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Top 5 power forwards of all-time

The One

The One

In basketball and every other major pro team sport, we always seem to be in the middle of a period where one position is enjoying a “Golden Era.” Right now, a lot of people would say this is a Golden Era for point guards in the NBA. And if you haven’t seen Dime’s NBA preview issue yet, there I wrote that we’re seeing the beginning of a Golden Era for small forwards.

At the beginning of this decade, though, we were in the age of the power forward. As legends like Karl Malone and Charles Barkley were on their way out, All-Stars like Tim Duncan and Chris Webber and Kevin Garnett were in their prime, and youngsters like Elton Brand, Kenyon Martin and Amar’e Stoudemire were on the come-up. Looking around today, there aren’t as many elite PF’s on the NBA landscape, and historically, the four has been the one position that isn’t as littered with all-time greats.

In the TNT studio last night, Kenny Smith showed me and him are on the same page by naming Duncan his pick for greatest power forward of all-time, with Malone second and Barkley third.

I wouldn’t argue much with that, and taking it a step further, I’d throw Garnett at the fourth spot, but deciding on five is tough. Kevin McHale has the rings and solid numbers, but then C-Webb had a ridiculous amount of talent, and Dirk Nowitzki brings the element of being able to do one thing — shoot from the outside — better than anyone at the position has ever done. And I have to mention Shawn Kemp, who would’ve cracked the list easily if he hadn’t gotten in his own way. If I had to choose right now, I’d go with Dirk as the fifth guy.

Who are the five greatest power forwards of all-time?

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  • NYG

    Derrick Coleman!

  • 2 Easy

    I like the 5 u have but in the earlier post i saw another reader put this same list together and put Dirk as an honorable mention at #6 but Mchale at 5 cause of the rings.

  • Celtics10

    Duncan,Malone,Barkley,KG,James Worthy

  • CJ

    Dirk over kevin mchale? kevin mchale defined the low post and was a great defender. Dirk may be a great shooter, but has a very average post game and is a suspect defender. as for top five.

    and although i’ve never seen him play, apparently petit was phenomenal. beat russell’s celtics for a chip. during the nba’s 50th annivesary russ said petit was the greatest pf of all time.

  • the_don_mega

    hey AB, where’d you put worm in your list? top 10?

  • mcw88

    1. TD
    2. Malone
    3. KG
    4. Barkley
    5. McHale
    #6 Dirk

    3 of these guys (TD, KG & Dirk) are still playing so its a bit too soon to cement their placements. A championship would seriously put up a case for Dirk (& make ppl forget about that Miami and Golden State debacle) and another ring + FINALS MVP would see KG change places with Malone.

    I think TD’s the only name likely to remain unchanged.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Rodman would definitely be in the Top 12, maybe the Top 10.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Duncan, Malone, Chuck, KG, Dirk,
    McHale, Petit, McAdoo–but I think he was 3 as well–Worm, CWebb

    You have to go MVPs over rings, McHale never had to be the Man because he had Bird, Chief, and a stacked squad at all times…John Salley has 5 rings, does he deserve a mention?

    Big Game James was a 3

  • deeds

    mchale HAS to be in the top 5….are you kidding me?

  • Brown


  • AdvancedMind

    Ill pass some more crack around for you guys…
    Dirk over McHale? I agree with CJ and im not going to be as nice cause Dirks D is not suspect its horrible.

  • vinny

    Elvin Hayes

  • AdvancedMind

    Dirk is Bob Macadoo… Dont where all this Dirk is like nobody else comes from..

  • AdvancedMind




  • yoda

    what did webber do to get into top 5, except choke? talent is one thing, being able to turn talent into winner is another thing.

  • .

    ditto @16 – c webb had a tremendous amount of UNREALIZED talent

  • Showtime

    I’d take Rodman in his prime over C-Webb any day of the week

  • Celts Fan

    Wow some of these lists are bad…

    1. Timmy (the only way you can even consider arguing this is if you think he’s been more center than PF since Admiral retired – not true really. Only in the last year or so has he really been a center and had a PF next to him that they were just calling a center – sorry, McDeuss is a friggin 4. Stop the charade.)

