NBA, Video / Nov 10, 2009 / 11:59 pm

Travis Outlaw Makes Rudy’s Tuesday

This is just ridiculous! Both Travis Outlaw and Rudy Gay are two of the best leapers in the L; too bad this time Gay got the business end of Outlaw’s fully extended tomahawk in the second quarter of the Blazers 93-79 win over the Grizzles. Got to love Mike Rice though: “Listen to this fans!”

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  • jalen

    Travis said gimme my cookies! then get some!

  • Josh Tha roc


  • Singharaj

    That cock back was vicious!

  • hahns

    i love the dunks that have been posted recently…ai2, rj, now outlaw

  • analord

    lacked power and intensity for me, not quite as wicked as iggy’s dunk

  • Krayzie

    What was really impressive about this dunk is how he got to be able to extend that far and still dunk it and only taking one step before jumping…Iggy’s was crazy too but he was running full speed!

  • That’s whats up

    did somebody really fracture their jaw – or was he talking about that cram on Gay?

    (…and I really hesitate to say ‘cram on Gay’)