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5 NBA Players Most Likely To Be Moved

Kevin Martin (photo. Kelly Turso)

Kevin Martin (photo. Kelly Turso)

We already saw one trade go down this past week when the Jazz sent rookie Eric Maynor to the Thunder. With the new year just around the corner, expect trade talks to really pick up between now and the February 18 trade deadline. Trade rumors around the web and in newspapers have already started to gain momentum this week. Players like Tracy McGrady, Kevin Martin, Eddy Curry and Tyrus Thomas are just a few of the names that have been thrown out.

While Monta Ellis getting moved or the Kings parting with Martin is extremely unlikely (even with the rise of Tyreke Evans), other trade rumors have more credibility behind them. Here are five players who could legitimately have new addresses in the coming weeks.

1. Tracy McGrady (Rockets): This weekend, the Tracy McGrady marriage with the Rick Adelman and the Rockets went from rocky to irreconcilable. It’s clear that the Rockets have zero plans to play T-Mac and would want nothing more than to have him gone. McGrady has been sent home indefinitely and now team officials are pondering what the next move is. Currently, T-Mac is the highest paid player in the NBA at just over $23 million, but his contract expires after the season. The Rockets would love to try to trade him and get a player that could mix in with Houston’s young core and help them in the upcoming playoffs. The Knicks are rumored to be the most interested in McGrady. If the Rockets would be willing to take on either Jared Jeffries or Eddy Curry’s contract, this would be something the Knicks could pull the trigger on. Chicago is another team who might be intrigued by McGrady’s expiring contract.

2. Nate Robinson (Knicks): Whether it’s personal or just business, Mike D’Antoni is not playing Nate Robinson and it’s looking like he won’t be doing so anytime soon. The Knicks are on a little roll and it seems like D’Antoni has found a rotation that he’s comfortable with using. New York’s Christmas day game against the Heat marked the 11th straight game Nate has not logged a single minute and it couldn’t have come at a worse time for the 5-9 former slam dunk champion. Robinson’s career is at a crossroads. After a summer where he received zero interest despite averaging over 17 ppg in ’08-09, imagine how interest he’ll garner not playing at all? His agents are in crisis mode as they are pressuring the Knicks to either play him or trade him. With his one-year, $4 million contract only counting for about half at $2 million in a trade, it wouldn’t be a huge financial risk for other teams to take a chance on Robinson – even with his defensive and maturity issues. Teams like Orlando and Houston could use Nate’s explosive scoring off the bench.

3. Tyrus Thomas (Bulls): Things aren’t working in Chicago and management is going to have to make some tough decisions soon. There’s talk that Vinny Del Negro could be gone as soon as today. The Bulls also have a logjam at the power forward slot. The team seems to be high on rookies Taj Gibson and James Johnson and are unlikely to unload Joakim Noah, who is currently second in the NBA in rebounds. That leaves Thomas as possibly, the odd man out. Thomas is due for an extension this summer and the Bulls are trying to leave as much cap room as possible to sign one or two of the A-list free agents available this summer. Thomas could be a good fit for Portland, who are in desperate need for size, but may not have the right bargaining chips for the Bulls. The Knicks have also been reportedly interested in the athletic power forward.

4. Anthony Randolph (Warriors): There’s a fire sale going on in the Bay and almost nobody on that roster is untouchable. Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins and Corey Maggette might be harder to move given the size and length of their contracts. Randolph is a guy with a lot of talent and potential. While he’s had some good moments in Golden State, he hasn’t been the beast they were hoping he was going to be this season. Throwing in Randolph into a trade, could make it easier for the Warriors to unload Ellis or Maggette. Toronto, Utah, Houston, New York, Washington and New Orleans are just a few of the teams that could make a run at the 20-year-old forward out of LSU.

5. Zydrunas Ilgauskas (Cavs): Ever since Shaq came into town in the summer, Big Z’s name has been thrown around in the rumor mill. At 34-years old and being injury prone, it’s doubtful that the Cavs would have interest in re-signing Ilgauskas. His expiring contract and ability to contribute right away makes him an attractive target for other teams. Plus, the Cavs are more in need of a shooting guard than an inside presence. Obviously with Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla out for the year, Portland would be an ideal destination for Ilgauskas. Golden State and Washington could also be interested in the long-time Cavs center.

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  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    Those 5 together in a team would be a good starting lineup.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    I really hope the bulls don’t trade Tyrus and we keep Noah. with Noah’s trade value being up so high, we should be looking to rid Chicago of him now. Tyrus will be a cheap pick-up with his extension and works very well with Derrick (the only untouchable player on the roster) unlike Noah who has Kwame’s hands.
    Taj Gibson is a back-up plain and simple. Tyrus needs to keep playing like he played last game and he’ll be fine.