    2. McHale – McHale had one of the best sets of post moves the game has ever seen and was the 2nd option on 3 title teams including one that people consider, AT WORST, the 3rd best team of all time. Limped through the ’87 season (and was never the same) on a bum leg instead of getting surgery, ending his season early, and probably adding years to his career because (I’m paraphrasing) he didn’t want to give up a year when it seemed like they had a great chance at a ring. He said something like, “I can heal later. How many chances do you really get for a ring?” Man had the heart of a champion. Now if we could only do something about those sweaters…

    3. Malone – The #s don’t lie, but if you absolutely need a bucket late in a game, you wanted to go to Stockton, not him. Has to count for something…

    4. KG – Say what you want, but now that he’s “certified,” you have to take a really hard look at the numbers too. He’s top 50 all time in points, boards, blocks, steals, and assists and is one of the best defenders in the history of the game. Put him with Manu, Admiral, and TP for the last decade and he’s probably on top of this list (though, I’ll give you that Timmy would’ve done just as much – if not more – with those AWFUL Minnesota teams McHale saddled him with. No word yet one when the trial starts for McHale robbing him of his prime and what plea Joe Smith copped to to stay a free man.)

    5. Barkley – All the skills in the world, but no D and didn’t really seem super dedicated to the game for a superduperstar. Having said all that, he was THE GUY on the Dream Team despite the talent around him so maybe he could be higher, but if I’m starting an all-time NBA team, he’s my 5th choice at PF (and my first choice for anything where he gets a live mic and freedom to say whatever he wants. Also, if I was in charge of the NBA, I’d get guys like Barkley on a pay-channel calling games and tell them, “You can say absolutely anything you want. In fact, we encourage it. Swear, rip guys, drink on-air. ANYTHING.” You’re telling me you wouldn’t spend $10 a month to watch games called like that?!?

    and just for shits and giggles (I’m going w/ Austin’s “Evolution of the Game Theory” here that, while some of these guys wouldn’t be able to keep up if you pulled them from their period and plopped them into the NBA right away, if they grew up today with their same natural gifts, they’d adapt to today’s game and be ready to rock.)

    6. Pettit
    7. Elvin Hayes
    8. Rodman
    9. Dirk (not an alpha-dog for a title team, we all know this now, so I’ll take a GODLY “role player” that starts in Worm over him.)
    10. Jerry Lucas

  • Soopa


    Completely agree!

    Duncan, KG, Barkley, Malone and Dirk

  • Yucca Man

    1. Tim
    2. McHale – go watch some YouTube clips of the dude, Dime readers! Go watch from ESPN classics from the ’80’s Celts. Best post moves I’ve ever seen. Dominant, long defense. That anyone puts him out of the top 4 … oh man. The NBA didn’t start when Michael Jordan started winning the championships.
    3. Malone
    4. Barkley
    5. Pettit

  • http://www.ballers.cz DZ

    Larry Bird…?

  • Nyeme

    Duncan, Malone, McHale, Barkley & Pettit

    Y’all really overrate KG. Y’all just gonna ignore him as a choker but put Chris Webber on blast? KG made it out of the first round how many times as a TWolve? Once? He consistently disappeared in the 4th quarter, Webber at least during the final minutes. They are actually the same player.

  • ctkennedy

    barkley is overrated he shouldnt be in the top five of all-time he played like he mad for 3-4minutes a game and then be a mismatch the rest of the game no d a black hole on offense ala zach randolph he just played in a era with no leapers at the four but him

  • Dagomar

    I agree with Celts Fan, except I have a tough time leaving out Dirk (although I would). Dirk’s interior D is hardly on the same level as those other guys, and his rebounding is average. But when it comes to ball handling and scoring, he’s the best PF of all time. And he’s more clutch than either Malone or KG. He’d be my #6.

  • liukz


    If anybody leaves MacHale and Worthy out of their top 5
    the dont know shit about basketball

    Tim duncan is like the last of the REAL power forwards
    and with all the rules changes i dont see anything like them.

    Pau Gasol and Garnnet are great too. I think Garnett is overated because of the Celtic years. He never took the wolves to the FInals like malone and barkley did.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    How is Dirk makin all these lists when he has done noooooothing. He’s the best tall shooter, we get it but he hasn’t won anything and is about just as famous for choking as webber. If we go by rings Dirk doesn’t make it and if we go by personal stats he still doesn’t with his one shakey MVP. I still say Duncan, Barkley,Malone,kg,mchale,…dirk might make top 10 but not to 5 jus cuz he can shot. He’s like a shooting version of kemp. Can shoot but wats else has he brought or done

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    @Kennedy, Barkley was like 6’5 and did all that

    @Liukz, kg had one of the worst supporting cast of all time most of his career. Not really his fault. And Nash is supposedly a top 5 point guard to some people and he’s never even sniffed the finals on waaayyyybetter squads. Kgs stats and the way his defense instantly set the celtics apart puts him on the top 5 list. Changed the whole team just by presence and attitude

  • Marques

    1. Charles Barkley
    2. Tim Duncan
    3. Karl Malone
    4. Dennis Rodman
    5. Kevin Garnett

    Chris Webber would be my next choice too!

