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Brains vs. ‘Bron

LeBron James

During the Phoenix broadcast of last night’s Suns/Cavs game, one of the announcers compared Steve Nash and LeBron as such: “One does it with the brain, the other does it with the brawn. ‘Le-Brawn,’ I guess you could say.” Nevermind that dude almost wandered into Jimmy the Greek territory with that one (it’s strange how people act like Nash isn’t a great athlete, or LBJ only dominates because of his athleticism), but LeBron made the comment look silly anyway when he did his Magic Johnson impersonation and dropped seven assists in the first quarter. He finished with a modest 12 points, eight boards and 10 dimes as the Cavs blasted the Suns right away and never looked back, blowing out the team that went into Wednesday tied for the League’s best record … Rocking the old Mark Price-era bright blue and orange unis, Cleveland closed out the first on a 15-2 run, which would have been worse if the refs hadn’t waved off LeBron’s buzzer-beating three at the end of the quarter. We could’ve sworn a graphic said Mo Williams AVERAGED 37 points against the Suns in his last few meetings, and Mo (4-12 FG) definitely came out gunning like he expected a big day … Funny how LeBron does the elaborate shake/pound/hug routine with everybody on the team before the game, then when he gets to Anderson Varejao they just stick to a simple hi-five/hug. The rest of the stuff might be too complicated for AV … Exchange between the Suns announcers: “Who’s officiating this game, LeBron or the officials?” “I guess we have four officials tonight.” … If you missed it, there was a mild controversy over the weekend when Mike Brown gave Zydrunas Ilgauskas a DNP-CD against the Mavs, the night when Big Z would have broken the franchise record for most games played. Brown said it was a matchup thing because Dallas can go small and run, but the problem was that Big Z had flown family and friends in from Europe and the team reportedly had a big celebration planned. When Big Z checked in last night for the record, he got a standing ovation. Did you know who held the record before that? Danny Ferry … Does LeBron have some kind of Ohio vs. Michigan vendetta against Jason Richardson? You remember the 360 block last year; last night ‘Bron took a J-Rich lefty layup and slapped it off the glass … It wasn’t as hyped as Brett Favre going back to Green Bay, but Jason Kidd probably took a little pleasure in playing a role in New Jersey setting an NBA record by starting the season 0-18. Kidd (16 pts, 10 asts, 8 rebs, 5 stls) was typically all over the court during a second quarter where Dallas scored FORTY-NINE point on 17-of-19 shooting; one time he got a defender out of his way for a finger roll by faking a pass, even though nobody was even there on the fast break for him to pass it to … Everybody — seriously, everybody — was getting buckets when the Hawks slapped 146 points on the Raptors in a blowout, but Mike Bibby stood out. He played about as flawless a game as you can at point guard, scoring 12 points on 4-of-4 shooting (all threes) and handing out five assists with zero turnovers. He did miss one free throw, though. Bibby was one of nine ATL players to score in double figures, as the Toronto defense made it look like a 48-minute NBA Jam game … For the second time in less than a week, Earl Boykins was The Man down the stretch for the Wizards and rendered Gilbert Arenas curiously useless. Boykins scored 11 of his 13 points in the fourth quarter against the Bucks, and tied up with 10 seconds left after a Brandon Jennings three, Boykins was enlisted to decide the game. Despite having Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison at his disposal, Flip Saunders sent Boykins on a pick-and-roll with Brendan Haywood — presumably with the plan being to attack whoever Jennings was guarding. (You couldn’t at least have Jamison set the pick?) Boykins pulled up on Jennings and got fouled with one second left, and made the two free throws to win it. You can’t argue too hard since it worked out for the Wizards, but it bears mentioning that on the last play, Gilbert (22 pts, 9 asts) was being guarded by Luke Ridnour … Other notable stat lines from Wednesday: Rashard Lewis had 20 points and 11 boards in a win over the Knicks; Kevin Durant scored 33 to beat the Sixers; Zach Randolph put up 20 points and 10 rebounds in Memphis’ win at Minnesota; John Salmons had 22 points as the Bulls knocked off the Pistons; Aaron Brooks posted 22 points in Houston’s win over the Clips; and Tyreke Evans went for 26 points as Sacramento beat Indiana, while Danny Granger scored 31 in the loss … Clearly they’re building a different breed of man down at UConn. We’ve told you stories about Jim Calhoun; last night in UConn’s game against Boston University, Jerome Dyson went to plant his foot while driving and landed in something that was a cross between gymnast splits and Shaun Livingston‘s knee injury. After having it diagnosed as a groin strain, Dyson came back in the game and finished with a team-high 22 points. Beast … We’re out like 0-18 …

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  • Gunner J. Matthews

    Maybe the NJ Nets should go the Ron Artest route to forget about their troubles. I never thought they’d be this bad

  • quest???

    did u see barea’s crossover?? he almost broke devin harris’s groin

  • Judas

    Waiting for The China-Man to return and lead the team to a victory. I am waiting for Yi breakout game.

