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My Random Observations- Magic/Cavs Game

LeBron James

This will not be your typical NBA recap, it is simply my random observations and thoughts on the game. These observations were made in real time watching the game, if you have random observations, comments or questions during any NBA game tweet it to @dimemag and I will choose the best to include in my random observations.

1st Half Commentary
8:07pm: This game should be a high flying dunk fest. Lots of players are going to have their feelings hurt getting dunked on and their shots blocked left and right. The Cavs have had 4 days rest which means they are going to be running and Dwight Howard, Vince Carter and Lebron James are always good for some highlight throwdowns………..8:09pm: Note to Hubie Brown everyone is dominate against the Knicks this year not just Lebron. …….. 8:12pm:Dwight Howard is a top 5 player in the league and the only great center in the NBA yet he gets no superstar calls….2 fouls already?!? Really refs? Really? This was not in the plan. No one came to see Shaq vs Gortat and by the way the Polish Hammer is useless against the Big Aristotle………8:22pm: Every time Mo Williams Mo Problems makes a play Jameer Nelson gets a bucket. Does Mo Williams know what defense is? …….. 8:25pm: That is the 3rd bad three Vince Carter has taken but who’s counting……8:34pm I despise Anderson Varejao and his Side Show Bob hair almost as much as I despise Boobie and his star haircut. …….. 8:35pm: Carter and Nelson have combined for 21 of Orlando’s 28 points at the end of the first quarter…….. 8:37pm: White Chocolate sighting! White Chocolate sighting! ……..8:39pm: Mo Williams Mo Problems is definitely heating up and that spells trouble for Orlando……..8:41pm: Random Observation from a fan watching the Knicks Game: Toney Douglas is the truth! [10 and 3 at the half, 4/6 from the field] ……..8:43pm: I wish they would say WHIIIIITE CHOOOCOLATE when Jason Williams scores. Interesting, Dwight Howard has played 4 minutes and has 3 fouls but SVG is leaving him on the floor………8:44pm: JJ Redick shoots just his 25th layup since 8th grade and misses………8:46pm: Hubie Brown just dropped knowledge about the ABA fouling policy. After six fouls a player still plays but each additional foul is a technical. Interesting, keeps the best players on the court………8:48pm: Mo Williams Mo Problems 18 points on 7/7 shooting maybe I should be talking about Jameer Nelson’s defense not Mo Williams….8:50pm: Jeff Van Gundy just referred to JJ Redick as a “good NBA” player. I’d accept him as better than Adam Morrison and former teammate Sheldon Williams but that doesn’t make him a “good” NBA player……..8:53pm: There was a time when Shaq would have dunked that ball hard off the run instead of missing a layup. Another timeout from, as Shaq would call him, the master of panic and the Magic are down 15……… 8:58pm: The Cavs are just cutting the Magic up right now. Lebron James and Mo Williams are 16-20 from the field and Mo Williams Mo Problems has dished out 4 dimes to cutters……… 9:00pm: So Lebron gets away with lowering his shoulder into Pietrus and the Cavs still freak out when Big Z get called for a foul? Lets not get greedy Cleveland……..9:04pm: I wasn’t aware Centers mainly Shaq: could get called for a carry…….. 9:05pm: Vince Carter with another bad 3, someone call him quick and tell him it isn’t 2001. His midrange jumper is still nice as he cuts the lead to 8……… 9:10pm: Mike Trico: “More often or than not doesn’t it seem like Lebron James has the ball at the end of the quarter?” Yes…it’s the only play Mike Brown knows how to call…….. 9:13pm: Mo Williams 22 points 9/9: and 4 assists, Lebron James 23 points 6 rebounds, it’s obvious that 4 days rest helped the Cavaliers a lot. The Magic still shot 55% from the field and scored 51 points…..there will be no defense in this game

