NBA / Nov 16, 2009 / 6:28 pm

Random Question Of The Day

Pac-Man (right)

Pac-Man (right)

Who would win in a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather?

After Manny Pacquiao knocked out Miguel Cotto in the 12th round on Saturday night, it didn’t take long for everybody and their mothers to start talking about the person they’d like to see Pac-Man fight next: Floyd Mayweather. Manny has said all along that he wants a piece of Mayweather, but Pretty Boy Floyd has been hesitant to sign up. Many believe Mayweather can match Pacquiao’s speed, while others think Pac-Man has better footwork and more skill.

What do you guys predict would happen if they squared off in the spring?

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  • BiG ShoT BoB

    I love Manny and gotta represent for my people but Floyd would knock his ass out. He aint ready at all.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Not to mention it would be a boring ass fight seeing as Floyd would just stand back the whole fight picking Manny apart like he always does. I hate watching Mayweather fights cuz he’s too technical and won’t slug it out for nothing.

  • quest???

    Im a 100 percent sure austin wrote this. There is a reason why mayweather is dodging pacquiao. Pacquiao would beat mayweather. Plus mayweather is a bitch, he hides behind the money excuse to not fight great fighters. If im not correct, the cotto-pacquiao fight made more money than the marquez-mayweather fight. Watch mayweather sees that cotto is no longer a threat to him, so he will probably say to the media that in the future he would be interested in fighting with cotto.

  • the cynic

    Mayweather would bully Pacquiao in my opinion. I would cheer for Pacquiao though because Mayweather is boring and Pacquiao crushing Mayweather would be great for boxing

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    Manny would get the win, no doubt about it. Floyd is just making excuses cause he knows he isnt good enough to take on Manny

  • rudderband man

    Mayweather would win hands down. Mosley vs. Mayweather would be a better fight in my opinion.

  • LakeShow84

    Before this weekend? Mayweather

    After this weekend? Pacquaio

    Just because i dont like watching Mayweather and if anyone has a chance its Manny.. Mayweather was a biatch for jumping weight on Marquez..

    GET IT DONE.. If Mayweather dont do it he is another Roy Jones Jr.. too afraid of a real fight so he picks his spots.. Manny and his corner openly said they want Mayweather now so it should everything but signed..

  • LaMont

    Mayweather didn’t look like he could match Pac’s speed against Marquez, I think Pac too fast, too good to lose. Will watch the replay this weekend to see if Pac is as fast as he was against De La Hoya.

  • got’em

    this would be the biggest fight of my generation (80s baby) this would be ‘our’ Ali vs Frazier, this fight needs to happen for the sake of boxing, boxing is on it’s way out anyways at least go out with a bang.

    pacman knocks out money mayweather in the 10th

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    Never gonna happen – Mayweather would get knocked the fuck out by Manny and he knows it so he’ll never sign up for this fight.

  • Rangerjohn

    Gonna happen, mayweather is agreed to the fight, the are suposed to start the paperwork in the next day or so. When I get home I will link the story. Motormouth says pacman is one demensional and it will be a no win situation for Floyd

  • alex

    Manny- hands down. The dude is too fast.

  • http://n/a Heaven is a Playground

    I like both fighters, however, I have to go with pacman on this one. If Pacman wins I get my money, if not than their goes my rent money. Go Pacman, I got faith in you mang. :D

  • Big Island

    Pacquiao would win. Mayweather is fast, but not as fast as Pacquiao and he wouldn’t be able to avoid getting hit which is all he does. There is a reason Mayweather won’t fight Mannyand a few people hit on it – he skerred.

  • S-SiN

    i gotta say Pacman. He’s no Arturo Gatti, so Pretty Boy won’t be able to pick him apart from distance like i’ve read in some post here. that Cotto kid is no joke and Manny whaled on his ass like a counselor would on a camper..

