Smack / Nov 5, 2009 / 3:34 am

Everybody Hates (guarding) Chris

(photo. Zach Wolfe)

(photo. Zach Wolfe)

Erick Dampier was almost the headline photo for today’s Smack. Seriously. In the late stages of the fourth quarter of Mavs/Hornets, Damp (16 pts, 14 rebs, 3 blks) was the most clutch player in the building, getting a putback off a Dirk Nowitzki miss to break a tie, catching an alley-oop from Jason Kidd on the next possession, then scoring on another tip-in with 16 seconds left. That should’ve been the dagger, but Dallas killed themselves at the free-throw line in the final seconds: Jason Terry missed one after Chris Paul got T’d up for arguing a push-off call (CP had pushed off on J.J. Barea like 3-4 times in the fourth, but didn’t get called for it until what looked like N.O.’s last-chance possession), then Barea missed two freebies to keep the Hornets alive. Keep in mind that Dirk had fouled out by that point. The misses set up Peja Stojakovic‘s three to force overtime, a risky call by Byron Scott to go with a guy who hadn’t hit a shot all night over Paul, who hadn’t missed a three all night … Did you catch Drew Gooden‘s reaction to the Peja three? On the bench in street clothes, Gooden dropped his head when the net snapped and looked like a wino about to slump over on the sidewalk … While the fourth quarter had belonged to Terry (35 pts, 12-18 FG) and CP (39 pts, 14-23 FG), the overtime belonged to the bigs. David West and Emeka Okafor got a couple early buckets to give the Hornets the lead, then Okafor swatted Shawn Marion on a crucial possession. CP’s free throws and Bobby Brown‘s exclamation-point dunk closed it out … When he puts on his Angry Face or his Whiny Face, David West (25 pts, 10 rebs, 5 asts, 3 stls) kind of looks like the kid from “Everybody Hates Chris” … With so much talk of CP and Carmelo dropping crazy buckets early into the season, has anyone noticed that Kobe Bryant is going nuts? Last night’s 41-spot against the Rockets was his second 40-point effort in the last three outings, bumping his average to 33.2 for the season. While Kobe gave Shane Battier the business on the block and getting to the rim, Trevor Ariza (5-21 FG) couldn’t really return fire with Ron Artest all in his shirt … Ariza did force overtime with a three with 14 seconds left, but L.A. won the free-throw battle in the extra frame. Andrew Bynum (17 pts, 17 rebs) hit the go-ahead free throw with 24 seconds left … We’re not naming names, but some Celtics fan in the Dime office was talking about his squad maybe going 17-0 through the month of November and making Al Jefferson cry last night in Minnesota. So about that — well, Big Al (18 pts) and Buckets Pecherov (24 pts) looked like Boozer and Memo out there, and the Celts barely escaped with a two-point win. Every team has nights like where their legs are dead, especially an older group like Boston that’s on the second part of a back-to-back on the road, but there were enough red flags to maybe chill on the 72-win talk … Doc Rivers post-game on Rasheed, who was front-rimming almost every jumper he took: “What I was urging for him was, attack the basket because clearly he had no legs. None of our jump shots were going to go.” When was the last time ‘Sheed attacked the basket? Maybe if you wrapped a referee’s shirt around the rim and hung a whistle on the net …

