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J.J.’s Big Day, another J.J.’s big quarter, and Rondo gets paid

J.J. Redick

J.J. Redick

Even with Vince Carter‘s ankle keeping him sidelined for his latest return to Toronto (where he could get booed in an Orlando uniform this time), there were more than enough ready-made story lines going into Magic/Raptors: Hedo Turkoglu‘s first game against his old squad, the next chapter in the Dwight Howard vs. Chris Bosh rivalry (quietly and consistently more exciting than Deron Williams vs. Chris Paul), and the intrigue of seeing which players would be visibly sleep-walking for a 1 p.m. EST tip-off the day after Halloween. So you can understand why nobody was ready for J.J. Redick to become the headliner. In his best game as a pro by far, Redick dropped 27 points (5-8 3PA), five boards and six assists in helping Orlando stay unbeaten. Remember that automatic limitless-range jumper J.J. used to have at Duke? It was back on Sunday … Bosh (35 pts, 16 rebs) got the better of Dwight (24 pts, 11 rebs), but he almost got his ass whupped in the process. Midway through the fourth, Dwight got the ball under the rim and was winding up for a Hulk-Smash when Bosh horse-collared him a little too aggressively. Players got between the two, however, so there were no blows and no coaches hanging on anybody’s leg … Even without Redick, the game tape would’ve made a good instructional video for the art of the jump shot. Jameer Nelson (30 pts) and Ryan Anderson knocked down five threes apiece, while Turkoglu (19 pts) hit his share, and Andrea Bargnani (26 pts, 4 threes) was shooting Brandon Bass and Anderson’s faces off … Sunday also had to feel like a career day for Rajon Rondo, who reportedly agreed to a five-year, $55 million extension with the Celtics. Rondo’s agent said he wanted a deal consistent with a top-five point guard in the League. Do you think Rondo belongs in that class, on paper or in paper? … We really got a look at what the Lakers envisioned when they signed Ron Artest over the summer. After Joe Johnson went berserker and dropped 18 points in the first nine minutes of the game, Artest took over the defensive assignment full-time and allowed Kobe to focus his energies on offense. Johnson (27 pts) was held in check for the most part, and Kobe (41 pts, 15-29 FG) led the way during an 18-0 run in the third quarter that put ATL to bed. It looked like somebody was doing dunk contest practice with Kobe on a video game; a montage of Hawks turnovers and breakaway dunks for #24 … But don’t think Kobe gained any ground on League-leading scorer Carmelo Anthony. Giving the Grizzlies 42 points (15-26 FG), ‘Melo bumped his average to 37.6 through three games and is looking flat-out unstoppable right now. “I think ‘Melo’s awareness to how he’s being covered is the best it’s ever been,” George Karl said after the win. “I think it’s his ability to move around and be placed in different positions and his efficiency is pretty incredible right now, from jump shots to post-ups to penetrations to good passing decisions.” …

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony

Taking turns giving Rudy Gay and rookie Sam Young the business, ‘Melo even overshadowed O.J. Mayo‘s career-high 40 points (17-25 FG). Maybe O.J. knew this would be his last stand before Allen Iverson makes his Memphis debut on Monday and starts challenging his spot as the go-to guy … Between losing some weight in the offseason and getting a haircut, Marc Gasol looks like a different person. And if you thought that uncomfortable free-throw line routine had something to do with Marc not being able to see his stuff under his gut, well, apparently it didn’t. He’s still fondling away … Paul Pierce (27 pts) only hit two shots in the fourth quarter against the Hornets — one being the dagger — but more impressive was the way he expertly ran a two-man game with Kevin Garnett down the stretch that exposed N.O.’s defense in Boston’s 10-point win. With a little over a minute left, Pierce and KG ran their game and got David West (on KG) and Peja (on Pierce) to switch, then Pierce pump-faked West out of the way before canning a three that put the Celtics up by nine. And rather than put his head down and just destroy Peja in the paint, Garnett (14 pts, 7 rebs, 5 asts) was actually being a playmaker. Peja must have had that feeling DBs have when Adrian Peterson is bearing down on them but decides to run out of bounds … KG didn’t take any mercy on poor Bobby Brown. One time Brown was either trying to actually score or just draw a foul on KG at the rim, but got his shot sent back in his face. KG then proceeded to yell at the kid and call him all kinds of names we couldn’t quite pick out on the replay. Just more ammo for the people who get on KG for picking on smaller guys … And even though Rajon got paid, it apparently didn’t make him any nicer to Chris Paul. The two got tangled up under the basket in the second quarter, and it ignited a game-long battle that got so heated, CP3 pursued Rondo to the Celtics’ locker room after the game and had to be blocked by Boston staff. We’ll have more on this today … Other notable stat lines from Sunday: Steve Nash put up 14 points and 14 dimes and Channing Frye scored 25 with six threes in Phoenix’s win over Minnesota; and D-Wade scored 25 in a win over Chicago, while Luol Deng went for 26 points in the loss … Brandon Roy (16 pts, 5 asts) was the facilitator and Steve Blake (18 pts) hit the daggers, but a lot of credit for Portland’s win at Oklahoma City has to go to Martell Webster. Starting at small forward while Nic Batum rehabs his shoulder, Webster has been showing he’s more than just a spot-up shooter. He opened up a cushion for Portland in the third quarter when he ran off a baseline J, hit a three on the wing, and hammered a dunk on Etan Thomas in succession; but more importantly, Webster’s defense kept Kevin Durant frustrated all night. Shooting just 3-of-21 from the field, Durant (16 pts) was even missing dunks and layups after a while … LaMarcus Aldridge hurt his knee in the first half and didn’t return. Already off to a slow start this season, this isn’t what he needed to have happen. We’ll let you know when we hear more on his status … We’re out like anything Rondo had on layaway …