  • rangerjohn
  • Jason

    I watched the fight several times already, and I’m still in awe. I think a big question going into the fight was whether or not Pacquiao could take power punches from a true WW. Mayweather must be shitting his pants after watching Manny essentially walk through Cotto’s punches. And, one shouldn’t forget that Mayweather ducked Cotto before he retired.

    I think Cotto has more power than Mayweather (but obviously not as fast), so I think Pacquiao could handle Floyd’s power. But, I would give Mayweather the slight speed advantage over Pacquiao. I think Manny has shown that he’s not afraid to eat a few shots in order to mount his attack, and he’s just relentless on offense. He’ll get tagged with a head shot, and ask for more. Floyd’s shoulder roll defense is impeccable, but how effective will it be against Manny’s relentless offense?

    Floyd fights technical, but boring, fights. There is no denying his superb talents in the ring, but to secure his legacy he needs to fight true WWs and quit ducking guys that could tarnish his record. As LakeShow84 pointed out, he could turn into this era’s RJJ.

    Floyd fights for the money, and to keep his perfect record; Manny fights for the fans. “You have to make people like the way you fight,” Pacquiao said. “Not just Filipinos, but people all over the world who watch the fight. I want them to be satisfied.”

    Split the purse 50-50 (even though Pacquiao deserves more) and make this fight happen.

    My prediction: Pacquiao by UD.

  • elk burg

    yall buggin aint nobody faster than mayweather. he the least hit fighter in boxing history. men lie women lie numbers don’t!!!!!!!!!!!! Never been knocked down EVER!!!! Never loss EVER!!!! No big cuts ever!!!! C’mon SON!!!! Paq man got Ls in that column for a reason & best believe floyd gonna exploit all of dem shyts one by one. 12 round slpit decision ur winner Mayweather, then u mad lol haterz

  • TNitty

    Floyd has been knocked down, but it was not a true knock down. He punched a guy, broke his hand and bent over in pain as he was being hit, then his glove touched the canvas. That is a knockdown.

    That being said, Manny still cannot handle a fighter with a decent jab, Cotto was giving him fits. Manny also got countered by Cotto and Floyd is much faster and a much better counter puncher than Cotto.

    Therefore, I see Mayweather winning by UD unless Manny lands a big shot and ends it.


    Versus Pacman, I am 0-2. I will not be 0-3 mate.
    I got the black monkey on this one. No more Mexicans and Puerto Ricans for Pacman to dominate. He has to beat a black man now!

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Course cats gonna scream Manny more after this weekend. Just like if this had been asked after a Floyd fight then more would be screaming Floyd.

    Like some said earlier Manny knocking Floyd out would be good for boxing and just for rematch purposes anyway.

    At the same time, dudes gotta remember Floyd ain’t no dummy and often it aint that he is ducking someone as much as it is he is lookin at financial aspects of the game. Something that many boxers don’t do and end up broke as a joke.

    Anyway another fact is thus far Floyd is undefeated meaning no one has found the solution to beat him yet. For all the times it looked like someone would get him, Floyd has come out on top and when and if he does fight Pac-Man I have to think Floyd is a step ahead and in the fight will be a punch ahead.

    Pac man will probably be his greatest foe yet, but I have to go with Floyd.

  • QQ

    Pacquaio. Too easy.

    Before the fight with De la Hoya:’Pacman cannot match Golden Boy’s experience; dude’s a legend. Oscar got this.’

    After: ‘Ouch. Oscar looks fucking old’.

    Before Hatton: ‘Hatton’s too powerful and big. No way Pacman can match that. Ricky got this’.

    After: ‘Ouch. Two fucking rounds?! Damn.’.

    Before Cotto: ‘Cotto’s has the speed and the power to destroy Pacman. Pacman had not yet seen an opponent with this kind of dynamic combination of might and agility. Miguel go this.’

    After: ‘Ouch. Why the fuck is Cotto’s backpedaling like Carmelo Anthony in the Garden?’