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard

Meanwhile, the Magic are looking as strong as anybody in the League, getting some of their swagger back in hanging 122 points on the Suns last night in a blowout. With Vince Carter (ankle) sitting out, Dwight Howard put up 25 points and Jameer Nelson added 16 and 10 assists. Those two also hooked up on an off-the-glass ‘oop. Going into the game, we said Jason Richardson needed to have a big game for Phoenix to compete; he went 0-for-4 and finished scoreless … In the middle of Memphis’ 22-2 run in the first quarter that threatened to put the Warriors to bed early, the GS announcers were taking turns killing Allen Iverson for his recent “I’m not a reserve” comments; as if their team hasn’t been a three-ring circus of absolute clowns over the years. The sideline reporter even called A.I. “selfish” without hesitation. Meanwhile, the GS fans were about to raise a mutiny on their team, with the boos growing loudest whenever Corey Maggette took a jumper instead of going to the rim … The Warriors recovered from that run, though, and pulled themselves from the ranks of the winless with a — we’re not joking — efficient and balanced offensive attack. Monta Ellis (24 pts, 12 asts, 5 stls) looked like an actual point guard, and Anthony Morrow scored 24 without his usual reckless jacking … One GS announcer declared Morrow the best three-point shooter in the League. Seeing as Morrow isn’t near the top of any three-point stat categories so far this season, the announcer must have been saying Morrow is just generally the best shooter from deep. Would anybody not related to Anthony Morrow agree with that? … Iverson played 27 minutes off the bench, putting up 18 points and seven assists and looking a little more willing to shoot than he did in his debut. But once again, he was taken out with about five minutes left in the fourth quarter and didn’t return … Other big stat lines from Wednesday: Dwyane Wade dropped 40 points (14-26 FG) in a win at Washington, while Gilbert Arenas had 32 points on what seemed like 50 shots in the loss; Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford scored 26 apiece in a win at Sacramento; Ty Lawson had 23 points off the bench in a blowout win at New Jersey; Chris Bosh scored 25 and Andrea Bargnani put up 23 and 12 boards in a win over Detroit; and David Lee posted 20 points and 19 rebounds in a loss to Indiana … One time Chris Duhon drove left and went into the air with the idea of passing to a cutting Lee. But when Duhon looked and found Lee covered, he twisted his body in mid-air and slammed the ball off the backboard — and it happened to fall into Lee’s hands for a bucket. Clyde Frazier and Mike Breen couldn’t decide if Duhon had done that on purpose. You know if it was somebody like Kobe or Chris Paul, the announcers wouldn’t doubt for a second that they’d meant to do it … We’re out like ‘Sheed attacking the basket …

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  • the_don_mega

    lakers/rockets was a pretty good game… cats were trading buckets…

  • Coop

    Why the fuck is Trevor Ariza taking 21 shots? Has the world gone mad?

  • Warriorsworld

    Anthony Morrow “reckless jacking”???

    I know it’s hard for a casual fan like yourself to pay attention to the Warriors but FYI… Anthony Morrow lead the league in 3PT% last year. Yes, he IS the best 3PT shooter in the NBA, and no I’m not related to him.

  • DropD27

    wow Ariza and Artest had pretty much the same stats,lol, hmm… what was the point of this trade again?

  • Josh Tha roc

    yeah I was going to say the same thing. Isn’t leading the league in3pt% enough to be in the discussion?

  • Luke Walton

    Anthony Morrow sucks.

  • Josh Tha roc

    agreed ariza should not be taking that many shots on a NBA team, but who else is gonna for rockets? Chuck Hayes ???

  • Luke Walton

    That’s why he’s not in the discussion.

  • nok

    relax guys. Celts struggled because it was the 2nd of a back to back. Celts will still go 73-9. You heard it here first.


    The more I watch CP3, the more I am beginning to dislike him. I mean, he got mad handles and running the point quite good but the pushing off and dirty plays are begining to tick me off.

  • the_don_mega

    i think the C’s ain’t gunnin’ for that 72 win record… they would be needin’ to rest their starters at some point in the season and take it easy… why would they bust they asses for 72 wins if that would eventually break ‘em down come playoff time? chip > 72 wins… but chip + 73 wins = sweet…


    Ron-Ron value will shine comes playoffs time. Defend the likes of Melo, Roy, Lebron, and Double P.

    Kobe is too small to defend Melo.

  • the cynic

    Chuck Hayes was balling the lakers up last night

    Jamal Crawford is going to work out nice for Atlanta

  • gobigg415

    Morrow shot 70% on 3’s in the summer league 2 years ago the win MVP. His first start last year he shot 15 of 20 and dropped 37pts & 11rebs. He led the NBA in 3pt% last year, his rookie year, something that had never been done. This summer league he set the record for points in a game, 47. This preseason he led the NBA in scoring PTs per game. All of these with high fg%s. He never recklessly jacks, its actually routinely a Dubs problem of not getting him enough shots. “Reckless jacking?” Try 10-12 shooting 4-4 on 3s. Look up the facts before talking shit. Dime always does this. Big mouth with little substance. And Luke Walton, you suck.

