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Create-Your-Team 2009

Meet the third option

Meet the third option

I don’t really do fantasy basketball. Between watching a handful of NBA games every night, playing my own video-game season on NBA 2K, and trying to fit a healthy amount of college and a little bit of high school hoops into the mix, fantasy is a little more than I can handle. But I do like putting together custom lineups just as much as the next fan, hence the Create-Your-Team feature from one year ago. Time for Round Two.

Again, to maintain some semblance of realism, some guidelines here: Twelve players, one head coach (doesn’t have to be a current NBA head coach); no more than three recent All-Stars on the roster (“recent” being within the past five years); at least one rookie, and if you have more than one, only one Lottery pick; at least three certified bench guys; and at least one fringe bench guy who could be out of the League tomorrow.

PG – Chauncey Billups (All-Star #1)
I still love Tony Parker, but I had to get B-Roy on my team this year, and Duncan is a lock until he retires. And with Roy, I’d prefer a PG who can consistently knock down threes and isn’t as reliant on driving (think a insanely rich man’s Steve Blake). And like TP, Billups gives me an experienced veteran with championship credentials.

SG – Brandon Roy (All-Star #2)
Unless you’re Reggie Miller, versatile two-guards are my preference, and Roy is one of those guys who can get you 20 points, five boards and five assists while scoring inside or outside. Roy is a takeover scorer who can run off 10-12 points in a row when his team is struggling.

SF – Kevin Durant
It’s kind of cheating since we all know he’ll be an All-Star in February, but for now it counts. Pure scorer on the wing, and a shooter who can spread the floor and open things up for Roy and Duncan.

PF – Tim Duncan (All-Star #3)
The anchor. There won’t be many offensive rebounds to go around, but can you imagine how many assists he’d get on this squad?

C – Zach Randolph
Like I said last year, Duncan doesn’t need a true center next to him, nor does he need a great defender. Zach can operate in the mid-range area so as not to clog the lane when TD wants it, and vice versa. And like I also said before, Z-Bo is my dude and I’m his unofficial backup agent, so he’s on my team.

PG Derrick Rose; SG Eric Gordon; SF Terrence Williams (rookie); PF Brandon Bass (certified bench #1); C Roy Hibbert; SG Roger Mason (certified bench #2); PF Jon Brockman (certified bench #3/fringe)

COACH – Gregg Popovich
Knows how to juggle a team of stars, knows how to mold young players, knows how to draw up the right play for the right guy at the right time. Plus he values defense, has seen every situation you can possibly see as a coach, has a good sense of how to pace his guys so they don’t wear down in the playoffs, and has enough jewelry to get the respect of all his players.

Usually I’m in favor of carrying three PGs, but Gordon can play the point in a pinch. I’d rather have another shooter like Mason who is also proven in the clutch … Yes, Mason made 71 starts last year, but that was the first time he’d ever been anything close to a full-time starter, and that was mainly because Manu Ginobili was hurt. This year he’s back on the bench … Rose is a change-of-pace PG for Billups who can speed the game up, rebound, and make plays on defense … Bass is a rebounding, screen-setting, hustle-guy type that every team needs; and Brockman gives me two of those guys … For the most part, I tried to consider chemistry. I think every guy on my bench would be OK with coming off the bench given the circumstances. Rose could be the exception, but in the number of times I’ve spoken with him, he comes across as a guy who’s mostly concerned with winning … And I’ve got three guys from Seattle and one former Sonic.

Who’s on your team?

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  • Ian

    Pg deron williams (like your durant cheat)

    Sg wade (allstar)

    Sf bron (allstar)

    Pf td (allstar)

    C bargs (need some 3s might as well get them from my center)

    Curry not the knicks center just in case. The pg/sg

  • Ian

    Austin my team is better by far hehe maybe its cuz u have randolph.

