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D-Wade vs. LeBron

D-Wade vs. LeBron

You know you pulled off an incredible dunk when your team doesn’t even win the game, you lost to a team that features arguably the best/most famous (active) basketball player in the world and one of the two other most famous players in the world, the dunk itself happened way back in the first quarter of an East Coast tip-off, and it’s STILL the first everybody is talking about around the water cooler. A few minutes into Heat/Cavs, LeBron looked like he was gonna put somebody on a poster when he got a step on his defender and approached the rim with bad intentions. LBJ got stuffed by Jermaine O’Neal, though, creating a one-man fast break for Dwyane Wade. With ‘Bron trailing a little too far behind, Wade got to the paint and elevated on Anderson Varejao, went chest-to-chest and flushed home a banger that sent Varejao crashing into the basket support heels-over-head. The Heat bench turned into an Omega Psi Phi party, then Wade punctuated the dunk with an ice cold step-over. Dunk of the Year so far, with all due respect to Travis Outlaw … The Cavs were ahead most of the night, and took control about midway through the third quarter. Wade (36 pts, 15-21 FT) hit a couple threes in the fourth to get a Miami rally going, but LeBron (34 pts, 16-18 FT, 7 asts) and Mo Williams (25 pts, 5-7 3PA) always had an answer to keep it out of reach … We had a Dorell Wright sighting. Marv Albert tried to say he and the announce crew had talked to Erik Spoelstra about Wright before the game, but we’re not buying it. Dorell Wright’s bill collectors don’t even ask about Dorell Wright … It wasn’t as blatant as New York, but LeBron was being covertly courted in Miami. Not even because Michael Jordan was in the building — MJ was already in town for the launch of the Air Jordan 2010 with Wade — but Penny Hardaway and Scottie Pippen just happened to be there as well. Even the annnouncers figured the MJ/Pip thing was a subliminal message to Wade and LeBron that they should team up, and ‘Bron has said before that Penny was his favorite player growing up … The TNT studio guys were clowning the Sammy Sosa skin-lightening thing at halftime of the Heat game, which led to Charles Barkley having light makeup put on his face as a gag. “I’m tired of being pulled over for Driving While Black!” Barkley laughed. Nah, Chuck, that’s not why you got stopped. YOU got pulled over trying to watch Dome Alone on your, uh, headrest … It’s like Kobe Bryant didn’t even make a gradual transition into this new phase of his career, did he? People talk about Jordan slowly changing his game from high-flyer to smart and balanced scorer, and then again to a guy who played in the post and relied heavily on his turnaround jumper. With Kobe, it’s like he just decided this summer that he was going to be the world’s most skilled power forward, and two weeks into the season he’s leading the NBA in points in the paint … Last night, Kobe — or as Barkley calls him, “Kobeh Braaahnt” — was killing the Suns from his new favorite spot, scoring 29 points (13-21 FG) in a blowout of one of the early surprise teams in the West. Giving Jason Richardson buckets on one end and locking J-Rich (5 pts) down on the other, Kobe took out Phoenix’s X-factor and exposed their defense. Throw in Andrew Bynum (26 pts, 15 rebs, 3 blks) dominating the paint when Kobe wasn’t there, and the Suns didn’t have a chance … Did Doug Collins really call Lamar Odom‘s wife an “actress” with a straight face? Actress? Is that what they’re calling it now? So the crazy guy who mumbles disgusting things at the girls on the F train every morning, is he a stand-up comedian now? … With the firing of Byron Scott in New Orleans, we’re officially past the stage in the season where coaches can use the excuse of his players needing to get used to each other. Having a (kind of) new-look roster wasn’t enough to save Scott’s job, and he’s coming off consecutive playoff appearances in the West. Who do you think is the next coach to get fired mid-season? We’re looking at you, Lawrence Frank … We’re out like Khloe’s Golden Globe award …

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  • Chainfire

    That dunk was dirty, and best of all it was against Varejao, a player i loathe! But to be fair, Wade did use his left hand to push on Varejao’s chest/left armpit. Should of been an offensive foul, if the refs were doing their job and it wasn’t a superstar pulling off the move.