    Pacquaio = best fighter in the world today, and for years to come. No one can mess with the dude.

  • Lbjlbj6

    Fight will never happen. Floyd is just too scared of pacquiao. Plus floyd has an undefeated record and he knows that record will be in jeopardy if he fights pacman. He will just be remembered as the black guy ko’d by the filipino superstar.

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    Mayweather can play D all night but Manute Bol can punch harder than Mayweather, if they fought and Mayweather just ducked and hid all night, his face will end up like Cotto’s. Pacman don’t f around, he knows what it means to be hungry, the streets where pacman grew up in make the projects in the states look like Beverly Hills 90210. The hungrier man will always win.

  • mavs all the way

    i hear you QQ.

  • dial up

    Obviously pacman would win. Mayweather may be “retired” but the fact that each bout he can get 20 mill. Hes gonna want another pay-day

  • Chocohazed

    One word to describe Pacman, EXPLOSIVE!!!!!! U only hear that word with our rare special athletes! Jordan, Tyson, A.Peterson. The combination of Speed and power is something u just cant teach. And Floyd is my dude but if he was smart he wouldn’t take this fight.

  • http://www.random-ish.com Scoob

    Mayweather wins. No knockouts though. Just a good ass technical fight.

  • Taj

    Very evenly matched.. Both have fast superior speed, but two things will stand out.. #1… Can Manny put pressure on Floyd to make him uncomfortable and not just stand there and pick him apart… #2 Does Floyd have the power to knock Manny down to make him think twice..

    By these guys’ last fights.. Manny took punches from Cotto who is a big puncher and Marquez didnt put a tonne of pressure on Floyd enough to avoid getting beat up…

    After its all said and done, Floyd will duck Manny and use the money as an issue. Manny is the bigger draw and Floyd should take a 50/50 split….

    When they do meet up, Manny will win a close fight…

  • maeng

    all you manny haters! what does the guy have to do?!?!?1 he has proven the critics /hater and all you clowns wrong every fight he does. mayweather is afraid of fighting pacquiao coz he knows that he’s gonna get his ass kicked, manny’s very conditioned, fighting 3 fights(de la hoya/hatton/cotto) in a span of a year or so?….c’mon…..manny is the best. the whole world knows that, i think you guys better stick to basketball with your opinions.!

  • Toots

    Pacman will destroy GAYWEATHER!!!!!!

  • Big V

    @ Elk Burg: Floyd was dropped early in his fight with Zab Judah. It wasn’t called a knockdown, but the replay clearly shows that his glove touched the canvas.

    Anyway, I can’t say I’m not impressed with Manny. He looked more complete than I’ve ever seen him, and his chin is top notch, even at 147. The questions as to whether he can really fight at welterweight have been answered.

    That said, I still like Mayweather in a decision. I think he will eventually catch Manny coming in a couple of times and make him pay. It’s easier to take a punch when you see it coming as opposed to getting clocked with a counter you never saw.

    Either way, it’s a close fight, and anyone saying that Manny wins easy or walks through Floyd is out of their mind.

  • the_don_mega

    pretty close… but i be reppin of course… Manny by points… i think… if dude can’t knock Floyd out… i think, he gonna hurt him a lil bit… and by the way Marquez absorbed Floyds bombs… i think Pac can do a better job… the only thing i’m afraid of is if Floyd hasn’t really shown his true punching prowess… but that’s another story…

  • dank

    I met Mayweather working a graveyard shift at a Holiday Inn Express here in cali, in early october. At first some soft talking dude came up and was like “can i get 4 rooms, straight cash, no credit cards”. i laughed. then i look up to see Mayweather walking in. I freaked out, cus i hate him, and i love Pacquio. I was like “youre floyd fuckin mayweather” he said wassup. Then i asked him “wassup with pacquio?” he said “oh hes gunna get it”.

