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Knicks Make Push for Tracy McGrady; Make My Head Hurt

Tracy McGrady

In today’s Newsday, Alan Hahn has a piece about how the Houston Rockets want no parts of letting Tracy McGrady near their team, but the Knicks have been trying to trade for him for months.

It’s kind of funny that the Knicks wanted no parts of Allen Iverson because he supposedly would take time away from the guys the Knicks want to develop, but at the same time, they’re trying to bring the type of nonsense that Hahn describes into the locker room?

The Rockets believe they’re better off without him. Adelman has the Rockets competing at an admirable level every night even without Yao Ming (out for the season with an ankle injury). More importantly, Adelman finally has the locker room under control with Ron Artest off to the Lakers and McGrady, who subscribes to the Allen Iverson theory on practice, mostly persona non grata among the players while he recovers from a knee injury. And the Rockets want to keep it that way.

Enter the Knicks. They weren’t prepared to deal with the baggage that Iverson brings with him, but as Donnie Walsh continues to search for ways to upgrade this season’s team – which might barely eclipse 20 wins as currently constituted – catering to McGrady’s diva-esque personality might be a lesser evil.

Multiple sources say the Knicks – who are owned by Cablevision, which also owns Newsday – have tried since the summer to engage the Rockets in trade talks for McGrady but have been unsuccessful. However, an opportunity could present itself after the latest episode – a reported spat with Adelman about McGrady’s return schedule – that reportedly even has infuriated Rockets owner Leslie Alexander, who used to be one of McGrady’s staunchest supporters.

It would actually take a lot of pieces to make any kind of T-Mac deal work – the guy makes $23.2 million this year alone. Hahn outlines some scenarios:

The Knicks could offer Eddy Curry, who could make up for the loss of Yao and has only one more year left on his contract after this season; add an expiring contract such as Chris Duhon, Al Harrington or Larry Hughes, and toss in someone such as Wilson Chandler as a sweetener.

The Knicks might have to consider using the contract of retired guard Cuttino Mobley, however, if they really want to pique the interest of Alexander and general manager Daryl Morey.

The Knicks truly make my head hurt. So they would rather move the valuable expiring contracts plus a good young player like Wilson Chandler for a guy who has clear locker room/management issues, who may never really play at a high level ever again, who will also take lots of minutes from the young players they allegedly want to develop, and who no matter what will be looking for huge money next summer? When instead they could have signed A.I. for next to nothing, sold a bunch of tickets and jerseys, and held on to all of those expiring deals and trade chips?

Is it a good idea for the Knicks to trade for T-Mac?

Read Alan Hahn’s full article HERE

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  • chuck

    terrible idea …and if they include chandler its even worse

  • jnuh

    May never play at a high level again?
    Why don’t we just go ahead and say this chump is DONE.

  • len-e

    yup. they simply stink, tmac doesn’t.

    developing in this situation is overrated. development should happen towards winning, not getting up more shots imo.

  • q

    Knicks at their best. When we thought they can’t be that stupid, they again proved otherwise.

  • ERIC

    They are looking to get McGrady to pawn off either Curry or Jefferies contract. McGrady has a $23 million EXPIRING contract. he’s the easiest expiring “max” contract to acquire. screw him on the court, they want him for the cap flexibility he would bring.

    This would allow the Knicks to sign TWO MAX players instead of ONE.

    Would be a great financial move for the Knicks.

  • http://dime eyes

    Screw the Knicks. They might as well forget about ever being competitive. Wilson Chandler isn’t that good. He’s peaked. Him & Gallinari weren’t 1st round worthy. We need young actually skilled players overall. Offense & Defense counts. Mixed with healty veterans who can walk & play. No more Allan Houston pt2. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE. Sebastian Telfair & D’Andre Jordan wouldn’t hurt. Even a trade for Nick Young & Javele Mcgee. Quinton Holsey is an upgrade for this roster. Just get rid of Duhon & Jordan Hill he still has cut in his eye brows. You can’t basketball players don’t do that. Trade Harrington to Cleveland for something. This whole team needs to be extinct. Why do we have the dude on the sideline Landry with the old school haircut. He’s stealing money. What can he do. Eddy Curry’s flagrant foul yesterday -0.0- BLANK

  • http://dime eyes

    @4 If so then I second. Let’s just hope we don’t mess that up & go for Igudola & Jose Calderon. U guys should listen to the fans & blogs. Some of these people on here have some great insight & actually care about winning & losing. Maybe even being competitive. Not just filling MSG.

