NBA / Nov 23, 2009 / 12:49 pm

The Citizens Of Toronto Still Hate Vince Carter


Fans in T-Dot sure know how to hold a grudge. Nearly five years after Vince Carter’s shaky departure from Toronto, the fans have still not forgiven him nor are they planning on doing so anytime soon. In his first return as a member of the Magic on Sunday, the fans mercilessly booed Carter every time he touched the ball. While locals are still upset about Carter forcing himself out of town, they probably weren’t too pleased he declined to take part in the Raptors’ 15th anniversary celebration.

All season long, the Raptors will honor former players who were big parts of the organization over the years. Even with Chris Bosh on board now, Carter is probably the most influential player the franchise has ever had. The Raptors reached out to the former Slam Dunk Champion, but Carter chose to pass on the offer.

“Why would I want to do it? You heard it out there,” Carter told the Orlando Sentinel. “They came to me. It just didn’t make sense. Actually, it wasn’t as loud as it has been. It used to be deafening.”

As it turned out, Carter got the last laugh scoring 24 points and hitting a key jumper down the stretch. Carter, who is clearly annoyed with answering the same questions every time he returns to Toronto, insisted to reporters that he is not fazed by the hatred.

“I enjoy playing in that atmosphere and I enjoy coming back here and just being part of this,” he said. “It was a misconception of the entire thing (his exit). This is where it all started.”

Do Raptors fans have a reason to still hate Vince? Was that classless of Carter to turn down getting honored? Do you think they’ll retire his jersey there someday?

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  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    retire his jersey?…WHAT THE FUCK FOR?!!?

  • http://www.vancouverbasketball.ca Soda

    They weren’t ever going to retire his jersey. The Raps were going to honor VC as part of their 15th anniversary celebrations.
    As a Raps fan I will never forgive Vince. The guy admitted to loafing it at the end of his tenure in T.O. Inexcusable. The man is a professional. Ya not all pros bring it every night and yes many are in for the pay cheque, but you never admit to not giving 100%. He is a selfish player who will never know what it takes to be a winner.

  • Scott

    I don’t think turning it down was classless … but it was real stupid of the Raps to offer to honour Wince. It would be even dumber to entertain the idea of retiring his jersey.

    And yes Rap fans still have plenty of reason to hate on VC … but I think they should hate one of the shittiest GM’s ever, Rob Babcock, even more for giving in to all of VC’s demands and trading him for jack shit. Easily one of the worst trades ever.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    who cares about Rapts fans anyway?
    so what if they never forgive Vince? so friggin what?

    he still balling. still making millions. they still suck. he might get to the finals. and they might just be left with hedo and andres next year.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Bring out those Toronto fans from the caves, cracks and concrete! Here they come with venom form Vince lol. Hilarious how they still hold that grudge.

  • http://vittoriodezen.wordpress.com Vic De Zen

    I’m a Raptors fan and harbour no ill will towards Vince. Not ALL of us are still holding onto that hurt.

  • the big fundamental

    I’m from canada and people there still hate VC countrywide. im over that grudge but it wasnt a classy move by VC to decline the invitation. he disrespected the whole organisation!!!! how are you going to decline this kind of invite juste because fans are booing you everytime you come down there!! that is just classless!! He should be a bigger man than that! lost all respect for the dude

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    I dont think there’ll ever be peace between VC and Toronto fans. Ive always said its just as hard as to forget as it is to forgive

  • Damon

    “how are you going to decline this kind of invite juste because fans are booing you everytime you come down there!!”

    lol ?

  • control

    No biggy that VC declined the invite. He would have been ‘injured’ for it anyways. The fans should be hating on Babcock more than Vince. Babcock was one of the worse GMs in the history of GMing.

    I think the main reason why Raps fans hate Vince is because he is a reminder of what COULD have been. Toronto COULD have been an amazing team if Vince would have tried and gave it an honest go with Bosh, instead he forced a trade (that Babcock engineer into one of the worse trades EVER) and it ended up hurting the team for a long time.

  • jbas

    @big fundemental, where did you find respect for him in the first place? was it the 340th or 350th time he went down in a heap like he’d been shot…..

  • Ojective

    Vince just put Toronto on the basketball map…Stop the hating, without him the Raptors would have already left for USA, just like the Grizz did…

  • 2 Easy

    Everytime he comes to town we gotta have this debate… many believe boo him, he gave up and he shud ALWAYS be booed. Others think its time to let go especially since he ALWAYS kills us. I believe he needs negativity but not the extent we’ve been doing it. This is like a divorce and he was the wife who wanted out but still has to come around and busts ur balls everytime she does so u CANT let go even if u want to. Wat we need to do now is jus be creative in the hate instead of hootin lik an old Arseno episode

  • Diego

    Vince’s sandbagging of Toronto was shameful.