  • Ian

    Forgot my coach pop

  • Joshua

    where is your fringe player? @ian

  • Joshua

    plus hedo and rondo will likely cry for coming of the bench same as millsap who si already doing that in utah

  • ML

    PG: CP3 (All Star)
    SG: Joe Johnson (All Star)
    SF: Carmelo Anthony (All Star)
    PF: Al Jefferson
    C: Greg Oden
    Bench:PG Tyreke Evans (Rookie)
    C Marc Gasol
    SG OJ Mayo
    SF Trevor Ariza
    SG JJ Redick (Bench)
    PF Dejuan Blair (Bench)
    SF Sam Young (Bench/Fringe)

    Coach: Rick Adelman

  • Joshua

    sam young isn’t a fringe player you guys don’t get the rules or something?

  • ML

    I’ma scratch Sam Young and put Toney Douglas or Rodrigue Beaubois in as the fringe player

  • Boombaby

    PG – Wade (could be a good PG)
    SG – Kobe
    SF – Lebron
    PF – Aldridge
    C – Howard
    How about that hahahahha the only doubt is Aldridge but I like the guy like a young Garnette in progress or even better in the near future

  • Joshua

    PG Westbrook
    SG Wade(allstar)
    SF Lebron(allstar)
    PF Nowitiski(allstar)
    C B.Lopez

    6th Andersen (bench)
    7th Curry(rookie)
    8th Blake
    9th Reggie evans(bench)
    10th Dayntah Jones(bench)
    11th Hibbert
    12th Hassell (fringe)

    that is more like a normal squad with some serious mojo in the startin line up and sertified banch and fringe players

  • 32shaw

    Ok Austin i’ll start with gilbert areans at the 1 espacially cuz he’s dishing now(star).j.r Smith at the Two he’s lights out. Melo(star) is the best scorer in the league. Lamarcus Aldridge is the four he’s a shooter leaving dwight room. Dwight at the five grab boards and protect the rim DUNKS(star).
    Bench 1 ben gordan sub out j.r with out missing a beat.
    bench 2 birdman anderson blocks shots.
    bench 3 fringe jaun dixon on a side note he just signed in europe. Rookie austin daye . steve black backups up gilbert. paul milsap and kyle kover round out my squad coaching is Jay Rite cuz i have alot of gaurds and nova is always stacked in the back court. so he can manage my gaurds.

  • Ian

    My bad forgot
    Kick out millsap
    Add brockman fringe
    Pop can handle hedo there’s no way he’s gonna bitch.

  • Joshua

    hahaha you’re richt i think pops could handle hedo but never underestimated the turk @ ian

    forgot my coach would be phil jackson because otherwise everybody got pops ;)

  • Ian

    4 allstars?

  • Ian

    Lol I don’t think hedo has the balls to bitch with lebron starting or does he? Remember he was a spur once.

  • Joshua

    haha yeah but lebron is gonna take all his minutes hedo is a crybaby but he is a competitor i dont think he is gonna like playin only garbage time;)

  • shaw32

    Gilbert allstar1
    jr smith shooter2
    melo allstar3
    dwight howard allstar5
    ben gordan bench
    birdman bench
    paul milsap bench
    fringe jaun dixon who singed in europe like today.
    rookie jennings like gil but less 3s. steve blake is jennings is i flop and kyle kover
    coach is byron scot

  • Joshua

    i see alotta guys even austin are like cheatin a little not really cheatin but puttin in durant and deron is like just seekin the guys that are allstar without a notch YET!!!! but will have them in 6 month haha its smart:P

  • Patrick

    I would want to watch this team

    PG – D. Williams
    SG – Kobe (all-star)
    SF – Durant
    PF – Duncan (all-star)
    C – Howard (all-star)

    PF – Al Jefferson
    SF – Anthony Morrow (certified bench)
    C – Channing Frye (certified bench)
    SG – Tyreke Evans (rookie)
    PG/SG – OJ Mayo
    SF – Marvin Williams (I don’t think he is starting)
    Paul Shirley (very fringe at this point)

  • Ian

    In 6 months then rondo starts for my team or ill use bron like pippen and have him as my point f.

