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Dime #53: Carmelo’s Mission

'Melo covers Dime 53

'Melo covers Dime 53

They say the mainstream playground fad is dead (Where have you gone, Hot Sauce?), but in the NBA — and really in this whole major pro sports thing — the essence of the park still thrives: It’s a constant proving ground.

Maybe it’s because today’s media is quicker than ever to judge, jury and execute; a few public missteps (or just one if it’s big enough) and we’ll gladly anchor you with a label that will take years to erase. Maybe it’s because in today’s economic times, fans want a better reason to spend their money on luxuries like NBA tickets and League Pass cable packages. Maybe it’s because there are just so few spots for so many ballplayers that job security at the highest level is never safe.

To an extent, Dime #53 cover athlete Carmelo Anthony proved himself last spring. In his sixth playoff appearance in six years in the League, ‘Melo finally got over his first-round jinx and shot the Nuggets into the Western Conference Finals, handing out 40-point stat lines and game-winners along the way. While he lost the penultimate duel to Kobe, ‘Melo moved out of T-Mac territory and into the class of players who have proven they can win when it matters. During a rare offseason for ‘Melo that didn’t involve a Team USA commitment, we caught up with him as he continued to build his off-court empire for this, his fourth Dime cover, the second time he’s graced the cover of our NBA preview issue.

Dime #53 has been on newsstands for weeks, and today makes its debut in digital form RIGHT HERE.

In addition to spotlight features on ‘Melo and Al Jefferson, we have our blowout 2009-10 NBA preview piece, identifying the storylines and newsmakers we feel will define this season — from Shaq to Brandon Jennings to Dwight Howard to the impact of next summer’s free agent class on this season’s on-court product, the rise of young contenders, and the beginning of a new Golden Age for a certain position.

And don’t forget the NCAA preview and the national high school preview. If you’re interested in the future of the pro game, you need to know the key players making noise on the amateur level.

Wintertime is here, and with it, the playgrounds and parks that serve as 24-hour proving grounds are mostly quiet. The game has moved indoors, under the lights, and now it’s time for the world’s best to do their thing. Time to prove themselves once again. Is there a better time of year?

– Austin Burton, Associate Editor

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  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    This digital Mag shit is dope!

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    No mention of Britney Griner huh? The most talked about recruit in girls basketball, and more explosive than Candace Parker (though not nearly as fine) and she can’t get a single paragraph. What, does she have to go to Rutgers, or live in NY or Boston to get that kinda love?

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    Man that pic of Starbury and KG, reminds me of when KG was not saying “mothaf@*^er” every second, and when Marbury was still sane..

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Too bad for ‘Melo a few dumb words, sucker punch Mardy Collins, and his cornrows gave white america a bad view of him. (Don’t believe me, look at Mike Vick, cut them cornrows quick before sentencing, trying to change his image, Iverson too last year, tried to change perception of who they were)

    Won’t even talk about the “stop snitching” fiasco. He’s obviously not who they painted him to be that’s all. It took a haircut and “saying the right things” to change peoples perception, I doubt he’s changed who he is, but more of who people think he is NOW.

    (Image is everything-A. Agassi, noted meth smoker)

  • That’s what’s up

    Abe Pollin – RIP

    85 years is a good run…

  • http://www.twitter.com/bfears bfears

    rip abe! melo is the man!

  • hahns

    damn, hot cover

  • jeremy

    rip mr. pollin. dc will miss you

  • Promoman

    Amen Sho-Nuff

  • Soopa

    One of the best covers yet Dime, awesome job. My personal favorit is the KG one tho (the one you show to kids if they dont behave, cos that covers will scare the crap out of them)

  • Spangatanga

    About Hot Sauce: He just played an exhibition game, here in the netherlands. Togheter with Dennis Rodman (haha) Tim Hardaway, Mugsy bogues, and others.
    Drod was supposed to be te main event, but all the drinking got him winded after playing only 5 minutes. So the people didn’t get there money’s worth. The gambling is probebly what got him here, to pay some debts.

    anyway’s Philip Champion aka Hot Sauce, is still alive!!

  • Powerslave


  • ali

    @powerslave, weren’t you told that it’s what’s on the inside that counts? put dime and slam in the same ring and slam will walk out looking like miguel cotto last weekend son.

  • Jimmy_jacked_corn

    For that matter, Dime had Derrick Rose on the cover this summer before Slam did. They also had Kevin Durant on the cover a couple months ago before Slam did (he’s on their new cover).

    Everybody stop with the “copying” shit. There’s only like 10 players that any basketball magazine would reasonably put on a cover; there’s bound to be some crossover.

  • Jimmy_jacked_corn

    Oh yeah, Slam sucks. It was cool when I was 13, but then I grew up.