Smack / Nov 25, 2009 / 3:20 am

The Longest Yard

Monta Ellis

If you were ever going to forgive a guy for committing double-digit turnovers in one game, forgive Monta Ellis for his 11 miscues last night. With the majority of Golden State’s roster out of action (including Nellie, who has pneumonia) Monta was one of three guys who played all 48 minutes against Dallas and led the Warriors to a win. Anthony Morrow and Vlad Rad also put in a full night’s work, as fill-in coach Keith Smart used just six players. Smart looks like he could’ve put on some kicks and dropped a few baseline jumpers, but that’s probably against some rule … Monta dominated the game, finishing with 37 points (15-29 FG), eight assists and four steals. Against teams like the Warriors, the Mavs typically stick J.J. Barea on the quickest guard to spare Jason Kidd and Jason Terry, but Barea had nothing for Monta, who had as much explosiveness late in the fourth quarter as he did early in the first … We woke up Tuesday morning to read about the Wizards having problems. Again. This time it was Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler jabbing at each other while the team was coming off two straight blowout losses. Then the team learned that owner Abe Pollin, the longest-tenured owner in the NBA who oversaw the team since they were the Bullets, passed away Tuesday at 85 years old, and it all seemed pretty silly … Playing in front of Pollin’s empty owner’s box at the Verizon Center, the Wizards pulled off a win over the also-struggling Sixers. Antawn Jamison had 32 points and 14 boards, as the Wizards let a 15-point lead dwindle down to one when Lou Williams‘ crossover left Gilbert standing still with whiplash and scored with 40 seconds left. Williams (26 pts) then forced Arenas into a turnover, setting up a chance at a game-winner. Lou got Arenas on a step-back move and got off a good look from three, but it missed … Why wasn’t Nick Young playing more before yesterday? He scored 20 points starting at two-guard for the injured Mike Miller. And remember that guy DeShawn Stevenson that played for Washington once upon a time? He got off the bench for a minute and a half … Ronnie Brewer might have the toughest job of any starter in the NBA. At his regular two-guard spot, he’s got to battle the likes of Kobe, D-Wade, Joe Johnson, B-Roy, Ray Allen and Monta every night. (And if he gets lit up, he can’t even use the excuse that he needs to conserve some energy for offense, plus he gets to have Jerry Sloan scream at him.) Then Brewer slides to the three last night for the injury-racked Jazz, and finds himself lining up across from Kevin Durant‘s unlimited range and 6-foot-10-ness. Durant dropped 28 points on Brewer in an OKC win … It’s kind of scary that having a huge band-aid on his face looks natural on Paul Millsap (19 pts, 7 rebs). If he wasn’t in the NBA, he’d be a boxer or an MMA fighter … Other big stat lines from Tuesday: Kobe put up 34 points and three steals in a win over the Knicks; Carmelo scored 27 to send the Nets to another loss; and Danny Granger had 36 points, nine boards, five assists and seven threes in a loss to the Raptors … Anybody who has NCAA Basketball 2010 knows why 80% of the people you’re gonna play online want to use Kentucky. John Calipari‘s squad is stacked. Yesterday they beat the breaks off Cleveland State behind John Wall‘s 15 points and six dimes and highlight-reel dunks. When Wall goes pro after this year and gets enlisted to save the Bobcats or Grizzlies, would you give Calipari credit for turning him into a top pick? That was the argument we had yesterday: Whether Coach Cal deserves his reputation as this great producer of NBA point guards. Tell us what you think HERE … We’re out like Monta’s legs …

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  • Johann

    John Wall FTW

  • Judas

    Beat The Breaks! Hahahaha! I remember that line from Next Friday!

    And I always thought it was beat the brakes.

    Doggone Black Folks!

  • alf (from melmak)

    Was not able to watch any of the games but like what I have been saying — Jazz is lottery bound.

    From how Dime described it, what the Warriors did was close to amazing. I would love to watch a replay of that game.

    RIP Abe Pollin. Who would be the next owner to go?

    No meal allowance for today.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Thunder just keep on keepin on.
    Just gotta make sure they beat those lowly teams and they are heading to the playoffs.

  • Big Sia

    John Wall was nice way before kentucky.

    Just like Jennings was ILL way before italy.

    Brooklyn Nets!

  • Jah

    Your ’09-’10 Western Conference Playoff Teams:

    1. Los Angeles Lakers
    2. Denver Nuggets
    3. Phoenix Suns
    4. Dallas Mavericks
    5. San Antonio Spurs
    6. Portland Trailblazers
    7. Houston Rockets
    8. Utah Jazz

  • Jah

    Oh yeah, did anyone see the PTI interview with Brandon Jennings?

    Says that he drives a Ford (or maybe a Toyota), lives 10 minutes from the practice facility and saves his money because he hears that “there’s a chance of a lock out in 2 years and he doesn’t want to get caught unprepared.”

    Not calling him a dummy beforehand but I think that time in Italy helped him see US culture for what it really is (sometimes)…lots of unnecessary spending.

    Brandon Jennings just became one of my favorite players. Rookie of the Year!

  • arisloco

    Granger is a ballhog!