  • Luigi

    okay. so here mine

    PG. Agent Zero (AS)
    SG. Iggy
    SF. Rudy Gay
    PF. Dirk (AS)
    C. D12 (AS)

    Steph Curry (Lottery Rook/Rotation)
    JR Smith (Rotation)
    Greg Oden (Rotation)
    Paul Millsap (Rotation)
    Patrick Mills (Rookie)
    Reggie Evans
    Mike James (Could be out by tomorrow)

    Coach: Mike D’antoni

    -Got Guys who want to run
    -Halfcourt consists of Give it to Bigmen. Let Gilbert Create

  • Name (required)

    Chris Paul (all star)
    Wade (all Star)
    Luol Deng
    Dirk (all star)
    Al Horford

    6th Nate Robinson
    7th Bargnani
    8th Ronnie Brewer (’cause he’s guilty simpsons cousin)
    9th Luc Richard Mbah A Moute (i like his name)
    10th Jonny Flyn (rookie – would have picked jennings, but cant justify 2 bucks)
    11th Darko (For Fun)
    12th Pops Mensah Bonsu (fringe Guy, and hes like, the hardest dude in the L)

    Coach Mike D……. who needs Defence when you got CP, Wade and Dirk on your team.

  • rell

    PG – Deron Williams
    SG – Ray Allen (All-Star #1)
    I was going to go with Kobe or D.Wade but I needed a clutch player who don’t need the ball in his hand to make you pay so I went with Ray Ray.
    SF – Lebron (All-Star #2)
    PF – Tim Duncan (All-Star #3)
    C – Brook Lopez

    PG Rondo
    SG Andre Iguodala
    SF Durant – he is going to be on everyone list
    PF Blake Griffin (R)
    SF Travis Outlaw (BP #1)
    C – Joel Przbilla (BP #2)
    SF Adam Morrison (BP #3)

    Head Coach – Pop

  • rell

    PG – Deron Williams
    SG – Ray Allen (All-Star #1)
    I was going to go with Kobe or D.Wade but I needed a clutch player who don’t need the ball in his hand to make you pay so I went with Ray Ray.
    SF – Lebron (All-Star #2)
    PF – Tim Duncan (All-Star #3)
    C – Brook Lopez

    PG Rondo
    SG Andre Iguodala
    SF Durant – he is going to be on everyone list
    PF Blake Griffin (R)
    SF Travis Outlaw (Certified BP #1)
    C – Joel Przbilla (Certified BP #2)
    SF Adam Morrison (BP #3/fringe)

    Head Coach – Pop

  • lies

    1: Lebron (AS)
    2: Kobe (AS)
    3: Durant
    4: Aldridge
    5: Howard (AS)

    B1: Andrea Bargiani
    B2: Rondo
    B3: Oden
    B4: Blake Griffin (rook)
    B5: manu (bench)
    B6:jason terry (bench)
    B7: Amir Johnson (bench/fringe)

    Coach: Phil Jackson
    triangle with lebron, kobe, dwight? unreal. lebron as the slasher, kobe as the pg shooter, dwight as the big.

    lebron for quarters 1-3, kobe kills in the 4th, everyone else is a rebounder or kick out shooter rondo is a change of pace pg for lebron to play some 3

  • Shakers

    PG D. Williams
    SG Kobe (all star #1)
    SF Lebron (all star #2)
    PF Troy Murphy
    C Duncan (all star #3)

    PG Rondo and S. Blake (bench)
    SG Terry (bench)
    SF Durant (6th man) and Bill Walker (fringe)
    PF Blake Griffin (rookie)
    C Sheed (bench)

    Coach: Popovich

  • yoda

    it would be better if you can put on bench players who are already bench players in theirs teams. it doesn’t make sense that you have rose-type-of-player on your bench. on other hand, some teams have starting 5 who would barely play on good teams.