  • http://www.goldstandardhiphop.com bf

    do it, if u can include curry…that would mean another 10 miilion of capspace next summer

  • isotope

    oh i hope Houston doesnt do this. 1. They are OK right now but are going to run out of steam with the talent the have now. They either need to make up with TMac or get some more talent for him. Nothing the Knicks are offering is an upgrade in current talent level. And they’ll be losing the cap relief from his max contract. Not a good deal.

  • dank

    get rid of D’Antoni

    then Duhon, and bring in a PASS 1st point guard. then you can run watever offense you want and win.

    the only real problem here is that you have a shit coach whos weaknesses have been exposed but cant truly be shown because he hides it by feuding with his players.

    Dantoni is Isiah 2.0

  • SJ

    Is there any way we can ban Knicks-related topics on here for, like, the next 7 months?

  • Maynard

    Yeah, the point has been pretty much completely missed here. It’s all about getting rid of Curry and his horrible contract. I’d easily rather take a completely shot McGrady and dump Curry, then have Iverson for free with Curry still there. Most likely, Dolan doesn’t view McGrady as anywhere close to as toxic as Iverson. And by now, we know Chandler isn’t exactly a superstar in the making. If anything, he’ll be a decent role player, and is well worth including to sweeten up a deal if it means Curry goes. Heck, Chandler even trims another $2,130,481 off the cap. And trading expiring contracts here is irrelevant if they’re not acquiring deals that run past this year. Using them to dump Curry is their true value.

    The problem I see is that Morey is one of the smartest men in the sport. I still can’t see him feeling that the inefficient Curry has value enough to acquire, even if the expiring Mobley deal is involved.

  • Rizwan

    T-Mac has an expiring contract also. A big one at that. If they can move Jeffries or Curry, its worth it. Plus what do they have to lose anyway? They cant lose anymore than they are already.

    Big fan of T-Mac but he isnt a good fit for the system at New York. AI would have been better at the point.

    Heres a thought, maybe they give AI a second thought and sign him whilst also trade for T-Mac. I wanna be in that dressing room!!!

  • HtownHooper

    man the articles are a load of crap TMAC is not about to be trade..they just trying to start up some mess thats all..Tmac n Rick Adleman did not argue..tmac doesnt have an issue with practice..the dude wants to play for the team they just wont let him till after his MRI exam so they can see how healed up his knee is..and thats what the real story is dont know whta these homos talkin bout

  • Guitar Hero

    It would be a great idea if Chandler wasn’t included.
    Curry+Cuttino+Duhon for T-Mac.

    I’d LOVE it.

  • Chaos

    Houston needs to see where T-Mac is health wise on the court. keeping him off the court is hurting his value if they want to trade him, especially if he been working with Tim Grover who has worked miracles with D-Wade, Arenas, etc…that right there would warrant some kind of test run. money wise it does work for the knicks if they can move curry and cuttino mobley contracts and just have T-Macs off the books next season..and its extra sweet if the dude thrives in D’Antoni’s Offense…also wilson chandler is a role player at best but not the dominantone they predict

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    Dime has such poor reporting. the knicks only had an interest in mcgrady as soon as yao went down. they offered eddy curry for mcgrady (mcgrady in the last year of his deal and eddy curry has two years left –at the time) and the rockets told them go fuck themselves.

    yall should know this. knicks dont have any real interest in mcgrady. it was more about moving eddy curry and his contract.

    just like they had no real interest in iverson. i told yall that last week. Dime reporting has fallen off. its such a shame.

    yall follow too much hype and poor written rumors.

    knicks just wanted to trade eddy curry for tracy mcgrady. that would free up over $11 million for the knicks next season.
    would signing iverson right now give the knicks that flexibility?

