NBA, Video / Nov 23, 2009 / 4:01 pm

Eddy Curry Clubs Rajon Rondo

Eddy Curry was hit with a flagrant foul for his clubbing of Rajon Rondo. Gotta think some kind of fine is coming down on E-City for this as well…

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  • http://www.in-n-outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    Thank you for putting this on, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Curry looked pissed for no reason.

  • SJ

    @Lucas- He’s pissed because he gave up his daily McD’s and still can’t produce!

  • fred a stair

    wow can i get a karma? totally deserved it and then hes acting like hes hurt mabe he should have been carried of then 5 seconds later come back on without a limp he would have been a hero…i liked the fist pump by curry hahahaha rondo=dirty little no jumper loser!!

  • LakeShow84

    Why would Curry get a fine??

    FIRST OFF, Rondo ALWAYS lays down on the floor for an extra 5 seconds cuz hes a STRAIGHT punk and tries to goad refs into technicals..

    SECOND OFF, Rondo’s done much worst.. PERIOD..

    If Curry gets a fine it would give me yet another reason i cant stand the C’s.. Ask Brad Miller if Rondo shouldve gotten a fine for practically mid air assaulting him..

    I really cant stand how he just lays there though.. so fake..

  • Jason

    I have to say I think a flagrant foul is about as far as this needs to go. A fine isn’t necessary. It was a hard push but high in the back- no low. Rondo was going to fall over, not go head over heels.

  • K Dizzle

    all karma…

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    who let eddy curry back in the league?

  • Rizwan

    Rondo deserved it. Probably said he can play center better than Eddy and that he’ll never win a ring!!

  • karizmatic

    Yeah that’s pretty extreme

  • Mikey F Baby

    Sure he pushed him but what a fucking flop by Rondo. I’ve never seen someone collapse from a shove like that holy hell

  • Roko

    Im gonna have to agree with the last few posts and say that Rondo is a flop-artist (watch the extra jump forward when he lands). Meanwhile, he is quietly becoming one of the dirtier players in the game, i.e. Brad Miller and Kirk Hinrich incidents, and starting beefs with Kobe and Chris Paul. Rondo needs to slow his role. Side note, definitely liking the fact Curry is getting fired up, at least he seems emotionally invested in the games as of late.

  • kobeeeeee

    where is KG to punk ed c? I guess he can only punk around smaller guys.

  • deeds

    Rondo is quickly becoming one of my least favourite players in the league. Sure he got hit. But barely. Get off the floor and quit acting like the little punk you really are

  • Kermit The Washington

    Rondo is worse than Steve Nash at overexaggerating contact, which is pretty bad.

    Holding the back of your neck like you have a possible spine injury? C’mon dog…

  • Tbest

    I just became a bigger fan of Eddy Curry. Rondo’s a punk. Brad miller should send Eddy a thank you card. What goes around comes around.

  • Tbest

    If you turn the volume up loud enough you can hear Rondo sounding like Ezal from Friday. “My neck, my back, my neck and my back.”

  • D.H.

    It sure look looked like Perk fouled Curry. I mean there was a tonne of contact both before and during the shot.

  • KCL

    haha what did Rondo do to even deserve the shove? go for the rebound? pretty unnecessary by Curry no real reason for it, but yeah Rondo did flop and acted like a hurt lil bitch like he usually does definetly doesn’t deserve a fine but they prolly will cuz its E-City! haha

  • the cynic

    Curry just got pissed because he asked Rondo to touch it and Rondo said no thanks

  • LAballer

    am i the only one that finds this video hilarious as hell? he gets so pissed he just needs to hit something..and rondo it is hahahah

  • Off-Curry

    Wow Curry, one of the biggest loosers off of the preseason – is now officially The Biggest Loser,lol

  • LakeShow84


    I just actually saw it.. it dont get funnier.. Just cuz it all happens so quick..

    @ LAB

    He did just need to hit something and didnt realize where he was lololololol

    @ DIME

    that isnt being clubbed..

  • Big Island

    Kobeeee said what I was thinking! I didn’t see KG anywhere, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts that he would be all up on Nate if he would’ve bumped Rondo. I am glad Leon Powe left and I can happily hate all of the Celtics. Except maybe Ray. Perkins = pu$$y. KG = bigger pu$$y. PP = Overrated pu$$y. That whole squad is pussy.

