Smack / Nov 16, 2009 / 5:57 am

Give ‘em Ariza to Worry

Trevor Ariza

Trevor Ariza

They’re panicking in Los Angeles. Or something close to it. While you could reasonably write off Friday’s blowout loss in Denver to tired legs from a back-to-back and the high altitude, there aren’t many excuses the Lakers can make after the Rockets (who were supposed to stink this year, remember?) went into Staples and thoroughly outplayed the champs … Trevor Ariza was the main story going into the game. He received his ’09 championship ring in his first trip back to L.A. and was playing in front of his hometown crowd, but by the end it was all about Aaron Brooks. He was killing Derek Fisher, which shouldn’t have been a surprise if you saw those two matched up in last spring’s playoff series. After the Lakers jumped out to a 16-2 lead, Brooks and Chase Budinger got the Rockets offense rolling; Brooks scored 15 points in the first 18 minutes, and finished with 33 points (11-23 FG) for the game … Now it’s time to face some realities: Fisher used to be a good defender — maybe even great — but he’s not that guy anymore. Quick guards like Brooks give him fits, and between that and Fisher’s untimely gunning, he’s becoming the weak link on the floor for the Lakers. Towards the end of the first half, Fisher took four shots out of five L.A. opportunities, even though Andrew Bynum (21 pts, 11 rebs) had proven he could score at will on David Andersen or whoever else was guarding him. But you know Fisher will hit one or two big shots in the playoffs, and everyone will forget about his weaknesses and start wondering if the Lakers should retire his #2 … Ariza got a big ovation from the L.A. fans and players when he got his ring in a pre-game ceremony, then proceeded to struggle, shooting 2-for-12 with six turnovers and finishing with nine points. But Ariza’s steal and breakaway dunk broke a tie midway through the third quarter, when Houston really began to pull away … Kobe (5-20 FG, 18 pts) also couldn’t hit anything, and after tweaking a groin injury in the first quarter, just seemed off his game. Not many “M-V-P” chants this time, as the crowd was booing the Lakers in the fourth quarter … Given the two teams involved, Suns/Raptors was relatively low-scoring, with Phoenix needing just 101 points to get the W. Hedo Turkoglu (20 pts) hit some big shots down the stretch, including a three to tie it up with about 1:30 left and a fadeaway from the corner with Steve Nash draped all over him that gave the Raps the lead. Nash (23 pts, 9 asts) responded by crossing up Chris Bosh and getting a layup plus-one to give the Suns the lead back. Turkoglu had two more chances to win the game after that, but missed on consecutive jumpers … Good matchup between Amar’e (30 pts, 8 rebs) and Bosh (25 pts, 10 rebs). When both of them are available on the market next summer — assuming Stoudemire opts out of his deal — which one would you pay more for? … In the Teams That Should Be In Seattle Invitational, the Clippers knocked off the Thunder as Baron Davis (24 pts) showed why he can be so frustrating to those who root for him. In the final two minutes of a close game, Baron got into the teeth of OKC’s defense and dimed Chris Kaman (25 pts) for a go-ahead bucket, canned a three in Russell Westbrook‘s face to stretch the lead to four, and then hit two free throws to ice a Clippers win. Now why can’t he be that efficient and reliable in crunch time more often? … Kevin Durant scored 40 points in the loss. In Sunday’s only other game, Dirk Nowitzki put up 25 points in a win at Detroit … Last week, Dime’s Austin Burton proposed a trade that could (maybe) potentially clear up this Allen Iverson drama in Memphis, sending A.I. to Philly in a three-team deal involving Sacramento. It could happen. Over the weekend the Grizzlies signed Jamaal Tinsley, perhaps an indication of their future plans with Iverson. But then the Sixers learned Marreese Speights‘ injured knee will put him out 6-8 weeks, throwing a wrench in any trade that would include Sam Dalembert. Without Speights around and Elton Brand still struggling to find his place, Philly needs as much frontcourt help as they can get … From the college ranks, Deon Thompson went for 20 points in North Carolina’s win over Valpo; Texas routed UC-Irvine behind Damion James‘ 21 points and 15 boards; Jamelle Horne had 14 points, 11 boards and three blocks to lead Arizona past Northern Arizona in their first game completely post-Lute Olson; and Quincy Pondexter put up 29 points and 11 boards as Washington crushed Portland State by FIFTY-SIX. Apparently Pondexter’s nickname is “Q-Pon,” which is funny because he’s kind of like a bargain table Luol Deng … We’re out like Tinsley getting any PT …