    NO. get your shit together Dime.
    yall are coming off soooo weak lately.

  • Soopa

    Why on earth would the Rockets want Curry? He cant play defense and more importantly, he cant bring the energy which the Rockets thrive on. I guess they could use Chandler.

    But the thing is that the Rockets are doing NY a HUGE favor if they make a deal with them. Why not just have T-Mac hanging around and keep the expiring contract and get some flexibility next summer? Does McGrady deserve to play at this point anyway?

    Even if the Rockets would want Curry and Chandler, theres still a 8.5 million gap between their contracts and McGrady’s.

    This thing isnt gonna happen. If it was NY and Memphis sure, but im thinking the Rockets have more sense then that.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    isotope said it best. That would just be a horrible move on Houston’s part.

    Don’t need Eddy or anyone else from the Knicks.

    I do think the Knicks went retard mode for letting Iverson go. Considering his style, the Knicks style and just marketing.

    Knicks need to do better.

    Also McGrady ain’t a locker room prob. Things are fine in Houston until you hear Rick or Tracy say they ain’t fine. Last report from the actual Houston camp was all is cool, so …all is cool.

    Classic case of media trying to make a person a type of way when they really aint.
    Hahn needs to stop that.

  • Will

    If the Knicks could move Curry or Jeffries contract in a deal for McGrady without including Chandler then they have to do it.

    The most important thing for the knicks to do this season is to move those two by any means necessary, if they get a chance to send out only those guys plus expiring contracts for an expiring contract, then it’s a huge win.

    Chandler is far too valuable to throw away, there is absolutely no chance the knicks will trade such a young solid player, who is a versatile as they come, for cap space.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    TO ALL–

    when is the next CBA meeting for the NBA? they need to address a serious topic.

    the league, players union and all that need to address the way teams can just tell (contract) players stay away from the team.

    We’ve seen Philly do it with Iverson. NY do it with Marbury. Indiana do it with Tinsley. And now Houston with McGrady.

    it just not right and unfair to the player. they lose a year off their careers. unable to show that they can play and perform. agents are unable to negotiate trades when their clients are away for the team/game.

    its just not right. this NEEDS to be addressed. how can teams do this and get away with it?

    there needs to be some type of rule in place to restrict teams from this behavior. if not, trust me, your going to see more and more of it.

  • That’s what’s up

    The Knicks always seem to be 8-10 years late on all their talent acquisitions.

    Maybe Dolan should upgrade from dial-up and get some real time stats and injury updates for all of these players.

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    There is nobody on the Knicks i would want on my team

  • That’s what’s up

    @ 18 – Heckler

    If your boss told you right now to go home, stay home, do whatever the hell you want and your checks would STILL be in the mail….

    What the fuck do you think your ass would do?

    …that’s what I thought

  • http://mail.google.com moollamaker

    All this rumour talk especially when it involves the Knicks is just plain STUPID! I am tired of IT! I just want to see trades go down not hear about FAKE rumours.

    And one thing NO ONE is going to do the Knicks favours!!

  • FYI

    FYI this is a good deal for the knicks.
    Get rid of curry’s contract on the books next season and dont re-sign Mcgrady and you have enough money to make a max offer to 2 free agents (Lebron, Bosh, Wade, Stoudemire, etc.)
    I think getting 2 max players is better than the loss of wilson chandler, although I love wilson as a player.
    If this happens for the knicks and they can sign 2 max players I will laugh at this article that you just posted (despite the fact that Im an avid follower of dime)

  • http://mail.google.com moollamaker

    I agree with eyes! The Knicks need to pull off minor deals. If the Knicks can get Mike James, Nick Young and/or Mike Miller for Jared Jeffries, Nate Robinson and/or Hughes.

