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Summer 2010: Chris Bosh to the Nuggets

Chris Bosh, Dime #33

Chris Bosh, Dime #33

After tossing and turning all afternoon from writing a pro-Jazz piece yesterday, I was comforted last night by a real good Michigan State/Gonzaga game (watch out for freshman Kelly Olynyk – kid’s no joke) and a Nuggets win over the Raptors 130-112 in Denver.

The game got me predicting and dreaming about a number of things. Namely, like how Carmelo Anthony will be All-NBA first team and how Chris Bosh really does get lost up in Canada.

With all the hubbub surrounding LeBron James and Dwayne Wade becoming free agents next summer, many have forgotten about the third free amigo in the bunch. I have been a big advocate of the 6-10 forward since his freshmen days at Georgia Tech, and think he has major star appeal. Watching him put up a un-Boshly 13 and 14 in the loss to Denver, got me thinking just how interesting it would be to see Bosh in a Nuggets uni next year.

Now, suppose I am living in a dream world and just suppose the Nuggets decide to unload Kenyon Martin‘s ridiculous contact for say, a bag of potato chips, to any willing team? Before you scoff, they have done it in the past – Marcus Camby, you know, tall guy who was the Defensive POY, ring a bell? With Martin off the books and probably a few throw away players waived or traded to make numbers work, there could be a sliver of a chance. Even trade Nene if you must, whatever works to get Air Canada to the Mile High.

Imagine Bosh anchoring the front line along with Anthony, Chauncey Billups and J.R. Smith. It would finally propel them over the Hollywood hump that’s been blocking their path for the past few years. As of yesterday, Bosh is averaging 27.7 points and 11.6 boards a game.

The Nuggets’ current big men are solid, but for whatever reason, they all think that they are mid-range shooters. Nene, Martin, Birdman, even Camby, when he was in Denver, all think they have touch from 15 ft.

Update: they don’t.

Along with bringing the Nuggets its best big man since Antonio McDyess and Juwan Howard, Bosh is reliable – something Nene isn’t. Bosh and Melo have played well together for the Olympic squad and Billups has proven he can play with multiple stars and still get the job done. Not to mention, the departure of Martin and entrance of Bosh would inch the Nuggets even that much closer out of the “Denver Thuggets” reputation they’ve developed out West (Iverson, Smith, Anthony, Martin and Camby have to be up there with the Jail Blazers). Still, this situation is plausible in a dream world only for the time being.

More realistically, Bosh could go to a number of intriguing situations. Looking outside of the Nets and Knicks, the Houston Rockets could be an ideal situation for Bosh. For starters, he is from Texas and all indications point to both Dallas and San Antonio being over the cap next summer. Houston, who will have some cap room, is in need of a proven big man to accompany Yao Ming in the paint. With Yao’s injury problems, it’s only a matter of time before his prime is past him.

Currently, Rick Adelman has Carl Landry, rookie David Andersen and 6-6 Chuck Hayes rotating around the frontcourt. Luis Scola likes to float around the paint and fade out for jumpers, similar to Bosh, and also gives the Rockets quality minutes at forward. But with the soon-to-be 2009-10 Most Improved Player, Aaron Brooks, running the point and the Rockets already exceeding expectations this season, it could make for a great spot for Bosh.

There was a ridiculous situation that was proposed saying Bosh could wind up in Miami along with Wade and LeBron. I just can’t see how the NBA would allow this, especially if you believe anything that Tim Donaghy said in his leaked excerpts

Seriously though, how wild would it be to have those three playing on the same team together? Bet you a certain man in Durham might start to rethink his NBA coaching options, sorry Erik Spoelstra.

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  • http://www.uneedathink.wordpress.com uneeda

    Take Kenyon over Posh in a second.

  • Filipe Salgueiro

    I thought it was true.

  • Detroit Dave

    How about Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh playing together in ATL. Bosh went to College there. That would put a lot of fear in the opponents hearts

    J Johnson

  • http://www.kentuckysportsradio.com flipisatrip

    Fuck a bunch of coach K. The only reason he leaves duke is because he can’t get shit turned around down there, i tend to think that he can’t. Oh, but he won a gold medal. I could have coached that team to gold.

  • Jake

    I stopped reading this when you referred to the Nuggets being up there with the JailBlazers. I don’t think the Nuggets come close to that Portlands teams problems, on or off the court. not even close.