  • Josh Tha roc

    Gee Jah
    I think I coulda written those names down pre season, maybe sans the rockets for Nola. You don’t have to from melmak to see that the thunder are legit. That’s what’s up. The thunder are taking control of the west.

    (just thought I’d put in as many dime reader names as I could..haha)

  • steve nasty

    Granger is the man

  • http://twitter.com/sum_cut_up emory

    nick young put in work last year….i dont know why the wiz hated on him for foye and miller

  • That’s what’s up

    I don’t know if Thunder are taking control of the West, but they are dangerous already

    Have the Nets won a game yet? 0-13, 0-14, 0-15 ???
    Brutally Bad


    Watchin’ the replay of Warriors/Mavs…

    How a team can win with Mikki Moore as their starting centre is beyond me…
    His post moves are funny to watch tho

  • Diggity Dave

    I really really really hope John Wall doesn’t go to die in Memphis or Charlotte. He’d be a great recruitment tool for NJ, but the worst team rarely gets the top pick. :/

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Brogden/507128757 GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Damn Nets, this sh*t aint even funny no more.

    Nick and Foye with Boykins backing ‘em up is a better fit than lock-knee’d Gil.

    Oh yeah, that’s right, he’s what you call a ‘major investment.’

    Speaking of thier owner, ya know, maybe they should go back to being the BULLETS.

    Props to Golden State, I was running through they scores last weekend and realized Monta and somebody else was playing 48 straight.

    That’s what’s up.

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla

    Britney Griner~Britney Griner~Britney Griner~Britney Griner~Britney Griner~Britney Griner~Britney Griner~Britney Griner~Britney Griner~Britney


    She missed a drop step one the other night off a sick around the back pass. this one she bangs on the pick-n-roll in a half court setting. This revolution WILL be televised!

  • Paul Wall

    Chicagorilla- Whats your thing with Britney Griner? Saw you had made a post about her in another article? Who is she? Just curious not hating.

  • That’s what’s up

    @16 – bet I could get my whole foot up in there

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    Can Nellie either get too sick to coach ever again, or if the Warriors win a couple can those idiots paying his salary realize that he’s the problem? Anything, please…

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    You talk about wall but give no love to my boy Evan turner droppin he’s second triple double in 5 games? Hate hate hate hate…

    Ya Jennings drives a ford p.o.s cuz it’s his first car and he says he’s got plenty of time. Granger isn’t a ball hog, he’s just hot no one to pass too. Looking like a tmac career coming up. HOW does Lawrence frank still have a job… HOW? in 48 minutes I’m surprised morrow didn’t break some shot attempts record. And who gives a damn about the Baylor girl? She’s 6 f’n 8… Wow she can dunk. She better dunk wit her lanky ass. And it wasn’t even anything nice. Let’s not hype it like they tried to when Candace uses to rattle home dunks.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Bron42–I’m with you on this…

    did candace really win this comp?


    no, she didn’t.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    maybe she did, no one landed shit…

  • http://www.FireLuviSmith.bastard Chicagorilla


    She’s the next great thing(after Mya Moore) in college ball(Women’s). 6’6, long arms, athletic, has a pretty good floor game too. Drop step dunks ON players.

    I’m a true basketball enthusiast, and I am under the impression that the people visiting this site would also have that same love/respect for the game of basketball. If you can’t see the special qualities that Candace Parker or Britney Griner brings to the game, then you should probably ask your boyfriend to remove his testicles off your eye lids or you can stop pretending like you know basketball. Either way, you’d still be a jagaloon.


    yeah Candace won, but that was mainly because every guy missed their dunks. While she was hitting hers, she didn’t do anything special (outside of covering her eyes on one) but her dunking in itself is still amazing. She also was on a bad knee. She even attempted to dunk during the McD’s game, but her future teammate, I think it was Alexis Hornbuckle, fouled her on the fast break.

  • Jah
  • lee

    The only female sport I really need to watch are those bra and panties matches !!!

  • wifey

    What if the Jazz wind up with John Wall. A backcourt with D-Will, John Wall and Eric Maynor would be killer

  • LakeShow84

    Man it was fun posting up them midgets last night lol

    On one possession Bynum had Harrington on him and just as he went up and got the AND 1 one of the Laker announcer just busted out with MISMATCH! funniest part was i think everyone in the building said the same thing when they saw it..

    And it was all game lol gotta love small ball teams..

    on name bases alone why would anyone think “Small Ball” would get them past the finish the line?? what do you play for if ur not playing for championships??

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    @chico, just like I tell everyone else who makes dumb comments to me, goggle my name before you start questioning my basketball knowledge. Not only have I trained with and balled against candace but I never said she wasn’t worth watching. I said letsnot overhype some gargantuan chick barely make a dunk from time to time on girls half her size. Candace is amazing but she barely cleared her dunk on a fast break at 6’5. Sorry if it doesn’t impress me. Does it take away respect from her game? No but did I cream my pants like everyone else seems to have? Come on now. She’s taller than average guy height, let alone girl height. She will be a beast but let’s not highlight everytime she dunks 1 handed.

    @ sans, as a Dunker myself, ya she won but only cuz the guys were stupid and went outside their comfort zones. Candace did the same basic dunk 3 times and they couldn’t make anything. She did wat she knew they could do, they didn’t.