and Durant was off his game. That last 30 footer was awful. Yes he can make it, but that wasn’t the time to take such a lame shot. But that’s what I was talking about with Kevin Martin. Get physical with a guy and make him have to think about contact and he will think his way into to doing things that he normally don’t do.

    Kobe was getting frustrated to. It Thabo was giving him all he could handle. He answered the extension questions I had. OKC’s youth killed them. Westbrook had like 3 horrible plays in a row after replacing Ollie…why was Kevin Ollie taking threes? It was a great game.

    Dirk…29 in the 4th!?! wow. Utah was at a lost on what to do with him…It looked like they Okur was the primary person guarding him. No AK47 or Brewer to keep him for driving on you? great performance.

  • srb

    Perkins is the best passing center of ALL time.

  • LakeShow84

    “The Clippers are 714 games below .500 since Donald Sterling bought the team in 1981″


  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Lakers bench is thin like Ginobli’s hair.

  • sh!tfaced

    ^^^ LOL. Wonder if kids in Argentina get their tops done like Manu’s cul-de-sac ala what Ronaldo did with Brazil sporting that shaved head with only the hair above the forehead left do.

  • http://dime fan

    Russel Westbrook has a ways to go. He’s not a point guard and will hold OKC back like Duhon does the Knicks. Nash is amazing with the ball. His game is better than Stockton’s. The Lakers need help. Boston is bullying everybody. Rondooooooooooooo is a beast & wait till Big Baby is back & better than before. Will”Thrill”Bynum should have been drafted. Probably the most underpaid player in the L. Great jobs Scouts,Gm’s alike. Brandon Jennings is such a PG. The Bucks are really really bad. Good job Mr. Walsh. The Knicks are screwed. Mario Chalmers isn’t a starter.

    Beasley has to step up his play for a #2 pick. Jamal Crawford could be an All-Star Or All NBA’er anyday. His pearls are ferocious. He had dre & blake holding on for dear life. Al Horford is a MANNNNN Mike Woodson needs to be fired. The Hawks hate him & their body language is disgusting. Bibby needs to come of the bench. Melo were watching you. You are the best player in the league as of now. JR we miss you. The Cavs aren’t good. TRUST ME. Play Coby Karl. Also why is Nick Young,Jerryd Bayless,Dajuan Summers,Austin relegated to the bench. Coaches who over coach. N.McMillman doesn’t have a clue what to do with that roster. D’Antoni and Mcmillan should swap. Good for both. Flip Saunders lost that game for the Wiz yesterday with his subbing. Why was Brandon subbed out in the 1st after his hot start. You never do that. It took him a while to get his groove. Ridnour isn’t that good not to sit. He’s a 2/3 string guard. Lastly Joe Johnson isn’t a SuperStar.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @dagomar, so dirk scores a bunch a points in a meaningless game against a team that EVERYONE has been destroying and hes suddenly clutch? THAT makes up for him choking in the finals and playoffs? i think not.

    @atom, if were just talking nba careers, I don’t think sabonis was there long enough to take the title..and yao? please, hes a walking turn over… I’d put webber,duncan(not really a great passer but out of the double teams hes legit),divac, before shaq. And ya, melo did it just last year and still holds the record, dirk only has the mavs record.

    @scoopa, no, nash isn’t a early front runner. That title goes to melo as of now and his like 38 ppgs. Heck even brandon jennings is doing his thing.

    @No J Mayo, um because nash kept fizzling out in the playoffs and couldnt get the mavs over the hump..not like dampier is any better but back in his mavs days nash was slightly above average at best.

    @dime, no mention of dwight hurting his shoulder either in the 3rd?

  • Big Sia

    Canibus > LL Cool J

    Brandon Jennings > Your favorite PG

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @dag, Dirk never wins the big game…

  • That’s whats up

    Dirk did win a big game, with a dunk, over Ginobili, in a Game 7…..to get the Mavs to the Finals.

    That was a big game.

    i still hate the fuckin’ Mavs but Dirk is a good player, like Melo is…. NO defense at all, but they can score

  • http://dime fan

    @60…. I’m Dead. Flew past dying. Hilarious. Lamar Odom’s free throw was vintage. With all his talent he should be ashamed. D.Fisher should be coaching already. Farmar is terrible. The starting pg for the Knicks is better. Lakers need a Point Guard. Josh Powell is their best player off the bench. Not drafting has really hurt this team on the back end. Kobe has to do way to much. I think Ron has bulked up way to much. He looks fit but not a natural playing weight. He’s lost him mobility and lift. Lakers sign Dre Barrett or Sean Singletary do something fast so Kobe could rid us of his idiotic snarl. I hate that damn thing. It’s worse than Harrington wine a la Toine shimmy. I only liked Mark Jackson. He needs a head coaching gig. Thabo locked Kobe up a few plays. Lebron worked on what post game this summer?????? Boobie Gibson work on your game. Damn.

  • hansosword

    Wilt Chaimberlan (led league in assists), Sabonis, Brad Daugherty, Shaq,

  • the cynic

    Durant is a lil puss; Artest didn’t even have to play defense to force 2 airballs that could have won the game. Farmer sucks, all of his minutes should be Shannon Brown’s minutes

  • rangerjohn

    # 66,
    i dont agree, dirk didnt win that game over manu. manu didnt listen to pop, he was not supposed to foul, spurs where up by 3 and they where supposed to LET dirk to the rim, manu thought he would put a point on it by blocking it and got caught. that was not the game winner, that play sent it to over time where the spurs had foul problems and energy problems. that play was not “clutch dirk” it was poor manu on a play where the spurs WANTED dirk to score. “no threes, let them have a two.

    dirk had a very good series i give him that, and he has had some big games (like last night) that mean absolutely NOTHING in relation to the season, when it counts he is not there PERIOD.

  • LakeShow84

    energy problems??

  • Claw

    Lakers just got by Oklahoma, I don’t see teams fearing them like teams do Boston. Celtics right now are playing lock down defense and Sheed has made that the team to beat right now.

    Didn’t see the Suns being undefeated, but haven’t played top tier teams yet but say what you want about Nash, he was the best player on the court last night which included DWade.

  • K Dizzle

    @ post 40

    Gwen Stefani….

  • Vinman

    Regardless of the name of the site, STOP calling assists “dimes” it sounds really fuckin stupid. Thankfully calling 3’s “trey’s” has died out, that sucked too. One that I still hear that I can’t stand is Marc Jackson calling the basket “the cup”. That’s just flat out retarded, cups don’t have holes in the bottom dumb ass! A hockey net is a cup, that’s fitting, not a basketball-basket. I’ve never been a fan of Tayshaun Prince, he’s a decent back up but he’s not first line material, never was…Gilbert Arenas is a gunner and no one will ever win with that ego-maniac on their team. Shawn Marion has been one of the most over-rated players in the league for the past decade and he’s another egotist. I don’t think CP3’s teammates like him, he’s way to broody on the floor…