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  • Jah

    Did I get here first? *crosses fingers*

  • mcw88

    ill take bosh over amare, though both are so-so defenders. Bosh just seems easier to build around while Amare doesnt seem like the type to spend his entire career with one team (think Shaq).

    Based on current form, Bosh definitely but he’s known to play well during the start of the season (see 08/09 season).

  • 2 Easy

    Id take Bosh and oddly enough its not jus cause im from Tdot. Amare seems to do 1 thing well and thats score but it seems like its in 2 ways really, his jumper and gettin to the basket while Bosh has proven he can do all of those things and more

  • Big Sia

    I’m from Tdot and I’d take Amare in a heartbeat.

    C’mon son. Fuck outta here with that corny shit.

  • Big Sia

    Bosh is just a Too Tall Ru Paul

  • Big Sia

    Aaron brooks is officially a Laker Killer

  • mcw88


    thats coz of Fish, deron williams c-paul parker all have his number. Lakers need a PG who can actually keep up with their opposite number.

  • 2 Easy

    Wow thats some CB4 hate. Well ur tellin me the raps need 2 big men who cant rebound or play d, at least bosh plays a bit more than mare D

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    I’d take Bosh–he doesn’t come down with injuries all the time. Say what you will about the knees being healed, the eye injury being a freak of nature, but seriously (and I hope I don’t jinx him) but Amar’e might come down with turf toe tomorrow and be out for the season. You just never know with him.

    And Bosh gets it done with a so-so pg, not relying on Steve Nash dimes all day.

  • Diggity Dave

    Amare has to be the man, I’d rather take Bosh.

  • rangerjohn

    THIN, im trying to tell you guys all season but while the names are the same, the numbers have not changed on the jerseys, but the lakers bench has lost its heart.

    @ lakeshow, who i know will be in here talking trash, to me about my spurs loss, tell me again how good the lakers bench is? hell the rockets bench out played the lakers starters, the lakers bench didnt even get a chance.

  • Guitar Hero

    The Lakers need Turiaf back.
    Wow, that’s the 1st time someone wrote this.

    Also, I’d take Bosh over Amaré. Much smarter player.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Houston Up!

    Can it officially be said that Brooks is our CP3 and that he is the new leader of the team.

    Little man is a beast!

    Respect to the Lakers they are still the team to beat, but it’s always good to get a W over the champs.

    Mayweather and Pacman need to go ahead and make that match happen.

    How about USC getting 55 I think drop on them wow!

    Georgia with a come from behind win after being down 14.

    and Peyton Manning is still the TRUTH!

    Loving sports right now!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qtOTBQcbiM&feature=related rodnets

    LOL Lakers fans suck

  • Dagomar

    I’d rather take Bosh. Much better team player, better defender, both equally good offensive players although Bosh relies more on finesse and Amare on power. I also feel Bosh is a better rebounder.

    As for last night’s game . . . so frustrating. The Raps had every possible chance to win towards the end but blew it. Would have been a solid W. I still say this team has a shot at 50 wins though, considering they’re at .500 with a tough schedule and the pieces are just beginning to mesh.

  • jzsmoove

    Bosh over Amare, thats with no regards to whoever is injury free and the financial restrictions at the time.

    In Amare’s defense, he is very capable offensive weapon even after Nash is gone and whoever said Amare doesnt seem the type to stick to one team? 8 yrs with one team is legit and reasonable enough to check your teams championship tendencies.

    I am officially changing my mind. I didnt mind otherwise before but I HOPE BOSH DOES NOT LEAVE T.O. He is very good. Very very good.