    needless to say, i was starstruck and a sellout that night cus i didnt talk shit to him (then again, woulda been a stupid move. he was rolling 20 deep). He was real nice, came back at the end of the night and took a pic with me and an autograph.

    still tho, i still think hes avoiding Manny. Manny is just too quick. definetely wouldnt be a knockout fight tho!

    if you think im lying i got a pic to prove it so suck it

  • budz

    pacman has the perfect style to beat mayweather. he throws punches relentlessly, has the speed, the footwork and good cardio.

    i think mayweather will be able to run on the early rounds and avoid pacman. he will be praying that pacman will tire out and get him late. but pacman doesnt tire out and PBF will be the one huffing and puffing because of his running.

    and for all its worth, i think roach will have the perfect game plan for PBF. i am sure he has already studied mayweather and is excited to execute his gameplan.

    pacman UD or late stoppage.

  • jay

    PACMAN = 7 TITLES IN 7 DIFFERENT DIVISION. Need to say more?

    That’s history right there! Mayweather won’t get there because he’s afraid to fight the best fighters.

  • Name (required)

    i think a better questions would be “which round will pac man knock floyd the fuck out in?”

  • bigger_daddy

    I have gut feel that Floyd wouldnt go into this fight. Simple logic.

    floyd backed out from a moseley bout.
    floyd backed out from a cotto bout.
    pacman owned cotto.
    pacman ‘will take the soul’ of floyd.

    havent you noticed guys that pacman’s victims had damaged faces, from marques to cotto. that punch is powerful i think.

  • tony

    pac has 7 titles true but only 5 are world titles. floyd came from the same wieghts and won the wbc belt in 5 different classes not to mention one of the great ameature careers of all time just like in the professional ranks not to mention he has not loss or tied vs anyone since the olympics in 1996

  • Josh

    Manny over Floyd = 8th round

  • rick773

    Normally when we start talking about “fights of the year decade” etc… we end up disappointed. But I think this could be one of the greatest fights in history…That being said I’ll take floyd in a Split Decision

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    Everyone that is picking Pac-man, it’s clear you do not know a whole lot about boxing. Mayweather’s style is suited to beat Pac-man for two reason. Mayweather is faster than him, and Pac-man can’t hit him.

    And anyone who thinks Mayweather doesn’t have power, ask the last cat he fought.

    All those punches that Pacman throws will leave his face WIDE-OPEN since he drops his hands every time (specifically his Right), and Cotto was tagging his ass in the first couple of rounds everytime he dropped his hand. Cotto is about 1/8th the speed of Mayweather and is not even close to being as in shape as Mayweather.

    Prediction: Mayweather pounds his face in for the first 3 rounds, then toys with him for the next couple, until he feel like the people have gotten their money’s worth, then he drops his ass somewhere around the 9th. Whatever venue they are in will turn into the slaughter house. And Pac-Man will be looking like a baby calf.

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL. QQ said it all.

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    And this ain’t the gay ass UFC, all-time great fighters shouldn’t have 3 losses and 2 draws in the prime of their careers when they are considered the best. Especially when they have not fought another “all-time” great to give them those losses. Pac-man is a product of the media’s Hype, and the media just so happens to HATE Mayweather. But that is obviously too much thinking at one time for most of you. Shit will get REAL once Mayweather gets his ass in the ring.

