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Superman Too

(photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

(photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

During the ’09 conference finals, Shaq showed up at one of Orlando’s home games against the Cavs, to the chagrin of a lot of people associated with the Magic. Last night Shaq was back in the building; this time wearing a Cavs uniform. Throw in the tension leftover from when Diesel was talking greasy about Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy last year, and you know the fans had a lot of venom toward Big Witness Protection. He played into it, too, doing stuff like leaving his hand in the air extra-long after a free throw. And the crowd was even more pissed when Cleveland walked out with a win … The head-to-head between Dwight and Shaq didn’t really materialize, as Shaq (10 pts, 4 rebs) got Dwight (11 pts, 7 rebs) in foul trouble early into the first quarter, setting the tone for the night. Shaq only played 19 minutes himself, but when he was on the court, he showed why Cleveland picked him up. Since he’s able to guard Dwight one-on-one, the rest of the defense can better guard Orlando’s shooters. Rashard Lewis and Ryan Anderson were out for this one, and the healthy gunners shot 4-of-18 beyond the arc … You see how much better the Cavs are when other guys are scoring and it’s not all about LeBron? In the first half, Mo Williams got on a roll and hit some shots, drawing enough attention to set up LeBron (36 pts, 8 rebs) for easier looks. One time Mo (28 pts, 6 asts) got Dwight to turn his back on a cutting LeBron, leading to a double clutch two-hander … The other Eastern Conference favorite, the Celtics, had little trouble silencing the Jazz. Two quotes and two plays summed it up: (1) Third quarter, Kevin Garnett made eye contact with Rajon Rondo and cut to the rim, where Rondo placed a lob just in the right spot where KG could dunk over Paul Millsap and Kyrylo Fesenko. (2) Jerry Sloan at his sarcastic best: “It wasn’t a lot fun to watch. I wouldn’t mind if they rebounded. There aren’t any rules against rebounding.” (3) Less than four seconds on the clock at the end of the third, Rondo took the inbounds and hit sixth gear to get himself a layup before the buzzer while the Jazz defense was stuck in the mud. (4) Deron Williams, who played through a sore back and bruised calf: “Right now, we’re soft. There’s no way around it. We have to toughen up.” … Months from now, when the Western Conference playoff race is approaching the home stretch, the Mavs are gonna look back on Wednesday’s loss in San Antonio and kick themselves. A team like the Raptors dropping one to the Spurs when Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are out is one thing, but if the Mavs are supposed to be seriously contending, that’s a game they’re supposed to win. Richard Jefferson led the way with 29 points, while Dirk Nowitzki had 29 and 12 boards in the loss … Right before halftime, Manu Ginobili (13 pts, 5-13 FG) was working against Jason Kidd at midcourt. Manu tried to go behind the back right, and got cut off; spin move left, cut off; behind the back right again, cut off again. Kidd was on him like butter on toast until he took a half-step backwards, enough space for Manu to drop a deep three at the buzzer. Kidd did just about everything right, but it goes to show you can’t really stop a professional scorer like that … Classic Zach Randolph moment of the night: Already getting the business from Luis Scola (22 pts, 15 rebs), Z-Bo had Scola posted up when Scola pulled the chair on him. Both guys stumbled and Scola fell down, so after Zach’s off-balance crap shot somehow went in, he took the ball and dropped it on Scola’s chest. Technical. Next time down, Scola gets the ball and scores on Z-Bo easily, so of course Zach starts yelling at his teammates for not helping him out. The Rockets won easily, BTW … Other big stat lines from Wednesday: Chris Bosh put up 28 points and 11 rebounds in a win over the Bulls; Kevin Durant had 30 and 10 in a win over the Clippers; Danny Granger gave the Warriors 31 points and 16 boards in a win; Greg Oden posted 18 points and 11 boards in a win at Minnesota; Amar’e scored 21 to lead Phoenix past the Hornets; Al Horford went for 25 and nine to beat the Knicks; Brook Lopez had 23 points and 13 boards in a loss to the Sixers; and Charlie Villanueva scored 30 in Detroit’s blowout of the Bobcats. Ben Wallace played 30 minutes in that game and didn’t take a single shot, which is strange because that’s the same recurring nightmare Ben Gordon often has … Brandon Jennings dropped 32 points (11-19 FG) and nine assists in an upset win over the Nuggets, looking like he borrowed some of Chauncey Billups‘ Clutch in the process. Jennings hit back-to-back threes in the fourth quarter after Denver had cut the lead to one, then sealed it with free throws at the end … We’ve said before that Ersan Ilyasova might be the most awkward, weird-looking dude in the NBA. Yesterday one of Denver’s announcers said, “[Ilyasova] looks like Hannibal Lecter, but he’s playing like Larry Bird tonight.” … We’re out like Shaq getting #32 retired in Orlando …

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    CP3 must be hella pissed off! Losing like that!