  • no j mayo


  • E$


    Chase Budinger – Learn that name

  • karizmatic

    At least Memphis signed Tinsley. Shannon Brown should have been starting for the Lakers a long time ago, but you have to trust Phil and give him credit for going with his guys.

  • SWAT

    Wht up GEE?
    I must say it was good to hear the lakers gettin booed at home nonetheless…fair weather ass fans. Some games you’re just off and some you are just on…brooks was killin it. A 10-0 run by his lonely…WOW. ariza didnt do much but it was nice to hear the love from the home fans. still, im curious to see how mcgrady will come in and wht adjustments will be made…

  • Ian

    Bosh is better at everything than amare.

  • Ian

    Did ariza guard kobe? cuz if he did I’d say he had an excellent game.

  • That’s whats up

    Dime, how could you put up those ads with the Real Tyrone’s girl on them?

    You know, the ads that say “Disappointed with the scale?”

  • LakeShow84

    All i can do SMH at that game lol

    I hate scrappy teams.. Adelman GOT to win coach of the year this year tho.. what else the man got to do?? shoulve won it year before last too.. and that was Scott too.. how fast they fall..

    And everyone needs to think of the Jkidd rule when evaluatin Amare Stoudemire.. If he didnt play with Nash would he be such a BEAST?? Now Bosh is beast on his own.. he’ll create his everything.. Amare gets a good 6-10 pts a night off of Nash alone.. and we all remember KMart.. even tho Amare’s J doesnt look girly like that..

  • Name (required)

    Jose Calderon is a much better PG than people here are giving him credit for. id still pick bosh over amare.

    Grizz Signing Tinsley is just fucking hilarious. its as if they are trying to force their young guys to leave by surrounding them with ego’s and assholes. I Wouldnt be shocked it they traded for Captain Jack, then bought Starbury and Spreewell out of retirement.

    I think the lakers really need Gasol Back, not only is he a 20-9 guy, but hes probably the best passer on the team. Also Odem’s versatility makes him much more effective as a 6th man rather than a starter.

  • http://twitter.com/sum_cut_up emory

    fish cant keep up with these young kids…but he’s still a good player

    i would take bosh because his offense is a lot more dynamic than amare

  • UncheckedAggression

    Amare is probably the most overrated player in the NBA. Bosh is not a superstar but he shows a lot more poise, intelligence, and humility than Stoudamire. It’s not even close–Bosh would be the better complement to almost any team.

  • QQ

    I disagree with a lot of things Dime is putting on print (T-Mac dumb love, AI to Philly, Lebron love train, etc), but when it comes to Fisher, we’re on the same page. Can that asshole be anymore cold-blooded? That fucktard REALLY needs to stop shooting that ball like that. It aint funny no more.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    SWAT what up I have to think McGrady won’t be so much the main dude perhaps till crunch time if he is able to come back like that (which I expect).

    Still most of the game should belong to and be in the hands of Brooks.

  • K Dizzle

    @ QQ
    you know your opinion on Fish means a LOT less since you a Magic fan and he took your souls in June but anywaysss…

    @ lakeshow – is it too soon to say that if Pau was there, we kill houston? lol
    I ain’t mad about that loss. We don’t play for game 10 of the season. Ain’t like Houston didn’t take us to 7 in the playoffs when we had Pau so not really shocked cuz Brooks gets what he wants out there. What I wanna know is Do Rocket fans really want McGrady back???

    @ Ranger – thanks for the update on the “thin” bench. I missed the Spurs last game vs OKC, but they musta won right?……cuz the Spurs deep bench wouldn’t let em lose to lowly OKC…….cuz Parker and Duncan were back so OKC probably got blown out………

    I remember last season when heads were sayin Bosh wasn’t a franchise player. Now, same dudes are gobblin nuts like squirrels. Dude is legitimately a top 3 powerforward in the league and the only one not Dirk or KG yet to hit his prime. And I like Amare, but Bosh is on a mission…

