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Reebok Still Talkin’ Quote of the Day – 11.03

Reebok Still Talkin'

Yesterday we talked about the point guard war brewing between Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul. As news leaks about from various sources about what was exactly said it is hard to sort out fact from fiction(One source claims Rondo told Paul “he has a ring and Paul will never get one”). Neither CP nor Rondo is willing to talk about what happened on the court but regardless the rivalry has captured the fans attention. For today’s Reebok Still Talkin’ Quote of the Day we turn to Boston’s head coach Doc Rivers and his interesting perspective.

“I proposed to the refs that if you’re under 190 (pounds) you should let them fight. Just let them get it out of the way. They can’t hurt each other. It’s impossible. That would be great, and it would be good entertainment. Then we could move on and play the game.” -Doc Rivers

Doc is obviously kidding but could you imagine a fight between Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul? It’s hard to forget when Paul went all Reggie Evans on Julius Hodge while at Wake Forest and Rondo showed he could hold his own last year when he took out both Brad Miller and Kirk Hinrich in the playoffs against Chicago. Rondo’s wingspan and massive hands would give him an advantage over Chris Paul in a traditional fight but Chris Paul would definitely get a few blows in. Luckily for basketball fans all over the world Paul and Rondo will have plenty of opportunity to settle their differences on the court over the next decade and on the court advantage goes to CP3.

Hit us with your favorite basketball quote or favorite basketball trash talk in the comments section below or send it to us via our Twitter page and we’ll post the best ones we get every day … with a special twist. Over the course of the next month, we’ll pick the best of the best, and lace that reader with a brand new pair of Reebok’s Still Talkin’ kicks (pictured above).

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  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Kellan I want the shoooooes lol.

    Trash Talk:

    Joey Crawford vs. Tim Duncan:

    Joey C in a game: “Do you want to fight? Do you want to fight?” (proceeds to T. Duncan up lol)

    Timmy D. to reporters: “If he wants to fight, we can fight.”

  • scotsman

    One of my fave quotes of all time came from Ron Artest in the offseason…i think it might have been on his twitter, i forget.

    “Played pickup bball against an 8 year old today. Beat him 47-1. I teabagged him so many times I nicknamed him Earl Gray!”


  • Celts Fan

    A classic line from Ray:

    “He feels like he needs to show this league and the people in this country that he is better without Shaq. He can win championships without Shaq. So offensively, he’s going to jump out and say, ‘I can average 30 points. I can still carry the load on this team.’ If Kobe doesn’t see he needs two and a half good players to be a legitimate playoff contender or win a championship, in about a year or two he’ll be calling out to Jerry Buss that ‘We need some help in here,’ or ‘Trade me.’ And we’ll all be saying, ‘I told you so,’ when he says that. He has the talent, he can do it. But is his attitude going to allow him to take a back seat and let Lamar Odom shine and let Caron Butler have his nights and bring those big guys along with him?”

    He was pretty on point…

  • Promoman

    Actually I’d like to see both Rajon & Chris’ asses get beat. They’re both as bitch-made as they are good players.

  • sh!tfaced

    Now that Rudy Gay might be changing teams sooner than we think… really damn wish he’ll end up with in Minnesota.
    The GAY-LOVE-SESSIONS team-up will be the quote of the decade once that happens.

    Too bad the Wolves couldn’t draft James HARDEN though, hehehe…