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Allen Iverson

If you’re purely interested in the best interest of Allen Iverson, you’re glad the Grizzlies had one of their business-as-usual losses against the Clippers last night. Having gone 0-3 since A.I. joined the lineup earlier in the week, for Memphis to win after Iverson had left the team for undisclosed personal reasons — even if it was against the Clips — would have brought up all the same criticisms of Iverson you saw in Detroit and at various points throughout his runs in Philly and Denver. Mainly, that A.I.’s team is better without him, and that certain young stars (i.e. O.J. Mayo in this case) are better off when he’s not in the picture … Instead, the Grizzlies did what they typically do with or without Iverson, putting up a lot of points while giving up even more. Chris Kaman (26 pts) and Craig Smith (18 pts) punished Memphis in the paint as the Clips dropped 113 points in the win, negating Rudy Gay‘s 33-point effort and Zach Randolph‘s 19 and 12 boards. Mayo continued to struggle, going 4-for-12 from the field. After what was displayed on this winless five-game trip, we can say this much: If the Grizzlies wanted to bring in a grizzled veteran whose game is undeniable even if is reputation is, and wanted that guy to really bring a culture change that would help this roster, maybe they should have looked at Bruce Bowen or Antonio McDyess … A lot has been going around about why A.I. left the squad. Some people say he and the team simply couldn’t see eye-to-eye on his role and that he’s never coming back as the Grizzlies explore trade options; others close to the situation insist it’s a serious family matter. We can tell you from our own sources that Iverson’s camp said he was dealing with a family crisis as far back as Thurday, he played through it on Friday against the Lakers, and finally asked the team for permission to leave on Saturday … All of a sudden, the Nuggets are looking very ordinary. After being held to just 88 points by Miami on Friday, Denver was blown out in Atlanta last night. Carmelo scored 30 points (15-18 FT) and Chauncey Billups added 27 and seven dimes in the loss, but the defense was the problem. The Hawks were getting wide-open jumpers and sticking them; even Josh Smith made the Nuggets pay for leaving him unguarded. Smith finished with 22 points, nine boards, seven assists and six blocks, including one of the highlights of the night when he chased down Birdman on a breakaway and slapped his dunk attempt off the backboard … And after a quiet first game with his new team, Jamal Crawford is putting up those Sixth Man of the Year-type numbers so many people predicted for him. He gave the Nuggets 25 points, his third game of 25-plus in the last four outings … Speaking of teams who have looked bad lately, the Wizards turned in a performance worthy of last year’s 19-win/non-Arenas version Friday night against the Pacers. According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, Antawn Jamison went off after that game, cussing out everyone in sight and smashing a fruit and candy tray in the process … Either the Mavs are the best fourth-quarter team in the NBA, or the Jazz and Raptors just stink and have no heart when it turns to money-making time. Just like they — or mostly Dirk Nowitzki — did against Utah the other night, Dallas exploded in the fourth quarter on Toronto, dropping 44 points on their way to a blowout win. In Josh Howard‘s season debut he started at two-guard and posted 16 points and three steals, while Dirk scored 29 … As good as Chris Bosh is playing right now, every Toronto fan knows there’s a decent possibility he’s gone after this year. If that happens, how good do you think the Raptors can be with a core group of Andrea Bargnani, Hedo Turkoglu, Jose Calderon and DeMar DeRozan? Bargnani has been tearing it up, averaging 20.7 points on 51% shooting from deep. If he’s your best player, do you have a playoff team? … Some notable stat lines from Saturday: Andrew Bogut scored 22 points in Milwaukee’s win over the Knicks; John Salmons had 27 points, seven boards and six dimes and Joakim Noah posted 21 points, 16 boards and four blocks in a win over Charlotte; Tyreke Evans dropped 32 points (16-19 FT) in a win at Utah, while Deron Williams put up 29 and 15 assists; and Paul Pierce had 16 points and seven dimes while Rajon Rondo chipped in 16 and five steals in a win over the Nets, who got more bad news when they found out Chris Douglas-Roberts has swine flu and fielded a starting lineup about as deep as a YMCA squad. Forget LeBron‘s plans: Jay-Z might bounce on the Nets and align himself with the Knicks instead next summer … We’re out like The Answer …

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  • Bobby

    AI is sadly starting to become a joke!