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  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    i think rondo is waaaayyy underrated. and I’m not a boston fan, never was crazy about rondo, i just see how crazy people go over other point guards and don’t get why nobody does the same for rajon. he’s a good defender, has crazy long arms, his ability to drive and get past his man, find his teammates all the time, he’s great – especially for that team. i seriously think he’s the single most important part of that team. i know d. rose might become one of the better point guards in the league, his explosive ability is ridiculous, but what does he do better than rondo again? would you rather have Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, or any of the solid “older” point guards than Rondo? Besides Chris Paul and Derron Williams, is their a better young distributor in the league? Would you rather have Devin Harris and Tony Parker than Rondo? Are either of those guys better passers than RR? Maybe – but the bottom line is, yeah, he’s definitely in the Top 10, especially when you’re talking guys on the upswing, those that haven’t hit their potential high yet. And like I said, unlike a lot of PGs, this kid can play D.

    I hope Rajon gets his new money, goes over to Danny Ainge’s house and steps all over that idiot’s couch.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    and by the way, i’m not excited to hear every duke fan I know say, “See, I told you, if JJ gets minutes he’d be an all-star” – f tomorrow!

  • the_don_mega

    i read somewhere that CP3 and Rondo got into a little skirmish…


    CB4 has the skills but do not have the size or will to impose his skills.

  • KDizzle

    @ post 4

    blah blah blah

    What you doin? Just cuttin and pastin your posts now?
    All that junk as 31 ppg and 15 rpg are screamin, “Please shut the phuck up!”

    Dude got the size AND the skills to impose his will. When you give Dwight the biz, ain’t nuthin more to be said…

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/slamonline-top-50/2009/10/top-50-carmelo-anthony-no-7/ Mr. TKO

    Melo is a beast. I’ve been saying it since he was robbed for the ROY. Watch as he puts the league on notice!!!

  • http://www.voguesale.com cathy

    Love basketball.
    Do not miss it.
    Big surprises are waiting for you

  • yoda

    rondo is good but he needs to stop behaving like a bully on court, like he did against bulls in playoffs last year. he spends too much time around kg. and i hope kg will try his act on someone who will kick his sorry ass. after calderon got in his face, i thought kg will stop. but guess he watches lots of tapes pf players, so he probably already know with whom and with whom not he can eff around. can’t wait to see him against lakers, will he try to be bad ass or just play his game.

  • Soopa

    @ post #4

    I watched the game and CB4 has the size and strength to impose his will. One time he boxed out D12 with one arm (ONE ARM!) and took the rebound with the other.

    Its easy to see Bosh has bulked up over the summer. So your statement might have been true last season, but i see Bosh going this, maybe to a lesser extent (i dont expect him to put up 30+ each night), the entire season.

    The Raptors will still suck tho. They were better with Jack on the floor last night then with Jose. Seems they lack urgencey, but Hedo might change that in the course of the season, but still…

  • steve nasty

    Rondo da man

  • mavs all the way

    i thought mr.redick scored like 40pts or something. 27pts? alright. i hope he keeps it up.

    so what happened with the cp3, rondo skirmish?

    and, what’s the highest average points per game for the entire season and who did it? anyone?


    Post #5 and #9! Sure CB4 put up big numbers but same result versus DHo and the elite big men.

    Can he carry his team over the hump? Nope!

    And don’t tell me to shut up! I have as much right to vent as the next person! My opinion so you shut your black monkey arse up! Nigger!

  • QQ

    Good to see JJ play like a pro now. Oh what, he has been a pro for more than 2 years?? haha, just playin. Welcome to the club, J. Now dominate.

    Bosh getting numbers, but my man didn’t do so bad. Got the W too; it’s all that matters.

    And daaaamn, Ryan Anderson wetting those J’s like he’s Dirk. Love to see this kid play.

    Still zero L’s, lovin it.

  • QQ

    And yeah, I saw the vid of KG yapping on Brown. I can say a thousand adjectives bout that being ‘disgusting’ to ‘classless’, but I’m just gonna say this: Enjoy the reg, KG, where you can flaunt your false ass swagger. See you in April.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Your a loser Bruce.

    Tough day for my thunder, but they’ll be ok.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Fluck.Good to have artest on the squad men!

    rondo a top 5 is arguable.top 10 def without question.yeah playing with an all star cast kinda throws your importance a bit under the bus.Max paper,mos def-he’s earned it.

    melo is on some DMX shyt.once the nuggz get their shyt together on D maan.that’s gon be something to behold.

    Can’t wait for the grizz to get in a groove.

    Lakers all mafluckin day!!haters gon get it again this year LOL…whether they like it or not !!

  • ab_40

    mavs all the way how old are you 5?

    that’s wilt chamberlain with 50.4 ppg he also grabbed 25.7 rpg that season after avereging 27.0 and 27.2 the previous two seasons.

    russel westbrook is gonna win MIP this season mark my words. The lakers look lazy on the court. Maybe their just that good or they’re just lazy

  • Some Guy

    great smack

  • sh!tfaced

    That’s right. Rondo and CP3 really got into it during and after the game.

    It began when they got tangled up pushing/grabbing each other under the basket and ended up on the floor. They never stopped yappin’ since, despite both getting T’d up. Even when the game was over, you can still see them jawing.

    CP3 went after Rondo toward the Celtics’ locker after the game and had to be stopped by the coaches. Rajon didn’t also want to answer questions about Paul.

    Never thought their skirmish was a big deal until the recaps came out. Hell, at least now we know that Rondo can talk trash like a top 5 PG, on paper and in paper. And he’ll be a top PG if and when he gets a jumper and acquires a decent looking teardrop, not like that piece of shit running shot he keeps using when he gets to the paint.