    Manu arsenal of of moves, if you force him left.

    1. Behind the back (left to right).
    2. Step-Back jumper of his RIGHT foot!
    3. Euro Step!
    4. FLOP!

  • the cynic

    only wade and kobe have more moves then Manu

    Young Money lived up to his nickname. Hannibal Lector ain’t bad too; isn’t that the guy that was tearing it up for the turkey team in the summer?

  • Bird33

    Nice win by the Celts. The Hawks come to town on Friday night. I expect another 20 piecing by the Celtics.

  • ToAn

    that line on Gordon made my day…he probably has that nigtmare twice a week

  • QQ

    Tough loss to the Cavs.

    Seems like hyping Shaq for the win because he dropped 10 and 4 is reaching though, Come on, 10 and 4? Damn. And it isn’t Shaq that slowed down Dwight, it’s foul trouble.

  • chancepassenger

    wow… oden showing us a glimpse of what he can do…now if only he:
    1. stays away from injury
    2. stays away from foul trouble
    3. learns a few post moves
    4. stays away from injury
    5. stays away from foul trouble,
    he might just be worth that number 1 pick…

  • QQ

    @ 7:

    For a number 1 pick with all the hype in the world, that sure is a lot of ifs.

  • Big Sia


  • TJ

    @ QQ,

    Shaq might not have killed it statistically, but getting Dwight in that foul trouble was big. I don’t think Big Z gets him in foul trouble shooting 18 footers, so you have to give Shaq some credit.

    By the way, has anyone else noticed that Big Z NEVER scores inside. He tried to make contact and get to the line every time he gets an offensive rebound. That’s sad when you remember that he’s 7’3″.

  • Mark

    Jennings showed a glimpse into the future last night, not many rookie points give Billups the business…..legit

  • QQ

    @ 10:

    I think it more of a knock to Dwight that he didn’t stayed out of foul trouble than a salute to Shaq’s offensive arsenal. Cause honestly, if you watched the game, you will notice that.


    Where was Bass and The Polish Hammer?
    Should have sic Bass or Gortat on Anderson Vagina!

  • the_don_mega

    R.O.Y. is a 2 man race for the moment.. Young Money and Evans…

  • steve nasty

    First two fouls on Howard were bullshit. Wrecked the whole game. Stupid refs.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Take Evans out of the race, wait for Blake.

    Did anyone see Steve Nash toss an oop to Grant Hill that missed horribly?…Grant’s rocking a mid 90s fade, so Nashy must have thought grant was ten years younger…that’s like a bad play in 2K were you throw an oop and Matt Bonner tries to finish it out of bounds….

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    Will Bynum — took me back to the days of seeing highlights of him at Crane dunking like crazy. That’s Chicago, people.

  • rangerjohn

    these replacement refs are terrible! wait those are not replacements, damn!

    great win for my short handed spurs, dallas should have won that game, and i actually was a bit nervous when they cut it to 4 with a couple minutes left.

    hey dime, i know how much all of you guys like to talk about flops/floppers and i know that roll is reserved for manu, how about bonner getting hit shooting a 3 by dirk and flopping so bad the refs to the call away. had he not tried to sell it like a 3 yr old tries to tell his mom he didnt do something wrong, he would have gotten the call. slowmo, high speed, there is no way you could not tell it was a flop.

    how about the spurs defense was actually looking good last night, and how about blair getting screwed on calls against a superstar 2 games in a row.

  • Diggity Dave

    Heat going 7-1 tonight! The Knicks have to be kicking themselves in the ass for passing on Jennings. Not only would he have been a ridiculously good contributor in D’Antoni’s offense, he would have helped attract free agents in 2010.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN


    So far.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    DOUBLE Qs said “And it isn’t Shaq that slowed down Dwight, it’s foul trouble.”

    You’re a dork.