  • ponky_alolor

    now if only josh smith matures and does that stat line on the regular. still props for him for stepping up vs melo and nuggs.

    jeez can’t wait for the free agency and for Bron to just sign with the knicks. all this talk has been tiresome.

  • ab_40

    LeBron wants to sign with a winning team maybe with a history of winning. so that won’t be new york and everybody is raving about mike d’antoni but we all have seen what he can do with the best point guard and most athletic power forward in the game at that time. they don’t play any D. none whatsoever. Miami Boston and Portland are teams that come to mind. I see LeBron signing a two year deal with a third year option and when the nets move to brooklyn guess who’s going with em? that makes a lot more sense then siging with new york or new jersey this summer

  • grinch

    Let AI start and lets see.. i bet the grizzlies would win more games than what they would with him on the bench.

  • YW

    Conley has a broken jumper. AI could still drop 20 a night if given the chance. Grizzles are a joke.

  • King

    A two year deal with a 3rd yr option does sound like a smart move if he just wants To win now but ultimately go to NY. The NY area teams are trash and will be for a few more years.

  • That’s whats up

    did not take very long at all for AI to go MIA

    I may just start referring to AI as “Steph jr”

  • Dagomar

    The Raptors were playing the second game of a back-to-back and ran out of gas against the Mavs, simple as that. The team was keeping it close for most of the game. Most of those fourth-quarter points by the Mavs came in garbage time (although overall I’m sure the veteran Mavs are a better fourth quarter team).

    Without Bosh I doubt the Raps are a playoff team, but it’s fun to watch Bargnani mature into a good player either way. As for Iverson . . . if this really is about his playing time, he’s done. I used to hate the guy while he was with Philly, but this is sad.

  • http://www.kentuckysportsradio.com flipisatrip

    those ads on the side are so frustrating, how about un-hyperlinking them?

  • http://www.kentuckysportsradio.com flipisatrip

    I’m getting sick of AI. He does realize he is getting old, and even in his prime, there was controversy around his greatness bc he took 128 shots a game?

  • baller

    teams gotta start letting AI start.. i mean like he says.. look at his stats and it will tell u why he is not a reserve.. i bet the grizzlies will atleast start to win games if iverson plays

  • Patrick

    Toronto isn’t a playoff team with Bosh and Bargnani.

  • sh!tfaced

    Well, there’s only one thing left to say…

    Give it up for Chris Wallace!

    Signing AI… Not giving Rudy Gay a contract extension and possibly losing him to free agency… Drafting/busting Mike Conley and Hasheem Thabeet. Executive of the year, baby! LOL

  • Diggity Dave

    Udonis Haslem isn’t as talent as Allen Iverson, but when he was demoted to the bench, he took it like a man. He’s currently putting up better numbers than when he started, isn’t complaining, and is helping the Heat win. Look at how everyone fears and respects Ben Gordon coming off the bench. He was the leading scorer for the Bulls coming off the bench, that’s ridiculous.

    Iverson has his head way up his ass, and if he keeps this bullshit up, he’ll find himself out of the league by the end of the season. Hell, he had to settle for scraps, and not only that, settle for scraps from a crappy team. It takes a mature person to step outside his own head, look in on the problem, and make the right choices. Iverson isn’t that kind of person. He’s a self-centered egomaniac who’s about to ruin his reputation once and for all. Have fun playing in Europe next year.

  • http://www.in-n-outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    Dallas has been tearing it up.
    That Toronto core would be decent but barely a playoff team without Bosh.

  • http://law.ufl.edu Lawschool Douchebag

    Why can’t AI just shut the fuck up and play his role?

    Why can’t LeBron win a chip?

    Why has Kobe been killing it with post moves this year?

    Why are the Clippers the Clippers?

    Why can’t Dimemag get rid of these annoying fuckin Reebok ads all over the place?

  • Diggity Dave


    No shit, the Reebok ads lag my ability to scroll up and down quickly like I normally can.

  • sh!tfaced

    @Diggity D

    Damn right. Maybe signing (and possibly helping out) a guy like ‘Toine Walker instead of an old spoiled brat like Iverson was a better move. At least (Un)Employee No. 8 might show a little more appreciation and be thankful.