  • rangerjohn

    THIN, ANOREXIC, paper. anyone know what that is?

  • rangerjohn

    its the lakers bench

  • bdk23

    excellent edition of smack

  • 92021SpurMD

    @ Post 1/2 – You make a good point about his age, but the question pertains to the present. And presently, Rondo is NOT a top 5 PG in the league. You’d be insane to take him over Nash (all around O), TP (best scorer/better passer than you think/winner), CP3 (beast), DW (baller), and Chauncey (winner). I’d like to see what Rondo does when a defense concentrates on him more instead of 3 Hall of Famers. In a few years, we’ll know…

  • D-Nice

    With Lewis (suspension),VC(ankle), Pietrus(flu,) all
    out yesterday…Magic didn’t miss a beat & put a beating
    on the Raptors in Toronto. This team is deep!

  • arisloco

    Typical KG. I hope D-Howard smash KG’s face on his massive shoulder. Sick and tired of this mean-mugger bullying smaller players. “The Kid” is still a KID”.lol

  • sh!tfaced

    Can’t help but notice the White Out in today’s scoring stats. It was snowing 3-pt shots by the white dudes.

    Peja, Redick, Ryan Anderson, Bargnani & Blake with at least four 3’s each. And if you include Gallinari’s 8 yesterday, that’s a shitload of treys. If you want to count the 6 by Channing Frye (hell, dude plays like he’s white anyway lol).

    Must be something about the Halloween weekend, like they all had a Michael Myers killer instinct all of a sudden.

  • sh!tfaced

    Damn. That Orlando bench is deep. Even with 2 starters out, they still got a decent 9-man rotation working for them. Bass, Gortat, J-Will and Old Man Johnson off the bench for the Magic’s lineup today is better than most teams have.

    Now that’s deep. So deep that maybe Adonal Foyle doesn’t get a single tick of playing time even in practice.

  • QQ

    Deron Williams
    Tony Parker

    Honorables: Jameer and Kidd

    Yall don’t see Rondo’s name? Go figure.

  • got beef

    i hate how everybody says KG only goes after little dudes… he goes after everybody… he was jawing wit the lakers during the finals every game its just the way he plays… cant hate on him for his enthusiasm

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    hey, it’s not D-Will’s fault that he owns the D-Will vs. CP3 h2h matchup that it’s not even worth watching no more . . . maybe CP3 can spent a little more time in the weight room so that when Deron posts him up he doesn’t always have to resort to fouling . . .

  • Jay Jay

    Ok, i said this before but since when did Channing Frye become a decent player! I mean hitting six 3’s!!! …that’s crazy! How long has he been in the league and now suddenly he’s hitting 3’s.

    Let me be the first to say, he’s going to win Most Improved Player …lol

  • Jay Jay

    and Carmelo Anthony will be MVP! …lol

  • Scotty Walnuts

    another night=another 40 for Melo

  • Lee

    I think certain players should have been gining Nash and Kidd a portion of their pay over the years, I’m looking at you Marrion !!!

    These guys just make people better. Guess you could add Billups to that list to for how Melo is playing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN


    “Channing Frye…hell, dude plays like he’s white anyway lol”


  • John

    Frye is playing like a 20/10 guy

    Miami is 3-0 with Wade playing 35 minutes

    Melo will lead the league in scoring

    Maybe OJ Mayo its better than Rose and Beasley

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    10) Things I noticed over the weekend

    1) Melo is a beast, he’s Benard King 2000 but even better. He’s moving into Larry Legend status.

    2) Durant is a min-Melo. He may end up maturing faster than it took Melo.

    3) DRose still looks like his ankle is slowing him.

    4) Manu Ginobili slapping that bat down with his hand has to down as one of the coolest moments in NBa history. Just crazy

    5) B.Roy is for real and Blake looks like a better option at PG than Miller for the betterment of BRoy.

    6) The Thunder are for real also. Westbrook, Green, Etan, Thabo. Toss in Durant and Yeah they got 8th seed status right now.

    7) D12 and CB4 did not want any part of eachother. Never seen two dudes more scared to fight in my life. They need to watch Rick Mahorns old footage of when he would play former teammates.

    8) The Lakers are unfairly good. They have guys who are the Best or near the best at what they do, at EVERY POSITION!
    Artest=Best on ball denfender,
    Kobe= Best scorer(tied with Melo of course),
    Gasol=best post scorer (duncan and Yao are there with him),
    Odom=Best player off the bench and most versitile player in the L,
    D.Fisher=best Jacker in the L that sucks and doesn’t know he sucks.
    Bynum= best finisher under the basket and probably the best Center in the West (outside of Jefferson I guess).

    It’s unfair

    9) DWade needs Chicago more than Chicago needs him

    10) This will be the most competitive season the NBA has had in sometime.

  • calvin brodus

    i really wish the griz would give gasol to the nuggs. his name comes up a lot on local blogs as a dude denver should pursue. plus the griz have a history of being charitable with gasols and other teams in the west.

    santa, all I want for christmas is that nut-rubber gasol in baby blue and gold.

    mile mufuckin high!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Chicago’s frontline = SUSPECT

    Until I see some consistant play, they’re SUSPECT.

    even Taj yo..and Miller too.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla


    You are correct. Tyrus brings the shot-blocking (even though Vinny’s an ass and won’t give him consistant minutes) and Miller brings the passing from high-post, but if Chicago gets another first round exit, it will again be on the Bigs like it was in the boston series. It’s one thing to have Rondo, Pierce, and R.Allen light you up, it’s a f^king joke to have Glen Davis and K.Perkins killing you. I hope Noah keeps putting up nice stats so someone will take his trade bait.