  • K Dizzle

    That’s all y’all got on the Cs and Wolves game. How about KG foulin Brewer by grabbin him up FROM BEHIND and the gutless Donaghue…..sorry, referee, callin it a jumpball. Gutless reffin caused a Wolves a chance to upset.

  • Luke Walton

    Doesn’t change the fact that Morrow sucks.

  • padoods

    we all thought kobe was gonna take a back seat with the scoring and defer to the rest of the team this season. but with pau out, ron still adjusting and the bench being crap, kobe has once again had to shoulder the load of the offense

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Hey say what you will about the non-replacement refs, but they communicate. Double whistle, they check with each other (hence the time it took to say foul or jump) one with the face on angle and the baseline said “jump” while the ref on sideline thought foul but had the worse angle. Great communication is the key to good officiating. And that was all ball on the replay. Can’t whine after the instant replay homey.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Oh, and any reference to “donaghy” court is an automatic T, pretty much nationwide. So all you city league and rec guys know.

  • That’s whats up

    I like post 10 – totally agree

  • That’s whats up

    Chris Paul pushes off more than a virgin does that first time

  • nok


    Celts are 10 deep, they can bench their starters and still beat a lot of teams with Sheed,House, Big Baby and the rest. 73 wins+ the chip is a sure thing. Lakers don’t have a deep bench anymore. Cavs and Magic cant beat them too. Banner # 18 baby!

  • rangerjohn

    i believe TWU and i both have been calling out cp for all of his mess for at least a couple yrs now, good to see the ref stepped up and called him on one of the 90000000 times he pushed off last night, and the game before, and the game before….. you get the idea.

    lakers are THIN! in case you guys dont remember, just saying. rockets are thin also and they played their hearts out. you know your thin when brian cook comes in long enough to not even register on the box score lmao. the game was reffed about as well as can be asked for. here in houston there has been a whole lot of talk about david andersen taking on the starters role over hayes. i EL O EL at that every time too. that guy has to be kissing yao’ ass daily, if yao had not gone down, he would never be in the NBA.


  • nok

    roger that rangerjohn. Lakers are thinner than Kate Moss.

  • AdvancedMind

    @ 9

    You are absolutly out of your fucking mind..

  • kowtz


    Put your money where your mouth is…

  • QQ


    A team Almost losing to the Twolves?

    That team will beat the Bull’s record?


    Stop dreamin’. cat.

  • That’s whats up

    53-29 is more like it

  • Dr.Googles

    CP is funny. He play dirty as hell, then turns and cry to the refs.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Last night was a great game.

    To still push the defending champs to OT and still have a chance, …I ain’t mad.

    Houston Up!

    Congrats LA.

  • SWAT

    to comment on someone saying tht artest and ariza pretty much had the same stats last night and wht was the point of the trade, u obviously didnt see the portland game or the golden state game. at this point ariza is worth so much more thn artest. and quit hating on ariza takng 21 shots, he has to be our scorer, like someone said earlier, who’s gonna do it-chuck? LOL-funny but sad. anyway my boys played a hell of a good game last night and kobe needed to drop 40+ to beat us. look at the box scores of both squads and its funny to see the disparity of both teams scoring. the rockets scoring was coming from everywhere…cant hate tho Kobe was ballin, wht can u do. AND MISS ME WITH DUMB ASS RON ARTEST. boy we took a chance on you last season, everybody really thought u were crazy. You got ur head together finally, maybe working with adelman again helped, but for u to start talking shit about our squad. sayin “i was there only 1 season and we didnt do anything…” wow…i was actually a little sad to see u act like tht…so to hell with ron artest!!

  • mike

    C-Webb said Morrow was the 2nd best shooter in the league after Ray Allen.

  • nok


    73-9. unless Doc decides to call off the dogs at the end of the regular season. It doesn’t really matter if they dont get 73 though. We’re hoisting banner # 18 in June. Lakers will get destroyed in the finals.

  • the_don_mega

    @ nok –

    “Celts are 10 deep, they can bench their starters and still beat a lot of teams with Sheed,House, Big Baby and the rest.”