  • http://law.ufl.edu Lawschool Douchebag

    LMFAO at the thought of any team signing Antoine Walker!

  • sh!tfaced

    ^^^^^ LOL. Is it still too early for that? Really rootin’ for ‘Toine to find a job so he can deal with those problems, so we can start making of them fun already (along with Nic Cage).

    Shit, with the way AI has been, Walker would be the better investment right now too…

  • That’s whats up

    Dime is probably gettin’ real paid from Reebok.

    Nobody give a fuck about your scrolling speeds. Be thankful Dime can give us this shit for free – Daily!

  • weezy f

    jay was in fresno last night…what a show

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    AI, what are you doing? Just play ball, but if it’s a serious family/personal problem then hope everythings ok.

  • Sweet English

    @ Thats whats up

    thats whats up. daily!

  • http://www.kentuckysportsradio.com flipisatrip

    @lawschool — i’m in my 3L yea.

    As a KY fan i would love to see ‘toine get another gig somewhere. his exciting personality as a player is ultimately what led to his financial troubles.

    The reebok ads on the side suck because i scroll up and down with my arrow keys or page up n down, i can’t click on the margins to activate these controls or it takes me to another site.

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    @lawschool Kobe killing the post cause he was training with Hakeem “the dream” in the off-season..
    and don’t give up on the raps just yet, wait for them to really gel…
    and I might be crazy but A.I. should get traded to the Cavs…

  • wifey

    The Raptors are a really good team. Bosh is kinda over-hyped, they need a point guard though. Jose Calderon is a backup, the league’s best back up. If the raps can the season and get John Wall, or somehow try to get an elite point guard, they’ll be a good team with or without bosh.

  • the cynic

    Calderon couldn’t guard a tree, it would somehow blow right by him. Bargs is still trying to learn how to pronounce defensive rotation

    When did Kamen become an unstoppable beast?

  • Sebastian

    is there anyone that’s ever laced ‘em up for the NBA that has more moves than Kobe?! pull-ups, crossovers, turnarounds (sometimes with the dream-shake), up-and-under, pump fakes, stutter steps…and when all else fails-with the defender inside the 24-he can just rise up and knock a jumper in your teeth from anywhere, ala that one end-of-the-regular-season game against Portland a few years ago on “the Kobe stopper”

    thanks for all the memories, son.

    now i’m off to my hustle hoping i’m half as good at it as you are withcurs.

  • Diego

    Nice win by the Hawks last night, but without JR and Kenyon, Nuggets really are a 2-man team. Carmelo and Chauncy had no help, except Birdman’s swatting shots left and right. (Apparently, Carmelo has reached Kobe status among the refs, because he was getting ridiculous foul calls.) Nene is no problem for the Hawks, but guys like Jason Thompson for the Kings are a big problem. Hawks 6’9 and 6’10 guys simply cannot handle an athletic 7 ftr, and if Hawks only had a 7 ft guy like Thompson, Hawks could contend for a title.

    Can someone tell Teague to PLEASE stop trying to drive in for layups among the trees! The beer venders are tired of dodging all the swats into the stands!

  • jdstorm


    What about some of the other teams that have talent but just need a real stud to push them over the top.

    lebron starting at PG in Houston when yao gets back. show time.

  • http://www.kentuckysportsradio.com flipisatrip

    @28 when he stopped being injured for the entire season

  • LakeShow84

    Funny but Dallas looks like one of the better teams in the West..

    The next Denver/Dallas game should be interesting..

    San Antonio lookin WACK..


  • onehundred

    The question should be restated as, “If Andrea is your team’s best player, do you have an NBA team?”

  • Cha-Ching

    AI should have went to the Bobcats. Iverson thought OJ Mayo was going to back down like Aaron McKie or Eric Snow. OJ trying to get his money.

  • spirow

    Number 1 the knicks suck not disrespect to the fans who are great and I give them respect for being passionate great fans. . . But no way lebron or bosh are going anywhere. . . As a basketball fan I really want the knicks to have a good solid team . . . The knicks need to bottom out and go for guys like john wall and harrison barnes . . . That right there is a solid core to begin with and add gallo . . . Make one or two moves get rid of the dead weigh and get draft picks . . . Then you can start adding nice veterans who can compliment the pieces of young players and help em come up . . .

