Smack / Nov 24, 2009 / 2:59 am

Bucked Up

Brandon Jennings

Sporting an 8-3 record going into Monday’s action, the Bucks were still a tough team to figure out. Brandon Jennings could make a good case for League MVP of the first month, and with Michael Redd returning to the lineup, some people think the Bucks are gearing up for a playoff run. Then again, an alarmingly soft schedule — almost all of Milwaukee’s wins have been against surefire Lottery teams — has others thinking the Bucks are just taking advantage of patsies until the rest of the League compiles its scouting report on Jennings. Although Andrew Bogut and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute would be out for last night’s game at San Antonio, it was still seen as a good test for one of the League’s early-season surprises … It didn’t go so well. Jennings was held in check (6-21 FG, 5 turnovers), Redd didn’t do much (4 pts, 11 mins), and nobody had an answer for Tim Duncan (24 pts, 12 rebs). Of course, any team that starts Dan Gadzuric and Charlie Bell at the same time is just asking for a loss. Jennings showed he could still get into the lane against Tony Parker and the Spurs’ D, but he couldn’t get anything to drop … The Spurs could be finding their rhythm after a slow start. They dominated the glass for the second straight game, moved the ball around, and got some hot shooting from Matt Bonner (23 pts, 6 threes) … With Manu Ginobili starting to rack up DNP’s like a South American Larry Hughes, Rudy Fernandez could be starting his campaign as the next Ginobili. Rudy (13 pts) hit some crazy shots against the Bulls last night: A couple step-back threes that only somebody without a conscience would shoot, and one time he caught a pass at waist level in mid-air from Andre Miller and converted it into a reverse layup in one motion before coming down. The Blazers announcers were even comparing the connection between ‘Dre and Rudy to the one Fernandez had with Sergio RodriguezGreg Oden (24 pts, 12 rebs) capitalized on some lobs and putbacks caused by Portland’s penetration, but he also showed off some decent post moves and a nice little hook shot. A few times Oden demanded the ball on the block and really tried to go at Joakim Noah, like he was still mad about the NCAA title game or something … There was like a two-minute stretch where Juwan Howard and Lindsey Hunter were both on the floor. In a nice gesture for the grizzled old vets, the refs took away the three-point line, replaced the nets with peach baskets, and made everybody put on Chuck Taylors … Fun fact: Grizzlies/Kings featured the two least-experienced teams in the League in terms of average pro tenure. Looking at the rosters for these rebuilding projects, which franchise do you think is closer to returning to relevancy? Tyreke Evans, the centerpiece of Sacramento’s future (all due respect to Kevin Martin), scored 28 points in the loss, while Rudy Gay (who could very well be leaving Memphis this season or next summer) put up 24 points and had about eight or nine dunks … Then you had Wolves vs. Clippers, another battle of rebuilding squads. On paper, L.A.’s young core is more attractive with Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon and DeAndre Jordan; and nobody ever talks about Al Thornton, but he dropped 31 points on Minnesota. The Wolves are building around Al Jefferson, Kevin Love and Jonny Flynn, but a lot of their future depends on what happens with Ricky Rubio — how good he is or if he’ll ever play for them … The Clippers game saw the return of L.A. announcers Ralph Lawler and Mike Smith, who had been suspended for one game after making insulting comments about Hamed Haddadi during Clippers/Grizzlies the other night. We found a transcript of the exchange in question; apparently the biggest issue was Smith and Lawler pronouncing “Iranian” like “Eye-ranian” multiple times. Smith added, “You’re sure it’s not Borat‘s older brother? If they ever make a movie about Haddadi, I’m going to get Sacha Baron Cohen to play the part.” And later Lawler said, “I guess those Iranians can pass the ball.” … We’re out like peach baskets …

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  • Atom

    Wow. These guys are announcers in LA and they act like they’ve never seen a persian before. Not surprised by the suspension at all.

  • chancepassenger

    i’d say minnesota has a better future ahead than the clippers. why? donald sterling, mike dunleavy… nuff said

  • hbee

    “A few times Oden demanded the ball on the block and really tried to go at Joakim Noah, like he was still mad about the NCAA title game or something”

    yeah how about because noah crammed on oden

    Despite the win, I am still worried about the spurs. current tean wouldnt hold off the lakers

  • http://mail.google.com moollamaker

    The Minnesota Timberwolves are the WORST team in the league. They were lucky to win the Nets. Everybody is focusing on the Nets coz they did not get a win yet, but the Timberwolves have been performing way worse.

    The Grizzlies should have drafted Tyreke Evans. If I were them I would trade Gay and that bust Thabeet for Evans and Rodrigues.

    The team with the better young core (right now) are the Clippers, but things change quick in the NBA.