  • QQ

    @ 37:
    ‘Kobe= Best scorer(tied with Melo of course)’.

    I think best PLAYER in the L would be more appropriate for Kob.

    Love the DFish line though, LOL. He’s taking the term ‘cold gunner’ to a whole new level.

  • Chaos

    This will be the best season in a long time. the playoffs the last couple of seaons were good but this whole season seems like its gonna be the most competitive in a long time. Rookies are looking great and i seems the ROY is up for grabs (Blair, Jennings, T.Williams, Teague, Lawson, Flynn, Evans, Curry), second year players have improved (Rose, Beasley, Oden, Loez, OJ, Westbrook, Chalmers) and the top guys are even more competitive. This is gonna be a good season

  • Chris

    Frye does a good job in Phoenix.
    Amaré seems to be a bit rusty.
    Rondo is a good PG, but not TOP 5.
    My TOP PGs are:
    1. CP3
    2. D-Will
    3. (old) Nash
    4. Billups
    5. (old) Kidd
    6. TP
    7. Rose
    8. Rondo
    9. Westbrook (NOT last night)
    10. Bibby/Harris

  • LAballer

    “We really got a look at what the Lakers envisioned when they signed Ron Artest over the summer.” – Eggggzackly…this is going to be a great year..i really really want boston in the finals..

    oh wait..a laker fan lookin past the spurs again and being a douche? yeah and? baron, go to sleep son..fiscal responsibility..blah blah blah..cute post on yesterdays smack..making ranger feel good to have someone intelligently speak about his team..still though..when it comes down to it..fiscal responsibility or not..small market or big..missing the playoffs and getting back..all that is fine..but right now..we’re the champs..and we will continue to be..and yes san antonio is annoying..they will always be..this is my personal opinion..you dont have to agree..in fact..in fact i could care less if you do or not..you aren’t changing my mind..so cry all you want..we’re winning it this year..AND LOOKING PAST YOUR SQUAD =]

    i would have loved to see dwight and bosh go at it..but yeah neither one wanted to..bosh seemed more antsy than dwight..dwight was like trying to explain why he threw bosh’s arm off him..player you dont do that in a fight..dont explain yourself fool..get at him or back up..pick one..

    and you can give all the shine to bosh and bargnani..but wright was hustling EVERYTHING in that game..he kept them in it on several possesions..great pick up for the raps

    melo’s scoring is getting nutty..fun to watch..i wanna see them in the west finals..thats why we got artest..to stop these bigger 3’s..and i think we’re starting to develope a nice rivalry with them leading back to last year’s playoffs..i mean they were going at it in the PRESEASON!!

    and damn KG..bobby brown son? that dude is 100 pounds when hes wet and wearin boots haha..come on now..seriously?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    @40 Chicagorilla –

    …but it seems like they got the pieces RIGHT there. Noah, Tyrus, Taj, Miller, the versatile Deng at the 3 spot…Johnny Boy at the 2…Bulls’ 2 and 3 goes perfectly with their 4 and 5…and backup 4 and 5…and Kirk fits in smoothly…sooooooo “WHAT EXACTLY is going on!?”

    With all that said, it’s still early. If Vinny can step back and see what he has in front of him, he’ll realize he needs to gameplan according to his personnel and make this ish pop off. ‘Cause it aint NO reason why thier rotation along with Taj, Kirk, and Miller can’t get it poppin. Not NBA. NRA.

    No.Reason.At all.

    ‘Cause Bulls been killin’ (winning) with Rose on a bum ankle and Johnny with a bum shot so far…

  • ponky_alolor

    doesn’t matter if rondo is top5 or top10. he’s the perfect PG for the celts. does all the intangibles, tough on D and has a swagger about him. he’s murder with that drive and kick game. and he does all this with that broken ass J of his.

    gotta respect game when it’s there.

  • ponky_alolor

    and yeah, i’d be convinced only when I see KG mouthing off one of these guys: Dwight, Kobe, TD, Artest. I mean he blocks them clean then starts jawing with them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    @ post 42 – You couldn’t have said it better Chaos. I’m in total agreement, this year seems like it’s gonna be maddddddddddddddd competitive.

    Hey Chris, not too many point guards in this league are giving you the type of production Rondo gives you. He averages HUSKY A** stats…pts, rebs, helpers, steals, blocks…he mess around and gets a triple dub almost every night.

    And he’s doing with all-stars and HOFers on his squad.

    Everyone’s entitled to thier opinion but once I saw Nash and Kidd ahead of him on your list I said “AWWW NAH.”

    Maybe in 2002.

  • rangerjohn

    @ 44
    LA better find a bench before they think they are going to win another one. another year of NO-PEAT!
    i mean damn do you REALLY think the starters can handle an average of 39 minutes combined? LMAO THIN!! sure pau is out (he doesnt sound to confident on when he will be back either) and so when he comes back you will actually have 6 1/2 players instead of 5 1/2 like you got now.

    maybe you guys can get the griz to trade oj mayo to you for adam morrison before the dead line.

  • LAballer

    right we have no bench ranger..thanks..we’re actually pretty deep if you think about it..but you dont think much..so i cant expect that out of you..its fine..

    the thing is..even if we have no bench..we can actually average your random number of 39 minutes per night..want to know why? we have a fairly YOUNG team..

    you know who cant average 39 minutes a night? =] .. your OLD ASS spurs squad…keep posting..maybe one day you might make a comment of some merit..i highly doubt it though

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla


    Taj is kinda soft right now. Like a deer in the headlights for his first few games. Noah is Noah, he has Kwame Brown/Theo Ratliff type hands when he’s under the basket…but at least he stop doing that “you can’t see me” crap when he hits his one jumper per game. I think Miller should start ahead of Noah, but I understand Vinny is trying to run and Noah fits better with that. It’s a stupid idea though, and the team needs to really learn how to play Defense. That Boston game was all Eddie House! That’s just sad.