  • control


    How many lotto picks do you think the Knicks have in the near future? They have pissed em all away, unprotected. Sucks to be them, and sucks to be a fan of them. The management of that team has taken their fans and collectively pissed all over them with their horrible management and planning for the future.

  • justice

    Seriously who do the knicks have on there roster that would demand a first round pick? ill wait even a combination of their best players, al,nate,lee,gallo wouldnt get you a first round pick this roster is bad not as bad ad the howard eisley, calbert cheney, weatherspoon though and we are under the salary cap so there is hope

  • QQ

    AI is Steph Jr?

    Hell, AI is beating Steph in the ‘I am a selfish asshole that takes away the joy of my teammates by acting only what I think is good for me’ game.

    Daamn, maybe Steph was just the Drexler, and AI is the Jordan in this game. MONEY.

  • control


    Yeah, NY has nothing for pieces to get any sort of draft pick. There are like 27 other teams out there that can offer more, and less overhyped players too.

    Can someone tell me why Don Nelson HATES the Anthony brothers? Morrow and Randolph are SOLID players, yet he lets fools like Bad Porn and SJerk fuck around all night. What the fuck does he have against my fantasy teams? Man that guy is a fucking prick.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    keep dropping your ads fellas, gotta make your money somehow, i feel you – giving away free stuff all the time makes it tough to keep everything going – if reebok is paying, shoot, I’ll even click some ads for you. thanks again!

  • Kermit The Washington

    What do you mean, “forget ‘Bron’s plans…” why do you think JayZ is suddenly thinking about NYC? Ummmmm maybe BECAUSE of ‘Bron’s plans???

  • M-Blog

    Ai doesn’t deserve this but hey he couldn’t put the strippers aside and get up for work every morning ..Now he can hang in the strip clubs all night without any worries in the world ..Its soo sad that he had to go out like this …Another example of why black man need mentor-ship in their lives ..

    I’m heartbrokenn…David and the Media took all this man’s power …AI overdose story coming soon …DAMN DAMN DAMN

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    A.I. should just retire. It’s funny how he and Starbury’s careers so closely resemble each other, from the stats to the tats, to the drama. Lets hope we don’t see him eating vasoline anytime soon on youtube and crying to a Kurt Franklin song while he and his boy are shirtless while embracing eachother… yeah lets just hope that doesn’t happen.

  • RobertGingerbreadman)

    I Agree With Grinch. AI Is Still One Of The Best But Nobody Won’t Give Him A Chance I Guess He Will Never Win A Ring Cause His Ass Gone Be Playing In Europe Next Season.LOL That’s My Boy But I Think That’s What It’s Gone Come Down Too. Sorry AI, But He Still Going To Da HALL OF FAME.Yea Bitches I Said It.

  • http://dime uh huh

    A.I. needs to come to New York. Stern has taken away Jordan & A.I. power. Took Kobe’s because of the case and gave it to Lebron. Never acknowledged Wade,Gilbert or Melo. What a commish. All about him and the league. The players are nobody. The business is why the play for the $. Not their fault. You could lie to those on the outside. Why do you think Stern doesn’t want Lebron to come to NY. We need a new commish. Don Nelson has to go. Some of the old refs need to retire. A lot has to change to make this game better. All the commentators attacks at A.I. It isn’t all his doing. He was just fine in Denver. Fine he isn’t a pg but selfish. How about Larry Brown selfish way’s destroying the Knicks and taking so long to acknowledge it’s a player league. If you want to coach. High School or college is where you go. You manange a team in the league. They’re grown men. FYI. If parents don’t understand kids. How can a older coach understand a rookie?

  • ny

    I hate it when everyone says that AI in Denver was a fail when they had 50 wins and 54 the next year with Billups…4 wins both seasons over 50 wins…only difference is they played LA different rounds, both years they lost to LA.

    AI on Memphis makes no sense, I hope he gets traded to a team with a chance and who will let him play.

    AI to Cleveland I think would be interesting. And Lebron needs some help.