  • the cynic

    the clippers announcers are all tongue and cheek

  • alf (from melmak)

    The Clippers have a nice core right now. If only they had a better coach then we could be discussing their playoff odds. The Wolves just bungled the Rubio situation. Shame on them.

    Borat was a fun movie but Bruno also had a lot of laughs despite what so-called movie critics would tell.

    My meal allowance says Jennings was exposed today. He cannot and will not be able to ball when pitted against the better teams in the league. Maybe in a couple of seasons he can, but not now.



    He still had 12 points and 7 assists, with no Bogut for the Spurs to worry about…

    Surely you would put it down to a bad day

  • Judas

    Kobe once jacked air-balls too! Give Jennings some time!

  • TJ

    Missing Bogut is big for Jennings. He lives off of that pick and roll with his center.

  • Soopa

    Here comes Oden! Im high on the kid, but i still predict a 2 points/7 boards/5 blocks/6 fouls/14 min the next game.

    Imaging him putting a 10 game streak (or more but lets be realistic) together where he plays the same minutes Bynum plays which is 37 mins, more then 13 mins per game more then Oden plays this season. He really does have all the tools and skills to be a beast.

    He leads the lead in total blocks while playing 24mpg (the Blazers have played the most games so far, but still). He is #6 in rebounds per 48 (a stat where Bynum isnt even in the top50)

    If only he could keep his hand out of the cookie jar.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Agree with Judas. Jennings needs time to learn before he can compete with the best of them. 21 FG attempts for a point guard is waaaay too much, Bogut or no Bogut.

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    “There was like a two-minute stretch where Juwan Howard and Lindsey Hunter were both on the floor. In a nice gesture for the grizzled old vets, the refs took away the three-point line, replaced the nets with peach baskets, and made everybody put on Chuck Taylors”- nice

  • rangerjohn

    no mention of george hills from the freethrow line block on jennings from behind? if it was a “big star” it would already have a youtube up on dime.

  • james patterson Jr.

    All I have to say is if would have been a different story if bogut was playing. He means more to the team than redd.

  • That’s whats up

    Jennings had a bad night – he’ll have many more – as long as the great nights outweigh the bad.

    He shot 6-21 and had 5 turnovers to go with his 7 assists and 12 points.

    …and I disagree with post 10. I don’t see Oden ever doing much in the League. He already limps along like Ewing did for the Sonics.

    Hard to believe Juwan and Lindsey have their AARP cards but can still play

  • Dagomar

    If Oden can keep his fouls and injuries down he’ll become one of the best bigs in the league. He’s looking better and better as the season progresses, on both ends of the court.

  • Soopa


    I’d say conditioning has much to do with the way he runs or at least the speed with which he runs. When he goes 7-8mins without sitting I also see old man Ewing running out there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    I know its early. I know he’s gotta string some strong performances together but i think he’s gettin’ it. I have seen him beast Tyson Chandler and Noah, made ‘em look like those college kids he was SMASHIN at Ohio. They aint nuttin special but that’s a start.

    @3 -“yeah how about because noah crammed on oden.”

    yeah how about noah gettin his sh** pushed back too
    yeah how about because noah is not on oden level
    yeah how about because oden destroyed him

    moving on…

    Some y’all was killing Oden. Killin’ the brother last year. He’s a bust this, he’s a bust that. Benjamin ‘need to push the off’ Button on his career.

    I aint gonna be EXTRA PATHETIC AND LOSER-ISH by posting ol’ smack comments just to prove a point. But ehh, by the way:

    1. October 16th, 2009 at 10:27 am
    BERN BROGDEN says:

    When G.O gets it poppin’ oooooohh I’m going to be soqualified to 1- talk madddddd sh*t and 2- say “i told you’ with my tongue out, nanna nanna boo boo’n all crazy



    Keep it up G.O

  • theArsenal

    What #3 said. Not only did Oden get crowned by Noah, but D-Rose gave him the business for the dunk of the night.

    Lol @ passing on Durant & Jordan

  • theArsenal

    @ 18

    He’s better than Sam Bowie, I’ll give you that much

  • Kermit The Washington

    When were the Grizzlies EVER a relevant franchise??

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    Ok, so I’m guessing DIME, the premier basketball magazine did not watch the entire Bulls/Blazers game, don’t worry I’ll break it down for you in 5-bullets.

    1) As much as I hate him, Joakim Noah banged so hard on Oden, I thought I was watching a Porno. I was even thinking that he may have a good night.

    2) Derrick Rose then went baseline and got a 2 hand Banger on Oden that was reminiscent of Robert Pack on Kemp/Kevin Johnson on Mark Eaton.

    3) The two dunks on Oden sort of pissed off Aldridge and Oden, so they commenced to showing the bulls Why they should TRADE JOAKIM NOAH while his value is high. After the rape-age that the Blazer bigs put on the Bulls bigs, combined with Noah long flowing hair, I was almost positive this was some sort of weird 4-way porn.