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    Kobe for MVP!!!
    His low post game is on fire this year.

  • John

    Varejao should just pick his missing body parts and came back to Brazil …

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    Did Anderson really believe he was gonna stop that dunk from happening? Sometimes, you just need to get out the way

  • QQ

    As good as the Suns has been lately (which is REALLY good), it’s funny how easily the defending champs disposed the them.

    And to actually see some Spurs fans here say that the Lakers team is thin… Daamn.

    My Magic lost to these bitches last June, so sure, I’m quite irked at them. But I give credit where’s credit due. This team is ballin’.

  • http://twitter.com/sum_cut_up emory

    that dunk was comical

  • Atom

    Lawrence Frank isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He has one of the biggest groups of losers in the league, what do you expect his record to be? Scott had good players who obviously had no interest playing for him (except for Paul). I saw that shit coming a mile away

  • QQ

    Lawrence Frank had the best point guard in the L for, what, 4 years? And he didn’t do anything. Nothing.

  • mcw88

    yeah cept for making the finals twice.

    Wade’s dunk was pretty nasty but I liked Outlaw’s more. Wade should have held on to the rim abit longer to punctuate it

  • QQ

    @ 9:

    What???? Making the Finals twice? The Nets made the Finals??? Oh yeah, that’s when they were coached by Byron Scott, NOT Lawrence Frank.

    Damn kid. Why you make yourself foolish to everyone like that? I pity you, honestly.


    Flash owns Anderson Vagina for life!

  • raf

    dear dime, i am kindly requesting that you remove the crappy above the rim advertisments…or atleast figure out a better way to advertise, casue its reallllly annoying.


  • Name (required)

    “hi andy….. check out these new Js… u can see my socks”

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    Screw Odom’s wife, let’s talk more about Vujacic’s sweetcakes.

  • Colton

    wow. i really enjoyed the article. basketball is officially a soap opera. ahhh.

  • TJ

    I’m a huge Cavs fan, but I loved seeing Varejao get smashed on!

    One question though: does Varejao come off of our cap if someone kills him with one of these dunks?

  • http://yahoo.com john grizz

    That dunk is what the nba has been missing for a while, dunks that make a statementn dunks that make u think these guys r about to fight. Those dunks carter used put on people. Wish james would dunk on people like that he only does flashy dunks he need tot be dunking on every teams big guy not just fast break dunks. Shit derek fisher can dunk on a fast break, dunk on somebodys head.

    The nets have 4 starters injured how can the win, but I do think lawernce should be fired somtimes I think he’s to soft to coach he let’s the players do what they want n doesn’t have a titie attack when they do stupid shit wich is every play I would be yellin at them in front o everyone they don’t pay attention when they pass the ball n take the worst shots. Cdr is going to averagr 18 pts per game this year t will 12 pts with 7 reb that’s crasy for a 2 gaurd Iam out like modern warefare 2

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    I think Wade’s “pushoff” (comical to call it that) is negated by taking Anderson’s whole arm to the face…and Andersen moved over after Wade jumped, so was out of position to catch an offensive foul.

  • ab_40

    john the nba doesn’t like statement dunks. and taunting after the dunk has been made. they don’t like hard fouls. they took away the hand check rule which I still think is the dumbest rule change in basketball around the world. the nba wants high scores a not that physical game that is a physical game (acting) and all players to be nice and get along. only fans can have rivalries and players can’t. and I know it was for breast cancer but if an entire leauge wears pink for just one night they lose credibility in my eyes.

  • fiyaman

    u guys jinxed Scott now ur puttin it on Lawerence Frank..lol

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    There was a stretch during the begining of the 2nd quarter of the Cavs-Heat game where both Lebron and Wade were on the bench and we got a glimpse into their futures. Without their stars, both teams settled on ugly jumper after ugly jumper. There was even less offensive sets being ran than when those guys are in the game. It wasn’t pretty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Cavs and Lakers lookin’ goooooood.

    Celts, Rocks too. But they aint play last night.

    So like I said Cavs and Lakers lookin’ goooooood.