    But why would he accept being part of the 15th anniversary group when he knows he will be booed upon the award? You gotta figure that being part of that group would mean before a Toronto/Orlando game in Toronto, or at halftime of the game, he’d have to be presented with some gift by a Raptor rep. midcourt–during a chorus of boos, drowning out the rep.’s announcement. Why would anyone agree to that scenario?

  • http://nba.com momo

    Ive been watching the raps since 96′, and as a fellow Torontonain I gotta say….enough is enough man! Sure, Vince may have made some questionable decisions during the back end of his stay here, and, sure, we HAD reason to dislike his actions. But that shit went down a long time ago. He admitted to it and moved on! Fuck! We have enough trouble trying to get quality guys to want to play in Toronto! Most dudes would probably probably think twice before coming here becasue of what is STILL happeneing to Vince.

    Let it go people! Vince did so much for our franchise, and I’m no expert analyst or anything like that, but it’s pretty obvious that he’s still is a quality player and deserves his respect (ie. he tears us up pretty much everytime he plays us) Dwight was asked during yesterdays game about the excessive booing, and he spoke the truth…saying something like he doesn;t know why pople still boo him here since when they do he just drops buckets on us like someone trying to put out a blazing fire.

    that is all.

  • http://twitter.com/TomGyorko TomGfromCanada

    Raps fans do have a reason to hate Vince, but not the ones that have no idea why they hate him. I for one do not feel a grudge, nor do I feel a whole lot of love. Though I feel like if we never had a guy like VC, we might have gone the way of the Vancouver Grizzlies.

  • snyde

    all i gotta say is your loss is our gain. i sure love seeing VC in that Blue and White baby.

  • Evan

    Let’s make one thing clear … Vince held the organization hostage by demanding a trade during a flurry of injuries, then not playing hard thus decimating his value. Thanks for that. He had to go, and fast … it’s VINCE’s fault we got nothing in return for him, and he should NEVER be forgiven. He is, as a wise man once said, a PUSSY. And to think his b**ch cousin T-mac didn’t ‘want to play under vince’s umbrella’. Neither one of them will win anything on any team. BTW, Vince, congrats on your 7 month marriage and your resulting kid. You’re all class.

  • snyde

    as long as he’s burying fadeaways like the one in the celts game, he could have 40 illegitimate kids from 35 wives and i could give 2 shits. VC on the Magic = Music to my Ears.

  • ERIC

    The outlash against Vince Carter is laughable. He’s a terrific player who was injured many times. Call him injury prone. As a result of Babcock the Raptors sucked and made awful moves.

    Let’s be honest, if anyone was unable to go to work bc of the Flu, and their boss assigned them to the crappiest project with incompetant members – who wouldnt wan to just stay in bed and get better? Vince was hurt, saw his team going nowhere, wanted to get better, and saw no reason to rush it at the risk of his long-term health.

    He never said he didnt try hard all the time, only when some times were tough.

    I’d like to remind all Raptor fans about the charities vince started, or his charity all-star bball games in the summer at Air Canada, and that he single-handedly saved the NBA in Canada.

    He was the most electrifying player in the NBA from 1998-2003 and Raptor fans are just resentful that he was injured and they had a terrible GM who traded him away for cents on the dollar (and also one who drafted Rafael Arujo over Andre Igoudala)…

    He is still the best player in franchise history yet he gets boo’d like he was Artest. No wonder he didnt want to be part of that. No apprecitiation for what he did during his time in TDot.

  • hwm3

    I live in Toronto and can tell you that Toronto sports fans are the stupidest people on earth. Hockey is the ONLY thing that matters here. The leafs can sell out every game when they suck and the Raps never will.

    Vince left, so did T-Mac and CB4 is next. The only players Toronto will ever be able to keep are Europeans. Soon the Raps will be a Euro league all star team at best.

  • mb

    hahaha canadians hahaha!! what ya got ther eh’ is that ther a basketball eh’

  • Bizz

    It’s not so much that he dogged it, it’s the fact that he admitted he dogged it, and for years has never apologized for it. He was the biggest Raptor ever in the organization, so yes, it was classless for him to decline the invitation. The honoring of the player was a franchise recognition, not a fan recognition. Toronto did help put him on the map and vice versa, so despite the fan’s perception of him, the organization tried to bury the bad feelings by saying “Look, it did end bad, yes some fans still hate you, but we as an organization are grateful for what you did while you were here, and not only did we comply with your trade request, but here is our way of truly saying thank you.” I don’t blame him necessarily for declining because he feels we hate him, but this issue was brought on him by himself, and gets rectified by himself. If he even truly even cared what Toronto fans THOUGHT of him, he wouldn’t be taking the boos to heart. So it’s more than obvious he has sprained feelings and after the games in Toronto, he sulks in a corner and cries.

    If he ain’t down with that, T-Dot has two words for him.