2nd Half Commentary
9:34p: Stan Van Gundy says people other than Vince Carter need to get touched in the 2nd half…..guess who takes the first shot? ……..9:36pm: Mo Williams Mo Problems finally shows he ‘s human and misses a shot……..9:38pm: I don’t think anyone on the Magic are going to shake hands with Lebron after this game….28 points with 6:45 left in the 3rd……..9:40pm: Where did Vince Carter’s legs go? No dunks and all of his 3s have fallen short including the wide open one from the top of the key………9:44pm: Vince I know shooters are supposed to shoot their way out of a slump but this is getting out of hand……..9:45pm: Dwight Howard FINALLY gets a block……..9:45pm: Mo Williams Mo Problems and Vinsanity jawing after a foul. Mo is oozing swag right now………..9:48pm: The Magic really miss Ryan Anderson right now….speaking of Ryan Anderson he is definitely the starting PF on my all Generic Name team………9:52pm: Lebron said pregame he didn’t want to talk about Free Agency for the rest of the season…..then he wears Yankee themed shoes…………9:53pm: BRANDON BASS! Are you kidding me?!?!? Missing a fast break layup…C’mon Son. Rim 1 Brandon Bass 0……..9:54pm: WHITE CHOCOLATE!!! ……..9:55pm: Anderson Varejao fights like a girl….anyone else see him slap at Dwight Howard? ……..9:56pm: Anthony Parker is borrowing some of Mo Williams swag…3/3 in the 2nd half for 9 points……..9:57pm: Hubie Brown……Brandon Bass can’t play the 3 esp if he can’t get the ball over the rim on a fast break layup……9:58pm: Vince Carter misses from the three again……seriously can someone find Vince Carter’s legs and tell them VC misses them? ……..10:00pm: Random Observation from a fan watching the Knicks Game: I definitely jinxed Toney Douglas……..10:02pm: JJ Reddick getting big on the boards….once…..and that’s about all he’s done……..10:04pm: Big Dunk from Brandon Bass…….kind of…..ok maybe not…….at least he got it over the rim barely……..10:06pm: Mo money Mo Problems 28 points on 12/17 shooting……..10:09pm: “Highlight” from the Nets-Philly game. Down 3 six seconds left, Rafer Alston inbounding the ball and he throws it directly to Thaddeus Young…..yea Orlando definitely won that trade……..10:12pm: SVG “Why Can’t we go on a 10-0 run” Matt Barnes just looks the other way. I’m not mad everyone at home did the exact same thing……..10:13pm: Shaq makes Dwight Howard look small, by the way Shaq has 10 points when guarded by Howard and Howard has 1 point when guarded by Shaq. Like in real life (at least tonight): Superman 1 is better than Superman 2 ……..10:19pm: JJ knocks down a 3 and ends the 0-12 streak….10:20pm: Jeff Van Gundy said he had his head palmed by Kareem Abdul Jabbar (then Lew Alcinder)……thanks for your input Jeff, great Adul Jabbar fact: he won 3 MVPS in his first 4 years in the league……..10:22pm: Mike Trico ” That’s a dagger right there, that’s a dagger” best way to describe Lebron fade away……..10:23pm: BREAKING NEWS it has just been announced that Brandon Bass will not be competing in the dunk contest!….10:26pm: I think Jeff Van Gundy is offended that Trico mentioned that the Van Gundys were one of two sets of brothers to lose in the finals……..10:29pm: Ah an appearance by Vince Carter’s legs 10:30pm:Final Score 102-93….James and Mo Williams Mo Problems torched the Magic almost single handedly

10:32pm: Wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Maybe one highlight dunk (did get two Brandon Bass Lowlights though!), very few blocks and the game was never competitive. Every member of the Cavs had a positive +/- ranking (indicates the teams net points while the player is on the court) L and only one member of the Magic had a positive ranking and that was wait for it…..JJ Redick! Leading up to the game the hype was surrounding the battle of the Supermen but in the game the referees proved to be kryptonite and took Dwight Howard (11pts, 7rbs) out of early. Lebron (36 points, 8 rebounds) was straight nasty all game and clearly wanted to send a message to the team that ended his season last year. Mo Williams Mo Problems, was the surprise of the game, especially after how poorly he played last year in the playoffs,pouring in 28 points on 60% shooting. After this game the Celtics look like they are clearly better than the Cavs and Magic considering they know how to play defense but I’ll withhold judgment of the Magic until Rashard Lewis comes back.

1. Over/Under 3 weeks until Lebron talks about free agency again?
2. Did Vince Carter leave his legs in New Jersey or is he just old?
3. Who’s hair bothers you more Boobie Gibson or Anderson Varejao
4. Who is the greatest center of all time Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Bill Russell?
5. Did Brandon Bass really miss that lay up or was that a figment of our imagination?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Kellan White said: “After this game the Celtics look like they are clearly better than the Cavs and Magic considering they know how to play defense but I’ll withhold judgment of the Magic until Rashard Lewis comes back.”

