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5 Predictions For Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson

Anybody who is a Sixers fan or just a basketball fan in general had to love watching Allen Iverson in that emotional press conference yesterday. Watching him tear up and letting the world know how much he loves being back in Philly sent chills down my spine. Now that his strange month-long odyssey is out of the way, it’s time for him and everybody to get the focus back on basketball.

No doubt, there are and will be plenty of questions about how A.I. will fit in with this team. Whether or not he can rejuvenate this struggling squad (5-14) that has now lost eight straight. And whether drama will continue to surrounding him. Nobody knows the future, but if I were to guess, here are five things I could envision happening this season for the Answer and the Sixers.

5. The Other A.I. Will Be Affected: Remember Andre Iguodala and Iverson were teammates before in Philly for two-and-a-half seasons. But a lot has changed since then. Iguodala has now taken the role as the go-to guy and commands most of the shots. As we learned in Memphis and Detroit, Iverson doesn’t like taking a reduced role. But since Iguodala’s way obviously isn’t working too well and Iverson realizes he’s not the same player he was five years ago, there will have to be a compromise on both sides. No question that Iguodala’s points and shots will be affected, but if it means more wins for the team I don’t see it as being an issue for the other A.I.

4. Iverson Will Start All Year: Coach Eddie Jordan has already stated that Iverson will start right away. But what happens when Lou Williams comes back from a jaw injury in a month or two? Williams was having sort of a breakout season before he got hurt, but for the better of the team he will come off the bench if need be. Louis came into the league learning under Iverson and has deep respect for him. Everyone knows, Iverson needs to start to be happy and to be effective.

3. The Role Players Will Thrive: Back in Iverson’s glory days with the Sixers, role players like Eric Snow, Aaron McKie, Jumaine Jones and Todd MacCulloch really thrived. Guys who come in and know their role, work hard and let Iverson run this team will be successful. I can see Marreese Speights meshing well with A.I. after he gets back from injury. Other guys that will probably benefit playing with Iverson will be Thaddeus Young, Willie Green and Williams.

2. Iverson Will Average 20 And The Sixers Will Be In The Playoffs: Especially if you’re an Iverson fan, it’s very easy to fall into the hype and think everything will work out perfectly. The Sixers will still struggle at times and Iverson will probably have a few injuries along the way, but no doubt this team will be a lot better with him in the lineup. He will (and is still capable) average around 20 ppg. Like he did with Gilbert Arenas, I think coach Jordan will give him the green light to go out and play his game. With the fans behind them, Philly will turn things around and will finish the season at around 40 wins, which should be enough for the seventh or eighth seeds in the playoffs.

1. No More Drama…Not Much Anyway: People will be keeping a close eye whether Iverson will clash with Jordan or Iggy or Elton Brand. While there might be a small argument here or there, the bottom line is everybody on board wants to win. The Sixers knew what they were bringing in when they signed him and I think they understand they have to adjust a little to A.I.’s personality. Iverson knows what is at stake as far as his legacy and reputation is concerned. Unlike Stephon Marbury in New York, there is no way Iverson wants to leave the city he loves on a bad note.

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  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    1 prediction for Allen Iverson: NBA Championship

  • No J Mayo

    @1…you’re retarded.

  • control

    Pet Society Help

    I hope that is some sarcasm…otherwise it’s indescribably retarded that you would think that.

    Anyone see AI crying like a pussy during his welcome home speech? I haven’t see a guy cry like that since the last time I seen Valgina get on the court.

  • life-p

    Yes AI, we know you play hard and we know you love the game. People have never doubted that about you so why would you say in your press conference that you wanted to “prove everyone wrong and show that you can still play”?????? We know you can play, but can you play within the role of a team is what you need to be proving!

    There is no reason AI shouldn’t be a major player in the 2010 free agent race. If he proves he can come off the bench and be a good team player, 3yrs/26.5M is not unreasonable.

  • life-p

    @ #3

    I didn’t mind the crying and the displays of emotions. That’s normal! My issues were with “WHY” he was crying, which I stated above.

  • weng santos

    I’m happy for AI that he gets to go home, do his thing, and end his career on his own terms.

