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Time Is Running Out For Byron Scott

Byron Scott

The New Orleans Hornets have been declining ever since their magical 2008 Playoff run where they were one game away from the Western Conference Finals. After a disappointing 2008-09 season and a 3-5 start this year, it looks like the Hornets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. David West’s stats are down, Morris Peterson and Julian Wrighthave been horrible, Okafor is struggling to fit in and Chris Paul seems unhappy. While the blame can be passed around in N.O., Byron Scott will probably be the scapegoat.

Although there isn’t too much talk about firing Scott at this point of the season, it’s just a matter of time. There are subtle signs that he is no longer viewed as the coach of the future. His contract is up at the end of the season and there haven’t been talks of any extension. With the roster healthier than last season and the trade for Okafor, this Hornets should have been a better team than last year.

You also wonder if Scott is starting to lose his team’s ear a little bit. The Hornets have lost by 10 or more points in four of their five losses. The Hornets have been horrible defensively, particularly with their defensive rotations and contesting shots around the perimeter. They gave up 14 threes to Toronto last week and another 12 to the Lakers a few nights later. People have also complained about some of his coaching decisions. Everything from his choice to start Wright at the beginning of the year, to his failure to develop any of his rookies to properly managing CP’s minutes.

Of course, a lot falls on his players too. You can say James Posey hasn’t done anything since he left Boston and Peja Stojakovic has been an underachiever. But whether it is entirely Scott’s fault or not, New Orleans might just need a change in voice. Whatever they’re trying clearly isn’t working and the team has started to give up on Scott. It’s always sad when axing the coach becomes the convenient solution, but that’s the name of the game in the NBA.

What do you guys think? Does Scott deserve to get fired? What other coach is on the chopping block?

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  • Kudabeen

    This is one of those situations where a coach is being hug out to dry. What coach would find a way to win with these players? Why isn’t the GM getting fired?

    They needed a wing forever. I will say I though Scott wasn’t patient with JR Smith, but Earl was a jackass…

    I wish Sixer’s had a coach like Byron Scott. Eddie Jordan just wasn’t a good look…I just wonder if Scott can have success without a hall or fame caliber pg.

  • http://www.realgm.com Rare Air

    This is pure garbage. First and foremost the management for NO is a freaking joke, why should B. Scott be held liable? Even if he does get chopped he would find a job quite soon. I do love the notion of him in LA once Phil decides to hang it up, Rambis blew that one.

    He is dealing with a team of disgruntled players as well which never helps, again that can be aimed back at management.

    The one in this situation who really suffers is CP3, dude is going to waste all of his good years for a lousy franchise that won’t ever win anything.

  • LakeShow84

    Thats the name of the game in any sport.. But i think a big piece was them letting Butler go this offseason.. dude been good in LA and he was sort of like CP3’s last thin security blanket at times.. plus what are they getting out of the 2-3 positions now?? yeah right..

    I think the rest of the league caught up with David West’s “lemme hide on the wing until he finds me” game and Posey had one good series where he could grab KB’s jersey for 5-6 games and got cashed out.. god bless horrible officiating.. got that scrub payed..

    And Peja aint done shit since Indiana.. where he hadnt done shit since Sac.. where he hadnt done shit period besides drain 3’s and play horrible D..

    Scott needs to be on a veteran team.. hes an old school coach and old school coaches dont mix well with young teams nowadays.. when it goes wrong young teams all lose faith in the system and think they know better..

    And what rookies??

  • http://www.dimemag.com A-Slam

    Lawrence Frank and Jim ‘O Brien are definately on the hot seat

  • Rizwan

    I dont think Lawrence Frank is going anywhere yet anyway. Nets were gonna suck with all of its players but they have a lengthy injury list.

    Indiana and Jim O’Brien is a weird one. I dont know what he can achieve with that team. I dont think its a playoff team even in a crappy ECF.