  • Shut up Chicagorilla

    Are you for real Chichagorilla???!!! Only one great fighter retired undefeated..MARCIANO…So how can you say many is not an ALL-TIME Great when all of the others had losses on their record…Pac Man lost those fights early in his career….since then he’s been rollin…Stop sippin the PBF Kool aid…Manny has ducked NOBODY, while Mosely and others have chased PBF for a fight…MEDIA HYPE doesn’t win fights for you…DOMINATING DOES…

  • Shut up Chicagorilla

    My bad for the type-o’s I’m on the runway in the plane

  • King

    I can’t wait for the fight to get made just so everyone can see how much of a genius Floyd is in the ring ( if you still have doubts)

    Floyd will simply pick him apart. It’s the fight we all want to see but I’m afraid it won’t even be close. Floyd will bully him just like he did Marquez, who shouldve had at least 1 w over PAC man

  • ghostface

    Big Pacman Fan. But still think this fight could go either way. Floyd is smart, quick, and the best defensive boxer in the game. If he’s able to keep the fight at a distance with the jab then he’ll win on points but I don’t think he’s got what it takes to KO Manny or even hurt him at all. If Manny is quick enough to get inside this fight is over by KO. His hand speed and power combos are ridiculous.

  • skywarp

    is mayweather really ducking pacquiao??? i really dont think so i mean they are having problem negotiating the fight split but i dont think that mayweather is ducking pacquiao he clearly needs the money.. plus i dont think it would be a boring fight since both of them match up pretty well manny can take the punches to pressure mayweather.. and mayweather needs a offensive fighter for his fight to be watchable but i think mayweather is to technical for pacquiao.. hatton and oscardelahoya were meare shadow of themselves so i dnt really think they were a good measuring stick

  • Juice

    Did you see Manny’s face after the fight with Cotto? He looked like he got beat by someone swinging bags of coins. I cannot say definitively that either one would dominate the other. I know someone will win and someone will lose. I am picking Floyd because the 3 best boxers within their weight range are Andre Berto, Floyd, and Paul Williams. If you do not think so look at their records versus good boxers.

  • LoBezn0

    Pacquiao will win. Mayweather will dodge and defend some of his punches, but Pacquiao will never, ever tire and he’ll just keep his offense going and going even for the full 12. As good as Mayweather is, no way he’ll not get tagged with some of those Pacquiao punches. Pacquiao can and will hang with Mayweather.

  • Ant

    Of course Floyd is undefeated as someone mentioned earlier but I can name a whole bunch of undefeated boxers you never heard of. besides if you pick and choose your fighters your whole career that you know you can beat..yea you would be undefeated too..

    Manny will beat Floyd all day, Floyd never really fought power punchers like that…and please dont say old ass De la Hoya or Hatton..which by the way..Manny beat way worse than Floyd did…

    Floyd will use the fact that Manny won’t take 70 – 30 of the purse (which in fact is an insult to Manny..he’s earned his right to get 50 – 50 or at least 60-40). That will be his reasoning of not fighting.

    Manny fought a dude that hits harder than half the dudes he fought in his career..a true welterweight with power and came thru the winner..If he can run thru a dude like Cotto..what is he gonna do to Floyd??? who has no punching power..he has speed..so does Manny.plus his stamina is no joke..he can fight 24 rounds…Floyd too but Manny doesnt lose his power ..so believe what you want..but Manny will take him out…point blank period..

  • Ant

    Oh and @Big V…good observation..he was knocked down by Zab, Zab was hanging with him in that fight..and thats not saying a lot for Floyd…

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Chicagorilla usually doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to hoops but boxing he’s right on.

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    Mayweathers been knocked Down by Judah, did i miss something? let me google this shit.

    “It appeared that Judah scored a knockdown in the second round when Mayweather’s glove touched the canvas; however, referee Richard Steele ruled it a slip”

    and arguing that Mayweather was mearly knocked down by Judah (who had one loss at the time and was a very good fighter at that time) vs. Pac-man racking up 3 LOSSES and 2 draws while losing to good fighters, nither of them are all-time greats.

    Side Note to idiots: Mayweather has ZERO losses and ZERO draws

    As exciting a fighter as Pac-man is, His style is perfect fit to be knocked out by Mayweather.
    I think Pac-man is more exciting than Floyd, but in a technical sport like boxing, Floyd will win, because there is no one more technical than Floyd. Not to mention his speedy hands and he’s bigger than Pac-man and is just as great of shape.