    Who did he foul to get in foul trouble?

    The mind’s gotta work before the fingers start typing, buddy.

  • fallinup

    How Byron Scott even has a job right now is amazing. His ticket was punched last season.

    Seems that Utah has some problems about to blow as well. The Celts walked all over their ass. That Rondo layup wasn’t even right. They let him score.

  • dmitry of jersey

    he has a a job for the same reason as lawrence frank, the owner’s don’t have the cheddar to fire his ass.

  • Ian

    more moves? dont know about that at least on wades part manu and kobe have better range.

    finally a normal spurs game

  • chancepassenger

    yeah, byron’s days in NO are numbered. I’ll give him till January at the latest. how many years does he have left on his contract by the way?

  • cf


    Gabriel you are the author/expert/authority… don’t stoop to that level, only gonna make yourself look bad/lose cred.

    Anyway dude’s right, giving shaq too much cred would be simplistic.

  • Dr.Googles

    How much longer will Sloan coach??

    Surprised no one pulled that rashard card the reason why the magic lost..considering the fact dwight
    committed those “fouls”.

  • LakeShow84

    @ RangerJohn

    Sup with ur team man?? lookin mighty inconsistent.. and slow at that.. Still think Blair and RJ will save ur season?? RJ looks lost in no mans land out there half the time and you guys look SMALL.. But aye ur right, our bench is thin.. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Anyone catch Lebrons arsenal of perimeter moves towards the end of that game?? 3 consecutive trips;

    First Fade went in = SWEET, lookin good LJ!
    Second fade off the side of the backboard = hmmmmmm ok..
    Third fade AIRBALL = well yeah thats about right..

  • rangerjohn

    what are you talking about? lakeshow? you make no sense what so ever. sure my team has looked inconsistent, considering we have half the team being new, and manu just coming back from a long break. i would say teh spurs are just starting to gel a little bit. RJ looks lost? apparently you didnt watch any of the last 2 games, especially last night where he DESTROYED the mavs, oh wait didnt the mavs destroy the lakers? i for got.

    yep lakers look THINNN! keep telling yourself teat mbenga is gonna be a solid back up. sasha needs to get his head out of maria sharapovas who who, farmar needs to return to teh d league (wait can he?) walton i think retired with his dad didnt he? and pau is still out? guess that hammy is worse then phil thought?

    try again

  • QQ

    @ 21:

    ‘QQ says:

    @ 10: I think it more of a knock to Dwight that he didn’t stayed out of foul trouble than a salute to Shaq’s offensive arsenal. Cause honestly, if you watched the game, you will notice that.’

    I said this before you posted your shit..

    Some horrible calls and horrible decisions by Dwight. That’s why he was on foul trouble. NOT because of Shaq. If you’re like some retards who just saw 1 minute of the first quarter and saw Dwight sitting, and ‘thought, wow, he’s in foul trouble, and he is guarding Shaq. Therefore, Shaq dominated him inside!’, you might be right. But if you watched the whole fucking game, you will see the Shaq didn’t do shit to Dwight. It’s more of Dwight’s fault, because of some ill advised fouls.

  • LakeShow84


    Gotta go through my roster huh?? no need to break it down my friend.. i know what we got and i know what u got.. and quit frankly it makes me smile :)

    And dont trip i only said half the time with RJ.. i guess Pop just blasts his ass during certain games for lookin like an alien lol

    Excuses, excuses, excuses! lol keep reaching pal.. we’ll see if u guys make it past Denver.. and for some reason i think Houston can outscrap you guys for some reason..

    And ur right we lost to Dallas and u guys beat them so i imagine u guys won it all already! Go Spurs!

  • LakeShow84

    @ RangerJohn

    Aye whats ur road record again??

  • chris

    very hard to beat a well rested team in the nba when you are playing back-to-back games; orlando lost, dallas lost, denver lost, all to teams with less talent but more legs. biedrins is out with osteitis pubis, and you don’t wanna know what that is. eric gordon is out and you know what that means for the clippers. all the nets starters except lopez are out, philly still barely beat them, and it looks like time for the sixers to give up on brand and dalembert and just go with the younguns. amazing how good the suns and rockets look with their 9 man rotations.