  • fallinup

    AAAAHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Varejao is gonna be picking pieces of Dwyane Wade out of his ass for weeks after that one.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I don’t know if I agree with Scott being fired but I like what Hornets ownership is doing. It was most likely GM Jeff Bower who made the call to can Scott so in turn they move Bower to coach. The owners are basically saying, “you put the team together so let’s see how you do coaching them”. Finally a GM will have to take accountability first hand.

  • Dagomar

    “So the crazy guy who mumbles disgusting things at the girls on the F train every morning, is he a stand-up comedian now?”

    Haha. Good stuff. Great games last night, but then Wade and Lebron usually put on a show. I expected a bit more from the Suns although of course anyone with a mind knows the Lakers are still on a different level.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Man Houston Up!

    For real Dime all yall had to do was post that video 3 times and be done with Smack to day.

    Nasty dunk of the year hands down!

    Sometimes justice does happen in the world. For it to happen to WHO it happened too. The world was right for a frew seconds.

    Ain’t nothing else to be discussed this whole weekend besides that dunk. Just filthy!

  • Dean

    THE DUNK was one of the best I’ve ever seen! OMG!


    Barbosa plays too fast for his own good! He’s always out of control, he really hurt the Suns last night.

    If Nash would shoot more & J-Rich could have connected the Suns would have won. It’s that simple.

  • Diggity Dave

    The latest Lebron-to-Miami conspiracy. After last night’s game, Lebron said he’d be wearing #6 next year. Miami stupidly retired Jordan’s #23 out of respect, so Lebron can’t wear it there. ;)

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    Lebron also had a pretty sick dunk before the half where he swung around the rim like Charles Barkley used to.

    But watching Vajayjay get shitted on like his name was Benzino and was in a rap beef with eminem was beauty at its best.

    @DIME how can you not go deeper into what Lebron said about changing his number 23 to 6 out of respect for MJ and what MJ did for the game. that is by far the best thing I heard from him and I actually have a ton more of respect for him. He may have just been kissing up but who cares.

    And what was everyone perception on Charles Barkley saying MJ’s number shouldn’t be retired across the League.
    I don’t agree and think Chuck is insane for saying that considering Jackie Robinson and Wayne Gretzky’s numbers are retired in their sports. DIME should do an article on this.

  • Ric_Hardwood

    that was a funny article… props

    That Dwade dunk was so sick… what made it better was that the victim was Varegina… he looked like Dwade hit him with a SHO-RYU-KEN! hehe

  • karizmatic

    Kobe has always been a great post player I just think the fact is now he’s spending more time there. I mean the dude’s a couple years over 30 he knows it takes less energy to score points there than continuously try to beat his man of fthe dribble.

  • dmitry of jersey

    Fire frank!!!!!

  • FallODaLdr

    Did anybody see Shannon Brown’s open court dunk? He took off just inside the free throw line AND had his elbow above the rim. Not as good as Wade’s but still an incredible show of hops.

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ “If Nash would shoot more & J-Rich could have connected the Suns would have won. It’s that simple.”

    Keep on dreaming. My Lakeshow exposed the suns last night. Runnin up and down and jackin threes is beautiful when they fallin, but when they ain’t and nobody on that roster could even pretend to matchup with Bynum, they needed more than Nash and JRich gettin buckets. Good dismantlin by the “thin” Lakers lol

    @ Chicagorilla – I didn’t take it as a diss that Chuck said MJ’s digits shouldn’t be retired everywhere. He was just sayin that Magic and Bird were the ones that saved the league. Jordan did take it to that next level, but that’s disrespectful to give Mike the love and do nuthin for Magic and Bird

  • C Davis

    as a member of omega psi phi, i am forever a fan of dime mag. lol

  • Taj

    That Dwayne cram last night made my soul shiver… WOW!!!