  • RobertGingebreadman

    PG Chris Paul
    SG Dwayne Wade
    SF Carmelo Anthony
    PF Josh Smith
    C Dwight Howard
    Bench Kobe Bryant
    Bench Chris Anderson (Birdman)
    Bench Deron Willams
    Bench LeBron James
    Bench Blake Griffin
    Coach Greg Pop

    Best Team Ever

  • that_dude

    pg – cp3 (all star)
    sg – kobe (all star)
    sf – durant
    pf – tim duncan (all star)
    c – brook lopez

    bench players:

    6th lamar odom (bench)
    7th jet terry (bench)
    8th travis outlaw (bench)
    9th al jefferson
    10th deron williams
    11th blake griffin (rookie)
    12th dj mbenga(fringe player… so the other team can dunk on him)

  • that_dude

    coach is phil jackson

  • Tom

    C: Dwight Howard, Marcus Camby, Joel Przybilla
    PF: Chris Bosh, Blake Griffin, DeJuan Blair
    SF: LeBron James, Gerald Wallace, Lamar Odom
    SG: Trevor Ariza, Josh Childress, Sonny Weems
    PG: Rajon Rondo, Ty Lawson, Lester Hudson

    All Stars: Howard, Bosh, James
    Lottery: Griffin
    Non-Lottery Rookies: Blair, Lawson, Hudson
    NBA Bench: Przybilla, Blair, Odom, Weems (borderline), Lawson,
    Non-NBA: Childress

    Crazy D, lots of young guys, athletic.

  • Tom

    Apparently I suck at following rules… I’ll make Przybilla, Weems, and Hudson inactive and I’l make Triano my coach.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    1) Rose
    2) Kobe (Allstar)
    3) Durant
    4) KG (Allstar)
    5) Duncan (Allstar)


    6th Griffin (Rookie)
    7th Mike Miller
    8th Alston (Bench #1)
    9th Greg Oden (Bench #2)
    10th Lamar Odom (Bench #3)
    11th Anthony Morrow (Fringe)
    12th OJ Mayo

    As you can see my squad has versatility throughout the whole roster. In today’s NBA you need guys that can defend and play multiple positions.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    oops coach is Pat Riley. Want my team to look like the showtime Lakers.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Head Coach) Jerry Sloan
    Asst #1) Dean Smith
    Asst #2)C.Vivian Stringer

    Pg) Rose – <–pass first kill always
    SG) Joe Johnson – all-star <–spread floor and play PG
    Sf) Carmelo – all-star <–the beast nuff said
    PF) Lamarcus Aldrige<–opens the lane for Melo/Howard
    C) DHoward- All-star<–18pts/18reb/3bpg or he’s traded

    6th)Pg man Stephon Curry (lotto Rookie keep Rose sharp),
    7th)SF/PF/SG Tayshon Prince(Hybrid,will keep starters Sharp)
    8th)PF Brandon Bass (too keep D12 sharp),
    9th)SG John Salmons A.K.A Johnny 3000 A.K.A. “3 Stacks”
    10th)Etan Thomas<–dare you to drive the lane
    11th)Chase Buddinger(2nd rd sleeper will dunk on you or shoot your eye out A.K.A. the x-mas story)SF/SG
    12th)Reggie Evans (Bench/Fringe)<– He’s the OMAR of the NBA. When he gets up off the bench, everyone starts to panic.

    Cheerleaders: Cherokee “D’Ass” and Roxy Reynalds, just to keep the team spirits up on those long road trips.

    Sloan teaches them the pick-n-roll which everyone can pop out on except Howard/Etan/Evans. If that breaks down we got Melo and Johnson in the ISO. Then we got Melo, Tayshun, Howard, Etan and Bass for defense. Rose, Curry, Tayshun, Melo, and Dwight if you want to go small. The 2nd unit beats you up with Bass and Etan, then picks you apart in the half court or we can run to change the pace.
    Reggie Evans will bring his lunch pale and 6 fouls and a “club punch” with him for anyone that wants to test, while Chase is waiting on that “I wish a nicca would” moment when you leave the lane open.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Also, you guys using Durant and Jefferson is just cheap. Using Mayo/Rose/Westbrook and those guys is more realistic because they may not be all-stars for the next year or so. It’s just kinda Cheese to me, and not smart. Also, many of the guys you all are putting on your teams would not co-exist together. ppl are bring guys off the bench like Lebron & Kobe(!!!), Arenas, Iverson, Durant, Mayo, and my favorite Al Jefferson behind B.Lopez

  • Ian

    Using rose is kinda da same but I feel your chemistry thing that’s why I have 3 unselfish (2 for sure) allstars on my team. No kobe and bron together.