    BUN HIM.

  • Dagomar

    Well it’s all pretty simple as far as I’m concerned. Vince entered the league with more natural talent than anyone since Shaq, with the possible exception of Lebron. Did he capitalize on that talent, feel grateful for the love of an entire country and lead his team? No. After his rookie season he fell in love with his jumper, grew increasingly soft, exaggerated his ever more frequent injuries, started teasing the fans with weird quotes, displayed zero leadership and then quit on his team to force a trade. Any self-respecting group of fans would not have forgiven a player for that. So yeah, for a little while Vince was the shit in Canada, and I remember that, but suffice to say he’s not exactly my favourite player.

  • Dagomar

    hwm3: if you lived in Toronto you’d know that the Raptors are among the best-attended teams in the league, even though they do usually suck. They’re also one of the most profitable teams in the league.

  • H-Dawg

    As an Canadian, I HATE Vince Carter.

    As a basketball fan, he’s cool.

  • kevin

    forgive him? when did he apologise?


    Look on the brightside.. at least Toronto guys have DRAKE to save hip hop. LOL!!

  • MoneyMattitude

    well at least Toronto has DRAKE to save hip hop… LOL!!

  • http://Myspace.com/FrozenState ThaLiveKing

    The only reason why the Raptors offered him that, was to look good on their part, or have something to do. They don’t care about Vince Carter, Nor do they care about bringing a championship to Toronto. Which is why, Vince said fuck it. Y’all don’t pay attention. What has Colangelo done to make this team better? Nothing. They just construct a team every year, you guys come with your flags and shit and enjoy the Raptors lose. Vince wanted to win here, the Organization wasnt serious about that.

    Y’all acting like Vince is the first player to demand trades cause he didn’t like what was going on. NBA players are merely pons and marketing tools. You want to win a championship, go to teams that are serious about winning, Spurs, Lakers, Celtics, Magic, Cleveland, Indiana, Utah, Atlanta, Denver, don’t ever mention the Raptors, cause they haven’t showed us why they jacked up the prices for tickets.

    Leafs and Raptors should have contenders every year, they don’t, Why? They ain’t serious about winning

  • Off-Curry

    @damon: LOL – I think we’re on the same page

  • ironchefjr

    Dear Vince Carter…

    I am guessing you feel “chewed” with all the illustrious attention you’re getting on this occasion. I am not a fan of yours, never liked your game even when compared to “His Airness”. When you were in town playing for Toronto, I paid attention to two things in the game: “Team Playing or Leadership”. Never saw you or even attempted to shine above them.

    I have seen many of your stunts (when the price is right) in most of the sportsnet headline news. I do believe you could’ve gained full respect from Torontonians, and most importantly, Toronto Raptors fans, if you would’ve apologized for those mistakes, right after admitting to them.

    In essence, its now the logical thing to do. Still, you feel don’t owe anything to this pleasant crowd. Think again. Be a leader now and do the right thing. Not all of us here are as ungrateful as they portray us.

    Hopefully you read this and follow my advice. When its done, next time you’re in town, come for dinner at my place.

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    How could he hate toronto, doesn’t it have the worlds largest mall?

  • dave

    retire his jersey cuz he brought us this close to reachin the eastern finals n then decided to go to a graduation on the same day of tat game7?

  • egypt

    its toronto… who cares??

    they will hate bosh just as much next year anyways and after spending another decade in the lottery, they will strike it rich again with another promising superstar, and then he will leave after his rookie contract and they will forget about bosh and hate him lol

  • spirow

    I love vince he put the team on the map. . . He was better then kobe in that era. . . The reason why we hated vince soo much was because two reasons . . . 1) He demanded a trade right away giving the team little choice to get something back in return . . . One of the worse trades in NBA history. . . 2) He called out torontos play to indiana pacers and that’s what was the speculation around the media. . . just check this link out and tell me what you think. . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuqD9XiMNv0 type in 10 reasons vince carter hated in toronto . . .The man admitted he didn’t try. . .

  • arisloco

    Raptors is not a contender team anyway. Hedo just played for that team just to receive $$… Bosh will definitely leave the team next summer and guess what, they will also hate him. Typical looser Raptors!

  • T-DOT1

    This is the best way to describe it (why we still boo vince).
    “It’s a thin line between love and hate.”
    I’m from TO. I loved Vince at one point till he left us. All the other issues that surrounded the trade…..who cares, its done. Almost every person who boos him, it means that they miss him. The Raps havent accomplished much since he left (other than Atlantic division title), but we all know why that happened. Fluke! I admit, there are a lot of STUPID fans in Toronto, or i guess a better word to describe it would be ignortant. But lets be REAL for a second here. The reason why WE BOO, is cuz somewhere deep inside, EVERY Toronto fan still wishes he was here. Its a thin line between love and hate.