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Harrison Barnes commits to UNC

Harrison Barnes (photo. Kelly Kline)

Harrison Barnes (photo. Kelly Kline)

Trying to explain to my girl why I was watching a press conference for a high school kid announcing his college decision, I described the reason for the hype behind Harrison Barnes as such:

“Remember when Grant Hill came along? He’s like that. He’s the Golden Boy.”

As good as Barnes is on the court, the 6-7 wing from Ames High School (Iowa) gets just as much praise for his intelligence, maturity, poise and overall good-guy demeanor off the court. And just a few minutes ago, Barnes did what you’d expect from a kid with his brains, breaking a new-media barrier by revealing his college choice via Skype.

In a press conference from his high school that was televised on ESPNU, Barnes had laminated signs placed in front of the podium bearing the logos of his finalists: Iowa State, UCLA, North Carolina, Duke, Oklahoma and Kansas. So while you were expecting him to make the big reveal by holding up one of the signs or breaking out a cap from under the desk, Barnes said he was going to announce his choice by hitting up his future coach on Skype. There appeared to be some technical difficulties and the total execution was kind of a flop — it seems every time I see someone try to Skype, it never goes smoothly — but eventually Barnes placed his call and Roy Williams popped up on the screen.

Barnes gives UNC the top-rated recruiting class for 2010, as he joins two-guard Reggie Bullock (who plays at Jerry Stackhouse‘s old school, Kinston H.S. in North Carolina) and Virginia point guard Kendall Marshall in committing to the Tar Heels on National Signing Day.

On HighSchoolHoop.com we’ve tracked Barnes’ recruitment closely over the past few weeks, as he has kept a diary of his official visits for the site. Check HSH later today for more on the Barnes announcement and others from Signing Day.

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  • The REAL Tyrone

    Ain’t no doubt that them youngass punks ain’t worth shit. Dese catz don’t have no balls yo – why couldn’t this cat from Ames be choosin his hometown college of ISU and be leadin’ dem to a title yo? Cos dese punkass cats just don’t get shit yo.

    True thugs NEVER lie.
    The REAL Tyrone

  • Chad

    Maybe he picked a school with good academics so he does not end up talking like you…oh and of course The Carolina basketball tradition is the best in the world.

  • dirty perk

    haha hatin aren’t you? he wants to go to a good program with a good coach, win, and prepare him for the next level. he sure as hell couldn’t do that in AMES,IA.

  • Jochi

    Yea, whatever Tyrone said.

  • The REAL Tyrone

    dirty perk – you ain’t gettin it boy. Cat be predicted to be #1 in 2010 draft if NBA werent forcin all dem cats to be playin one year of college ball. Going to ISU or North Carolina ain’t b makin much difference to cat’s draft rankin yo. Barnes could be leadin him hometown team deep into March Madness and still be #1 pick. Instead punk be choosin the same kollege just like erbody else. I ain’t respectin ppl who aint appreciatin where dey from yo.

    True thugs NEVER lie.
    The REAL Tyrone

  • Jah

    Tyrone, shut up. The man’s dream is to get to the NBA and be a star. Being an NCAA star is something that’d be “nice along the way.” In other words, if him going to UNC is the best move for his long-term goal, then more power to him.

  • dirty perk

    Tyrone, im gettin it. you’re an isu fan and wanted him to go there. you wanted to see your team make it all the way. not goin to happen with all teams stockpiling. i’m a unc fan and can’t wait to see him in that carolina blue. good time to be a tarheel fan baby.

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    And I Should Care Because………?

  • Mr. Wang

    u know, deez young catz (high school boyz) get me all hot and bothered and sheeit. dem catz shooting it on people’s faces makes dis homeboi have a bulge in my pants yo.

    True feelings NEVER lie.
    The REAList of the REAL Tyrone

  • Harrison Barnes

    Thank you all for your support. I chose UNC because Roy Williams and his staff was the best fit for me. I will be representing my great state of Iowa when I arrive at Chapel Hill.

  • EXPO336


  • justice

    this dudes game is smooth, hope he uses this year to hit the weights heavy and refine the jump shot this last year of dominating hs kids officially means nothing, just work of different parts of your game in game

  • AL

    The Real Tyrone, UNC is the best place for him to win and play in a system that best suits his skills. I’d rather have a guy serious that is about winning and will sacrifice some spotlight for the chance to play with teammates of his caliber, rather than go to a lower tier, be a celebrity, put up huge stats and get bounced early come tourney time. Harrison Barnes is the best HS player in the country and he needs to learn the game at the next level and develop as an individual and team player, why would he go to ISU when UNC is a better fit, both basketball-wise and academically? Sentimental value right?

    Anyway, I expect to see great things from Harrison Barnes when he comes to campus, we all love it here in Chapel Hill. Hopefully he will stay for more than one season and have the chance to become a UNC legend like Jordan before him.

  • DT

    He didnt go to Iowa st or Iowa because NOBODY does a thing in the league once they get drafted. They usually have a little hype because they’re putting up numbers on a sorry team because they have no choice and then once they get to the league they are exposed and fall off..(i.e. marcus fizer and jamal tinsley) So i dont blame him at all. I would rather set myself up for a successful and LONG career in the league. O, and Iowa is a lame ass state

  • AL

    DT, that is not true, NBA scouts are not idiots, they can tell when a player is just stat padding on a bad team versus putting up lesser numbers on a better coached team with more talent. HB would not be a lesser player after being drafted simply because he went to ISU, it is foolish to even think that. Also, plenty of highly touted recruits have done just that, OJ Mayo, Mike Beasley, all went to lesser programs to have the spotlight. OJ Mayor is doing just fine and it is becoming increasingly obvious that he will be a better player than Rudy Gay who played at UCONN.

    I’m not saying that HB should’ve gone to a smaller school, I respect him for giving up the “big fish, small pond” thing to come to Chapel Hill where he has the best chance to win and develop alongside other players who are as talented as he is.

  • Oms

    Tyrone, I bet those young boys get you “all hot and bothered” ha ha ha ha

  • DT

    ummmm, Al, I hear you and everything about going to a bad school. But your two examples are pretty weak. Name me ONE person that has gotten drafter from Iowa/Iowa st that has done something in the league. Just one, thats all i ask. As for OJ and Beasley. USC already had good players on their team and just needed a few more pieces. Taj Gibson is in the league so they had a few NBA players on the roster. Has there ever been a few players on the same squad from da Iowa teams? No. And Kansas St also had more talent than Iowa/Iowa St combined. Billy Walker was already there and he is now in the league. Might be on the bench in Boston, but if not for his knee injuries, could have been productive. All I’m saying is that every one and done guy actually went to a team that had a chance to do something. Iowa/Iowa st is just plain sad as far as talent goes. Barnes wants to win, not put up big numbers on a sorry team. I never said he wouldnt get drafted, but why struggle in college when he can win and be coached by a hall of famer..Who’s the coaches at those other two schools? Didnt think so….