  • Joshua

    hey look at my team my team is legit and i agree with some of the bench guys they coulndt life with eachother they would be complaining for minutes and using durant and deron and jefferson is cheap

    thx for that comment chicagorilla i thought the same

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Rose may not make the all-star team this year because his team will not win enough games to be placed ahead of Rondo, Jameer, Bibby, Mo Williams, and thats just PGs. You got Wade, JJohnson, Devin Harris, Vince Carter, who are all going to have outsanding numbers or winning records or BOTH! so DRose is a safe choice.

  • sh!tfaced

    I’m going for the anti-cheat here and attempt to assemble the WORST, controversial and/or FRINGE lineup possible within those rules.

    PG – Allen Iverson (all star # 1, could have been out of the league last summer)

    SG – Delonte West (could be out of the league tomorrow due to “illness”)

    SF – Stephen Jackson (could be out of the league tomorrow if he doesn’t watch his mouth)

    PF – Ben Wallace (all star has been # 2, could be out of the league tomorrow)

    C – Shaq (all star by default # 3, due to the lack of big men, could be out of the league next year if the Cavs don’t win)

    Eddy Curry (certified bench, could be out of the league tomorrow)

    Jerome James (certified bench, could be out of the L tomorrow)

    Kwame Brown (certified bust/bench, could be out of the league tomorrow)

    Darko Milicic (certified bust/bench, could be out of the league tomorrow)

    Hamed Haddadi (certified bench, could be a terrorist, could be out of the league tomorrow)

    Thabeet (certified bust/rookie/lottery pick, could be out of the league tomorrow)

    Sean May (certified bust/bench, could be out of the league tomorrow due to weight issues)

    Mike Dumbleavy (could also be out of the league tomorrow)

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla


    that’s classic. Notice that all your bench players are Bigs? That’s why the L is going to shit now anyway, so many Bigs are bust or have injury problems.

  • sh!tfaced


    Tried to think of different players other than Bigs, but somehow Marbury was only name that kept coming up, and he’s already out of the league…

  • Ian

    lol loved the haddadi comment

  • Ian

    but hes an allstar level player hes better than most of the players u mentioned mo is lucky he plays with bron.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla


    Based off wins and numbers (which is how it seems all-star voting goes) Rose is not better than most of those players. Based off Talent and ability then yes I think Rose is Top 5, but i’m biased. Rose and Westbrook put up simular numbers last year, with Wins being the main difference. Westbrook is even a better defender (one of the best in the L too) than Rose, but Rose has the responsibility of leading a team to the playoffs and he’s the man on the team. Westbrook plays with Durant which helps his numbers.

    Putting Rose on my team is a far cry from putting Lebron, Kobe, and Al Jeff on my bench or using Kevin Durant and Al Jeff knowing that they WILL be all-stars or should have been last year. That’s the only point i was making.

  • Ian

    guess u r right
    but i guess the cheating is valis till feb.

  • Ian

    sorry valid not valis

  • James

    Now, there is a website (mynbateam.com) where you could have your own team, this way we will create our dream team

  • jdstorm

    My Team

    Mike D’ Antoni. Getting This team to run and gun

    PG) Deron Williams, can run the break, hit 3’s and stop his man from scoring

    SG) Andre Iguodala, Super Athlete and defender

    SF) Carmelo Anthony. Super Star

    PF) Dirk. 7ft all star who tries on D and will shoot your face off

    C) Bosh. getting heaps of boards this year, but also has hops and a nice stroke

    G K.Hinrich (certified bench)
    G S. Curry (rookie)
    G JR Smith (Certified Bench)
    F K Durrant
    F Josh Smith
    F/C Marcus Camby (Certified Bench) is only starting cause griffin is injured, a good first off the bench kinda guy

    F Sheldon Williams crazy hops but probably doesn’t ever make it

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    lmao@ Sheldon Williams and Crazy hops in the same sentence. Maybe you are referring to Bill Walker or Tony Allen. The only thing crazy about sheldon is the size of that fools forehead!

