Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Nov 10, 2009 / 12:00 pm

Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 11.10

Manu Ginobili

Beast of the Night: Manu Ginobili was absolutely rabid last night, exploding for 36 points, 4 rebounds, 8 assists, 1 steal and 4 blocks, while nailing 6 threes and turning the ball over just once in just 32 minutes of work. He shot 53 percent (8-15) from the field and 88 percent (14-16) from the line. His owners have to be praying that Tim Duncan and Tony Parker take their sweet time recovering on the sidelines.

Noteworthy Lines:
Steve Nash – 6-9 FG (67%), 8-8 FT (100%), 1 3ptm, 21 Pts, 2 Reb, 20 Ast, 1 Blk, 7 TO; He’s turning the ball over quite often this season, but Nash looks like his old self this season.

Wilson Chandler – 8-15 FG (53%), 1 3ptm, 17 Pts, 10 Reb, 2 Ast; Not the best line he’ll put up this year, but it’s good to see him bounce back from a clunker in his last game. Chandler is a decent buy-low candidate and offers a good mix of stats on most nights.

Chris Bosh – 8-16 FG (50%), 15-17 FT (88%), 1 3ptm, 32 Pts, 10 Reb, 1 Ast, 1 Blk, 2 TO; The steady flow of threes is clearly not a fluke and Bosh remains a fantasy monster this season.

Richard Jefferson – 9-16 FG (56%), 5-8 FT (63%), 1 3ptm, 24 Pts, 8 Reb, 7 Ast, 1 TO; With two of the Spurs’ stars sidelined, RJ put up his best line of the year so far. After struggling in his first two games, he’s turned things around. The window to buy low on him has closed.

Anthony Randolph – 8-14 FG (57%), 7-8 FT (88%), 23 Pts, 7 Reb, 3 Stl, 3 Blk, 2 TO; He came off the bench behind Mikki Moore but finished with a much stronger game and played 30 minutes. The way Nellie is handing out minutes is maddening, but Randolph has the opportunity to shine in the next couple weeks, whether he starts or not. His owners should insert him into their lineups with confidence.

Ricky Davis – 6-13 FG (46%), 1-4 FT (25%), 1 3ptm, 14 Pts, 6 Reb, 5 Ast, 1 Stl, 1 Blk, 2 TO; Forgot about Buckets, didn’t you? This was only his third game of the season and he put this up in a blowout loss. He should only be blipping on the radar for owners in the deepest of leagues.

Paul Millsap – 1-5 FG (20%), 2-4 FT (50%), 4 Pts, 5 Reb, 1 Ast, 2 TO; He’s in a huge slump right now and Carlos Boozer‘s resurgence doesn’t help at all. It’s time to cut him in shallow leagues, while his owners in deeper leagues have a tough decision to make.

Waiver Wire Appeal:
Marreese Speights – 20 Pts, 8 Reb, 1 Ast; He’s still not starting, but he continues to be a much better play than Elton Brand or Samuel Dalembert. Ride him as long as you can.

George Hill – 22 Pts, 2 Reb, 5 Ast, 1 Stl, 2 TO; A nice first game filling in for Parker. The Spurs scored 131 points on Monday, so this might be a flash in the pan from Hill, though he still deserves consideration.

Jared Dudley – 18 Pts, 4 3ptm, 5 Reb, 1 Ast, 3 Stl; Dudley’s doing a lot with the 22+ minutes he’s getting each night and is a good source of threes and steals.

Toney Douglas – 21 Pts, 3 3ptm, 2 Reb, 1 Ast, 2 Stl, 2 TO; The Knicks’ promising rookie deserves a look in deeper leagues.

Tracy McGrady – He says he’s coming back on Nov. 18, but his general manager thinks otherwise. T-Mac is close to returning but he’s a hot potato at best.

