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Stephen Jackson And Larry Brown Will Get Along But They’ll Still Lose

Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson finally got his wish. After enduring nearly two-and-a-half months of negative press for his trade demand, he was dealt to the Charlotte Bobcats yesterday. Almost immediately, you could already see Captain Jackson having a couple of issues with his new destination. One, the winning situation in Charlotte is not too much better than where he came from. And two, he’s going to be coached by Larry Brown.

Literally 10 minutes after the trade made nationwide news, a friend texted me, “When are you going to break the Stephen Jackson wants out of Charlotte story?’ Right now, it is unclear what Charlotte’s intentions are with Jackson. Will they keep him or are they planning on flipping him like we speculated in a post yesterday? If he does stay with the Bobcats, a lot of people could see this potentially ending badly. After all, look at each of their track records. Brown doesn’t have the best history with hard-headed, vocal players like Stephon Marbury and Allen Iverson. On the flip side, Jackson had a terrible relationship (at least at the end) with the stubborn Don Nelson. But is Jackson really hard-headed and is Brown really stubborn?

Ever since he went public with his trade demand, Jackson has been labeled the bad guy or the poor teammate or the coach killer. But he never had a problem with Gregg Popovich in San Antonio. Larry Brown has clashed with a lot of me-first guys like Steph and A.I., but I think Jackson is different. I don’t think Jackson cares about starting or even doing things his way, his main thing is just winning. Brown is somebody who is tough on players and demands a lot of things from you like playing defense. Jackson is a player who can play D and wants to have structure and discipline in the system he plays in. As much as he loves to jack up threes, he probably grew tired of the free-flowing, no defense, “Nellie Ball” system that they ran in Golden State.

Jackson is on a team where he can be the go-to guy and is surrounded by some quality role players like Boris Diaw, Gerald Wallace and Raymond Felton, rather than a bunch of ball-hogging guards like Monta Ellis and Corey Maggette. I don’t see Brown and Jackson having issues, at least this season. Captain Jack’s reputation took a huge hit the past few months so he has to show he is not a cancer. As he learned over the past month, teams weren’t exactly bending over backwards to trade for him. He needs to prove he’s not in the same class of knuckleheads like Marbury and Iverson.

Even though the Bobcats aren’t making the playoffs, they have a lot better chance to be competitive in the short run and the long run. I think Jackson will at least come into the situation with an open mind and see if the Bobcats can compete down the line. He knows Larry Brown has been a winner and might be able to bring the best out of him.

If Charlotte can squeeze out 33-36 wins this season and even be in contention for the eighth seed, Jackson might be open to giving it another season, especially if the Bobcats are aggressive in free agency and draft wisely. If they aren’t in the mix by the end of the year, no question Jackson will want out again. Bottom line is he wants to win. He’s 31 years old and knows he only has a few years left in his prime. I’m doubtful that Charlotte will be contenders anytime soon, so this is obviously not the place for him. But I think next time, he’ll be a little less public when he demands a trade.

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  • VCN

    .um, boris diaw was traded

  • Detroit Dave

    @ VCN…… Boris Diaw still is a Bobcat.

  • Nautix

    I think it’s realistic that bobcats can make 7th or 8th seed when healthy with starting lineups of Felton Jackson Wallace, Diaw, Chandler, and having augustin Flip Murray, Henderson, Graham, and Nazr come off the bench. Besides, Jackson’s rep took a hit from the media but amongst NBA circles, they know he is a winner, is a religous vocal leader with teammates, and he is extremely loyal to them as well. He’ll repair his reputation then get traded.

    Iverson will probably sign with a contender as well. He has a valid point that if he is the best player at his position on the team, he should start. Maybe Iverson could sign with the celtics and take up PG duties for the 2nd unit and play with Eddie House, Marquis Daniels, Glen Davis, Rasheed Wallace on the 2nd unit and get about 20-25 mins of playing time. I think Iverson won’t mind coming off the bench for a star player like Rondo, Parker, Williams, Nash, Billups, Paul if he will get good playing time and also be playing for a contender. Memphis would never workout because A) They can’t contend, B) He was coming off the bench for an inferior player, but with the other PG’s Iverson believes they are just as good as he is or maybe even better so Iverson could end up with a contender with a star pg. Wait and see.

  • Rizwan

    Kinda of a stupid article. Stephen Jackson would NEVER be tired of the free flowing system in GS. Why whould he? It got him paid, it got him big stats, which is important for players like Jack, and got him his shots. No way he was tired of that system. He just got tired of losing but better be prepared to feel that feeling again. Charlotte have potential to be as bad as GSW without the nonsense behind the scenes. On the court, they are in the same spot.

  • max

    “Brown is somebody who is tough on players and demands a lot of things from you like playing defense.” Really? Defense is asking for a lot out of someone who makes millions playing a sport? Anyway, I thought defense was part of basketball…

  • boxcar willie

    Funny that they should get along. I realize its been years, but the brawl at the palace was an event that affected both Larry Brown and S-Jax. Jax’ reputation took a beating because of it, and he has always been known as something of a loose cannon since then. Should be interesting.

  • control

    SJack is a loser. He has a ring because he was on a team with one of the biggest winners in the league, Tim Duncan. Everything has done before and after has been boneheaded fuckery. He ain’t a good teammate, and he isn’t really a good player. Everyone saying he’s a borderline All Star is full of shit, he is 31 now, past his prime and he never made it when he was IN his prime. It’s all downhill from here.

  • apollo

    the bobcats need a few more trades to make them playoff contenders. after hearing that the hornets were willing to trade emeka okafor for kenny thomas, im thinking that the bobcats can get their old center back by trading nazr mohhamed & gana diop for okafor & perhaps a power forward like ike diogu or sean marks to round out the trade. itd certainly make the bobcats better while giving new orleans two (to my knowledge) expiring contracts. only problem is, i think larry brown would have an issue with this as he seemed to not like okafor too much when he played for them. but hey okaofor starting & chandler as a back-up, or vice-versa, theyd still be a much better team.