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Almost Caught Slippin’

Paul Pierce, Dime #5

Paul Pierce, Dime #5

Seeing as Rasheed Wallace didn’t even bother combing his hair, you kind of got the impression early on that Boston was taking the Pacers lightly — and that was before the C’s fell behind by double-digits in the first quarter. (Oh wait, ‘Sheed never combs his hair. Scratch that part.) KG was given the night off with a thigh bruise, and even Tommy Heinsohn called in sick rather than risk his pipes against Indiana when there’s a big Christmas Day game against Orlando looming … Overcoming a slow start in which they made Earl Watson look like Tim Hardaway, the Celtics managed a tie going into the fourth, and that’s when Paul Pierce took over. The Truth hit a go-ahead jumper with five minutes left, then did a Jordan-on-Mailman move by sneaking around Roy Hibbert for a steal that led to two free throws, and then nailed a triple to put Boston up seven. Later on, Pierce baited Watson — who scored 18 points in the first half and zero in the second — into a foul for more free throws, then stuck another jumper over Dahntay Jones that was basically the dagger. Over the final five minutes, Pierce (21 pts, 6 rebs, 5 stls) outscored the Pacers 11-8, and he didn’t even make his first FG of the game until late in the third quarter … The guy sitting in for Heinsohn was cool at first — he actually made a point not to complain and cry about every call — but he blew it when Brian Scalabrine and his new (bad) haircut appeared on-screen and dude channeled his inner Mark Jones. “Scal went to one of the shops the brothers go to. That’s a line-up you get in the ‘hood.” Imagine Tiger Woods delivering that line and you get the idea … For like 10 seconds in the first half, the new Boston Garden was transformed into Chicago’s I.T. Summer Pro-Am. Luther Head found himself on an iso defended by Tony Allen, and you saw it click in his head the moment he shifted into playground mode. Head went between the legs a couple times and busted TA with a crossover going left, laying it in lefty plus the whistle. Even with his sore foot, Danny Granger had to jump off the bench for that one … Bad just got worse for the Blazers, who left Dallas with a hard-earned road win but without a healthy center on the roster. In the first quarter, Joel Przybilla suffered a ruptured patella tendon and a dislocated patella — in layman’s terms, his knee is f*cked up — most likely ending his season. With only LaMarcus Aldridge, Juwan Howard and untested rookie Jeff Pendergraph left to carry the frontcourt load, where this really hurts Portland is in the rebounding department. Last night had to be like Christmas Eve for every decent big man in the D-League, going to bed envisioning a call-up … And if that’s not enough, Brandon Roy (23 pts, 6 asts, 4 stls) hurt his left shoulder in the fourth quarter. He didn’t leave the game, but he was clearly in pain the rest of the way. We’ll let you know when we hear his status … One time J.J. Barea drove and got fouled by Juwan, a regular old foul call before MC Jason Kidd pulled one ref aside and apparently convinced him to make it a flagrant. As Barea shot his free throw, Howard gave Kidd a hard time about being a politician while everybody laughed about it …