    4) Stacy King is really funny.
    5) Neil Funk is even funnier.

  • SJ

    @rangerjohn- AGREED!

  • QQ

    @ Brogden:

    It’s just one game.

    Haha. You remind me of Dime gatting all hyped up about the Wiz after they won versus Cleveland. ‘The Wiz showin they are relevant too yall!’. Then all of a sudden, BAM, reality sinks in, and yeah, they still suck.

    Damn, if Oden shows this on a consistent basis, then talk. But, one game? Damn, Darko once got a 20-10 statline when he was on Orlando. Nuff said.

  • justlovethegame

    Ha those announcers deserved to be suspended. They acted real ignorant

  • Ian

    Wasn’t it kj on dream?

    Some of you guys are defending jennings sayin it wasn’t that bad of a game because he finished with 12 and 7? People 21 shots wtf? It was a terrible night.

    Someone said if bogut played it would have been a diff story wow so the man is now a superstar that can take a 20 pt game and turn it into a win? Goh the bucks get destroyed the same.

    Oden can be a star now he’s in a league that has howard and yao (pathetic) as the best centers comon he’s not playin admira/dream/shaq or even weakass ewing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    @24 – you’re absolutely right.
    Especially the ‘hyped up’ part.
    Hyerboles and Exaggerations come easy for me.
    So, you’re absolutely right down to the ‘remind me of’ part.

    But invoking DARKO, I don’t know. Greg’s got moves.

    @22 — your 2nd point }}} Yes, that was AWESOME. Just saw it on here.

    @20 – LOL, but it’s still early, ‘member? KD’s still looking like The Man.

    sidebar : I aint real hype on Noah’s joint.
    Him being opportunistic earned him that, not skill, craft and footwork.
    Dalembert could’ve did that and screamed.

  • LakeShow84

    @ All the Oden supporters..

    Aye if i CANT jock my boy Bynum for stringing together 10 games of dominance i DAMN sure dont want to hear squat about Oden’s 20&10 night.. It was one game peoples.. AGAINST THE BULLS lol.. Noahs they best big and he weighs like 180lbs.. i hope Odens dinosaur ass beasted him..

    Damn the moment i say Timmy’s aging he goes out and drops 24&12.. gotta love the man.. But the Spurs just dont look right..

    And Jennings losing Parker and then going around Duncan proved what i said yesterday.. Timmy being their largest and most talented big isnt going to get it done because at his age he just isnt what he used to be on help D.. But the Spurs got themselves to blame.. they shouldve BEEN drafted or acquired a larger body to man the C spot and let Timmay do what he does best..

  • rangerjohn

    the spurs have drafted a few guys for that role, the problem is they cant seem to get them into the league at the right time. the worst mistake the spurs have made in the last 12 yrs, letting scola go for 2 mil worth of cap space and a new washing machine. splitter is very much the center they need, but the economy kept him in the euro’s. i fully expect splitter to be in silver and black next season but would much rather him be here this season. mahinmi is a pile of talent and potential that will make a good back up on a crappy team some where next season or he will be in europe with the what ifs on his mind.

    they do need some interior defense though. things are slowly starting to click a little more but they still have a long road.

  • That’s what’s up

    The Spurs don’t look right because it’s November.

    About early March they will be r-r-R-ROLLIN’ !!!!!

  • K Dizzle

    r-r-R-ROLLIN’…right outta the first round lol

    I gotta cosign what Lakeshow said. Bynum been killin all year. Forbes Magazine needs to write an official apology for that stupid ass article callin AB the most overpaid NBAer.Dude’s salary is still like 2.7 mil this season. What’s that get you? 19 and 11 on almost 60% from the field….but Oden’s 11 and 8 is almost as good lol

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla


    KJ did dunk on Hakeem, but that was more vicious than what Rose did to Oden. He also banged on John “HotRod” Williams but that was nastier too. The one on 7’4 Mark Eaton was about equal to what Rose did last night.

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    “Timmy being their largest and most talented big isnt going to get it done because at his age he just isnt what he used to be on help D”Lakeshow

    So Jennings shot 6-21 Fgs, and that was because he couldn’t get into the lane and when he did he missed…guess who was there? Yes, Tim Duncan. How can you say he’s not good at D anymore. Everytime Parker got beat, he had Timmy’s help.

  • Ian

    can the admiral still play? we need someone who can swat some shots down there.

