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NBA Trade Rumor: Emeka Okafor to the Kings

Emeka Okafor

It’s safe to say that things are bad in New Orleans. Byron Scott is gone, Chris Paul is hurt and now their big free agent acquisition of the summer is already the subject of trade rumors. According to Sam Amick of The Sacramento Bee, a source with knowledge of the situation says the Kings are discussing a trade with the Hornets that would send veteran Kenny Thomas (and his $8,553,125 expiring contract) to the Hornets and in exchange for Emeka Okafor.

If the Hornets could pull this off, then I would next ask them to turn water into wine. Sacramento has a great thing going right now, sitting at a surprising 5-4, and with the young talent that will get Kings fans excited for the next decade. Thomas’ expiring contract will be huge for them as they try and either add a piece this summer, or save the money until they have to start paying their own guys to stay. It would make no sense to add on five years and $62.5 million for a team already stacked with frontcourt options.

The fact that these discussions are being had though, mean that the Hornets realize Okafor is not the player they hoped he would be when they traded for him this past summer. For a team desperately in need of a some help – not to mention a smaller payroll – the Hornets would have probably been better off keeping Rasual Butler and not taking on Okafor’s Titanic deal.

Would you trade for Okafor?

Source: The Sacramento Bee

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  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Wow. New Orleans is already throwing in the towel less than a month into the season. Must suck to be a Hornets fan.

  • Coop

    Baffling. Perhaps Scott really pushed for Okafor but that wasn’t what he intimated at the time. Poor Chris Paul. It all went wrong at Peja

  • fallinup

    So, this is New Orleans awesome front office thinking. Turn Tyson Chandler into Chris Wilcox (contract). No go. Turn Tyson Chandler in Emeka Okafor. Not working out, after not even 20 games. Now?…turn Okafor into Kenny Thomas (contract). Fire Scott.

    Hornets have only 1 more win so far than Memphis. CP is hurt. And I’m damn sure… FAR from happy.

    Why not just blow up the team now and send the Hornets to Seattle already. Their is no turning around now.

  • K-Dub

    Sad state in the big easy. if you weren’t feelin for CP3 you should be now. a month in and the white flag has gone up.

  • the R

    Okafor is what he is. A nightly double double, with good defensive principals. He’ll never lead a team in scoring.
    He’s bringing exactly what we knew he would.

    If the Hornets didn’t know what they were getting, too bad for them. they suuck anyway.

    Trade him for S-Jaxx and see if u’re happy with it..

  • Kobeef

    The Maloofs are insane if they do this deal. Emeka is clearly not the player everyone thought he would be, and clearly not worth $62 million. Chris Paul is going to jump from thi sinking ship and leave the Hornets with Peja and Emeka.

  • IG

    Real trade: Captain Jack and Acie Law to a “contender” Charlotte Bobcats for Vlade Radmanovic and Raja Bell.

  • That’s whats up

    yep – above just broke
    Cap Jack to Charlotte

  • http://www.hornetshype.com mW

    Hornets front office is already denying the Okafor-Thomas trade talks. Honestly, it is way too early in the season to even think of blowing things up in New Orleans. The organization really believes that Bower/Floyd can turn this team around. Certainly, the Hornets have enough talent to be in the Playoffs, though, how far in is the question.

    This trade also doesn’t make sense for the Kings. As the article above says, why give away their own cap space when their young guys are playing so well right now. Especially with Hawes/Thompson at the 5. You don’t have room for Okafor on the floor, let alone when considering his salary.

    Either this “trade” was all talk, and never serious, or the the SacBee got snowed under.

  • Dean

    NO is crazy if they trade him! He’s a keeper!
    If Kings get him that would be awesome.

  • Name (required)

    yo New Orleans…. the Knicks will give you Eddy Curry, Nate Robinson and an I ♥ NY Tshirt for Chris paul an a draft pick.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qtOTBQcbiM&feature=related rodnets

    Emeka lotta money, bad for the kings, bet hey its the Maloofs we are speaking, they might pull this trade while heavy betting surrounded by strippers @palms (its envy speaking)

  • bub

    this would be a good look for the kings especially if all we have to give up is kenny thomas. Just imagine Jason Thompson and Emeka playing the 4 and 5, that is hustle, boards, and defense. Com on, be real id rather bask in Okafor’s shitty contract for 5 years than take another year of Kenny thomas playing for the kings.

  • JohnnyKILLroy

    I think it’s a good trade for Sac.I don’t see any stud free agents wanting to go to Sac. in the off-season so the get help now instead of later.