Duncan (ankle): day-to-day

Vince Carter (ankle): hopes to play tonight

Ryan Anderson (ankle): will not play tonight

Chris Paul (ankle): left game last night, returned, should be fine but monitor his status

Andris Biedrins (back): out for two weeks

Gilbert Arenas (calf): sat out practice, look for updates

Nenad Krstic (finger): dislocated left pinkie finger on Sunday, expected to play

Eric Gordon (groin): no return date set

Andrew Bynum (elbow): could play on Thursday

Pau Gasol (hamstring): unlikely for Thursday

For Tonight:
See who steps up for the Kings as they host the Thunder.

Watch for Andre Miller‘s progress and a revived, Iverson-free Grizzlies backcourt in Memphis.

Expect Orlando’s bench to get some decent run against the Bobcats tonight.

Monitor Arenas’ status. The Wizards might treat him with kid gloves but if he plays it’ll be an encouraging sign for his owners.

Throughout the season, be sure to leave your questions, comments, concerns, trade offers, roster problems and more in the comments below.

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  • mememememe

    al jefferson is freaking killing me. i drafted him instead of bosh…BIG mistake. :(

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @mememememe: I hear you. In one league, I took him at No. 15 and am suffering. I would’ve taken him at No. 12 in another league but I missed my first two picks and thankfully drafted Bosh instead.

    Be patient, if you can. Jefferson should end the month in much better shape.

  • Rizwan

    Dropping Millsap for Marresse Speights? Good move or not?

  • jryu

    yeah jefferson is killing me…
    but gasol in my other league is KILLING me… and now gordon? when will this end??

    i wonder if gasol is really hurt badly or there’s just no rush to bring him back since the lakers are doing well and the goal for the season is to repeat, not just make the playoffs so they’re thinking longterm… i hope it’s the 2nd and he puts up monster stats after he gets back..

  • http://opkpok.com JLEE

    Hey Doc,

    I’m getting killed in blocks and rebounds. I need your opinion on 2 things
    1. Should I drop Andris Biedrins
    2. If I do, should I pick up Roy Hibbert or Andrew Bogut?

  • nick

    i’d hand on to biedrins, in the long term he is better then both hibbert or bogut.

  • nola

    what’s up with amare!?!? how longs it take for him to get back into game shape!?

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @Rizwan: Yes, good move, though Millsap will still be better for blocks and steals.

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @jryu: Gasol will be fine and dandy very soon.

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @JLEE: Sounds like you’re in a shallow league, so dropping Biedrins for Hibbert or Bogut sounds great.

    Hibbert over Bogut.

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @nola: I’m wondering that, too. My guess is that he’ll be back to normal around Thanksgiving.

  • HiFish

    Hey, Doc– In a shallow (10-spot, 7 play) league, I have:

    Dirk Nowitzki,
    Paul Pierce,
    C Billups,
    Ben Gordon,
    Aaron Brooks,
    Brandon Jennings,
    Corey Brewer,
    M. Speights,

    Only basic 5 stats count (we have a lot of beginners).

    My Question: I have Josh Howard in (and no longer eligible for) my IR spot. Who do i dump to make room for him, or should I ditch him?

    I’m also leery of my centers, but J-ho is my main concern.

  • thanksdoc

    12team 9 cat H2H

    i’m doing pretty well in the league right now, winning most cats.

    thinking about picking up matt barnes for rebounding (only cat im currently losing) and since he might be starting…

    drop raja, outlaw, or danthay jones?

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @HiFish: I’d consider dropping Speights or Shaq for Howard. He’ll take a couple weeks to work some rust off though.

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @thanksdoc: I’d drop Jones of those three, as J.R. Smith should cut deeply into his value.

  • thanksdoc

    danthay jones is on the pacers now doc

  • http://opkpok.com JLEE

    Credibility right out the window with that last comment

  • http://dimemag.com/category/fantasy-basketball/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @thanksdoc: Apologies.

    I’d still consider dropping him or Bell if you need rebounding. Mike Dunleavy’s on the horizon and looks ready to return soon enough.

  • Rizwan

    Absolutely. I think I might just stick to Rick Kamla from now! Only messing with you FD!

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