  • rangerjohn

    @ lakeshow
    and your point? spurs lost 3 road games, doesnt make your bench better.
    spurs combined opponents are 29-29, lakers combine opponents are 27-32. looks like we have faced tougher teams?

    okc took lakers to OT and where two bad shots by durant from beating the lakers (wide open shots not contested)
    houst took lakers to ot and where one foul out/bad foul from beating the lakers. hell they where taken to the wire by a NOT GOOD clippers team. you guys sure have something to be proud of dont ya? blew out a TERRIBLE NO team, and a TERRIBLE griz team. so far the lakers have beaten all the teams they where supposed to and lost to the only “challenge”, at home no less.

    the only real questionable loss for the spurs was against utah, which they should have had little issue winning.

    try again, when you guys beat a quality team

  • LakeShow84

    @ RangerJohn

    Must be the Texan in you cuz u still acting ignorant.. WHATS UR ROAD RECORD BOY?? lol “all these teams were so close to beating you!” But they didnt my simple minded friend and while we sit at 6-1 you guys are 4-3.. ALL ROAD LOSSES..

    So what is ur home record again??

    And ur right our bench has nothing to do with the fact u guys have no staple anymore.. Pops hair is going to turn transparent by the end year.. The Raps dropped 120+ on the Spurs?? i wouldve thought that AFTER Timmay retired.. hate to see u guys go through it but fans like u make it enjoyable lol

  • LakeShow84

    Funniest part is you seem to know so much about my team..


  • LakeShow84

    Shit i mean road record lol i hate mistypin smart ass comments..

  • rangerjohn

    seasons still early, our team has time to gel, your team need has time to try to find someone on the bench who knows what something other then koby’s ass and the floor between their seat on the bench and the edge of the court looks like.

    yeah you got me, i know so much about your team, apparently i know more about your team then you do.

    quick whats the latest news on pau? whens he coming back?

    quick, whats the latest on parker? whens he coming back?

    speaking of penis envy, why is it you know what lebron did on every possession. no wonder you dont know anything more about your own team, and actually think you have a snow balls chance in phils ass of winning another title with that bench.

  • LakeShow84

    lol your a funny guy Rangerman

    “your team need has time to try to find someone on the bench who knows what something other then koby’s ass and the floor between their seat on the bench and the edge of the court looks like.”

    Now.. that.. was.. a.. HORRIBLE.. comeback.. lol

    Ima be cruising this whole seaon my man for 2 facts..

    NUMERO 1) We the defending CHAMPIONS.. so us ALMOST losing to anyone dont matter cuz we the team to beat.. Why did ur old ass squad lose to weak ass Utah again??

    NUMERO 2) The team that was supposed to challenge us in the West aint lookin like they will make WCF.. but ur right its early LOLOLOLOL we’ll see how ur old fragile team holds up.. but i know we damn sure aint fragile.. Kobe and Artest harder than Bill Clinton in Vegas..

    And yes im sure u know WAY MORE about my team than me.. And yes i do jock Lebrons game just SO SUPER HARD, dude is mighty impressive lol what you had to scurry back to my old posts to see what i typed 10 minutes ago??

    Pettiness at its best with u my man..

  • Dean

    Why on earth would you force Manu left, Bruce? He’s a lefty who LOVES going to his left. Duh. Wake up and get some ice coffee before you watch NBA games ya douche. :P

  • mike


    Best Weekly Highlight Mix from TheScore in Canada.

  • rangerjohn

    lakeshow, you make absolutely no sense. NONE. hell the team to beat? so your 6 man rotation is gonna last till the playoffs? if your bench doesnt get better you better hope you get OKC in the 1st round and not houston, portland, dallas, OR san antonio. looks like another NO-PEAT year in the nba. hold on tight to that ring from last yr, its a whole new yr. hell who knows the spurs might not make it, and IF the lakers do, there is no way they get past boston, or orlando, and the cavs take them to the wire if they dont beat the lakers.
    once again, what “good team” have the lakers beaten so far? oh thats right, atl LMAO. spurs stumbled early, they are ALWAYS a second half team, and our teams minutes are so low, we can take a few losses but we will be FRESH come playoff time. have you checked your boys minutes lately? OUCH they are racking the minutes up. but hey, you still have mbenga, and farmar, and sasha, and walton to hold down the bench for ya, dotn want the bench walking away.

  • Ian

    What’s the point of bashing a team after 6 games? Maybe you do it cuz u consider us a threat who knows? But comon u bash ranger for knowing about your team but aren’t u doing the same with ours?