  • Celts Fan

    @liukz – Worthy was a 3 and would barely crack top 5 (I’d slide him into Barkley’s 5th spot.)

    @nyeme – KG is INFINITELY better than CWebb on D and has much better stats (career and seasonal,) an MVP, a chip, and more longevity. He also has a ring as the #2 guy and was more clutch than CWebb (though that’s basicaly like saying I’d rather eat dirt than poop.)

    Also, if KG had teammates in Minn like CWebb did in Sacto, we’d be talking about him winning at least one chip instead of people conveniently forgetting how McHale stole his prime by costing them 4 outta 5 #1s to illegally sign Joe Smith. The one year he had teammates, they get to the WCF, then they broke iup the team. You only look at stat sheets, don’t you? Sayng KG and CWebb were the same player is tje most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to you. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • hwm3

    I always have issues with top 5 of all time lists. If you look at how soft the NBA is compared to even the 90’s guys like Duncan, KG and Dirk couldn’t handle dealing the the Knicks or Pistons from back in the day. Imagine KG barking at Oakley, Barkley, Malone or the Worm back in the day. KG would still be in a body cast. Imagine Duncan’s whinny face if he played in the early 90’s or 80’s?

  • Raj S

    How do you define a power forward as opposed to a small forward or center? KG has played SF most of his career in Minnesota. Duncan would have played center had David Robinson had not been on his team for the first couple of years of his career. And how about Jason Kidd? He is a shooting guard right now when Barea is on the floor, but we all know he is a point guard.
    If I was forced to put players at positions, I’d put Barkley, KG, and Dirk at small forward. But ever since Magic Johnson played point guard, I have been opposed to position classifications anyway.

  • MSkittle

    What about Bob Pettit!!!

  • AdvancedMind

    1. Anderson Vajay jay
    2. Anderson Vajay jay
    3. Anderson Vajay jay
    4. Anderson Vajay jay
    5. Anderson Vajay jay

  • Sanssasin

    i’m going with:


  • Jackson

    Connie Hawkins!! Just ask Wilt

  • Chawls

    Shawn Kemp!!!!!

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    wow, can’t believe AB forgot about Pettit . . . that’s cold.

  • mules

    Courtney Paris

  • Dennis

    1. Tim Duncan
    2. Moses Malone
    3. Karl Malone
    4. Charles Barkley
    5. Kevin Garnett
    5b. Kevin McHale

  • DarthSickness

    There are dudes(Otis Thorpe?) who coulda killed some of the modern day starters. he was just one of those forgotten guys from say, the EIGHTIES that people either forgot about, or never even heard of. top five for Otis? No way, but better maybe than some names being bandied about.

  • Diego

    Glad to see vinny and Celts fan mention Elvin Hayes–He was fantasic and the key to the Bullets’ success. I am barely old enough to remember watching him play; I am sure most Dime readers probably never heard of him.

    Basically, what you all are doing is a list of top 5 power forwards in last 20 years.) In any event, Rodman belongs nowhere on the list–he was just a 1-trick pony. Kudos on McAdoo mention also. KG is WILDLY overrated.

    Duncan, Malone and McHale definitely on list. Then, guys that come to my mind include Elvin Hayes (so much better than KG and a lot of these other guys, it just is not even funny), McAdoo, Barkley, Maurice Lucas, Dirk, Jack Sikma (although he played center year Sonics took title), George McGinnis. And I’ll throw Garnett in there to appease folks.

    Worthy was small forward for Lakers; Rambis was their power forward.

  • GMaGoof

    I guess Elvin Hayes was considered primarily a center then? I remember him as primarily a PF while on the Bullets with Unseld as the C. Hey,if PF he should be at the 5 spot. Has a career long 2 way game, ring, 12 All Stars, stats, warrior reputation. Seems like a Shue-in to me.