    – ain’t sure about that…

  • Diego

    Celt’s bench isn’t crap. match them up against Hawks:

    Jamal Crawford is miles better than House. Crawford ALONE makes Atlanta’s bench better than the mixed nuts the Celtics have to offer up.

    Zaza would beat the hell out of old man Rasheed. (Yes Rasheed would get 2-3 3-pointers, but that would be it.)

    Joe Smith and Big Baby = draw.

    Mo Evans and Daniels = draw.

    Shelden Williams = Hawks’ castoff.

    Celts are simply benefiting from very friendly, home court heavy opening schedule–just like every year.

  • Diego

    Make that “Celt’s bench is crap.”

  • Scotty Walnuts

    Just a little blurb about Ty Lawson and no mention of the UNDEFEATED Nugz…huh??

    Dime must have been too busy watching the pinstripes last night.

    I know..I know we pasted the Nyets…but still. We’re one of the only undefeated teams left and we we’re also on the back end of a back2back and no talk of us struggling thru an ugly 1st half to come back and put up 44 in the 3rd and 122 for the game….but I digress (sp?)

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    I hate Corey Brewer, but that was certainly a foul by KG. It’s not even close.

  • rangerjohn

    i would venture to say if scola and/or hayes had not fouled out the rockets win that game. especially had scola not fouled out. i will say i dont remember to many or any full on bogus calls though.

    it is a testament to the heart of the rockets and to the lack of depth of the lakers. neither team is scaring anyone right about now, i dont expect the rockets to do much of anything as the season wears on and i expect the lakers to make a deal before the dead line (something like mayo and a 2nd round pick for adam morrison and the washing machine). as it is right now, celtics are the only team in the league, nobody wants to play any time soon. they will come down to earth though. and i expect my spurs to pick it up as the new guys get comfortable with each other and the system.

  • http://www.lifeofagiant.com Big Aaron


    Matty Barnes is ballin right now.

  • That’s whats up

    nok (post 33) – do you know shit about banner hoisting?

    It’s done the first home game of the new season, late October/early November. not in June.

    …and the Celtics are not getting another ring; it just ain’t gonna happen. They’ll be lucky to be 10 games over .500 at the AS break.

    …and the Lakers may not be there either.
    Do you watch any games??

  • That’s whats up

    Big Aaron – if you’re pinning the Magic’s hopes on Matt Barnes you got a lot of trouble on the horizon

  • SWAT

    @ ranger…i agree to disagree…
    i agree had scola not fouled out if would hv been a diff outcome. none the less, ariza got stripped in the end so an L is an L. a very good game. i am more optimistic thn you though, i see at the rockets best-an 8 seed.
    now I will say this im not mad at ur spurs. i picked up blair in my fantasy and dude was a nice steal for yall. if only RJ can get his ish together, like u said though new system for him

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Ranger I think the rockets will do better than many expect.

    I don’t see the Lakers making a deal I just think they will make sure Bynum is healthy all year, which will sort of like having a new player lol.

    SWAT I am more impressed with Ariza thus far. Hopefully he continues to get better.

  • rangerjohn

    all i can say about bynam is the lakers better hope those ratty knees can hold up to the 40 mpg he is averaging.
    i also think the lakers are better without him, i think they are better with pau and odom in the game. never gonna happen with bynam healthy and he may prove me wrong but we will see.

    i think OKC and houstons playoff hopes hinge on how other teams do, utah looks lost, hornets are one CP injury away from the 1st pick in the draft next summer. if those 2 teams continue down their path, the rockets and thunder are fighting it out for the 7-8 seeds. in that case i like the rockets better as a playoff team then a reg season team.

  • rell

    @That’s whats up
    I know you probably hate Boston but come on now. You actually think a team that was 62-10 and 17-8 without KG last season will be “lucky” to be 10 game over .500 by the all-star break. I guess you expect the Celtics to lose 20 games by the all-star break. This will only happen if 2 of the big 3 gets hurt.

  • rell

    62-20 instead of 62-10

  • Celts Fan

    OK, the Celtics bench is really, really deep (and no, Mo Evans is nowhere near as good as Marquis Daniels) but NO ONE’S winning 72. We may hit that undefeated November that Dime was mentioning, but when we hit mid-season, the vets will be resting and someone’s bound to get injured at some point.