    Btw no street fighter 4 for us lol got banned last night. Modded xbox.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    Nah i just like to ruffle your boys feathers since hes so intuned to what we do and how our bench looks.. that sucks on the Box.. we been slackin tho neways lol i shouldve been whooped yo ass lol ima try to add u tonight at least..

    @ Rangerjohn

    So what u sayin we wont make the playoffs?? COMEDY.. lol as much as u bash our bench, ITS THE SAME BENCH AS LAST YEAR NITWIT lol..

    How much sense do you make saying we have a six man rotation with the same team that brought us a trophy lol.. as i said.. ur really REACHING here, ESPECIALLY by implying all these minutes will tire out Kobes.. yeah you can bet on that one lol but aye u got ur report full o minutes played!!

    Keep it up.. we need closet stat tracking fans like you..

  • Ian

    yeah ps3 network now for me but damn i had like 200 bucks in the account the full year of gold membership and i cant download rockband songs now.

  • LakeShow84

    Best Player in the League

    Best Coach in the League

    Best Starting 5 in the League

    I gives a fluck about what Farmar does in 10-15 minutes.. Walton, Brown, Powell and Mbenga is all we need.. Oh and you can add Odom or Artest to that group when we healthy..

    But yeah we should just hope we get OKC in the first round.. you sun fried out there Rangerdude??

  • LakeShow84

    Aye Ian which is better PS3 or 360??

    PS3 is very tempting for $300..

  • LAballer

    LOL @ lakeshow..

    got em!!

    just got back from a 5 night vegas trip..i dont think im alive anymore..

  • Ian

    u know xbox is the one i use the most but is the console i like the least of the 3.
    i like the ps3 controller more by far , the exclusives (metal gear , god of war , drakes fortune) i like better the prob is the xbox exclusives usually are first person shooters which make wanna puke after 5 mns of playin time.
    the reason i use the box more is because of multiplatform titles sports , assassins creed , street fighter stuff like that i can just download and play for free(before anyone bashes me for that games cost over 100 bucks here and most of the time they suck we cant rent to try out before we buy) games i know are gonna be good i buy forza 3 for example.

    im oldschool (2d all the way) when it comes to games so thats where my wii comes in new super mario bros i i got it yesterday and i have to say its the best game ive played in a year megaman 9 was my 08 game.

    like u said if someone gets banned i dont recomment gettin a new xbox i rather pick up a ps3 for the same price blu ray plus free online. if u pick one up let me know you wont play fighting games ever again on the xbox after u use the ps3 control.

  • Ian

    oh didnt know lakers suns tonight i guess ill be watching my first nonspur game of the season.

  • Ian

    oh and xbox doesnt have mlb the show only sport game i play all year.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian .. i might have to get on that then..

    But damn $100 down there?? thats a pair of Jordans lol crazy.. What ur old school 2d games?? man i remember MegaManX1, SUPERCOOL lol Marios World on SNES.. Castlevanua SOTN.. Man i just almost cried lol..

    @ LABALLER .. if u made it back with no holes, slashes and VD’s it was a good trip..

    lol welcome back bruh..

  • LakeShow84


    So how did you like the Jeter in the World Series??

    BE REAL :)

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’m saying … Jeter hit over .400 in the Series, 11 hits, 5 runs … how can you still say he’s overrated or not that good or whatever it is?

  • LakeShow84

    Lol lets be easy AB!!

    Let the man speak.. he might repent for his past blasphemous assaults on Jeter..

    Lol dont act like u didnt see the question Ian!!

  • Ian

    austin hes overrated and whats hes postseason avg? every yankee from the 90s was overrated in the playoffs not named bernie of course.
    before u say im a hater oneill and tino are two of my 3 fav players ever but in the playoffs they have worst numbers than pre 09 arod who people called a choker.

    now on jeter and the series first time ever i was pulling for him he shoulda been the mvp not someone who played half the series and didnt catch a ball either jeter or make utley the first loser to win it.

    austin i didnt say hes not good cuz that would be bullshit hes overrated and real good in fact mvp for the first time if mauer didnt go piazza on the league.

    damn a bit older i like the megaman normal series not the X series , symphony of the night is my fav game ever that doesnt have mario in the title (mario 3 is the greatest game ever made) racing game top gear still play it from time to time and the best baseball game ever made ken griffey jr major league baseball.