  • Big Island

    I had to put the $$ because Dime said I was being “spammy”. Awesome…

  • ScoGo

    All the refs have to do is call what happened, not a player’s reaction to what happened. Eddy was fouled. A no-call is okay depending on the consistancy of that call throughout the game. Eddy acted like a jackass to see if all fouls were not being called or just some of them.

    Rondo was fouled. Rondo acted like a jackass to dive after the whistle and pretend to be hurt.

    The only thing flagrant during the whole ordeal is Rondo’s bad acting.

  • ScoGo

    And if you are a conspiracy theorist, remember that E-City and Super-Bad Brad were sharing minutes on the Bulls roster once upon a time.

  • zcw

    Rondo just has to act hard all the time because his favorite pastime is ROLLERSKATING. Dude got what he deserved on this one.

  • CTP

    I agree with the lot of you. Rondo acts like a bitch a lot of the time. It seems like the dude thinks he is the best PG in the NBA.. I think I would get real frustrated playing against him as well.

    the dude that said he needs to slow his roll said it best.

  • arisloco

    Where was KG during that incident? SCARED? most probably.hahaha If it was Boykins who did that to Rondo, KG would act like the starter of a gang fight…It would be a lot nicer if Rondo hit his head on some sharp-pointed material and eventually died!lol

    burn in hell Celtics!

  • Soopa

    Haha, gotta love all the Celtic hate. You all just mad cos your team doesnt have swagger like Boston. Yeah i said it!

    If you get whacked in the back by someone twice you size (and triple weight), you wouldnt just pop back like nothing happened. Rondo stays down for like 5 sec before getting up and he doesnt whine about it or anything.

    And you are getting on the Celtics for not acting like fools and escalating things? So when Boston is acting like jerks you get on them and then they dont you get on them aswell? Ok… This just backs up my opening statement.

    Besides, Curry basically ran down court right after it happned. So you want Perkins to chase him down the floor, get kicked out and and maybe suspended?

    You are all some weak ass haters with no common sense what so ever.

  • arisloco

    CP3 paid Curry to do that to Rondo. Sweet Revenge!lol

    Next time, I would pay Curry to dunk Rondo’s head over the backboard.

  • M Intellect

    Perkins is a pussy

  • Josh

    If Eddy gets fined he going to be owing the league money. He going to have to get a payday advance from a check cashing place. to pay that joint.

  • QQ

    Eddy Curry is just hungry.

    Yeah, good to see KG defend his teammate after… OOOHH SHIIIT.

  • Janay

    W.O.W yall talking all this shiit but i bet if eddy ”clubbed” one of yall favorite players it would be a different story.Eddy is a fckin loser….why would u push rondo just cause he got a damn rebound???Rondo is way more established HAS A RING and the knicks suck.period.

    The celtics are an elite team and some of yall favorite teams are probably the wEAKEST, and thats why yall hatin.aND DON’T get mad cause yall teams aint got a chance in hell to win a championship and the celtics do.At the end of the day who won the damn game?????EXACTLY….bOSTON DID BITCHES.

    OH YEAH ALL YALL RONDO HATERZZ CAN kick some damn rocks…..dude doesnt have to be a good shooter.I want to see yall go the damn Nba and win a ring your 2nd year.

  • Cd

    From the replay its clear to see that he swung in the air out of frustration and just so happened to find the back of Rondos head. Whats the definition of a loser? I would call someone a loser if they faced the adversities in their lives and copped out. He may not be the player you all expected him to be but that doesnt define his character as a person and when you call someone a loser thats what youre trying to do.

    Basketball is a game of contact anyone who plays knows that so you take your hits and keep it moving

  • AdvancedMind

    Actually I like Rondo but he should be put on his ass more, because he shouldnt be in the paint grabbing offensive rebounds. In the early 90’s Rondo would have caught several elbows and been sat on his back pocket as many times as it took him to realize that he shouldnt be among the trees trying to grab rebounds. Charles Oakley would have let Rondo meet the hard wood. More of the story should be that none of Bostons big men came and checked Curry, that should be Perkins job becuase unlike post #30 thinks, Perkins is not an important part of Boston, specially when Sheed is clearly better then him.

  • Erik

    2 things i dont understand.

    1. Why eddy curry so upset, to push rondo who had nothing to with anything except get the rebound.
    2. Why did rondo fall ? does he not know how to land. the whole thing is dumb