    @QQ – MJ’s 72W Bulls lost to the expansion Raptors, last year’s Lakers (and I think the ’07 Celtics) lost to the Bobcats. A bad game happens. That has nothing to do w/ why they won’t win 73. Common sense and absolutely EVERYTHING having to go right is why they won’t win 73. All that matters is winning 16 from mid-April – June and all 5 legit contenders know it. Know one’s sniffing 70 this year.

    @K Dizzle – KG got all ball. Watch the replay man.

  • SWAT

    @ Gee yea im def feelin ariza more at this point. like i said to hell with artest. i do see us running dudes out of the building with our squad and being a sleeper pick.

  • http://Dime Celt4life

    Some where in the mid sixties is about right kill all that 72 talk this is the NBA where amazing happens!!!!!

    Any team can beat (kings not included)any eam on any given night, it’s about heart!

    After the replay you can clearly see it was the right call.

    My fear is that the C’s are going to be last years Cavs!

  • http://www.kingsfans.com Willis

    Last years Lakers lost a game to the 17-win Kins. Explain that.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Celts Fan

    that shit was half ball and half arm.. and if anything he had to go over his arm and hold it down to get to the ball so it was a foul period.. kinda like raising up through a defenders arm when hes face guarding you.. fouls a foul.. and ima Laker fan looking for those annoying pricks to lose some ground so it was def a foul..

    How does that team get so many calls and noncalls in their favor and they talk the most shit in the league??

  • anenome

    the 72 win bulls lost to the toronto raptors. i’m not defending the celtics but like KG so hilariously said, “anything is possible”.

  • Ekstor

    To those knocking Ariza’s 21 shots yesterday, you obviously didn’t see the stat showing Ariza leading the Rockets in scoring going into the game, averaging 21+ppg shooting 48% from the field. That said, he forced some shots that he shouldn’t have last night.

    @ Rangerjohn

    I guess we can look forward to you commenting on the Lakers bench after EVERY game?

  • Celts Fan

    @Lakeshow – Maybe in today’s NBA that’s possibly a foul (I still think it was all ball, but maybe I gotta see it again,) but those are the type of “Just let them play” calls they need to make. Same w/ the last couple minutes of the Lakers/Thunder game a couple nights ago. Most of the calls (surprisingly most went against the Lakers) were BS that shoulda just been non-calls. I hate that ticky-tack BS

  • LakeShow84

    Lol to whoever said Ariza is more important than Artest.. Those points Kobe is droppin?? those points are a direct result of havin Ron out there doing all the dirty work..

    And if memory serves me right Melo MURDERED Ariza when we played.. Yeah the 2 steals were great but if Melo wasnt avg close to 35 a game we wouldnt have needed those steals.. Enter Artest..

    Another game another solid line for Bynum..

    @ RangerJohn

    Scola fouls out with 1 minute left in OT after fouling Kobe and giving us a 2 pt lead and u say if he stayed in they wouldve won?? LMAO.. graspin at straws..

  • Mo

    It was David West that got the technical that sent Terry to the line. Not Chris Paul. Chris Paul didn’t get any techs in that game. Please know what the eff you’re talking about before you put it in print. Thank you.

  • LakeShow84

    Yeah but understand where im coming from Celts lol

  • Mo

    And dirty plays are when you purposely try to hurt someone. Sneaky plays are another thing. Paul has quite a few sneaky plays but nothing dirty. And yeah yeah yeah, we’re talking about NBA. Not college.