    Then deal for Sebastian Telfair and Marcus Camby for Wilson Chandler, Jordan Hill and Chris Duhon.

  • TRL

    You seem to be missing the point, which is to get rid of Eddy Curry’s contract. The Knicks are saying that they can deal with Tracy McGrady for the next 5 months, if in return they can offer two max free agent contracts next summer. I’m sure they would have no thoughts of resigning McGrady.

  • http://www.diznuts.blogspot.com Darkness

    I know T-Mac is soft, but I never heard anything about him being a locker-room cancer. I just see him as someone who’s health let him down. I think my Kniicks get rumors out there to pacify their fan base.
    For example, everyone knew the Iverson story back and front. Within a week, we went from wanting him to not wanting him because he won’t git and hurt development of our younger players? Like they didn’t know he might have this effect before, they just figured this out – BULLSHIT. The AI flirtation was simply a PR move.

  • Paul

    This article, and a lot of you commenting are missing the point completely. The Knicks wouldn’t be doing this because they thing McGrady can actually help them on the court in any way. They would only be doing it if they can dump Eddy Curry and his huge salary on the Rockets, and get McGrady’s expiring contract in return. This would free up almost 12 million in cap space for the Knicks next season giving them something near 40 million in cap space.

  • loons

    Never speak ill of Hahn!

  • Knicks

    Starting Lineup:

    C – David Lee

    PF – Al Harrington

    SF – Tracy McGrady

    SG – Danilo Gallinari

    PG – Chris Duhon

    That looks pretty good to me. Why are you people complaining about this? We can get rid of Eddy Curry and Jarred Jeffries if we trade for McGrady. That way we will be able to sign 2 max contracts next summer. What was the point of signing Iverson? Just to sell more tickets? You people need to think things through.

  • Paul

    Exactly. This is mainly about getting rid of Curry and/or Jefferies contracts and the Knicks shouldn’t hesitate for a second if Houston wants to do it. Even though I still think he has potential to be a great player, I would even be in favor of it if Chandler is part of the deal. With that much cap space cleared I find it hard to believe the Knicks won;t land some combination of two top free agents in 2010–maybe even three of them.

  • flavur

    its a semi good idea for the rockets but man i feel bad for my man T-MAC TO THE RACK

  • karizmatic

    Nah the Knicks should have picked AI up and waited the year out.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    the rockets should think about trading mcgrady for some size. they are a SMALL team. no height. they got a bunch of 6’7 and 6’8 players (hayes, landry, scola) playing PF and center for them.

    that aint gonna get it done in the paint with the big boys; especially in the west. even the grizzlies frontline would punk them right now. “yao ming aint walking thru the door folks. olajuwon aint walking thru that door folks”. so they might as well take the deal for eddy curry if its offered. curry only has 1yr left on his deal. the rockets would get a 27yr old center with some skill. and have him fill the void in terms of height until yao is full strength next season. then next season, have curry play the same role mutombo did for the last 3yrs; just backup yao.

    they have NO intention of playing mcgrady. especially since their wings are ariza and battier. those two are decent. since the rockets have zero desire to play mcgrady, they might was well move him for some size.

    perhaps to the clippers. they have kaman and camby. they need to move one of those guys so that blake griffin can get minutes. so the clips are a possibility. they can probably get camby and ricky davis for mcgrady.


    imagine the clips with diddy, gordon, mcgrady, griffin and kaman?

  • karizmatic

    Eddy Curry and skill should never be used in the same sentence. Trading Mcgrady for Camby actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea though.

  • Johnathan Starks

    Hey Cassidy,

    McGrady = apples
    Iverson = oranges

    Your head hurts because you can’t grasp that a possible T-Mac deal allows us to get out from under Curry and/or Jeffries, while “signing A.I. for next to nothing” does jack sh*t for the Knicks.

    As Mike Francesa would say, “YOUAH LAWST!!!”