  • Hugo

    I would go with:

    Also, i don’t get how people like the @26 can say that dirk has done noooothing in this league. It’s a shame that you don’t watch him play regularly. He came into the league as a big guy who can shoot, something along the lines of 50% on 2, 40% on 3 and 90% on fts … As every player, he has developed a lot since he came to the nba. When Avery took over the mavs, he started to play a lot more inside, he draws a lot of fouls since then, and when he does that, shoots at a 90% clip. Saying that he chokes is something really dumb, just watch what he does on the playoffs, he is one of what, 5 players in the history to average 25 / 11 for the playoffs. He always increases his averages on the big stage. Unless you look into the 2006 finals, when Miami started to triple team him (and nobody on the mavs could hit a shot aside from harris) and wade recorded 30fts a game. Yeah, he has one shaky MVP, after leading his team to 67 wins that year, losing to the warriors after that when Nellie outcoached Avery and put 2 or 3 guys on Dirk and nobody could hit a shot again.
    If you look at how he is playing this year (just try to watch a mavs game), he is doing a lot of work at D. Always doing great plays on both sides of the games. Against Utah, he had 29 points on the 4th to swing the game from 17 down, but most important he had 2 blocks at the end of the quarter and some really good D.
    And I don’t get how you put Barkley as second and Dirk hardly on the top 10. Both won MVPs with no title, Barkley had 11 allstars, 11 all-nba and olympics gold medal.
    Dirk has been on 8 straight all stars, 9 all-nba teams (4 times First Team) and has carried those crap German teams through the Olympics and all that. If you take the whole carrer, they’re not that far apart. And if you want to really witness how fantastic Dirk is, watch a few mavs games … Sorry for the long post.

  • Claw

    1. TD
    2. Malone
    3. McHale
    4. Elvin Hayes
    5. Barkley
    6. KG
    7. Bob Pettit
    8. Dirk
    9. Dave Debusschere

    Don’t forget the old school guys!

  • Diego

    @ DarthSickness: Yeah, you absolutely nailed it. Lots of guys 20-30 years ago who loved to mix it up and would dominate today–more names–Lonnie Shelton, Truck Robinson, the bruise brothers from the Bullets.

  • Cp

    Malone was the greatest. He ate Timmy alive.

  • TJ Bird

    Tell me again how many rings malone’s got?!?
    He couldn’t even Win with Kobe, Shaq and GP, but you rank em at 2.
    Everybody knows Dallas got robbed against Miami…
    Dirk should be on every Top 5 list.

  • Peli

    I could see Bosh on this list at the end of the day. If he keeps averaging 20-10 for his career and has a couple seasons like this at 27-12 he should definetly be labeled as an all time great.


  • Ian

    really? rookie td vs overrated malone the only thing i remember about him is jordan making him look like a fool. malone wasnt the best player on his team. how many times did he lead his team to a ring?
    kg is a bit overrated so is barkley and someone had him at one on his list.

    top three
    bob p

    4. malone

    5. arguable between barkley , kg and dirk.


  • Ian

    u have to win or at least get deep into the playoffs. i know no one wins alone but ive seen players take scrubs deep in the playoffs (pre duncan admiral and lebron for example).

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    I could see bosh or Amar’e making the list but not yet–they gotta do something to prove it…and y’all are right, I do not know enough about Elvin Hayes…put him in my top ten over McAdoo–because he was a 3.

    Otis Thorpe was nasty–but not HOF nasty…him and Mad Max Vernon Maxwell should have put together a tagteam for the NWO when they finished playing. But for real, how much better was Thorpe than Tyrone Hill?

    Oh, and this shit is hilarious:

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    And Petit should be taken off the list for what he did to Sweet Tea Clifton…

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    On my all white boys squad, McHale is number 5, now way does he rank any higher on this list…

  • Lex

    Charles Barkley says McHale is the best power forward of all time. Any list that doesn’t include mchale at positions 1,2 or 3 is a joke.

  • Dave

    Tim Duncan is a center, hello?

    1- Malone, any GM would take him first based on the career, just ask.
    2- Barkley, anyone who is the go to guy and leading scorer on Dream Team is not overrated.
    3- nobody
    4- nobody
    5- McHale
    6- KG
    7- Truck Robinson
    8- Elvin Hayes (was he really a power forward though or more like what LeBron plays?)