    Damn but Nets might have less than 9 victories this year.

  • E$
  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody Gabriel

    It’s safe to say TYREKE ‘gets it.’
    He’s having no probs figuring the NBA game out.
    What’s going on with Indy???????????

    So, does Brooks share “THE MAN” status with Trevor?
    Lil’ dude be ballin!

    WIZ–screw that, I’m sticking to the name I like — the BULLETS were screaming MVP for Earl. Touching.
    Yeah, they were going at Jennings the whole night.
    They don’t respect his D.
    But Jennings is a thoroughbred point gaurd who’s shot will come. It’s just so streaky right now. And he’ll pick up D. Tough lost for them. I like the Bucks though, entertaining.

    Dime said: “Funny how LeBron does the elaborate shake/pound/hug routine with everybody on the team before the game, then when he gets to Anderson Varejao they just stick to a simple hi-five/hug. The rest of the stuff might be too complicated for AV.” —}} Either that or he don’t f*** wit him like that.

    SHAQ was abusing Frye.
    Umm, good to see Delonte in crunchtime.
    Ummmm, that makes the Cavaliers the only East team undefeated against the West. Looking good.

    Kevin Durant TOOK A CRAP on the entire soul of my homesquad. I hope you post the dunk. Dude got crazy bunnies to get to the rim like that.
    That lost makes me think of a Peaches and Herb song. Welcome back AI.

  • sh!tfaced

    LeBron won’t shake, pound or even chest bump with Side-Show Andy for fear that Veragina will automatically flop, for sure. Or worse, fall down on his back, fold like a lawn chair, and slide 10 feet with his feet up in the air.

    LeBrawn is just playing it safe, being soft, careful and gentle because he knows the Veragina and that’s how you handle pussy.

  • sh!tfaced

    Nice little poetic role-playing for Jason Kidd, having a hand in both the highest and lowest points in Nets’ franchise history.

  • fred

    Seriously. How many throwback jerseys have the Cavs worn the last 5 seasons?

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJ23

    A team scores 146 and a guy with 5 assists gets the props?

    Are you his mom?

  • nola

    yeah seriously… how’re you giving mike bibby props for having 4 threes/12 points in a 146 point game? i know he went 4 for 4 but still… 12 points in a 146? he basically had 6 points in 8 points in a 100 point game…

  • Sweet English

    ^ What he said.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    a big hi hi to you from copenha’ where big jurgo has had some hospital stay and now better.

    a big ticka ticka tanks to jurg friend vlade who bring some nba dvd to hospital to watch. and i see many sides of isaiah thomas. and i ask you, which is best isaiah thomas.

    1. player
    2. coach
    3. manager of team
    4. commentater
    5. find player for nba draft
    6. owner of cba basktball tournament
    7. gay icon for kissing great magic man.

    and a wonderful big thank you to my girldfrend jelena for typing this. very sore hand and no typing says dr lindemayer.

    big jurgo think isaiha best at finding good young player like many knicks and many pacer and many raptor and then draft them.

    do u think so?

    hi hi from big jurgo and i am back and now u know.

  • http://www.lifeofagiant.com Big Aaron

    So the Magic play your beloved Knicks and you give it one line about Lewis posting 20 and 11, Phoenix plays the LeCrabs and you give it, essentially, an entire Smack? And not even a mention about LeCrab trying to back out of the dunk contest now? For shame.

  • Alee-Mo

    What’s wrong with DIME giving Bibby some shine? If you saw the box score, nobody on the Hawks had a monster game. Horford scored 24 but nobody else was between 10-16 points. For a PG to play in a game with that much shot jacking and running and not commit one turnover or miss a shot, I thought that was impressive.

  • Kevin

    @Big Aaron —
    Are you serious? Cavs/Suns was the biggest “on paper” matchup of the night between two teams with two of the best records in the league. LeBron and Nash are MVP candidates. Shaq was playing against his old team. Why wouldn’t that game get a lot of attention in Smack? Are you saying you wanted Smack to have more lines about the sorry-ass Knicks?

  • Sweet English

    Best Jurg post ever?


  • 92021SpurMD

    I know this was an all NBA column, but slightly off topic, does anyone else notice like I do that Kyle Singler (Duke) looks like Raiden from Metal Gear (PS3)? By the way, I might be sold that he may do a little damage in the league. Mad buckets last night!