  • Getreal

    Sorry but the Rockets are NOT interested in any of the Knicks. T-Mac’s expiring contract at the end of this season will allow a huge opportunity for the Rockets to go after either one very good free agent or two pretty good free agents plus Yao will be coming back and in the mean time you have a very young team developing this year and while they may be undersized they are beating bigger teams on the boards its bizarre. I’ve never seen an NBA team scrap every night like this group it’s alot of fun to watch. When playing the big boys they just go small and teams have a hard time with the speed of Brooks and Lowry together.

  • the cynic

    why would the rockets trade a huge expiring contract so they could have a smaller expiring contract next season? Do the knicks think the rockets are dumb? The knicks are retarded; can’t say it doesn’t make me laugh though

  • Steve

    Why does your head hurt? first off, the reason why AI would have taken time away from the guys the Knicks want to develop is because he would have played the point guard position. If they would have signed him they would have four point guards (Duhon, Nate, and combo guard Douglas plus AI). Trust me that’s more then enough.

    Now how many SG do they have? Under contract they have three…Larry Hughs, Toney Douglas, and Cuttino Mobley. Cuttino is retired and Larry Hughs was never in the Knicks plan until nate got hurt. so they really just got one guy and thats Douglas.

    you also said, “The Knicks truly make my head hurt. So they would rather move the valuable expiring contracts plus a good young player like Wilson Chandler”. This is a 3-10 team. No one is that valuable in a record like that. trade whoever you can to bring back a good team to NY. Stop thinking about next year. We are not having a draft pick this year cause it was traded for Curry. Don’t give away the number 1 pick.

  • arisloco

    In your dreams, Knicks fans! Those top free agents this summer of 2010 would not want to go to a franchise full of crap players, coaching staff, GM and fans. Your team will always be way below the mediocre status for the next 50yrs. Sorry for me to say that, but it’s true. Just enjoy having your arena to be half-filled and watching low-skilled players. I bet tmac might choose to retire instead of going to your team. Period.

  • QQ

    @ 32:

    Damn. Still doing that ‘looks good ON PAPER thing?’. Hell the Wizards are looking good coming into the season, but aren’t doing any shit right now.

    TMac = done. There’s no saving your boyfriend now, Austin Burton. Admit it. He’s DONE.

  • MagicMan101

    T-Mac may be done but he is still better then ANYONE the Knicks have. This is just another stupid suggestion that floats around the net. WILL NOT HAPPEN. Just like D-Wade in Orlando or LBJ in LA. What a waste of time… In order for the Knicks to get better they need to have everyone die in a plane crash so they can have an NBA exception. Sorry Spike but your team is not going to get better even after 2010. No one wants to play for a lossing team with a GM that makes choices by what his dogs suggests. The Nets will be better before the Knicks. Yes I said it! At least they have decent players in Lee, Harris and Lopez. Who do the Knicks have Lee and the Italian kid? At least Crawford got out and went to ATL. Smart. Very smart.

  • robert johnson

    you are the worst columnist in the world. You are heavily opinionated with horrible forecasting :)

  • NYC718

    I think if they do this, they better be smart about who they give’n up . It wouldn’t be a bad idea to trade away Curry because he gets no play’n time any way . & his contract is ridiculous . If they trade Chandler i would be very upset . He could be a big factor in duh knicks future plans . All he needs is discipline on the court . He needs to be more wise about his decisions . I feel if they build duh team around Chandler, Nate, Lee, Gallinari, & pay extra attention to Hill & his low post play they gon be good in a few more years . I like Hughes but he get no play time . Alot of duh cats on duh bench have shutt’n another team member lacks iin . If they coordinate all tha together . Dey would be potential 7th, MAYBEEE !! MAYBEE !! 6th seed . I would Love to see dese fools make duh play offs . Its to been a lil too long now .

  • Max

    For all you idiots talking about “Dime reporting has fallen off considerably, there’s no way the Knicks want McGrady.” Ummm, yea. How do you haters feel now?