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    J.J. Redick, Just wait for Adam Morrison to show up, he’ll surprise the heck out of everyone.

  • That’s whats up

    sounds like everyone’s panties are in a bunch over who is the best team. right now.
    First week of the season and everyone wants their ring NOW. Let’s at least get to week 3 before we know who is best.

    …and CP3 is still a whiny little fuckin’ cheater.
    He followed Rondo to the locker room so he could get in the last push-off

  • rangerjohn

    LMAO good try there LA.
    so if your team is so deep, then why is it that the longest minutes on your bench from last night was 14 minutes (only 2 players over 8 minutes) against dallas (you know that embarrassing loss, and yes my spurs had one of those too) had 21 minutes and only 2 players over 14, and the squeeker against the “other la team” was 15 minutes and only 1 player over 10 minutes. does phil not trust the bench?

    and you are correct, 39 minutes was a little high, the ACTUAL

  • rangerjohn

    teh actual average minutes for the current 5 starters is 36 minutes with kobe and odom averaging 38 and 39 respectively.

    as for my “old spurs”, yeah we have a few guys a little old, and we might not win it all but we will be fresh and will be able to rely on someone other then our starters for real useful minutes on a nightly basis.

    over look us if you like, we are not real worried about it, so far 4 titles now everyone has over looked the spurs and paid.

  • kowtz

    I think Artest will be able to prove his worth come playoffs…

    Pierce, LBJ, Melo, RJefferson, Carter, He will have to prove his worth whoever LA plays come playoff time…

    KB24 can focus more on scoring and being the decoy… can’t wait for Pau and Drew be in at the same time…

    And even though Fish is a jacker (read it somewhere) would rather have him take the last shot than LBJ (if a three is needed)… ;)

  • LakeShow84

    Dammmmnnnnn be easy LABaller!!

    This is RangerJohns last season of actual hope for a chip!! Smell the desperation?? smells like the Alamo lol bottom line we in the driver seat RJ and we aint listening to u Spurs fans and ur backseat driving lol just enjoy the ride.. for the next 2-3 years lol

    So where we at?? 3 games in and Bynum looking BEASTLY??YEABOY..

    And next time give yourself a couple more games to let the season unfold RangerJ.. Once Gasol comes back Bynum or Odom go back to the bench.. And BOOYOW we got a decent bench again.. im sure u remember how our bench looked last year when Odom started the season with them..

  • LakeShow84

    Damn be easy LABalla!!

    RangerJohn is just desperate cuz he realizes this is his last year for a chip!! smell the desperation?? smells like the Alamo lol.. oh well.. minutes minutes minutes.. womp womp womp..

    Funny how people talkin about our bench when we have an injured 7ft Spaniard wating in the wings.. So what happens when he returns?? Who goes back to the bench?? Bynum?? OUCH thats a handful coming off the bench cuz the kid is looking BEASTLY.. Odom?? man he had our second unit lookin DISGUSTING last year before Bynum went out..

    Dunno you pick RangerJohn.. or you can join the fan club and be our minute tracker.. we’ll make u a mock ring come June..

    LAJohn work??

  • LakeShow84

    aye that was weird lol

  • Soopa

    Why does everyone have Rose so high in top PGs of the league? He had a good rookie year, stepped up in the play offs. He reeks of potential and talent.

    But how about he plays his first good game this season before we start putting him near the top5, hell even top10. I know i know – his ankle is probably still messed up, but you cant beat TP, Billups, Rondo on my list just cos you have potential.

    This just came to me:
    Can you believe D-Will still hasn’t played a single All Star game??? He is probably a top3 PG (Nash, CP3, D-Will), going into his 5th year, gold medal winner and getting into the playoffs each year and deep a couple of years.

  • LakeShow84

    And i dont know whats in Kate Hudson but ima have to say,

    “Thats girls pu$$y must be so good if u threw it in the air it would turn to sunshine..”

    A-Rod out there doin the damn thang..

  • LAballer

    someone needs to slap this kid and call him sally..obviously he doesnt understand the simple fact that our second best player and one of the best post players in the L right now is injured..ur silly minute avg doesnt work when you take that into account does it?

    lakeshow ur posts disappeared and reappeared out of nowhere..howd u do that shit? lol

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla


    You might be right about Rose not having his first great game of the season, but he looked pretty damn good against the Spurs the first nite. He carved up G.Hill and TP on several different occasions. Then the next nite against boston and last nite against Miami, it looked like he lost some of his explosiveness. They were both away games and maybe the travel had something to do with it and him not really playing during the preseason. But if you say he’s not at least top 10 in the PG talk, then that’s a bit absurd. I can see the argument based off stats and Wins(talent wise he is top 5) when you talk about not including him in the top 5. I personally want him to sit out for another week or so (hell the whole year if he has too like MJ did his 2nd year) to rest up that ankle. He was already wearing ankle straps so it’s clearly a problem and any ball player knows how bad that shit can get and how it slows you down.

  • LakeShow84

    Ummmm testing testing??

  • Scotty Walnuts

    @calvin brodus

    I would take Marc Gasol on the Nugz…they would have to do it asap because I think their trade exemption deal is about to expire. He’s be a nice pick-up for us when we need a big bruiser to go against the Lakers front line and the Spurs…etc

    or the Celtics when we see them in the finals…lol

    That would be funny though since they already took that big stiff Steven Hunter off out hands already…they might not want to help us out much more….but we can hope tho

  • anthony Peters

    This rant is what led to your racist comments? Reeeeaaally?
    Seems someone’s true colours come out with the slightest opportunity….was enjoying the josting until that comment.