  • Joshua

    at chicagorilla blake is steve blake not blake griffin so theyre only 3 bigs ;) of 7 guys that is reasonable when you need a backup for both the pf and c spot

  • jebron lames

    C- Oden
    PF- KG ( all- star)
    SF- LBJ AS
    SG- KB24 AS
    PG- D-Will

    6- Jennings
    7- OJ Mayo
    8- Kevin Durant
    9- Shane Battier (stopper)
    10- Z-Bo
    11- Darko -bust
    12- Raja bell

    Coach- P-Jax

  • Holladay

    pg – Lawson
    sg – Lebron (allstar 1)
    sf – Melo (allstar 2)
    pf – griffin
    c – Stoudimire (allstar 3)

    Rudy Fernandez , JR Smith , Manu Ginobili (He still comes off the bench for Pop right?), Birdman, Greg Oden, Hasheem Thabet, Gerald Green would be my fringe maybe hanging w/ Lebron and Melo could spark something in him though

    Mark Jackson he could take Lawson under his wing and show him the ropes of an NBA pg like Byron and CP3. And he could learn from Doc get out of the Stars way and let them play.

  • http://dime.com TAK

    PG : Deron Williams
    SG : Joe Johnson (all star)
    SF : Carmelo Anthony (all star)
    PF : Chris Bosh (all star)
    C : Geg Oden
    Franchise player : Melo
    Coach : Doc Rivers
    Bench : Jamal Crawford, Tyreke Evans (rookie), Jason Terry, Kirk Hinrich, Paul Millsap, Joel Brzybilla, Ian Mahinmi

    Isn’t that a beautiful team !!!

  • rc

    All Time Lineup

    PG – Earvin “Magic” Johnson
    SG – Michael Jordan “G.O.A.T”
    SF – Scottie Pippen
    PF – Tim Duncan “Big Fundamental”
    C – Shaquille O’Neal “Diesel”


    PG – Gary Payton “The Glove”
    SG – Kobe Bryant “Black Mamba”
    SF – Lebron “King” James
    PF – Dwight Howard “Superman”
    C – Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon

    SF – Carmelo Anthony
    PG – Chris Paul
    PF – Kevin Garnett

  • Kquaye

    PG Steve Nash( All Star #1)
    SG Dwayne Wade( All Star #2)
    SF Carmelo Anthony(All Star #3)
    PF Lamarcus Aldridge
    C Andrew Bynum

    PG Ty Lawson (Rookie) he’s nice
    SG Kevin Martin (can score a lot off bench by getting to FT Line and would probably keep him healthy)
    SF Corey Maggette (same as Kevin Martin)( Certified Bench #1 nowadays)
    SG JR Smith (Certified Bench #2)
    SF Michael Pietrus (Certified Bench # 3) (3s and D)
    C R Turiaf
    C Theo Ratliff ( he can still block shots)

  • Kquaye

    scratch Theo… he’s too old for Paul Millsap

  • Kquaye

    we waived Steven Hunter

  • Kquaye

    Coach: Eddie Jordan

  • Josh

    Youth Movement:

    PG: Russell Westbrook
    SG: Tyreke Evans
    SF: Thaddeus Young
    PF: Serge Ibaka
    C: Kevin Love


    PG: Jrue Holiday
    SG: DeMar DeRozan
    SF: Omri Casspi
    PF: Danilo Gallinari (6th man)
    C; Kosta Koufos

    PG: Rodrigue Beaubois
    C: Alexis Ajinca

    Coach: Doc Rivers

  • Young Buck

    PG Brandon Jennings
    SG Kobe Bryant (All Star)
    SF Kevin Durant
    PF Chris Bosh (All Star)
    C Dwight Howard (All Star)

    6th David Lee
    7th Derrick Rose
    B Nate Robinson
    B Kirk Hinrich(Defense)
    B JJ Reddick(Shooting)
    B Josh Smith
    Fringe Marcin Gortat(LOL)

  • Young Buck

    coached by me.