  • http://dime uh huh

    Deshawn Stevenson takes my vote as the worst player in the N.B.A. He has absolutely not one basketball skill. That is a problem with this league. There’s no development. The coaches want to coach but not teach. It’s on the player as well. He dribbles like he has mittens on & shoots like people in the crowd who have never played a sport before. Man. Also Mario Chalmers injury came from the abuse he withstood from Nash the other night. He was toying with him like a child. Defensive guard my &^%. It wasn’t just Smush fault. Kobe can’t lock down Nashington. Gilbert annoys me he has high basketball skill but very low IQ toward the game. He’s reverting to his old self. Trust the team. I know there bad. Caron looks old & injured & B.Haywood is useless. NICK YOUNG ANYONE. Flip Saunders & Carlise w/ Beaubois last night. He starts and scores 9 straight buckets then it’s Seran. Hater or stupid. Let the rooks play. Man the D-League has to be bad if the N.B.A. is in this state. So many bums in the league it’s a shame. They’ve banned crossovers, implemented dress code, hanging on the rims. Might as well take out the whole style of the league. I wonder why? Make it more European push back the 3 pt line to half court and make them 5 pts. Jesus. FYI a inside change is not a carry. I miss the replacement referees. Chris Paul push off isn’t worse than bruce bowen’s karate tactics on d. or any of the players who flop all over the league. It’s his advantage for his size. Get tougher.

  • Buffalo Brave

    “When was the last time ‘Sheed attacked the basket? Maybe if you wrapped a referee’s shirt around the rim and hung a whistle on the net …”


  • K Dizzle

    @ Celts Fan

    I’m all for physical play, but that wraparound, was a foul. If it had been Ray or PP gettin wrapped up, all ball or not, you know they shootin throws. It’s partly Corey Brewer’s fault that he ain’t a big enough name to get that call, but comin over arms to grip the ball is a foul from any angle.

    @ Ranger – lol. you never cease to amaze. Ok, we get it. Lakers bench is thin. That’s what happens when your 2nd best player is out with an injury, then someone from the bench has to start to fill that void. It’ll be clearer when Tim, Tony or Manu go down…

    One more – Why is Don Nelson messin with my fantasy team by totally destroyin Anthony Randolph’s pt? Dude needs to retire. Warriors ain’t goin nowhere. Play the kids, FOOL!

  • quest???

    Never in my life have i seen people critizing a 18 point 7 assist game. Every site i have gone to has been critizing iverson for his game. That he is taking away from mike conley. Who the fuck is mike conley, he sucks, iverson had more points and assists in less time than he did. Mike conley sucks and they should bench him and make iverson the point guard. Its like they want him to fail no matter what, If he doesnt do shit they rip him but if he does do shit they destroy him.

  • LakeShow84

    The Grizzlies are morons..

    Im anti-AI all day but after watching some of that game last night its clear that the youngsters (Mayo, Rudy) play much better when Iverson is out there running with them..

    I understand him coming off the bench in Detroit because it FIT with that team.. he was a scorer on a team full of defenders.. but this team is young and running so he should be out there helping maximize their potential..

    And thats why some franchises will never be more than slim pickins..

    Hollins or whatever his name is a moron..

  • sh!tfaced

    Former MVP, played in the finals, started in the Olympics, All-Star, so what… Allen Iverson ain’t shit cause he’s a motherfuckin’ LOSER.

  • K Dizzle

    @ sh!tfaced

    It would be really cool if you would send your pics of your MVP trophy, you playin in the finals and in the olympics and some of your all-star jerseys to dime.
    When callin others “LOSERS”, try to keep it in perspective. AI got no chip, but he damn sure ain’t no loser comin up how he came up, in a shack with no electricity to bein where he is today…

  • Diego

    @ Celts Fan (“Mo Evans is nowhere near as good as Marquis Daniels.”):

    Let’s not make Marquis into something he is not. Mo and Marquis are both simply roleplaying utility journeymen, with different styles of play, but remarkably similar career stats–and careers, for that matter. Each can do a decent job at the right time off the bench, but neither is all that.

  • sh!tfaced

    Okay, man. Let me rephrase that… AI is a motherfuckin’ LOSER who came from a “shack with no electricity”… LOL

  • ab_40

    buckets pecherov is better then kevin love. he’s a better compliment to al jefferson. they’re still all three 6-9 or shorter but ryan hollins ain’t the answer either.