    megaman 1-9
    megaman x just the first one
    castlevania 3 , 4 and symphony
    final fantasy 4-7
    chrono trigger
    top gear
    nba jam te
    a boy and his blob (but i cant play in front of my gf cuz all she wants me to do is hug the blob all day to see how cute it is)
    river city ransom (best game not to many people play)
    ghosts and goblins (will make u wanna shoot yourself)
    contra 1 and 3
    batman nes game

  • Ian

    now i wanted to hate i can go and check if jeter hit when it counted or got his hits when the games were outta reach for one team? nah bullshit hehe

  • K Dizzle

    Here we go again……
    For real tho, I thought DJ and Mariano shoulda got the World Series MVP…but i understand why Godzilla got it.

    @ Dime – you need to post up the Will Bynum takin it back to the preps with his 2 vicious dunks. Dude is like Nate Robinson….with better court smarts lol

    @ Ranger
    still funny
    How u rip on the bench when Mbenga averagin 11 boards/game in relief? anywayzzzzz

  • Ian

    K dizzle a closer shouldn’t win shit.

    Damn today we started a tourney at the gym 6 teams selected with a draft I was the second pick and the dude that picked me was “ima take the best 3pt shooter here”. After game one I finished 0-8 from downtown 2pts and lost in overtime talk about a crapfest. Btw my 2 pts came from 2 freethrows I didn’t hit the basket today.

  • rangerjohn

    try again, dizzle

    LMAO mbenga is averaging 11 boards? where you get that? he is averaging 4.4 on the season, and is averaging 5.6 for the last 5 games.

  • rangerjohn

    oh wait maybe it said 1.1 and you thought it said 11

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ranger
    you never cease to amaze….
    Let me rephrase since you wanna play dumb:
    Since DJ Mbenga, the backup to the center positon of the Los Angeles Lakers became the starter due to injury(therefore in relief of Andrew Bynum)he has averaged 7.5 pts, 12.5 boards and 4 blocks. Not bad for a “thin bench”

    @ Ian
    true. A closer “should never win shit”, but when your ERA is 0.75 and when you step to the mound, it guarantees a win, you might deserve to be in the convo. And I hate the yankees so it hurts me to even write that…

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    MAAAANNNNNNN… You got some good ones up there!! Chrono Triggers probably my fav game EVA.. 2d wise MegaManX1 is my fav tho.. Bet u dont know bout the hadoken!! lol i liked Mega Man 4 from the original series.. Those old schools were hardest things ever and they were silly simple lol.. 4 directions and 2 buttons..

    AND COME ON.. just at least admit Jeters earned his keep.. Hes the glue man.. The glue.. lol

    @ KDizzle

    I wouldve givin it to DJ just cuz he showed up every game or the 3 games i gathered courage to sit thru.. i feel given it to Rivera cuz of sentimental value tho.. hes 50 right?? that man is baldin HARD.. he should just shave that shit or go Larry David..

  • Ian

    Dizzle I don’t know when u come in to get 3 outs with a 3 run lead give up a couple and still get a save tells me that the save stats is the biggest bullshit ever. Give me da dude that pitched the 6th with two on and a tied game.

  • Ian

    I admitted it lol. now on the games that’s what I like the difficulty not this save every 2 minutes bs we have now.

    Of course I know about all the armour parts and the hadoken lol. Btw why do u say X1 its confusing that way hehe.

  • rangerjohn

    how is correcting your wrong numbers “playing dumb?”

    so your saying because mbenga put up decent numbers against 2 VERY inferior teams ( one so bad they fired their coach today, and the other so bad they need to fire everyone, pick up and move to a new city and start over) that he is all of a sudden tim duncan? let me guess the lakers dont need pau back because they have mbenga?

  • K Dizzle

    lol alright, ranger.
    you been postin about the lakers’ lack of depth since game 1. We say Pau been out. You say it don’t matter. So then we say Bynum out and since he been out, somebody off our “thin bench” been holdin it down strong. So what you say? “Don’t matter cuz those teams suck”…..lol

    It’s been a slice, but like I said You never cease to amaze lol

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  • Drew

    Does anyone know where to get a Brandon Jennings Lottomatica Roma jersey? I’ve been searching for one literally since he got there and was never able to find one for sale. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Also, if you didn’t think of this yourself, it’s a pretty cool jersey to rock