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

Meanwhile, L.A. got a scare that could have reverberated 10 times louder than Greg Oden or Przybilla, when Kobe Bryant‘s knee buckled on a seemingly innocent play. It looked bad when Kobe was laying on the floor clutching his knee, but a minute later it was like nothing had happened. Besides, with five minutes left in the fourth quarter of a close game, you knew Kobe (40 pts) wasn’t going anywhere until he could close the Thunder out himself … Add OKC’s Kyle Weaver to the list of guys who could go to a club and say he’s Omar Epps and nobody would check his ID. Weaver joins Steelers coach Mike Tomlin and this dude who works at a sandwich shop near the Dime office … Other stat lines from Tuesday: Gerald Wallace had 29 points, 12 boards and four blocks in Charlotte’s win over Detroit; Zach Randolph hung 33 points and 18 rebounds on the Warriors, who because of injuries had to start D-League call-up Chris Hunter at center; Carl Landry scored 27 (13-15 FT) with a new set of teeth as Houston beat the Clippers; Jamal Crawford scored 26 off the bench as ATL routed the Wolves; and Gilbert Arenas dropped 31 points to beat the Sixers … No truth to the rumors that Vinny Del Negro was searching Monster.com at halftime of Bulls/Knicks, but it was looking real bad for him at that stage in the evening. Coming off the Sacramento debacle, Chicago was down 22 to New York at the break, on their way to another embarrassing loss until Derrick Rose and Luol Deng went off. Rose (26 pts) and Deng (23 pts, 4 stls) scored all but two of the Bulls’ points in the third quarter, and they eventually cut the lead to one with 1:40 remaining in the fourth. But some killer turnovers allowed the Knicks to sneak out with the win … Creepy that it happened on the same day Shaun Livingston‘s NBA career suffered another setback, but during the Texas A&M/Washington game, Aggies senior guard Derrick Roland broke his leg in one of the most gruesome sports injuries you’ll ever see. Roland went up for a shot, and given the camera angle, all you could see was him fall to the ground upon landing. The action continued on the other end, although you could tell a lot of people in the building had seen something go very wrong. One of Texas A&M’s players was groaning “Oh my God!” over and over again, and then you saw Roland’s leg bent in a way it’s not supposed to bend. Fellow senior Donald Sloan, Roland’s friend since middle school, was crying and had to be helped off the court himself he was so upset. Watching the clip again, the snap you hear during the play isn’t from the rim snapping back — it’s actually the sound of Roland’s leg breaking. Our thoughts go out to Derrick Roland, and hopefully he’ll be able to play ball again … We’re out like Governor Kidd …

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    The Jotdan XI — The Spacejam were a bitch to get. I got a pair, size 9. Lucky Me!


    I meant Jordan! Good luck getting the XI fellas! $175!

  • ScoGo

    The UnwatchaBulls — Ugh.

  • cov

    I just hope he can walk again. What they showed was as bad as seeing Shaun break his leg back when. I can’t watch that highlight its so bad this one doesn’t even look real when they show the leg.

  • Yoooo

    NO mention of the Eric Maynor trade? WHyd they do that?

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Well Vinny Del, do everyone a favor and just call it a day. Retire for personal reasons or something. Do it before they fire over the holidays like they did RoboSkiles.

    The play where Kirk Hinrich tries to throw the alley oop from out of bounds to Joakim Noah, I know damn well Vinny didn’t draw up that play. So Kirk was on some BS when he pulled that. I saw the look on Vinny’s face when the lob pass was smacked out of bounds. The Bulls really don’t deserve to win these games because they don’t take smart shots or make smart plays.

  • richard from cleveland

    @bruce i had my spacejams since friday good buy

  • no j mayo

    Coming into this year, I figured Kobe’s years as a legit mvp threat were through as Bron, Melo, Wade and Howard would split the trophy for the next decade…that said, I’ve watched a LOT of ball so far this season, and flat out, Kobe is the MVP and it ain’t close. This is the best he’s ever played. He’s so efficient now. No more 20 second dribbling forays followed by fadeaway 25 footers (that’s a torch he HAS passed to Lebron), just get the ball in a sweet spot and make a play. We ain’t seen a dude ball like this since MJ ’96-98. Yeah I fuckin said it.

  • http://www.shujen.com Shujen

    That photo of Kobe is HIGHLY SUSPECT in the MOST SUSPECT of ways….

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Can I get a write up on the Bolingbrook girls HS basketball team here in IL? These girls have been down right dominant over the past 5years or so. They went downstate and to the championship game like 3 years in a row, and are set to do it again 3 more years at least.

    Right now they are at the Tournament of Champions (the best tourney for girls in the country) in Arizona. Before they left they were ranked #3 in the country. I think they lost their first game to a top 10 ranked team, but they also beat the #5 ranked team out there.

    did I mention they have 09’Freshman of the year and All-American Morgan Tuck. Widely considered the best soph in the country. They also have Areil Massengale who is a top ranked Jr. in the country and was on the USA under 16 team (Tuck was also before she got injured).

    I know you guys don’t do much with girls basketball, especially HS. But at least give them some props for what they are doing. They have a good coach too, who should get some credit.

  • KnicksFan84

    Wow that was a serious leg break. Like damn!!! That’s gonna be on youtube for a long long time!