  • Rizwan

    Why would Washington be interested in big Z? They have Haywood, Blatche that can play there. Its the Cavs that are interested in Antawn Jamison and Z could be moved in that deal. Conjecture doesnt make it the fact. Gerald, you had a run of a few articles that you couldnt fault for grammar or fact but you have dropped back to earth!

  • Rizwan

    @ pet society help

    yeah a good line up for a bad team to even roll over!

  • http://Diiimebitch Chris Ballz

    T mac I rekon at most at the
    moment is about a $5mil a yer playa. Only cos we ain’t sure if he still got it, but if he does, war a bargain. I would sign for a 2 year $11 mil contract.

    Knicks should get into monta.
    Monta pg
    Chandler sg
    lebron sf
    dani pf
    then try get bosh or Amari in at centre

    with one of those cats at centre, there would be heeeeaps of driving room for monta n lebrick
    then they can kik it out to dani n Chandler for a 3 or bosh or Amari for a nice midrange!

  • http://Diiimebitch Chris Ballz

    Oh n bosh and Amari probably would not and should not get a max contract. They r only go franchise guys, not side Lila

  • sh!tfaced

    Might wanna add Marcus Camby in there too. Expiring contract, almost 8 mil off the books, can still actually play and will fit nicely in almost any frontline, especially the contenders.

  • PJ

    isn’t randolph outta LSU?

  • dial up

    “20 yr forward outta georgia tech” laughable if this writer can’t even do basic info about a player, can’t really take seriously an article about players that certain teams have no interest in.

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN

    “Plus, the Cavs are more in need of a shooting guard than an inside presence.”


    Hmmm, that’s a head scratcher.
    They have Shaq.
    Powe waiting to get healthy.

    They have Lebron but he’s an inside/outside ‘roamer’ – his role is everything.

    Andy and JJ play post positions but are more like wings.
    Moon is more like a wing.
    Darnell Jackson doesn’t get tick.

    Boobie backs up Mo.
    West backs up AP.

    I see Shaq and Z as the ONLY inside presence.
    So, maybe if you threw out the “more in need of a” then I could agree.

    I think they need help at the 2spot and the 5spot the same.

  • http://www.in-n-outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    Didn’t Randolph go to LSU, not Georgia Tech…?

  • mules

    most likely writer to be “moved” (to the mailroom)…..Gerald Narciso. These posts are horribly written and straight-up painful to read. Please invest in a copy of Strunk & White and use that shit.

  • hahns

    i dont get it….the post has a huge picture of kevin martin but he doesnt even crack the top5??

  • dagwaller

    Please please pleeeease no more connecting the Knicks with trade rumors. They’ve shown that they don’t want to pay anyone past this year, and D’Antoni has JUST found a solid rotation – I don’t see anything happening.

    Furthermore, why would anyone want to trade with them?! Seriously, re-read the line, “If the Rockets would be willing to take on either Jared Jeffries or Eddy Curry’s contract” and tell me you didn’t laugh. If ANY team was willing to take on Jared Jeffries OR Eddy Curry, Donnie Walsh should also try to sell them the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • http://yahoo.com greg l

    Houston Rockets are after Randolph…..they just dont want too much crap contracts with him…(insider knowledge)….if that deal doesnt work…watch the almost even swap with Miami…Oneal for Mcgrady. Helps both teams for the rest of season and both still have cap room at season’s end if things don’t work out. That’s what’s going down right now. Outside shot at Chris Paul and Peja for McGrady and Brooks. That’s it. Sorry Nick fans…Houston ain’t biting.

  • asdf

    big z was only really injured in the early part of his career i think? not really injury prone now

  • Nonsense

    Seriously do some research… Monte is actually spelled Monta… Randolph went to LSU not GA Tech… If the knicks could have traded JJ or EC at anytime for an expiring contract then the other GM would be fired immediately, cuz the knicks have been trying to do that for years… I’ll give you props for trying to be a legit writer, but you need to keep working at it.

  • Hansosword

    No way Lebron lets a trade go down for big Z. Where the hell did you even hear about that???

  • n.googs

    “At 34-years old and being injury prone,”

    Yes, Big Z was hurt a lot in the beginning of his career. No, he’s no longer battling serious and frequent injuries. Yes, you’re a idiot.

  • Michorizo

    Tyrus Thomas is pretty good…I’ve always liked his game…I think he could be a great fit on just about any team…don’t know about his attitude, but his athleticism is amazing. Fun to watch and from what I have seen…he is a playa!

  • Michorizo

    Kevin Martin….interesting…I keep hearing the King are going to trade Kevin and/or Francisco Garcia. I think Kevin’s game would enhance Tyreke’s game. Tyreke needs shooters to compliment his game and Kevin is just that …a shooter…and an efficient shooter at that. Don’t see why this would benefit the KINGs, unless it has to do with Salary Cap or KMarts Defense….Garcia plays good D, but he likes to shoot a little too much.