    Welcome home, prodigal son. Wish you all the best.

    Gad Bless the Sixers for giving AI his life back.

  • weng santos

    “God Bless”, I meant.

  • BoJo

    If he does well in Philly I see AI going somewhere another big free agent goes in 2010. He could follow LeBron (same agent) or ride with DWade. He would be a great compliment to either one and could take some of the scoring pressure off LeBron a little. Plus he won’t be as expensive as some of the other free agents out there.

    Of course this is all dependent on proving he can play well with others in Philly

  • Vic De Zen

    Lou Williams and Iverson will share the backcourt when Lou comes back.

  • Insane

    At 3, grow up and get off your couch and get some exercise. Iverson was crying because basketball is his life and without it he has nothing. Iverson showed that he has way too much passion for the game. Just saying all the great players from Jordan to Garnett have shed a tear for the game.

  • sh!tfaced

    1 prediction for Iverson and the Sixers: SAME SHIT, AI or no AI, still a borderline playoff team.

  • http://www.makeyourfreethrows.com Dan Dickau

    How many we think he drops on Monday in his opener. I’m saying 43. Book it.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Wow you Iverson/Philly fans are loyal. As a loyal Bulls fan I can respect that. However, your loyality is clouding your judgement in this case. AI may be a nice draw for the Sixers but I still don’t see how he will help the team win unless these past couple of seasons have humbled him. I just don’t think it has.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @Dan Dickau

    I’ll take that bet. No way he goes for more than 25 on Monday vs Denver.

  • http://www.bouncemag.com 40 CAL bouncemag.com

    I think A.I is going to have one of those breakout seasons, I have to go with Dan on this one, I think he’s going for 40 + monday, it’s not like anyone from denver can stop him anyways.

  • http://333444 Shakur

    yo,man i think if the Ansver be scoerr like he was in sixers<<<<<10 YeeRS,and in denver 2 yeers allen LEgendARY I3 IVERSON WILL GET A CHAMPIONSHIP RING.,<Becose in detroit he is not be scorer, he is be some other player.AI gott take a shots and SIXERS IS 1 IN EAST

  • http://333444 Slaven

    Allen iverson is be 3 in scoring.

  • isotope

    Yeah I agree with all except 1 and 2. Playoffs is not a guarantee and I don’t know about him averaging 20. The guy can ball but he is still old. He definitely makes the team better and will get buckets on all kinds of guys but more defenders will be able to keep up with him now and his body might not be able to take all the banging like it used to.

  • http://333444 Slaven

    yo IVERSON IS stell beteer then nash,nowitzky,RAY Alen,and,and,and.Come on man allen iverson only in history nba hawe 4<<<<<<<scoring ring.ha,ha,ha.THE ANSVER IS BE BORN AGAIN, AND GANGSTA RAP MUSIC.LIVES IVERSON,LIVES GANGSTA RAP SHET FOREVER.HA,HA,HA GOOD WED MAN.HA,HA

  • mules

    “But since Iguodala’s way obviously isn’t working too well and Iverson realizes he’s not the same player he was five years ago”

    Are we certain that Iverson realizes he’s not the same player he was five years ago?

  • http://dimemag.com iannyb

    Go A.I I pray this here works out for him.Wasn’t exactly his biggest fan,but I do know he’s better than that.The game needs him,too many other douchebags in the L.Go A.I

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    So glad he is back. Glad to see pure, raw emotion like that for the love of the game and all. Sick of dudes always trying to be thug or act hard or like a-holes.

    Anyway I see dude averaging 20 and probably getting 25-30 first game.

    He has good roll players, and I think A.I. 2 will be glad he is back actually in less pressure being on him and to also have Brand is really good.

    This team may def. make playoffs and even make more noise than that if Eddie Jordan can get them on the same page, which is let A.I. lead and do some serious following!

    Actually gonna be rooting for Philly…when they ain’t playing the Rockets! HOUSTON UUUUUP!

  • zcw

    Thank you. I was thinking the same thing @3. Obviously that dude never put all his passion into anything.