  • That’s what’s up

    His leg looked like a movie prop where they just put in somebody’s extra leg for effect.

    That dude needs to go home for the holidays and eat all his mom’s cookin’, chill with his boys and be thankful if he can ever run again.

  • quick wit it

    I was at that Knicks Bulls game last night and I’m a die-hard Bulls fan- and it was depressing

    Let me say this- I always thought that a coach getting fired mid-season has more to do with apathetic players, and since you can’t fire players, you ditch the coach. This is not the case for Chicago.

    The offense was atrocious to watch, especially the first half. Rose at the top of the key, two dribbles, points, picks up the ball. Passes to Noah in the high post- Noah dribbles twice, points, passes to Deng standing outside of the arc. Some half-hearted screens. Salmons comes off a screen, gets the ball, now there’s only 8-10 seconds left on the shotclock, the ball hasn’t gotten within 18 feet of the basket, and a bricked 17-20 footer will ensue. Feel free to switch the names to Hinrich, Taj, Brad Miller, etc.

    Speaking of Brad Miller, why start him to play him 12:59? (You could potentially argue that Vinny had to see the matchups on the floor-even though that’s what scouts/tape is for, but if that was the case and he subbed him out early, he shouldn’t have been put back in at a key swing in the game just to brick a jumper or two.)

    AND DEAR GOD WHY PLAY ROSE FOR JUST 34 MINUTES??? I would dare anyone to argue me he doesn’t have the most raw talent of any player on the floor- and he showed it in the fourth quarter when he just blew by any player guarding him…how does Vinny respond? Subs him out. I think Rose should be seeing the 40 mark at the least…especially when his team is shooting 30% (killing his assist stats).

    I’m out like Chicago’s playoff chances while Vinny’s in control…

  • Name (required)

    Knicks have won 7 of their last 10 …. Nate who?
    Del Negro has gotta go from chi tho, the Bulls need to hire a coach who knows what he’s doing and can help Rose become more than the next Steve Francis. Byron Scott is free and hes done a pretty good job with some PGs in the past.

    that leg break…… fucking grotesque. i once saw a friend break his leg in two places, his toes were next to his dick, videos like that one make me feel sick.

  • Big Island

    @shugen: L……O……L…… That is pure gold.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    @quick wit it

    you are 100% accurate. That pretty much sums up the offense until Derrick decides he’s had enough. It looks like Vinny installed that Calipari dribble drive offense and it really benifits Rose/Hinrich/Deng, but it may hurt Salmons a little. He’s more of an ISO player.

    DRose started the comeback in the 3rd QT and even hit a 3pointer near the end. Vinny sat him to start the qrt which I assume he was getting him rest for the stretch run. But when he has it going like that, and he’s only 20-21 yrs old, you let him run til he falls out. should have played the entire 4th.
    The fact that he took forever to put Rose back into the game (I think he waited til like the 7min mark of the 4th) tells you he isn’t exactly in tune with whats going on in the game. Rose got in and immediately started the comeback. But basically ran out of time.

  • weezy f

    i got two pairs sz 10.5!!! gonna make big money!!

  • dagwaller

    I always wanted to say this…for shizzle

  • D.H.

    So much for your comment about Harpring winning it all with the Jazz . . . he is now property of OKC, and their backcourt just got a lot stronger moving into the future.

  • LakeShow84


    I was going to wait until the mid way point to say this but CELTICS is WACK.. they barely beating those teams out there and ITS ANNOYING.. everytime it looks like they bout to lose a game they pull it back together.. which is admirable but i still dont give a f$%k..

    No way that team lastin long enough to take homecourt from us..

    Kobe bout to take his Finals MVP trophy back from Pierces raspy voiced ass.. And the way its looking at the quarter point he bout to add it to his reg. season MVP trophy..

  • mark

    Regarding Roland – somebody updated on youtube that he had successful surgery:

    spaik113 said:
    Hey guys, a quick update about Roland. He underwent a successful surgery, and is expected to make a full recover. He is still in Seattle as he needs to rest and it’s too soon for him to travel back home in his condition due to fear of blood clots, etc. Continue to pray for this guy, he’s a very important guy for this team on and off the court, and needs all the support he can get