NBA, Video / Nov 15, 2009 / 11:19 am

Brandon Jennings Drops A Double-Nickel

If there was any doubt who the front runner for Rookie of the Year was, those doubts have gone away. Brandon Jennings could be the best play in the entire 2009 NBA Draft. Oh yea, did I mention that he had zero in the first quarter and 29 in the third? Wow.

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  • lasae

    So glad we have this guy. I live in milwaukee and he gives our team a new attitude I love when people prove haters wrong!!

  • Mark

    I’m impressed by his transition from lackluster European performances to the NBA. Hopefully he’ll keep his killer instinct too on a team like Milwaukee.

  • Chocohazed

    He is making that Euro trip look more appealing everyday

  • Chocohazed

    He is making that Euro trip look more appealing everyday. He is the new Isiah Thomas!

  • jzsmoove

    pure uncontested shots. but nice nonetheless. its not like you can give anybody 30 shots and sink 60% of em. good job boy!

  • UncheckedAggression

    Yeah, I thought his shot was suppsed to be a work in progress! It’s been looking pretty good I guess.

  • Arno

    Amazing ! When you think he only played some 19 minutes per game at Roma last year, you wonder what the Italian side was thinking. And it’s the same the other way round : why is Beaubois playing 7 minutes for the Mavs, when all he needs is experience ? What a waste !
    Probably different game cultures and a bit of defiance. And respect for Pops, who put a 19 year old Tony Parker in the starting five when he arrived from the French league.

  • Octopus Jonny


    If BJ3 keeps this up he’s gonna be an All Star in addition to ROY.

    He’s going to push Bogut into that All Star category too. Hidden beneath all the buzz that Brandon is creating is Bogut playing the best ball of his NBA career. 16/10/2ast/2blk; shedding the “bust” label.

  • dial up

    wow, is anyone even trying to guard him?? The answer is yes, if you put anyone in an open gym with 30 shots you should make at least 60-70% of them. if no one’s guarding you, it’s easy.

  • nola

    @octopus jonny

    please dont nickname the guy BJ3. it’s not necessary.

  • Colton

    cosign nola. … bj3 … horrible … put a little effort if your gonna make a lame ass nickname. especially bj … i dont think i need to explain where my mind went immediately.

  • Ducky The Truth

    Games like these remind me of the younger version of A.I. I may get heat 4 the comment but thats how i feel. i knew he was gonna be OK but this kid is pretty fkn amazing.

  • http://www.basketsim.com BNZA

    Young Money is the best nickname for him.

    cause he got money in Rome at the same age others work as slaves for colleges.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    His other nickname, and on his shoes, is Young Buck.

  • http://mail.google.com moollamaker
  • heartbreaker85

    that euro-trip did wonders for his attitude and team-concept.

    dont be fooled by the numbers he failed to put up there. ball handlers dont get the same leeway in europe as in the nba. in the nba, defenders cant put their hands on guards. in europe, you could damn well say that pgs are getting raped out there with all the hip checks, hand grabbing and jersey pulling. only the skilled centers and the big time shooters make names in europe. fancy ball handlers and crossover loving kids? not so much.

  • ab_40

    actualy it’s a quidriple nickel he had 5 assists and 5 rebounds to

  • Octopus Jonny

    Sorry to piss in your lunch bags, but over on the RealGM Bucks board we’re typing his name so often that BJ3 just makes things easier.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    i dunno about the ROY thing yet.

    Tyreke Evans still has a lot to say about that

  • Ian

    Bogut bust? He’s not the admiral or hakeem but he’s way ahead of kwame.

    Why the iverson comparisons? Ai need 70 shots to get 55.

  • SouthBoy

    Glad I fantasy drafted Brandon “Young Money” Jennings
    If u ever watched his high school videos u already knew he was the truth. ROY baby believe it.

    A.K.A. Young Money
    A.K.A. Young Buck
    A.K.A. Two Nickelz

  • http://dime uh huh

    @5 & 9 HATERS. WOW. You couldn’t score 55 in a video game. @Heckler are you serious. Evans is looking good but you haven’t been watching or you live in Sac Town. It’s not even close right now. Players who score 40+ pts in the league are very talented. No regular player can accomplish that feat. Just look at the players who get those #’s. It’s funny how Blake Griffin’s name is still in consideration and he hasn’t played.

  • james p

    i always knew he was good from day 1.