  • rangerjohn

    lakeshow, looking at the box score and after watching the game, scola was pretty damn effective against the lakers. his is a much better scorer then hayes, and andersen, and equal to landry against the lakers. i am pretty confident having scola instead of lowry (who ultimately ended up in the game due to scola and hayes fouling out) is more effective. lowry is not a rebounder which is what they needed. more defense. the lakers got 4-5 offensive rebounds to the rockets 2 rebounds after scola went out.

    let me ask, when pau comes back, odom goes to the bench, whos minutes does he take? rons? that is where he normally would be right? who is going to back up fisher? who is gonna back up kobe? having ultimately a 6 man rotation 7 man on a good night is still thin. losing pau hurts sure but his return doesnt do anything for the shitty play of farmar, sasha, mbenga………. no team can win a title playing a 6 man rotation for an entire season, hell ask the suns how it worked out for them. i dont care how young or how fit they are, players cant handle 40+ minutes night in and night out like the days of when wilt averaged 48 1/2 minutes.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ranger

    my man, you make no sense whatsoever. First you say, we’re too thin. Then you say when we’re at full strength, we don’t don’t have enough minutes to go around? Lakers are the most versatile team in the league. In the triangle, Fish and Shannon can play the 1 and 2, Kobe can play 1,2 and 3. Lamar can play 1-5, Ron can play 2-4 and Gasol swings between 4-5 dependin on who’s on the floor. Shit, Lamar can come in for Fish in the triangle. We ain’t worried.
    I understand you tryin to push buttons, but it ain’t gonna work. I’ll make it real simple. The team we have now is the EXACT same as last year EXCEPT we replaced Ariza with Artest and Bynum’s finally playin up to expectations. We won with a “7 man rotation” last season so where’s you’re argument goin? Try again at the all-star break or something when there’s been more than 5 games played. You spend a lotta time worryin about what we doin. You need to worry about why Jefferson, McDyess and Mason playin like ass and how Tim and Manu gonna get through 82…

  • Dean

    I’m with badass poster #14. He’s dead on correct!
    Morrow will be tearing it up all season long.

    Also, this Danilo kid can shoot it.
    His nickname is “Deadeye”.

  • Celts Fan

    @diego – not saying Marquis is great, just saying I’m not a fan of mo evans. Marquis dpoes a little of everything (tho the J is suspect.). He’s a nice bench guy that can play and D up 2-3 positions and could fill in capably if paul or ray get hurt and he’s gotta start for a little while. Mo evans just reminds me of a less athletic jamario moon. Not terrible, but incredibly,incredibly average.

    Neither guy ever sees an ASG, I’m just a bigger fan of Marquis’ all-around game (been a fan of his since Auburn, so it aint just him being on my team.)

  • rangerjohn

    you apparently have not been paying attention to your bench.
    lets look at the minutes,
    name: 09-10 08-09
    walton 7 min, 18
    brown 12, 12
    farmar 14, 18
    sasha 8, 16
    powell 10, 12
    odom 41, 30
    bynam 40, 29
    fisher, 32, 32
    kobe 42, 36

    see the bench is playing less, (because they cant be trusted?) and the starters are logging more minutes then last year by a lot.

    the reason i bring upo odom moving to the bench, do you think odom is going to be happy dropping to the bench? do you think he will take artests minutes? ron ron is not ariza, he is not going to like dropping minutes like ariza did. and i didnt say 7 man rotation, i said 6 man.

    you spent a lot of type explaining offense, knowing defense wins rings. explain to me how odom is going to guard cp, dwill, parker, rondo……..? (just one example on defense) see a guy like parker or rondo will eat up a 6’10 guy on defense, if thats the case all you need is one stop because there is no way odom is staying in front of a fast PG. hell fisher cant either. (i bring up rondo and parker because we all know they are on the only 2 teams the lakers are worried about.)

    the way the lakers are playing, and the lack of production the bench offers, nobody fears the lakers like they did last year. and yes i realize it is early and we will see as the season goes on but to date, THIN is the word. its not just me, go read the article on top of espn/nba right now.


  • rangerjohn

    oops excuse me fisher averaged 30 last yr and 32 this.

  • nok

    @That’s whats up

    I watch games dude. Are you a Lakers fan? lets talk in June when we beat you in 6.


    I assume your a Hawks fan. Stop dreaming. Hawks won’t win a chip in your lifetime.

  • gobigg415


    Apparently the commentator on NBA.com thinks that Morrow might be the best 3pt shooter in the NBA. Chances are they are not significantly related. Get a clue.