  • whatarewedoing

    @3 this post had nothing to do with college ball. Go find something to do.

  • Diggity Dave

    I personally think Bosh will end up going to Miami in a sign and trade. Here’s an article from today regarding the very same topic. Amusing how Colangelo talks about doing a sign and trade. You think Riley would ever say that when talking about Wade?


  • flipisatrip

    @5 i guess you don’t read well, this post HAD nothing to do with college ball until Jack wrote that last paragraph. Which is why i got upset. gg reading comprehension.

  • flipisatrip

    @2 I like the idea of bosh in the ATL, would be an interesting team.

  • AdvancedMind

    “Bet you a certain man in Durham might start to rethink his NBA coaching options, sorry Erik Spoelstra…”
    Stop the madness,when will everybody realize coach K is ass. Hw many college coaches worked out in the NBA again?

  • marcus the great

    HONESTLY, i saw Nuggs/Raps on tv and i got kind of excited cuz i’ve never seen bosh and the raps play forreal. but its like they were invisible out there. i didnt notice anything the Raps did. its like they were the “other team” playin the Globetrotters

  • what???

    Marcus…they were invisible??? are you f’d in the head…they were ahead most of the game…until the ref’s took over..Bosh couldnt buy a call last night…worst display of refereeing I have ever seen…wow..you may need some glasses my friend..

  • K Dizzle

    Nobody refers to CB4 as Air Canada….

  • bbarrus

    Boozer for Bosh…please. Maybe saying it nicely will make it so.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Right attitude and pretty good all around. Houston needs dude. Nothing against the scrappy fwds that they have already, but everyone knowns Houston needs presence and points. He supplies both.

  • DW

    You know what I love? Getting an email with the subject line “TRADE RUMORS HEAT UP – CHRIS BOSH TO THE DENVER NUGGETS” and then wasting time reading some purely conjectural article that is just some pants-wetting blogger speculating about the the summer of 2010. Sure glad you took the time to share this red-hot trade rumor with me guys

  • flipisatrip

    @11 no kidding, but we get the Cavs on TV, again, im sure the lakers will be on, again. Unless you get an NBA package you are really limited on who you can watch.

  • easygoing


  • Fadeaway J

    K-Dizzle is correct. Vince was “Air Canada” so we would never call Bosh that.

    Also, if the Heat could land that three, I don’t think it would be Coach K that would take over the team. I think it would be Pat Riley coming back out of retirement. Spoelstra would get the Van Gundy special.

    My hope is CB4 stays in Toronto, LeBron in Cleveland and D.Wade in Miami. Then every member of the media, blogosphere, and New York/New Jersey forever goes into hiding.

  • Fadeaway J

    Also agree with DW. Got directed here for some hot trade rumour, only to find it’s someone bored and trying to see what kind of ideas he can conjure up. The funny thing is that it’s not even a trade rumour, it’s a “who should sign Bosh in 2010″ rumour.

  • arisloco

    “@14 bbarrus says:

    Boozer for Bosh…please. Maybe saying it nicely will make it so.”

    Bosh will never go to a boring team like the Utah Jazz. In your dreams man, in your f’ing dreams.

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    Bosh stays in TO………
    Bosh stays in TO………
    Bosh stays in TO………
    Bosh stays in TO………
    Bosh stays in TO………
    Bosh stays in TO………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  • NBA 2K10

    Bosh will be staying in the T Dot! All the states you metioned are boring as hell, Utah? Denver?. The only place that sounds somewhat intriguing is Miami, but do you think he want’s to play with J O again?. If he goes anywhere he’ll be leaving $10 million on the table and will be the new Pippen to some teams Jordan.

    BOSH will be the only #1 player to stay in Toronto. Fcuk Wince Carter!!!!

  • NuggetsRule

    Update: Nene had one if the highest shooting percentages in league last year, so yeah, he does kinda have “the touch”

  • milehighballer20

    Hollywood hump? The last two years ya but have you seen whet the nuggets have done to the lakers this year? They beat some ass at home when they won by 26 then they went into LA without the leading scorer in the NBA and still won by double digits. And they wont get rid of Kmart. He has been one of the key offensive players since melo has been out. If they need n e thing its someone that is dominant in the post not a mid range shooting big man. Its never gona happen.