  • Name (required)


    @anyone who says Dirk Doesn’t belong on the list… Neither him, Barkley or Malone won rings, but Dirk is probably the best scorer at the PF position ever. Malone had 18 years next to the greatest passing pg of all time so its unfair to compare stats, but you know if u wanted a bucket then Dirk would be your man, in the post or on the perimeter.
    also, in his MVP season he took a team where JASON TERRY was the second best player to 67 wins.. thats impressive.

  • E

    where’s elvin hayes and rest of the old school ringers. guess barkley and c-webb did more than them.

  • buck

    duncan’s a pf. dirk belongs on the list somewhere. i’m pretty sure mchale had a pretty good “supporting cast” also.

  • Celts Fan

    @50 – umm, you’re forgetting young Devin Harris and Josh Howard (and Marquis Daniels.) Jet was damn good, but he wasn’t the 2nd best player on that team.

    Also, you’re out of your GD mind if you think anyone would ever take Dirk over KG knowing what we know now if you could go back and grab them when they were 18. Not one GM in the league would do that. Even Mark Cuban would laugh and take KG. People only look at box scores and don’t watch games or value defense nearly enough. It’s getting ridiculous. KG’s one of the best defenders ever. He could literally guard every position on the floor and is a solid (albeit not nearly as good as Dirk) shooter. Neither’s clutch (slight edge to Dirk) so you can’t say that and Dirk’s clearly a “I can win an MVP but can’t take a team to a title by myself” type guy. It’s not entirely clear if KG definitely was that (again, look at those supporting casts.) Dirk’s bottom of the top 10. KG’s bottom of the top 5. This isn’t even a discussion.

    @Dave – Duncan’s a center now, but he wasn’t really one until a few years ago. A decade of running ish at the 4 (Admiral didn’t retire til ’03, followed by him winning chips with Nazr Mohammed and Oberto starting at the 5. I’ts only been the last 2 years when SA’s been trying to call Matt Bonner and Antonio McDyess 5s that it’s been truly BS.)

  • Dave

    I’m not saying TD isn’t the top of this list of players, but the sets run through him are for a center. PF can step out on the floor some and shoot the ball and are restricted to 15 ft in. Plus this is the only thing Malone will ever be #1 in so I was kinda throwin the old dog a bone.

  • http://www.in-n-outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    1. Duncan
    2. Barkley
    3. Malone
    4. Garnett
    5. Webber

  • Ian

    lol dave nice excuse for malone

    celts fan
    id take dirk over kg any day for my team sure kg is ahead on d i mean who isnt really? but on the the other end the gap is bigger. dirk is a go to guy in crunch time kg isnt. 3s are to small to guard dirk and 4s are to slow the man is one of the hardest to guard in the league can u say the same for kg?67 wins was impressive they just got the worst draw for the first round its like if the suns end this season with the 1st seed and the spurs the 8th bad fucking luck. he took his team to the finals kg couldnt do that again i know he had sucky teams but superstars dont miss the playoffs he did twice i think.

  • Guitar Hero

    1.TD (one of the greatest winners of all time – almost no faults in his game)
    2.McHale (best post player ever)
    3.Malone (notable choker, but a very complete player)
    4.KG (does everything well, and a leader)
    5.Dirk (best offensive PF ever – no defense.)

    6.Barkley (amazing talent,but too dumb and defenseless)

  • yoda

    i see some people put amar’e as a one of future best pf’s. don’t get it why. he is beast, don’t get me wrong, but hes also a guy who doesn’t play real D, he looks for his stats alone, and we still need to see him alone. i.e. without nash. but when its all said and done, i think that gasol could be in top 15 maybe. he might be pf with best skill set ever, maybe even more polished then TD. as a the man in memphis he was good, but now as second best for lakers he really shines. give him few more years to show us how good he is. i know he’s not no.1 in his own team, but kg is no3. for celtics, the team where he won his trophy.

  • mw

    I have to agree with TD as number 1. To be honest I don’t know enough of the old school guys to correctly rate them. However when I saw some old games Kevin Mchale really impress me. He was locking down SF’s that were busy giving Bird the business. And just thought I would throw this out there for a laugh. I was having a debate with some friends about TD being the best 4 in the game and someone actually said Stodoumire(sp) was better. I was in so much shock, I actually could not speak.