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla


    You usually only know what you’re talking about when it comes to f^king sheep in your barn. But you are right on when it comes to boxing.

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    Also, did anyone notice Pac-man’s facial expression change when the old guy asked him about fighting Mayweather? He almost pissed himself. Then he dodged the question.

  • Jason

    Chicagorilla, you must be tripping if you think Manny’s losses and draws occurred in the “prime” of his career. He should have won the first fight with JMM, but one judge scored the first round 10-7 instead of 10-6. Manny has been consistently getting better over the last 8 years. In addition, he’s been moving up through the weight classes and has been destroying his competition.

    When was Floyd’s last significant, dominating win over a worthy competitor? All-time greats fight the fights that the fans want to see. Why hasn’t Mayweather fought Margarito, Williams or Mosley? Perhaps he’s more concerned about maintaining his perfect record, than actually proving he’s the best in the sport.

  • the cynic

    ^ He doesn’t fight Margarito because he is scared to get hit with the same cement filled gloves that ruined Cotto mentally, can’t say that I blame him

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Thanks Cynic lol. Purely asking but has Pacman fought Williams or Mosley? If so could someone please refresh the memory?

    Margarito Well see cynic’s comment again.

    Facts are facts. You can make all the excuses in the world but whether he was a baby, had the runs, in or out of his prime or a bad case of acne… Pac Man has lost before more than 1nce.

    Mayweather regardless of fighting kids, the neighborhood wino, ya granny or whoever has not lost.

    Mind you Mayweather has actually fought some very tough opponents but he beat them so bad they were as he termed one he made quit “C grade” fighters (when compared to him).

    Perhaps Pacman is Mayweather’s kryptonite but even still Superman usually always comes out the winner.

    If and when Floyd fights him, Floyd will win.

  • Jason

    POPPI GEE, up until last year Manny had never fought above 130 lbs. In the past year and a half he’s fought, and destroyed, guys at 135-147 lbs. He’s only fought 4 fights above 130 lbs so, no, he hasn’t fought Williams or Mosley.

    However, Mayweather has been a welterweight since 2005 and he picks on a lightweight for his comeback fight when there were more lucrative and fair fights out there. Floyd could have fought Margarito, Cotto, and Mosley before he retired (and, before the loaded gloves controversy).

    And, yes, Manny has some blemishes on his record. But, if you think the Pacquiao that sustained those losses is the same Pacman today, then you haven’t been paying attention.

    I’d rather see Mayweather challenge a true WW before taking on Pacquiao. But, this is the fight that fans want to see.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Jason I can agree with wanting to see Mayweather challenging a true WW first.

    Still even with Pacman changing the same goes for Mayweather. He alters his game plan for each fighter in particular and please know that as a student of the game he isn’t going to go into the Pac Man fight willy nilly (yea I said willy nilly lol).

    Floyd ain’t ducking, in as much as Floyd is being caculated in time, place, money and motivation. Those and other factors are important.

    The same way Roy Jones was caculated before trying to do to much and the same way B-Hop caculates who he will fight.

    You shouldn’t just fight anyone who looks like they may be a challenge but think it out and as long as he keeps beating who is in front of him, which he has then really you can’t say to much.

    Look at Ricky Hatton, people thought he was going to end Floyd and he even popped off about it, and you see how Floyd just played with him. Yet Floyd fought him when he knew it was right for him. Can’t hate a man for looking out for his own best interest.

    Again Pacquiao may be Floyd’s toughest battle, but in the end I got Floyd winning.

  • bola

    i still remember an article posted on this page before the pacquiao-cotto match-up.. all those who commented (at least by the time i checked it) all picked Cotto for the W… So the doubters can now shut the fuck up.. i’m still sticking with manny on this one even if the odds are against him when he faces floyd.

    di ko tanda pangalan nyo pero tang-ina nyong mga balimbing!

  • e