  • oninamillion

    Iverson is only 34 years old and still has the ability to play with the caliber of a …he’s not 40. Kobe, Steve Nash, Ray Allen and so many others came in the league with AI..yet everyone seems to always be focused on his age and noone elses. People have been trying to age that man since he turned 30 years old. Just like when he went to Denver people were claiming Iverson didn’t have it anymore after their first playoffs, when just earlier that season he was averaging 27 ppg…so how could he fall off that quickly in a matter of six months? He turned around the next season an averaged 26 ppg and 6 assist, yet people were still claiming he was declining. People dont have to like the guy, but use some commen sense. Everyone is going to slow down at some point..but Iverson has managed to maintain a level of play that has been seen in very few players, especially for his size.

    He’s not as fast as he used to be, because who is going to maintain lightening speed like that after 13 yrs of b-ball…but still faster then 95% of people in the L. He is still better then about 90% of people in the L. So this whole notion that Iverson has fallen so far off is a bunch of BS. Iverson can be blamed for some of his diva tactics in Philly and his attitude. But he really tried to fit in in Denver and tried adjusting his game even more in Detroit. He just wasn’t the right fit..and although those places didn’t work out, Denvers team was a decent team and not this complete failure people try to make it out to be…they needed a PG like Billups, not a scorer like Iverson. As far as Memphis, why in the hell would anyone be surprised that Iverson doesn’t want to come off the bench with a losing team where he is easily the best player? Come on now, I understand some people dont like AI..but I just feel some people try to humble that man just because they dont like him..im not sure if its out of spite or plain jelousy, but its ridiculous.

    Iverson did a lot to bring some of the nonsense on himself, his passion for the game almost killed his game. I am glad he is back where he belongs regardless of championship at this point..if he ends his career without one, he wont be the first…but hopefully he can end his career where he belongs, in Philly. That is a story book ending after a lot of drama over the last 3 years. Iverson should have never left Philly. There should have been no reason he and Phill couldn’t have worked out their differences sooner and all this mess would have nevr happened. He seemed very humbled in that press conference because he is actually taking responsibility for the fact that he was also wrong. Both he and the 76ers found out the grass is not always greener on the other side. Iverson could have signed a final deal with Philly when he was there, (because even with the diva antics they were never going to trade him unless he demanded it) to secure his retirement there. No stop in Denver, no stop in Detroit, no nonsense in Memphis. There is no reason, other then himself, he shouldn’t be right there with Tim Duncan and Kobe for the longest active players whe have remained with one team.

    Also, I think some of Iversons haters dont like the fact that after all the kicking and screaming…Iverson still gets what he wants at the end of the day. You can hate on him all you want but he is right back at the place he needed to be most, some people are mad because Philly took him back when you thought there wasn’t a chance in hell they would go that route. So some can try to rain on his parade all they want…but like Kenny Smith said, I will be sitting front and center come next Monday when Iverson makes his return to HIS team..the 76ers.

  • NappySupreme

    @ control, life-p, insane.

    Iverson has passion for the game, thats a given. but still, watching his press conference, I couldnt help but wonder if he was crying just for the simple fact someone was willing to give him a job.
    Having said that, I can guarantee that NO ONE will be giving Iverson a 3 year deal worth almost 9 mil per. the lack of interest from teams has proven that. I think he’ll resign with philly following the season and fittingly end his career there.

  • kudos

    PHILLY becomes one of the worst team’s in the league this season and next. Allen iverson then retires happily without a championship. He believes he’s the greatest ever, although his philly teams have always sucked. game over–

  • quest???

    he is going to the allstar game….

  • oninamillion

    Some of you stay hating on this site..its pathetic, real talk. And I highly doubt half the sh*t some of you talk you would say to Iversons face, so stop frontin already.

  • Colton

    i dont have xbox live so i made this trade, put a.i. starting at the 2 put lous williams in the reserve roster and started jrue holliday to start my season. haha. go sixers!

  • http://www.twitter.com/bfears bfears

    i really hope this works out.

  • dagwaller

    I don’t know what to think. I never wish ill upon anyone, but after all the stunts that AI has pulled just within the last year or two, I don’t exactly want him to be successful.