  • cb34

    1. Barkley
    2. Duncan
    3. KG
    4. Malone
    5. Mchale

    6. CWebb
    7. Rodman

  • Celts Fan

    @Ian – You’re out of your mind. KG’s a damn good offensive player. The gap is CLEARLY wider in their defensive abilities. Also, if you put Dirk on those TWolves teams, he’d have missed the playoffs more than twice. You’re talking one of the worst teams ever with Dirk (who are they gonna stop? Who’s patrolling hte middle and blocking shots like KG did? You really think Dirk’s doing anything better than the 25 and 12s KG was averaging at that point?) KG has a damn good jumper (admittedly not as good as Dirk’s) while Dirk is average-at-best defensively, while KG’s one of the greats and can guard all 5 positions. Also, KG led the league in rebounding 4 or 5 times. The only thing Dirk’s ever led the league in is women with fake names.

    This isn’t even an argument for their careers. It’s like arguing Deron Williams over Isiah. Everyone knows you’re either just saying something stupid to get a reaction, a complete homer, or someone who knows NOTHING about the game.


  • Dapro

    Top 5 dead or alive


    I’ve never been a big fan of Malone his #s put him in the conversation as for Mchale, the second best back to the basket player game behind the dream but how can people knock Kg and then priase Mchale. He played with 3 or 4 Hofs throughout his career. He was never top dog on any Celtic team but still nice on the court.

  • cesar

    TD, mailman, barkley, bob pettit, elvin hayes

  • Ian

    Celts fan
    Homer? We are talking a celtic vs a mav and I’m the homer? I dont even care about this one so this will be my last post about it. Its stupid cuz you don’t agree? Run a poll here trust me ull be surprised when dirk gets more then 2 votes. Don’t give me the what if excuse dirk goes deep in the playoffs almost every season kg needed allen and pierce fact. Kg chokes and isn’t a crunch time go to guy fact. Good jumper ? You are throwing that crappy fade thing whatever u call it vs dirk? Numbers? When u are the best player on a bad team you numers will be better than what u really are. What are kgs stats this last 3 years? Would love for u to have them both on your team and pick kg over dirk for a crucial possesion. Kg can guard all 5 postions hahaha sure like marion he can stand in front of them but will get torched by good pfs and good pgs unless they are 5’5 and white then u win that one. Memories of kg getting destroyed by td and peeler that’s it. He’s the ewing of todays nba. Kg can be single covered everyone that has watched a game can tell u dirk can’t.

    If u don’t agree I don’t care but please don’t refer to my choice of dirk over kg homer or stupid because u don’t like it. I said why I picked him I didn’t just post for fun.

  • Soopa

    I respect McHale’s game a great deal and i have watch more then a couple of classic Celtic games. But i still stand by my top5 which doesnt include him! Imaging Dirk (or Duncan, Sir Charles, Malone or KG) playing along side Bird, dont you think they would have won ATLEAST the same amount of titles?

    And dont get on KG for not winning while in ‘Sota. Have you any idea of the kinda supporting cast he had? He almost took at team with Cassel and Sprewell as #2 and #3 options to the finals for Gods sake!

    And look at his stats during his peak season:
    24.2 points 13.9 boards 5.0 assists 2.2 blocks 1.5 steals 49.9 FG% 79.1 FT%. Thats completely N U T S!

    Dont tell me Garnett wouldnt have made those ’80s Boston teams better!

  • rell

    So dime when are we going to get the top 5 small forwards of all time. I can’t wait to see if dime going to put Lebron over The Legend.

  • Young C


  • Celts Fan

    @Ian – That’s fine, just know you’re wrong.

    and I’m sure some would vote for Dirk over KG, but some also had CWebb in their top 5. All that means is that there are plenty of tards out there (not exactly a huge surprise.) That doesn’t make it right.

    The “deep playoff runs” you talk about with Dirk, he was flanked by Steve Nash and Michael Finley, then Josh Howard, young Devin Harris, JET, and now replaced Devin with old JKidd and kinda-old Matrix. If you don’t think KG wins at least one title with those teams (all of which have been considered soft, you think that’s a problem w/ KG there?) then I just don’t know what to tell you. Understand that the best player KG ever played with in Minnesota excluding Sam I Am and Spree was either Terrell Brandon, Ricky Davis, Wally World, or Joe Smith. Reread that list again, compare it to Dirk’s, then tell me again how Dirk is possibly better than him when it’s clear that Dirk’s no more capable of leading a team to a title than KG was (and honestly, had he been on a good team his whole career where someone else coulda handled the crunch-time scoring, he’d have already won a ring or 2 and I wouldn’t have had the best 3 years of my Celtics fandom – and let’s be real, clutch in Dec. means nothing, Dirk will choke in big Playoff moments so neither’s clutch.)