  • http://dime uh huh

    The only reason Fish makes big shots & takes ill advised threes. Is he can’t dribble and isn’t a point guard. He does nothing but allow teams to hang in the game & as of know bail them out. Get a decent passer or PG. Lamar isn’t a point guard. Neither is Chris Brown. Jordan Farmar is a space cadet in training. Vujaic is a model posing as a bball player. Artest needs to lose 30 pounds. He looks old and can’t move. Artest cant make Bynum,L,Gasol tough. Their just skilled and tissue. Kobe is human though. Ariza was playing hell of D on Kobe. The man has to work to hard. Jordan had it good with help. Ron Artest went from being supposed Scottie to Rodman. Why????????????????? Again. Since when has he been a 4. Whoever idea that was. MISTAKE. Has dummed his game down too much. Hope your listnening Ron. We want the Indiania Ron w/o the off court stuff.

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ post 31

    you know Gasol’s out right? Now does that help to make sense of Ron at the 4?
    When overreactin after a loss to a team that has shown they can give the Lakers fits,
    make sure 1) team is healthy 2)they play more than once

    Readin your post, I almost forgot that we won the chip last year lol

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    K Dizzle to answer ya question. At least for me, yea I do. Even a mid-grad McGrady can get you buckets. Even without physical being at 100% he has enough i

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    iq to get to the hoop or draw fouls and with him out there it’s not like he is such a liability he can’t be guarded.

    So yea in scheme of things yes and again during those close games he can and knows how to create his own shot.

  • http://dime uh huh

    @32 just barely. And got blasted in last yrs finals. You guys are good but not unbeatable. Wathcing Lakers games have actually gotten boring. Even while winning. Just give the ball to Kobe & move out the way. Good Luck this yr. Also you guys haven’t been struggling against sub par team either. Also your bench STINKS. Go Lakers. Why you think Kobe’s hair is thinning. To have a guy like that you don’t need to do much. Players,owners & coaches. Just do your job. Even fully healthy dont care what you guys say. D.Fisher is avg and way past over. Chris Duhon would give him buckets. Yes I hate Chris Duhon.

  • the cynic


    Ariza was on Kobe most of the game and gave him fits; he knows all his moves

  • LakeShow84

    Nah i think we just bored.. evident by us coming out HOTASFIRE on Denver and Houston.. Then what do we do?? we proceed to lay eggs lol

    Same thing as last year..

    It aint cool cuz i doubt any other championship team has done it but oh well.. We in Horry mode.. We dont play until the playoffs start..

    @ Uh huh

    What is this barely talk?? Did Orlando push us to 7 games?? was there ever a doubt we would lose?? yeah keep ramblin pal..

    Fish also been in Horry mode the past 3-4 years.. get off it.. and no we wouldnt want a scrub like Duhon on our team.. SHANNON Brown would make him wet his pants in practice and the urine would make Bynum slip and dislocate a kneecap..

  • LakeShow84

    @ The Cynic

    Or Kobes just had a bad game.. personally i bet on the bad game.. If a man got 33 moves it dont matter if u know all of them..

  • the cynic

    it was definitely kobe just having a bad game, but Ariza was anticipating all of his counter moves and Kobe was having problems adjusting to Ariza’s wingspan

  • http://nba.ca momo

    I’m form Toronto and this is the truth.

    For the as long as Bosh has been with the Raptors, I have despised his game. Sometimes he used to use too much finesse in the lane and pull some weak, weird lookin layup type shit that that looked like he was fading away fro mthe bucket- just wasn’t right. And he used to get beasted on the boards. Sure, not enough to hate a guy over, but I must say, though, things have changed. He don’t pull no weak shit anymore- its either take it hard with inntentions to break the defences arm in the rim, or a nice looking finesse move on par with Hakeem (okay, maybe not THAT nice…but still effective and confusing to defenders). So to answer the question, I’d take Bosh over Amare no questions asked. The old me would smack me for saying this, but I think I would actually be really disappointed if Bosh leaves Toronto after this season. I’d be happy for the franchise that lands him though if he does end up somewhere else, cause I’m tellin you guys (although I think most of you had this figured out before me)….dude is gonna be even MORE of a problem for the next 7-10 years…I know, scary shit.

  • arisloco

    Lakers will never repeat this year. Mark my word. Sorry LA fans, it just won’t happen.