    Nice job Bruce – editor …you may want to screen some of these ‘gems’ by your bloggers…takes away from your credibilty as a source…

    What you doin? Just cuttin and pastin your posts now?
    All that junk as 31 ppg and 15 rpg are screamin, “Please shut the phuck up!”

  • rell

    I know most of dime hate the Celtics with a passion but some of you is letting the hate cloud your judgement. How can you say Jason Kidd right now is better than Rondo? I know Rondo play with 3 all-stars but everyone must forgot what he did in the playoffs when KG went down. Rondo almost average a triple double passing to Big Baby and Perks instead of KG.

    Question for those who think Kidd is better than Rondo. If Boston would trade you Rondo for Kidd, would you reject the trade?

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @rell, thats a dumb question..people wouldn’t reject it merely cuz hes younger alone. Doens’t mean kidd isn’t better but if your building a franchise, you’d make that trade in a second. Devin harris still isn’t better than kidd overall, just a better scorer and the mavs still made the trade. Rondo plays with 3 allstars, kidd makes allstars. Kidd is a better rebounder and floor general than rondo. Rondo just has more upside at this point.

    @lakeshow, lol this guy with the harlem nights line…

    and bosh is a chump…YA he puts up numbers on dwight by drawing him out but dwight still changes the game more. Bosh is like yao, peppers you with jumpers and what not but doesn’t do much when the game is on the line and not a big defense presence. Plus he looks like a bird. The spurs aren’t winning shit BUT ranger is right that the lakers bunch is looking like ass. Gasol isn’t changing THAT much…

    also i love how people were trippin about sia sayin cracker the other day, meanwhile bruce straight up called one of you monkeys and the n word and no one says a single thing.

  • sh!tfaced

    @chris: So Arenas isn’t a top 10 PG?

    @Chicagorilla: Hit the nail right on the head with the Melo-Bernard King comparison.

    @Gabriel: LOL@the NRA line.

    @TWU: “He followed Rondo to the locker room so he could get in the last push-off”. LOL. Good one.

  • LakeShow84

    Whos BRUCE neways??

    Hes always saying some weird overly excited shit at the top of all the posts.. always been a knock to me.. lol we barely even respond to him period.. And that was secretly Limbaugh complaing the other day about the cracker comment..

    Who cares?? aint no point in wasting posts (like i just did) for a biggot.. espoecially since theres a large chance he wouldnt make it to where he was going if he talked like that to someone REAL LIFE face.. cuz man, i wish a mofo WOULD lol

  • Soopa

    @ Chicagorilla

    Out of the top10 might have been a reach, i’ll take that back. Not even a as he is playing right now can i find 10 better then him. And don’t get me wrong, i’m a fan of his, i just hoped he would’ve come out the gate firing!

    But you have to admit he is playing below expectations. Of course that might be influenced by travel and his ankle, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re still waiting for him to break out.

  • KDizzle

    @ Bron
    You don’t think gettin back a top 5 powerforward in the league gonna make a difference to LA?

    And onto that fool, Bruce. I would love to get ignorant on here and post a whole bunch of truth about what would happen to dude around my way if that shit was heard in the vicinity, but as you know, any clown can get behind a keyboard and talk much shit with the security of a moniter lookin at em. I ain’t gonna respond to a punk in his mom’s basement who gotta resort to blatant stupidity in a hoops forum. Like the say, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let them think you might be a fool than to open up and prove you are.
    It’s funny how nobody wanna touch that tho, but i hope Bruce finds a crew of brothers and wanna test his manhood by repeatin all that mess he felt safe typin up and see how that go.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Bron..

    Nah but i think Odom will change the dynamic of the bench making us effective ENOUGH to get it done.. Bringing in a 6’10 good player who can run point, hit J’s, post up and guard 3-5 gives us much, MUCH flexibility..

    But i agree with some of our players looking like squash.. Only Farmar and Vujacic though.. Brown has been solid.. Walton is a 2nd half the season type player.. Powell and Benga are useful.. If Farmar picks it up we golden.. if not.. oh well we’ll just be in dogfights..

  • LakeShow84

    Oh shit forgot about Morrison..

    On a side note.. ive never watched a player play uglier defense than Morrison.. How do u miss HORRIBLE feet like that in a scouting review??

    i gives a bleep about scoring.. kid brings to life the whole 2 left feet saying on D..

  • http://dime fan

    Chris Paul was upset Rondo picked him. LOL. Rondo is a unique talent alike to Gary Payton. Looks ugly but effective. Yes he has a ring he earned. Might have had 2 already if KG doesn’t go down. Rondo is a top 5 guard in the league. D.Rose & Jkidd are not better at this stage of their careers. It’s funny how CP tries to bully everyone and hates when people do it back. If & ever Rondo gets a jumpshot WOW. Trouble in guardise (Paradise). The Celtics have a Big 4 NOW. He should be an all-star this yr. Mo Williams thank you. It’s over. I even hope Rondo is an Olympian coming up. It’s hard to go from hating someone to loving them. He’s earned it. He had the look on his face like CP3 you cant go around me like that. From one guard to another. Once your picked the other guard has you. He stripped him on a move. RonDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The only Point guard who could avg a triple double nightly right now.