    Hawes,Thompson,Okafor, and May up front @ the 4/5 isn’t bad at all K-Mart and Tyreke in the backcourt and a high draft pick in the draft.Especially considering that Peotrie is a good evaluator of talent.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    where are all you bums who a few months ago were breaking down how Okarfor is OBVIOUSLY such a huge upgrade over chanlder for the hornets? Wasn’t it something like “oh he has more post game and defense but all chandler does is dunk” Yea hes such a upgrade the hornets wanna trade him after like 5 days on the job. Thats like getting hired for a job and getting a call that same night saying they have to let you go.

  • JohnnyKILLroy


    Chandler is a bum of the worst kind.Okafor IS an upgrade but the Hornets are making this trade for purely financial reasons it’s better to tear it all done now and rebuild as quickly as possible to keep Paul in town.They save $$$ and will be worse off wins wise netting themselves a better player in a strong draft

  • Coyote

    I’m a sac native and a sac fan and I got banned from a local kings web-site, when I responded to post after post saying, “YEAH OKAFOR YEAH Duuhrrrrr,” by stating that the Maloofs and Petrie would have to all be suffering from head injuries to trade anything what so ever for what I presently believe to be the worst contract in the NBA. 5 years from now when Omeka is getting over 14 million dollars and avg. 9 points and 7 rebounds, and that is optimistic, the same people who were slobering all over this trade will be calling to have Petrie fired. I’m glad to see that most people outside of Sac see the folly in this trade. It further convinces me that Sam Amick, the writer for the bee, who is always wrong incidentally, is wrong again. Thank God. After the last three miserable seasons here in Sacramento, after we’ve just turned things around by hiring a real coach and making some savvy draft picks, if we were to burden ourselves with Omeka’s LARDTRACT I’d shoot myself.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Bron

    On a team actually tryin to win, Okafor is still an upgrade over Chandler. It’s not dude’s fault that the Hornets decided to have a firesale and began to suck right before he got there. Ain’t like Chandler tearin it up with his 6pts, 7 boards and 1 block compared to Okafor’s 10 pts, 10 boards and 2 blks. Hornets’ problems started when they gave Rasual away for nuthin and then realized that Peja and Mo Pete don’t care anymore

    @ Aron
    You can’t seriously think it’s a bad deal for the Kings to fleece the Hornets for a defensive center(cuz Hawes don’t play defense) and only have to give up Kenny”Can’t believe he still in the league”Thomas. Much like Carlos Boozer learnt this past summer, opting out is only good if you’re gonna make MORE money. Just cuz the Kings got a little cap roon don’t mean they gonna get a free agent. Players need to sober up in this economy as well as shitty teams with cap room thinkin they gonna get a stud cuz they got money. You think restricted franchise dudes like Pierce, Nowitzki, etc, who can opt out are gonna waive their final year at 17 mil+ to sign in Sacramento.
    If the Hornets even think about givin up Okafor for Thomas, Kings should be gettin it done yesterday…

  • Sacto_J

    Good points Dizzle. Kings are going to use that cap space at some point in the future, and front court is our weak spot right now, so why not pick up a double double and a couple of blocks per night. It would really shore up a glaring hole and with some time together could be consistent playoff team –
    Evans / Martin / Udrih / Garcia
    Nocioni / Casspi / Green / Udoka
    Thompson / Okefor / Hawes / May
    That’s pretty solid depth….

  • Coyote

    If Omeka Okafor is the highest paid player on your team,you’ve got problems. Why is that so difficult to understand. Sure the kings could use Okafor but not for 14 million dollars. In addition to being stuck with his contract for the next five years, your going to have chemistry problems because there will be guys on the kings who are better than Omeka who are getting paid half as much. ie. Evans, Martin, Jason Thompson, and yes at some point maybe evan Spencer Hawes will pass Omeka’s astronomical 13points and 10 rebounds. Wahh Wahh Wahh but he get 2 blocks a game, so fffnnnnn what. God this league is so devoid of big men that you don’t even have to average 20/10 anymore to be considered a commodity. Judas Priest, Chris Webber was forced into retirement when his numbers got as lousy as Okafor. If you love him so much, pay him 65mill and bet the farm for your lousy team. Leave my Kings alone. We’ve had enough problems.

  • GMaGoof

    Hey, I disagree with the post “The Maloofs are insane if they do this deal”. We are not insane just lack wits because we think we know more than Petrie and order him to make all the bad decisions in recent years since we let go of HOF coach Adelman. Petrie is a good soldier who has principals so he does not make any noise about our moronic decisions and we can blame everything on him when things go south. Good thing the Sactown fans don’t realize this. We just can’t figure out why they won’t pay for a new arena?!

  • Sacto_J

    Coyote – So then you approve the switching of gears and going after Dalembeast? Even at the expense of Nocioni? Just curious…
    BTW – do you have to spam the crap out of the STR / sbnation blog…? Once was enough…WAY enough. I’d be surprised if they didn’t ban you….

  • http://twitter.com/max_in_missouri Max

    Are these writers all idiots who don’t watch the NBA?

    Okafor was traded for, not signed