  • K Dizzle

    I’m not gonna pile on on this article, tho there’s a lot to say.
    1) Of course the Knicks want everybody’s players except their own
    2) Read my post in yesterday’s smack regardin the Rockets bein crazy if they trade McGrady’s 23 mil that would come off the books this summer.
    3) Anthony Randolph produces when he gets minutes. He’s not the problem.
    4) Tyrus Thomas came back last game and was instantly the Bulls’ best front court player. Of course the Knicks are interested…
    5) I could keep tearin this apart but it’s the holidays….

  • Name (required)

    while everyones picking apart this article……
    the whole “it’s doubtful that the Cavs would have interest in re-signing Ilgauskas” part seems a little poorly thought out. Isn’t the only way they are willing to trade him is if the other team buys him out right away so they CAN resign him?

    Tmac contract is too big and Houston arnt willing to take back crappy contracts. i don’t see many teams willing to part with 18/19 millions worth of good player just to get his EC.

    Robinson will likely have to wait until the end of the season because he wont want to give up his bird rights so he’ll block most trades then get a sign and trade in the summer.

    Bulls are gonna sort out their coaching mess first, and even then, saying they have a logjam at PF is like saying the blazers have a logjam at Center. They missed Tyrus when he was out, they aint guna trade him as soon as hes gotten back.

    and no one will take Magette just to get Randolph, not with everyone trying to cut cost for 2010.

  • Colton

    ok. i really think you guys need to do an article on the portland woes and show us potential reasons how to solve it. big z sounds like a good pick up, but what kind of trade bait does portland really have. man this season has just been plagued by injuries for us.

  • Claw

    Why is Kmart on the cover? They aren’t trading him, he’s a perfect compliment to Tyreke and can get Defenses off of him and allow Kmart more open shots. The Maloofs are excited to get him back to see if they can move up another level.

    McGrady for Eddie Curry or Jared Jeffries? Why? Look at the free agents next year why on earth would the Rockets even want to touch those guys?

  • Michorizo

    Maloofs don’t know jack shit about basketball…

  • barons beard

    still laughing at the thought of Big Z in Golden State…

  • hector

    The day the Knicks land Anthony Randolph and Tyrus Thomas in New York… I’m getting f***king blasted…I swear I’ll drink myself to death.

  • http://www.google.com 2aa

    golden state is one of the fastest – if not the fastest – team in the league. big z is likely the slowest player in the league.

    how does this work, exactly?

  • fLaVa

    ROckets should not trade Tmac since his huge ass contract is coming off next year just in time to sign the big 2010 free agents…. Also yao should be back next yr and with their young core now a pick up of a Joe Johnson or Bosh even Wade and yao… they would be looking real nice come playoff time next yr…



    How about Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Danny Green to New Orleans for Peja Stojakovic, Bobby and Devin Brown? It makes sense for both teams.

  • QQ

    Kevin Martin.

    That dude can score, but he’s not a franchise player. Tyreke Evans is. Trade Martin for a decent post up player, and we’ll be seeing the Kings beasting the L.

  • Claw

    QQ – Too soon to call Tyreke a franchise player, wasn’t Brandon Jennings looking like a franchise player at the beginning of the year? Kmart brings scoring and takes pressure off Tyreke, you have Jason Thompson developing and who replaces KMart?

    Maybe wait to see how it works out and then look to make a trade in the offseason or pick up a big as a FA.

  • JD

    I see….Tyrus Thomas for Jarydd Bayless

  • RA

    Brandon Jenning is a real decent player with potential. He will be slowed down and hurt from playing under coach skiles. Skiles was never a real talented player. He was a grunt and good earner. He doesn’t appreciate athletes and can’t coach players like that. Watch Skiles start back biting and playing head games against BJ. Then watch how BJ gonna get frustrated. BJ is the ticket, Skiles will be gone first.

  • John Popp

    There hasn’t been any mentions of an Ilgauskas trade that hasn’t been attached to a quid pro quo buyout and rubber band back to the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers play much better when Ilgauskas is on the court than Shaq. Better spacing for James when Clevelands other bigs aren’t clogging the lane, and Ilgauskas is the only player with size who can drop an 18 footer.

    Then my favorite part is the Ilgauskas injury history which is long in the past having played in more than 90% of his games over the last 9 seasons. Certainly a brutal start to his career with 5 foot surgeries and the rebuilding of the navicular bones in both feet, but since then he has been very healthy and a solid contributor.

    Lastly, Ilgauskas is an important part of the Cavaliers organization and not only a close friend of general manager Danny Ferry but the best of friends. That’s not to say Ferry wouldn’t pull the trigger on a deal, but there are far too many deals that would be a round trip for Ilgauskas with a quid pro quo deal.

  • http://www.kingsfans.com Willis

    Kings have already stated that they have no interest in pursuing a trade that involves Kevin Martin in any way. Gerald Narcisco, pay attention.