    Well, that’s a DUH.
    CELTICS got a bomb squad.

    But on the other hand, I’ll withold judgement of the Cavs until Delonte comes back.

    Yeah, their 2nd most productive player the past two years…who happens to play defense…was curiously absent.

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    LMAO, man you are going to get in trouble for this one. D.Stern will have your head. You are not allowed to post things like this about NBa players/refs/coaches.

  • AdvancedMind

    Random observation:
    Coaches cant coach anymore, and the game has gone from working inside out, to outside in…
    Outcome: I feel like im watching a and1 game mixed with a heavy dose of Euro.
    Yet i still say “Lebron your 270 F@cking pound, and 6’8, learn how to post up”….

  • dial up

    Everyone should know that game was reff’ed just like the playoffs. Anyone see the sportcenter highlights of dwight “fouling” shaq and barely touching him?? That was crazy, that shaq AND lebron are now allowed to lower their shoulder and barrel through people. It’s such a boring game when orlando’s big man can’t even stand on the court or play any kind of defense.

  • LakeShow84

    Funniest part was on the charge he shouldve gotten he still bricked the shot, lol 3 feet away from the basket..

    Some people just dont got it in them AdvancedMind lol

    Let him try to be a perimeter player.. hes too soft to bang down low.. evidenced by him trying to get Collins thrown out the league last year for a nice, rough foul..

  • ab_40

    uhm wilt is above kareem in my book. rashard is gonna fit right in with orlande and their D is gonna improve over the course of the season. I think cleveland will have more problems with rashard then orlando has with varejo or Z at the four hehe. Delonte West weighs what a 100 pounds now adays? check him out he’s skinny so he won’t be the ‘defensive presence’ (he is 6-3 you know) you claim him to be. if rashard lewis and ryan anderson play is orlando the better team? only if they start playing D like their life depends on it. With their roles more clear will the cavs lose to boston like they did on openingng night again? the score of that game doesn’t tell the whole story… the cavs got schooled that night. And why is noone writing about Pau Gasol probably being out till christmas?

  • Romeo

    Don’t forget that the Cavs are missing not only Delonte, but LEON POWE! He’s a monster son! Ask the Lakers about him!

  • Celts Fan

    @AB_40 – TONS of guys, including former teammates (and even Wilt himself in his own autobiography) have said that Wilt openly cared more about #s than W’s. Guy was PHENOMENAL, but he’s permanently behind Russell, Kareem, and Shaq now to me (read Simmon’s book for some excerpts. There are at least 6 from various different guys that were teammates AND one from his own book. Some very damning stuff…)

  • http://vittoriodezen.wordpress.com Vic De Zen

    Carter’s still got his legs. See him in that UNC game in the summer? He’ll be fine, give him a bit of time.

  • Posterboy15

    To answer your Vince Carter question id say a guy recovering from an ankle injury going 11/23 48% with 29 pts 5reb isnt bad. I was watching the game too and everytime he drove 2 and 3 defenders collapsed on him, I dont know why u were expecting him to Alonzo somebody coming off a bum ankle, theres plenty of games for that to come. Although i do notice he is noticeably slower coming back tho but, if u seen him in the preseason and early reg. he was not looking like that at all, I mean damn when he got injured against the nets earlier this season, he started the game from tip off driving to the basket for a dunk(the nets..lol i know right but there professionals none the less)..I just had to respond becuz although Vince is in his 12th season in the league at age 32 going on 33 he is still a remarkable player to put up those numbers besides Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce there the only ones left of there era of perimeter players that still get it done..and I know there just numbers but they are also facts….Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Dont!

    P.S. Obviously Footage doesnt lie as well becuz Vince did this over the Summer At Unc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5cOhMP2oLg

  • Claw

    @Lakeshow – Bron doesn’t bang down low or goes through the trees? Aren’t you thinking about Kobe?

    BTW, what is the deal with Gasol, is he playing tonight or this weekend, I gotta decide on Odom or Gasol in my lineup.

    I’m interested in tonight’s matchup, Suns and Lakers primetime. Now Lakeshow when they lose can you give me a pre-emptive excuse right now? For real, this will be a good game.

  • http://www.lasvegassportsodds.biz Ron

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