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Sixers Finally Admit They’re Considering Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson

Whether the Sixers thought about signing Allen Iverson before the season or not, they’re definitely thinking about it now. Knowing that they’ll be without Lou Williams for the next two months, it’s confirmed that Philly management has internally discussed the possibility of bringing back the Answer.

The Sixers, whose payroll is below the NBA’s luxury-tax threshold of $69.92 million, could offer a prorated contract for $1.3 million-plus, the minimum for players with at least 10 seasons of experience, or even a little more. In the case of the 10 seasons-plus veterans minimum, a portion is paid out of a leaguewide pool and only a portion counts against the team’s salary cap. Iverson has already cleared about $470,000 in the settlement of his contract with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Clearly the Sixers could make this work, but the question comes down to whether or not they’d actually want him on the squad. Regardless of how well Jrue Holiday is playing, Philly is going to bring in another PG. If not No. 3, GM Ed Stefanski and his staff have been considering various other free agents, including Antonio Daniels, Gabe Pruitt, Brevin Knight and Tyronn Lue (currently working for Boston in a player-development position).

Personally, I think it would be stupid for Iverson not to return to Philly. He wants to be there, and when his jersey gets retired, it’s going to be in their rafters. If Michael Jordan wanted to return to Chicago after his stint with the Wizards, would the Bulls not have signed him? I don’t think so. So let the Answer return home.

What do you think? Who should the Sixers sign?

Source: Philadelphia Daily News

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  • the answer

    bring ai home

  • yoda

    yeah, but mj wanted to win and he made teams better overall, ai wants to play his way, even if that style hurts his own team.

  • FedEx

    You did not just compare Iverson to Jordan, right? Get real. I don’t understand why people back him so much.

  • fallinup

    Only if they bring in Keith Van Horn also. Then, they’d be UNSTOPPABLE! :D

  • http://dimemag.com kkendrick

    u crazy if u dont think a.i will help this team he is not as bad as people make him out 2 be ,what teammate he ever had dat didnt like his playing style ….only media and coaches have a problem with him

  • rangerjohn

    i personally think this is all CRAP. i mean didnt AI say he was retiring? if your gonna retire, then fucking retire, dont just say that shit to get off a bad team. (not like he would be going to a good team) i mean it shouldnt be that easy, hell whats to stop al jefferson from retiring and then coming to the spurs to play center for a vet minimum salary? on second thought, go AI and lets go al jeff.

  • will

    wtf can he ruin with the 5-11 sixers i live in philly have lived here 30 yrs. besides the dr j days bball has never been bigger in philly then when he was here i mean cmon we had a parade when the sixers won game 1 in the finals and who was the reason for this. i’ve never seen and excitement for the sixers since his departure and to be frank unless any of u are complete frickin idiots he’d be the best player on the bum as sixers team right now at 34 and though u cant compare any player to micahel jordan at least u can compare ai’s stats 2 mikes he’s one of the only players u can actually compare to mike so stop talking like he can ruin anything oh yeah instead of 5-11 we woulda been o-16 with ai then great a shot at the number 1 pick there is a saying when it aint broke dont fix it well sixers been broke for yrs u should be trying anything

  • DeeJay

    Dr Mr. Stefanski and Snider:

    Do this for 3 reasons:

    1. He’ll sell tickets and there’s no draw this year

    2. AI’s a Sixer and we need him NOW

    3. I need a reason to buy League Pass as an early Christmas gift, which’ll free up other gift possibilities for the gf

  • Matt

    Bring him on.

    The once proud 76ers are now tied for lowest attendance in the NBA, can’t sell many overpriced hotdogs that way, and nobody is buying Brand or Iguodala jerseys….

    The bulk of Philly still loves Allen Iverson, if he keeps his attitude in check I don’t see how he would harm the franchise in any way.

  • life-p

    I don’t think it’ll work. I’d like to hear what AI2 has to say about it. It’s his team now. Can Iverson stand maybe starting but playing second fiddle to AI2…interesting.

  • G

    Confirmed by who? If you say Stephen A Smith, Im going to boycott you guys

  • control

    AI just has to go away, asap. Quit giving him word time Dime, he’s done, finished.

  • http://n/a Heaven is a Playground

    AI GO HOME, AI GO HOME, AI GO HOME. Come on AI get back on the court and show us why we still love watching your game. “Rock I never heard no bell.” Go Philly.

  • Dee

    This would be great if it goes down. Iverson can return to the city where he is loved. The fans would welcome him with open arms and it can maybe help this team get some wins and get some more attendance at games. All the haters just need to shut the hell up and let this guy play. Yea maybe he was a little selfish and still is, but he can still score points at will, and thats still something thats important in todays NBA.

  • karizmatic

    Philly started this whole fiasco by getting rid of him in the first place. Actually at this point I don’t think it would be a good fit for Philly. AI is not only going to want to start, but I don’t think he really has any desire to play point guard in any meaningful way. It would probably do more to stunt the development of AI.2 and further complicate the integration of Elton Brand into the team. Then the question also becomes what do you do with AI when Williams returns?

  • quest???

    wtf…stunt the development of ai2???? he had two years to develop and everyone can clearly see that at best he is a number 2, not a number 1. Play Lou Williams, Iverson, Iguadala, Young, and Brand. If not, send Brand to the bench, they were thinking about it recently. Also, when lou williams comes back, hold an open competition for the guard spot. You cannot tell me lou williams is better than Allen Iverson.

  • Guitar Hero

    This would be the perfect situation for both parties.
    It would be wonderful for me (as an AI fan) to see him back in Philly.

    Get it done,Sixers.

  • Judy

    I’m not watching basketball unless I can watch AI. Watched him in Denver many times. He made the game interesting. Bring him back to Philly!

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Go where you belong A.I. and that is to Philly.

    Make the best out of it and just play ball no matter if you are contending for a championship or not. Just show all the teams that didn’t know how to use you correctly what they missed.

    Bring back the legend.

  • Rj

    Bring Ai back i agree basketball is boring now with alll the lebron, dwade and 2010 draft, I use to love watching philly play, now there boring and losing like the knicks. Unlike the knicks Philly is trying to win this year and have a possibility of making the playoffs,I hope they dont make the same mistake like the knicks did by passing up AI

  • 2 Easy

    I refuse to get my hopes up till he’s signed. I know his stubborness helped get him here but what their doin to this guy is really saddening me. At least Farve was wanted wen he kept changing his mind. This is a scoring champ who can still play and NO ONE wants him? my lord I know he can be bull headed but DAMN…. Philly please do this, AI in Philly has been a staple of my childhood

  • quest???

    the sixers met with iverson. however, i did not like the tone of the statement the team released. To me it seems like they wont sign him. here is the link http://www.realgm.com/src_wiretap_archives/63101/20091130/76ers_meet_with_iverson/

  • oww

    why wouldnt iggy be able to play with iverson? dude is like the most unselfish star of his own team in the league :\

  • jd

    bring the legend home, ai is built to play in philly and if the legend comes home tickets will sale through the roof!