  • rangerjohn

    all BS aside, last few posts have had things along the lines of “if he said that in my neck of the woods blah blah blah”, but i have to ask, why is it not ok for bruce to say that but it is ok for one of you to say that? i mean hell i would say that “the real (what ever) tyrone” has dropped more then a couple n-bombs and yet there is not a big deal about it, hell it gets completely over looked as if it is every day speech for some.

    and dont give me the whole “200+ yrs of slavery” line, that doesnt fly unless you actually LIVED as a slave. hell if even having a relative who was a slave counts then where do i fit in, my grandfather was a slave to the japanese. ultimately it is the same thing.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    LMAO@ Rangerjohn who clearly is a racist (read back on some of his post) yet wants someone to argue him otherwise. GTFOH

    @soopa, Yeah you are right. He is not playing well at all. He seems more content to sit back and give the ball to Salmons, Deng, and Hinrich right now. I have seen the real DRose in spurts, but I’ve also seen him get his pocket picked by Rondo, G.Hill(Spurs), Mario Chalmers and had it knocked away several other occasions. He just seems out of it to start the season. Give him a few games and he should be alright. Rondo/Parker/ Wade are some of the better guards in the L, he needs to play C.Duhon or Mike Conley or Sac-town and G-State to get back on track!

  • Scott

    @ Bruce … you are a douchebag

    @ Rangerjohn … the fact that you even have to ask shows your ignorance … you are also a douchebag

  • LAballer

    wow ranger..and then you wonder why people tell you to go kill yourself..not even getting into it but you people need help..education..something..

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    @ Bruce – everything you say represents that you must have a douche bag in and around your mouth.

  • rangerjohn

    yeah you guys are right, i am a racist, i fucking hate the lot of you! COME ON REALLY? now im a racist because i want a BLACK MAN to explain how it is ok for a BLACK MAN to call another BLACK MAN the “n word”? I CALL BS! it is not ok for anyone to call anyone these types of things. i dont care what color you are, think you are, your grand daddys grand daddy is, what ever.

    you guys still playing “the man is keepin the brotha down” BS too? you got your boy in office, that shit went right out the window.

  • rangerjohn

    here you go, for those who think it is ok for anyone to use the n word, that and these vids are exactly why people look down on you.



    i mean really!

  • Scott

    @ Rangerdouche …. making further ignorant comments does nothing to make you look like less of a douche

  • rangerjohn

    you got me scott, good call. im sorry!

    WTF man i could care less what any of you think and i would figure by now, after what 3-4 yrs you guys would have figured that out.

    now back to the matter at hand… so let me guess you enjoy calling each other these names? its cool? makes you a man? come on really? your parents should have taught you better then that, but then i wonder how many of you where raised like those little girls in those videos? how many of you didnt have a dad to beat your ass for talking like that, or whos dads (and moms) encouraged it. i also wonder how many of you talk that way to try to act tough, like big men. reminds me of the end of that WHITE BOY movie 8 mile when he calls the “big tough rapper man” out in his battle for being from a private school and well off parents but nobody knew because he acted hard.

    lmao, so try again, i am sure you guys can come up with some better names for me right, for the EVIL WHITE RACIST? lets hear it, i am sure you can do better.

  • LAballer

    ranger..my man..im not black..nor am i white..im offended by the shit you say..you may in your mind think you arent being racist or offensive..but you make comments that perpetuate ridiculous black stereotypes..saying things like “you got your boy in office so the man isnt holding you down anymore”..saying things like how many of you didnt have dad’s to teach you better..didn’t your dad teach you better?
    you make it seem as if racism isn’t a big deal,isn’t real and laugh it off like “oohh the evil white racist man” like its the fucking boogie monster..the thing is..you probably truly believe you arent racist..but the types of comments you make prove your ignorance to the fact that you have no idea what it feels to be subjected to racism..
    i do not have first hand experience either in this situation..but i also do not see any one people above or beneath anyone else. to me, the way you speak, its ok for bruce to call someone a “nigger” in a VERY racial manner because in your mind it somehow equates to black people using the term “nigga”..that is ridiculous man.
    i personally choose not to use that word but understand the difference between when it comes along with an obvious racial connotation..and when it doesnt

    listen..i highly doubt anything anyone on here says is going to change your way of thinking or what you feel is true and isnt..but think about some of the things you say before you say them..

    you are now going to dissect my post and try to argue some more..go ahead..this is my last post directed towards you..believe it or not..you are a ridiculously ignorant person..THAT IS A FACT

  • rangerjohn

    you see LA that is the 1st post that makes any sense, which is the EXACT reason i post some of the things i do. you see while you may not have “1st hand experience” as you say, i have seen reverse racist (is there such a thing or is it just plain ol racism) here as well as in person. you see some of the ridiculous things most EVERYONE on this site (there are a couple who stay even but few) are so laughable that i tend to play the exact opposite just to troll some of the knuckleheads around here (IE: the lakers bench is thin and they better do something about it. i am sure you saw the troll on that one right?) watching some of the dumb shits around here “you should just go kill yourself because you like duncan better then hakeem” i mean really? this forum is full of bull shit, and bullshitters. i highly enjoy bending each and everyone out of shape.

    to be honest, i never read bruces post calling anyone anything in any way, and i dont care to even try to look for it. it doesnt mater really. you see while you believe i am racist, it doesnt really mater because you are too, as is every person here in one way shape or form. there is not a single none racist person in the world short of mother teressa. you see it is the extent a person cares to allow it to go and my post of “you didnt have a dad blah blah blah” was to make a point. you see the stereotypes are perpetuated not by me or you but me AND you, AND them, AND who ever else. as a none black man you can not HONESTLY say you have never said or thought “fucking nigger” at one point just as there is no black man here who has never said or thought “fucking cracker” or “fucking spick” or what ever. you see it is not just white people that are racists it is everyone and people who play up to the stereotypes (like the bull shit “getto” typing done around this place on a fairly regular basis) are only going to be set back by those stereotypes and have absolutely NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN when they are called out for said stereotypes.