    Byron Scott has made some mistakes but money is playing an issue everywhere. They’re no way near contending so I dont think I would spend my money in the offseason either.

    BTW, who the fuck voted for Rondo in that poll?

  • That’s whats up

    surprised CP3 hasn’t pushed off Byron Scott during a timeout

  • johnsacrimoni

    I don’t think Okafor has been bad, I actually think he has played fairly well. Problem is, he and CP3 are the only ones. West is playing poorly and outside of those three, who do you have? How can you win on a consistent basis with the worst set of wing players in the NBA?

  • Da_Griff

    Byron will get his ass fired soon. He’s a “face” coach. All image, no substance.

    Hornets need someone fresh, and someone who cares about D. This team is low on heart.

  • Mo

    Quote from CP3…

    “There’s no frustration. I’m fine, ” the two-time All-Star and one-time league MVP runner-up said before the Hornets departed for a three-game West-Coast road trip that begins tonight here in Staples Center against the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers. “The only thing is I just want to win. It’s not like everyone is blowing it up to be.

    “You know, it’s funny. Everybody is saying I’m playing with this look on my face. Well, they must have just started watching me play yesterday. Because I’ve been like that. That’s my normal thing. A guy like K.G. (Celtics forward Kevin Garnett) who doesn’t smile during the game, people love that about him. But me, they want me smiling. That (unsmiling visage), it’s been me since Day One.”

    It amazes how badly people want CP3 to be unhappy so he’ll want out of New Orleans.

  • Mo

    Like he said… “It’s not like everyone is blowing it up to be”. It’s said that some are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

  • Mo

    If you listen to some of you people one would think the Hornets are 0-8. They’re trying to incorporate new players in the system. It’s not as bad as some of you WANT it to be.

  • Mo

    There’s an article below on the Jazz’s disappointing start but yet no one is claiming Deron Williams is unhappy. I guess because no one cares enough about him to wish he’d want out of Utah. No one is talking about Lebron being unhappy that he and his Cavs aren’t 8-0 after acquiring one of the biggest offseason acquisitions. Only CP3 is unhappy in this league. Give me a f*ckin break.

  • Coop

    ^ Dime had an article about Deron possibly wanting a move just the other day, guy.

  • jzsmoove

    Byron Scott will pay the price for management’s deficiency in creating a competitive team. I seen a couple of their games (1 win, 1 loss) and both times their team game stunk like unwiped ass. CP3 does what he does best and that is it pretty much.

  • nola

    cp3 loves this city. he doesnt want out. he wants to win, i can almost gaurantee that. also you’re quite wrong about okafor. he’s been doing great actually. the blame is on the management for their terrible moves in the offseason, their terrible draft picks and their cheap attitude. signing peja was one of the stupidest deals i’ve ever seen in the nba. by the way, david west is by far the most efficient PF in the game, regarding how much he gets paid and the production he gives to the team.

  • QQ

    Agree with the comments saying that everyone is making such a big fucking deal with this.

    Come on, they’re 3-5. That’s 8 games into the season. What?! We have only SEVENTY FOUR GAMES left?! Everybody panic! Trade everyone and fire the coach!!! We have no time left!!!

    Sheesh. Fuck this shit.

  • Kudabeen

    Byron Scott officially fired today…

  • Spur Fan

    Byron Scott made the hornets relevant… what a classy way to pay the man back. how quickly a city can get spoiled by success…

  • Leroy Shonuff

    Firing Scott is not the answer, but it is a step in the right direction. Second they need to trade mo pet and j wright to golden state for jackson. That trade makes them better and sets their bench. Marcus can get mintues as the backup 2 guard and posey can play the 3 which moves peja to the bench where he can ball against weaker 3’s. Peja d is horrible and moving him to the bench gives N.O a scorer off the Bench. Plus N.O starting five would be very good(1cp3 2sjackson 3posey 4david 5emeka)…that’s a good team right there