  • LAballer

    lol @ ian

    if you’re lookin for the admiral you can find him at your nearest church..all day..errrrrday

  • http://dime eyes

    If anybody saw the game. The Spurs played well enough to win. They also had some timely help from the veteran officials. Hence veteran team playing at home going against one of the hottest young teams in the league. Jennings has yet to get the benefit on any whistles. He CLEARLY was hit hard on two plays w/o the sniff of a whistle. Every time they cut it to 10 or less. Whistle Whistle. A lot of touch fouls were called for the poor aging spurs. Don’t cry when it’s against you guys. Can’t wait till friday for the Bucks Thunder game. At least they’ll be able to decide who wins. It’s was boring to watch because you clearly saw what the refs were doing.

    Also Michael Redd should have waited another month. He looks & played terrible. He was missing free throws & shooting airballs. It seemed to totally throw of their chemistry(Jameer nelson coming back in the finals) It also seemed as if Scott Skiles was coaching a playoff series. He kept subbing Brandon out to many teams. People are tuned in to watch him play. If he isn’t tired or in foul trouble let him play. It looked as if he didn’t want to win or overcoached trying to win the Chess battle with Popp. The final score or what Jennings ended up shooting from the field was indicative of the game at all. A few of those shots were humbles and 3 he was clearly fouled like I stated above.

    Please all the people waiting for Brandon to fail get league pass, a life, girl, or anything else besides saying I told you he could only score 50 once. He’s only doing it because blah blah. You guys are killing me. League Pass & not Gametime on NBA TV will allow you to see it for yourselves. The fix is definitely on from Stern. Let’s calm this kid down. No calls, get him in foul trouble. Everything he’s doing thus far is on borrowed time until David’s next marketing campaign plays. Blake the world is your’s after Lebron if your somewhere decent. Brandon you have a steep hill to climb. You seem more than ready & capable.

    Lastly if Iverson crossover is illegal. Tim Duncan cant push you in the back with 2 hands for every rebound the whole game. He also shoves his knee under yours for added leverage. He also has a timmy shuffle which is hilarious in slow motion. Tony parker also gets away with a crossover called on all the real ball handlers. Boy is it hard to beat a veteran team. It takes all the fun out of the sport. I think Stern is purposely not wathcing any Bucks game. I heard they’re going to ask Brandon to cut his dreads. I miss the gumby or Mowhawk look. He could have had 30+ point easily.

    Also what’s everyone’s facisnation with FGA. With his team he could shoot the ball 50 times. I think he’s to unselfish or probably scared to make a mistake knowing Scott is waiting to sub him. Ridnour has played bad the last two games. Wins, Losses all that counts. They’re should be a basketball quiz before you’re allowed to post comments. LOL

  • http://dime eyes

    NYC Sebastian Telfair is looking like a starting pg. He’s playing really really well and his jumper has improved. He took the challenge with Flynn personal. Ladies & Gentelman Baron Davis is DONE DONE. He just doesn’t seem interested. Should have never left the Oracle. Not his decision. Way to go Nelson. Al Thorton is going to have a Al Harrington career. He’s pretty good but could be so much better w/ all that skill. Someone save Marcus Camby he doesn’t need to be in this mess. BASSY TO THE KNICKS PLEASE LET HIM GOOOOO. WHEN HE PLAYS WITH SWAGGGERRRR It’s on.

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    “They’re should be a basketball quiz before you’re allowed to post comments. LOL”

    I’m not the grammar police, but your post was so hard to follow because of the misuse of words. But I think i agree with you for the most part.

  • Rangerjohn

    Lmao at eyes,
    whistles, like the one called on Duncan 30 seconds into the game for barely touching gadzaric, or the time Duncan got mugged about 5-6 minutes later by 2 bucks with no call?

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTownG..

    Lol here we go talking about what someones STATS were.. lol how can u bring up ONE players stats in ONE game when i said that showed me exactly what i BEEN saying for MULTIPLE games.. hope the caps help you follow lol.. Duncan is to slow on help D bottom line.. he shows but as far as GETTING their on time, everytime?? Nah bruh.. the play i was talkin about he was in POSITION and Jenning went right around him like he was 50 years old..

    Like a rookie having a bad game proves me wrong.. If Jennings was playing even luke warm he wouldve torched their D.. please argue that..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Rangerman

    Yeah i know that Scola thing just burns.. i mustve said that shit 80 times in last years playoffs..


    Funniest part he is probably the perfect compliment to Duncans game.. Scrappy (cuz i fluckin HATE him after last year) and can stretch the D with his J (which is smooth)..

    OUCH lol and Splitters just a big body.. but we’ll see.. they are supposed to develope overseas..

  • http://dime eyes

    @ RangerJohn
    Yes Yes. The calls were even across the board. Plane flying overrrrrrrrr. Right about now.

  • K Dizzle

    @ dude sayin Boom Dizzle is done. Before that last game, which Clips still won, Diddy was avegargin 20 and 7.5 over the previous 6 games. Please stop overreactin to one game as heads tend to do waaaaaaaay too much on this site

  • Ian

    Damn eyes its only a game.