  • LakeShow84

    @ BRON

    See why we avoided BRUCE?? lol

    @ Ranger..

    its always brings a smile to my face to watch White people try to justify their prejudice.. Try this tactic.. If you dont understand it; leave it alone.. You dont understand the word or the culture so mind ur own business.. but dont feel bad, as a young black male its hard for me to understand my own culture.. well where my culture is headed for that matter.. but i have a innate feeling towards that word.. and it aint the same feelin i have towards “niggA”.. and it aint the same feelin you get from “cracker” or even a latino gets from “spic”.. but i try not to comment on how u guys should feel towards that why?? because i dont understand so i leave it alone..

    save the talk for Limbaughs blog section fellas.. He makes money off that.. DIME is for hoop only..

  • Nora

    Dime, just so you know KG is not the only one who swears on the court. Don’t see how that is ‘ammo’ for anyone. He sis not hit anyone!

  • rangerjohn

    if you emulate the stereotype you will become the stereotype, if you allow the stereotype, you will become the stereotype. do you get my point? its kinda like your mom used to tell you (maybe not yours but you know what im saying) “if you keep making that face its gonna stick like that.” same thing, i have SEEN (with my own eyes) people bitch and moan and complain about how they are getting screwed because of their color all the while turning down offers made to them BECAUSE OF THEIR COLOR. you know my wife is hispanic, from another country, and you know how she got into texas a&m? on an international scholarship. while she had excellent grades (4.0 all 4 yrs) she got in because she is a hispanic woman from another country and A&m has a quota.

    after katrina, my father and i went to several shelters offering work to “victims”, out of more then 300 people we talked to, only about 5 took the jobs. houston news showed interviews with these very same people at the shelters complaining about how little help they received. and then there are those who said things like “bush hates black people, thats why they dont get no help”. i do some work in some of the worst, most poverty stricken areas of houston (5th ward for one, im sure you have heard of it)and the stereotypes are damn near spot on, prostitutes all over (hell i watched on chance my brothers truck down the street yelling out “$10, $10, i need $10″. and yes we sat there and laughed, not at her but at the situation all together and how my brother hauled ass to get away from her. i have seen the pimps, the dealers there dropping n words and calling us names because we where white boys WORKING in their hood. you see the stereotypes are not always false how ever sad it may be. i mean you may not have a job but damn, get off your porch, put down the beer and MOW YOUR YARD. hell, no mower, borrow one, pull the grass out what ever. clean the place up.

    then there are those that i know that are not any way like the stereotypes, as an example, this is a good friend of mine i have known for years.. missneka.com

    just like if i walked around in a cowboy hat and boots, and talked like a hick then you would assume i am a hick who dips, and rides horses and likes fat chicks, and drives a big loud 4×4 truck. because thats the stereotype.

    once again dont live up to the “ni**er” stereotype if you dont want to be put in that class or called one by other people (ie us racists)

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @Lakeshow, lol ya I see you ignored. I was just curious. And ya gasol will help but he’s still super soft and Odom is overrated. Their bench is still super limited compared to other top

    @ranger, personally I think
    it’s just as dumb when other blk people say it. But
    it’s like family…it’s still disrespectful but what’s worse you talkin bad about a family
    member or some random person doin
    it. It’s still dumb for blacks to
    say n this n that(I hardly ever say it) and it bugs me when my friends say it but I’d stop out a random white person sayin it o me and all my white friends/teammates get 1 warnin.

  • LakeShow84

    Sigh.. Still just dont get it.. it goes both ways..

    Like when u hear there is a child molester on the loose.. what does everyone say or think?? it must be a white guy..

    When they find ass and pinky toes in the fridge?? must be a white guy..

    Radical cult leader leading all his (white) followers to suicide?? a white guy..

    Im sorry we enjoy chicken (which you do too of course) and talk with a bit of “ebonics” but i like i said if you dont understand it, ignore it.. different strokes for different folks.. its that trying to dig in and analyze shit that really separates all of us.. sad..

    And i mow the lawn every other Sunday chump..

  • rangerjohn

    see you are taking a stereotype that is very uncommon and trying to mix it in with very common. i mean how about the dc sniper? NOT WHITE. i did one google search, and this site came up
    a list of 57 black serial killers, by the way.

    cult leaders? how about the most famous of the all, “dont drink the koolaid my brotha”, jim jones was not white.

    now turn it around, when you think of a gang banger, what do you think of? tookie williams? bloods and crips?


    if you think i am racist, you are far from correct. you see if i was a racist i would hate other races outside my own and i would be pushing the issue to “oppress” or eradicate other races. but quite the opposite is true, i am married to a woman of another racist, i have a half breed son, and while i hate some ni**ers, i hate some cra**ers, and some sp*cks as well. see there is a difference between a ni**er and a black person, if you live to the ni**er stereotype, then you are that person and i will hate you/hate on you. if you dont, by all means cool.

    good thing you mow the lawn also, damn HOA is a bitch too.

    and i have my lawn boy do my lawn every weekend, just so happens the lawn boy is my brother who is employed by me, he gets a little more time on the clock, i get a nice clean lawn. oh and while i do eat chicken, it is rare, and i cant stand fried chicken. i prefer wild game and have not bought beef or chicken in nearly 3 yrs. now i do love me some watermelon. HA hows that for stereotyping chip? or is it buffy?

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    Yes there are sterotypes and racist.we all know that but to purposly add to it and think it’s funny is ignorant. Personally, sterotypin and bein racist are two completely different things. Me sayin Asians get good grades is fine but if I say their bad drivers it’s terrible. Point is alot of idiots on here add to it and while rangersdanger might be a saint an secretly employ black people, runnin your moun here and lettin the guys who are ignorant and approve of what you say thinking it’s cool.

    Ps. I have never thought fuckin c racket or spic. I see idiots as idiots

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    please stop talking this shit. you are giving this idiot the ammo he wants to keep going.