  • LAballer

    yeah lakers are reallll thin right?

    finally! a great game BY THE BENCH..they kept the lead..pushed the lead..played the game..and didnt let the steve’s get back in it..loved it!! keep in mind our SECOND best player, who would be THE BEST player on MANY teams isnt even playing right now..and the suns are currently the hotttttest team in the nba..kinda goes to show ya..when they want to..the lakers can crack anyone..where’s BOSTON at?? we want you this year baby!!!!

    someone needs to check shannon’s shoes man..dude’s got like mini trampolines on the bottom of them or something..something isnt right..he gets up like he got wings..

    varajeo hahahaahha..ive always disliked him..always liked wade..this just works toooo perfectly..boy needs to put the ball down and walk off the court never to be heard from again

    tonights game is gonna be redonkulous!! cant wait..someone needs to smack birdmans stupid ass hair off..look for artest to have a good defensive game against melo..thats the one thing im looking for in this game..even the melo is playing like no one is guarding him this year..i feel like artest will slow him down somewhat


  • LakeShow84

    Really tho..

    Who expected the Suns to pull it off?? really tho.. Frye vs Bynum?? oh well another game, another solid night for Bynum.. now if he can just stay out there lol and watching Kobe from the post last night was nasty.. which brings me to…………….

    @ DIME

    i mean, ARGUABLY the best player?? nah there shouldnt be anymore arguement on that.. My boy posting up EVERYONE in the arena lol while a certain someone is still learning to trust his J (which has been 4-5 year project).. Kobe is a sideshow.. he was already a good post player but DAMN.. is that human to just decide after a decade of ur career u can post up with the best of em?? Its almost the KobeShow watching that man this year.. leadin the league in points in the paint as a SG?? what else does the man have to do?? You guys are hopeless.. i want a DIME writer to come out here and see me right now on the subject!! RIGHT NOW!! lol

    @ LAballa

    Thats all im watching is the Artest/Melo matchup.. i dont even care if we lose i just want to see Artest to stop him somewhat.. 15-20pts off 30-35% would be beautiful.. but most likely a nahhhhhh lol

  • LakeShow84

    And the Heat really need someone to stay with a Lebron type player..

    How demoralizing is it for Dwade to always drop hard #’s but Lebron can just go back on the other side and drop the same #’s.. and it happens EVERY SINGLE game they play.. thats rough..

  • chriscrosstopher

    MJ wants Bron and Wade to team up so that neither of them can surpass him as GOAT. If they’re winning their chips on the same squad, MJ can always say he never had the same caliber teammate. No offense to Zippin Pippin, but he isn’t on the same tier.

  • http://dime uh huh

    Neither of them could accomplish what they want on their own. IMPOSSIBLE. Voltron 2010 OH YEAH.

  • Claw

    Thought the Suns game would be closer but Bynum just killed them and Amare is still not close to being back, he just looked slow.

    Kobe beat down JRich but that was a pretty good matchup as they both went at each other. Was funny seeing The Machine taking on the enforcer role as Kobe and JRich got into it, even Nash would kick his ass.

  • LAballer

    @ lakeshow

    EXACTLY…how are you THAT great and then decide..hey..im going to get EVEN BETTER on the post..hes DESTROYING every single person you put on him in the post and is FORCING you to double him..he’ll still take you..his fadeaway jumper is more money than mbenga dunking (haha had to do it..farmars first REAL highlight play and mbenga ruined it..come on duuuude!!)

    but seriously though..kobe was already damn near unstoppable from anywhere on the court..he now masters yet another facet of his game to become even better! that shit isnt even fair..ive never been a huge kobe fan but watching this guy play basketball increases your love for the game every single time..its ridiculous..

    wtf is he going to do next? half court threes?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    i AINT gonna hold y’all…KOBE’S on some other sh**.

    On some “i am legend” type sh**…

    watch when it’s all said and done.


    And Lebron’s resume gonna be ridiculous…Wade’s resume.

    but the PROTOTYPE…the prototype spends his summer dayz with Hakeem and perfects a perfect game.

    I love the NBA…thanks MJ…you’ve inspired some real talent out here.

  • Mack Brownee

    qq gets brain on a plane / qq gets brain on a train
    qq gets dome from home / qq gets dome from phone

    where’s my qq verses?

  • http://www.organicbodybutter.info Organic Body Butter

    Lawrence Frank isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He has one of the biggest groups of losers in the league, what do you expect his record to be? Scott had good players who obviously had no interest playing for him (except for Paul). I saw that shit coming a mile away