    I’m done on this topic. Just know that anyone that puts Dirk over KG (for their entire careers, at this point, you could take Dirk,) is showing they don’t understand anything about the game of basketball.

  • Dave

    Deron Williams over Ike? Give it a few years and if the Jazz can capitalize somehow on a Boozer trade, a Knicks lottery pick, and maybe even a second lottery pick of their own DWill could definitely get to Isaiah’s stature.

    ok, that’s a lot of if’s but it could happen, remember the Alamo!

  • Ian

    All u r doing is playing the what if game. I can do that with anyone. What if richmond and jordan traded teams in the 90s? So by your logic richmond is better? F dat. What happened happened? Dirk is better or at least arguable and whoever doesn’t think so is a tard (see same thing u did why do u get to decide who’s right?).

  • Ian

    Oh shit I answered your post my bad forget what I said.

  • Nevacare

    Worthy was a 3 not a 4. McHale wouldn’t have had the same impact against these other guys in their primes. He didn’t even start during certain points in his career
    1 TD
    2 Malone
    3 Barkley
    4 Garnett
    5 McAdoo
    *Dirk because of the versatility
    *C- Webb because of the same reason

  • Nevacare

    @ Soopa I agree with you on every point but 1. Those ‘Sota teams were pretty good. Shaq was just too much for them in those days. Hell, I’d take a circa 2000 Timberwolves team right now as the favorites in the West to upstage the Lake Show. Cassell,Spree, & KG. weren’t Gugliotta & Wally Szerbiak there? They would at least play for the Western Conference Championship

  • Nevacare

    I Like Dirk, me being from Texas & all but I wouldn’t dare take Dirk over KG. If Mark Cuban would have pulled the trigger on a KG for Dirk trade after Dirk’s choke job in the Finals against D-Wade or even his choke job against the #8 Seeded Warriors, he could have squeezed a Championship out of that under-acheiving Dallas Squad.With Josh Howard, Kidd, Jason Terry, Van Exel, Nash & all the other good players he’s had Dirk hasn’t got it done even when they had way better teams than their opponents. You can’t really say KG had better teams against those opponents that his ‘Sota teams lost too

  • mcw88

    that minny team in 2003 had cassell, spree, KG wally-z against Shaq, Kobe, Gary Payton and Karl Malone. Oh yeah Cassell and his backup were both injured so KG actually played as a point guard in game 2. And yeah somebody actually said that Dirk had the best handles ever for a PF…

  • mcw88

    that minny team in 2003 had cassell, spree, KG wally-z against Shaq, Kobe, Gary Payton and Karl Malone. Oh yeah Cassell and his backup were both injured so KG actually played as a point guard in game 2. And yeah somebody actually said that Dirk had the best handles ever for a PF…Versatility my ass

    Nope sam-i-am and spree were only there for 2 seasons, 2003/04 and 04/05. Gugliotta retired before then. Wally-z had one all-star season, averagin 18ppg. When wally-z is one of ur starters, you know you have no depth. And that 03/04 did play for the western conference title, against 4 HOF players.

  • gertie

    Bob Petit
    Rookie of the Year
    2 time MVP
    All NBA 1st team 10 of his 11 years in the league

  • heartbreaker85

    ill just throw this out there:

    my top 5 all time who can play both O AND D

    c bill russell
    pf tim duncan
    sf larry bird
    sg michael jordan
    pg isaiah thomas

    6th man’s magic

  • Kante

    I would pick Dirk over KG at any time any year!!

  • kowtz

    Stop putitng dirk in… He’s a tall Small Forward…

    Larry Johnson who gives up about 6 inches to dirk would eat his ass on the post…

  • Ferlo Star

    Where is Moses in all of this crazy talk… You have to get Kemp in there before he started messing around with drugs and got over a million pounds of weight!

  • Celts Fan

    @ian – I get to say that CUZ I’M RIGHT. Ask any true hoops expert (most of these clowns clearly aren’t) and you take KG over Dirk 100% of the time. If you think Dirk can do even half (this is probably still too generous) of what KG does defensively you’re insane. Take away the 3ball and KG and Dirk are very similar offensively with Dirk’s jumper being better (so KG’s offensive repertoire is/was prob 80% of Dirk’s.) Defense wins championships and his offense is pretty damn good too. Anyone sayig dirk over KG is the same kinda person whod take Amare over Timmy right now. All they do is look at box scores and clearly don’t understand anything at all about what it takes to win games (“You play to win the game!” Thanks Herm…)

    Also, to the McHale haters, he almost always defended Bird’s guy and sometimes guarded 2s when they went with their massive lineup in ’86 (walton, parish, mchale, bird, and a PG.) So to recap, a versatile and solid defender and one of the best sets of post moves ever. You can argue where he goes after Timmy but he HAS TO be top 5. (I’m going w/ 2 cuz Malone and Charles never won shit, but that’s plenty debateable, KG/Dirk is like 5X5; there’s only one right answer, regardless of what the kid in the back row of class that picks his nose and always smells like gym class says.)

  • chief youngblood

    not enough moses malone love

  • Celts Fan

    Cuz Moses was a 5 except for a few early, right-outta-HS years when he was filling out.

  • http://dimemag.com kyle

    wow, its obviously

    duncan, dirk , malone, barkley, and kg (no particular order)

    i always thought this was pretty obvious…

  • GURU

    1st of all TDuncan isnt a center (this is just a way NBA figure it out to create role model players)…

    they new TDuncan was never gonna be the best center or even in the top 10, so they though why not rate him as a PF…

    Old Robinson was the one who was guarding the Spurs opponents PF.
    TD was guarding shaq…
    TD guards OKUR not boozer, Td guards EDampier not Dirk(Dirk would have him for lunch), Td guards most of the Centers in this league, he plays in the paint with center post moves everthing he does was a CENTER position influence…(the only thing he does that its not from a typical center is is 45degrees shoot to the back board)…

    STOP SAYING that he is a PF…

    THEY knew that SHAQ was going to be at the ALL-STAR in the CENTER position, so they change it…like they have done it to VCARTER/IVERSON/TMAC…

    THIS IS a bussines and thats why players like AI are going to the all-star without even playing.

    CKAMAN is the best player in the LA CLIPERS roster this year(better than BDAVIS), he is their center, but in the NBA BALLOT he doesnt even show up (MCAMBY shows up there, WHY?)
    HOW can the center who is leading all centers in SCORING doesnt show up in the NBA ALL-STAR BALLOT?and MCAMBY shows up…


  • GURU

    1-KARL MALONE (if hadnt JSTOC he wouldnt be the nº1).
    7-CWEBB/ KG

  • GURU

    Sorry i ment TDUNCAN is a CENTER AND NOT A PF…

  • Dragonyeuw

    I personally think Barkley was a better player than Malone, in terms of talent and impact in their primes. Malone has the longevity in his favor, and I think that’s what people look at. Barkley, at his height, was an amazing player. The guy was a 12 rebound per game guy at 6’6, fighting amongst the trees during what was the NBA’s tallest period statistically with Hakeem, Shaq, Admiral, Ewing, Mourning, Mutombo all in their primes. Good for 25-28 ppg, 4apg,and among the league leaders in Field goal% despite having to score over taller players.Could also grab the rebound and go coast to coast.

    My top 5 is(and this is based on who I’ve seen):

    Duncan(can’t argue against the rings and the stats)

    I got Dirk at #6

  • JustletgoMC

    “Y’all really overrate KG. Y’all just gonna ignore him as a choker but put Chris Webber on blast? KG made it out of the first round how many times as a TWolve? Once? He consistently disappeared in the 4th quarter, Webber at least during the final minutes. They are actually the same player”

    LOL. I’m sorry, but you’re a f*cking idiot. Kinda like how he disappeared in game 6 of the NBA finals? Oh that’s right, he put up 30 in that game, with most coming in the 2nd half. And kinda like how he disappeared against Sacramento in Game 7 of the west semi’s? Try actually watching the games KG has played, instead of looking at how his team faired (the same teams that started career backups everywhere else they played for most of his career.) Chris Webber is essentially a KG without his all-time great defense, all-time great leadership/intangibles, all of his plaques/hardware, and no dream shake. So yeah.. same player I guess….

    You’re an idiot if you put KG any lower then 3rd (behind Duncan and Malone.) Off pure talent alone he’s a top 5 all-time NBA player.

    Charles Barkley is easily the most overrated PF of all-time, he isn’t top 7 all-time to me, and if you wanna talk about a player disappearing in big games, Chuck is your man.

  • Luke McCann

    shawn kemp, the man they all feared on court