  • mules

    @ #7
    Kidd wasn’t around for the franchises high point…the Dr. J ABA years (’73-’76)…when they won 2 championships in 3 years.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Sooo, I know this is going to seem a little Bias. And maybe ESPN/NBAtv didn’t show it during the highlights, which they are notoriously f^king up. But I’m guessing DIME didn’t see the TWO Alley Oops Derrick Rose caught last night from BRAD MILLER!!!

    I’m sure you can find them on youtube or something, but the first one was sick with Rose being set up on the play to go back door he got his head near the rim while cocking the ball back behind his head before throwing it thru the basket, and the second one was freakish considering that Rose didn’t have a running start or anything, it was basically off vert.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    the Real Tyrone is that you? When did you move to Denmark?

  • Brown

    I’m done with the Raptors. How long until the draft lottery?

  • That’s what’s up

    @ post 20

    yo ain’t no doubt dat cat jurgo be dishin dopey posts and eating mad words yo. you know that ain’t being me yo

    True Douches NEVER lie
    the REAL Fagrone

  • karizmatic

    I watched the Wizards Bucks game…all I can say is I think Boykins resurgence lends credibility to the argument that the Wizards NEEDED a true point guard. I think they should just get the charade over with and let Boykins start at point guard for the rest of the season and move Arenas over to shooting guard. Young Money proved he is indeed clutch with that 3 though, but he got completely SCHOOLED by Boykins all night. Hopefully the kid learned a little something about how to control a game at point guard from Boykins.

  • Diego

    Yeah, I think Bibby deserves some love for his play too. The Hawks spread the wealth last night, and Bibby was indeed a highlight–drilling 3s early on to help the Hawks pull away in 2nd quarter. Bibby actually is playing better this year than he has the last 2 with the Hawks–he is like that hobbly old guy in the park, who can’t jump, but deceptively helps his team win, with great passes and a pure stroke–and knows his physical limitations.

    Other stars last night: Josh Smith and Marvin, who was MIA in about the first 12 games or so of the season. I really hope Josh gets block of the night. He knocked one shot so hard into the Raptor’s bench area, that it was lucky no bystander got hurt! I also hope Josh makes the All-Star team this year; so far he truly does deserve it. But I’d even be more happy if the game box score producers would quit listing Joe Smith among the starters, rather than Josh!!

    Josh miraculously not only is not taking bad outside shots, but his boneheaded turnovers seemed to have disappeared this year too! He is a new man in both these regards.

  • http://dime eyes

    The funny thing about the Wiz/Bucks games. The 2 best players on their respective teams seem to be doing what’s best for everybody else. At the expense of their own game. That’s a balance you have to figure out to be great. When to & not takeover a game. The game itself was zzzzzzzzzzz BORING. Gilbert has to play his game & everything else will work. It wasn’t his offense that was hurting/holding back the Wiz. It was their Defense. Mcgee has to play more. Nick Young is the truth.

    The Bucks are a bad team but are so fun to watch with Jennings. Charlie Bell can’t be your starting 2. Why’d you miss that open three for the win. Boykins was killing the Bucks not Jennings. It’s not One on One. If you get screened every play it’s not your responsibility alone. TEAM DEFENSE. Bogut seemed out of it. Scott Skiles turn it off. Setting a bad example. Play through calls. It’s one foul. I thought the ref should have walked away. You should allow a coach to react though not overboard like Robo Skiles(CHI) I feel after making or missing a blatant call. What happen to Ilyasova??? He’s our X-Factor

  • LakeShow84

    You know the problem with Wiz is the fact they gots all these perimeter players and no meat in the middle.. and ill take them seirously until they do..

    If Arenas is ur Alpha male coo then at least give the man every perimeter players dream.. A DOMINANT POST FIGURE.. Jamison games is too awkward to be considered a true post player and Haywood is a great backup but avg starter.. i was watching it last night.. only way they really involve their bigs is pick and roll..

    @ DIME

    Real talk u guys is weak for Cavs and Suns taking the whole smack.. u guys need to spread that shit out more.. and i never criticize the smacks so come on..

  • LakeShow84

    And Lebrons backing out the dunk contest already??

    Just like his game.. All flash and no substance..

  • http://dime eyes

    When Hibachi was looking for his shot. He couldn’t be stopped. The WIZ & BUCKS used to be exciting. Dont do what the suns did & go away from what got you successful in the 1st place. Also please dont expect Brandon to score 40 pts every game. He set the ceiling high but lets realistic. He’s capable. Also are humbles consider 1 pt. Brandon misses a lot of shots that rim out. He’s a wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better shooter than I shot. Not indicative of his FG’s yesterday. It’s funny how #’s don’t tell the whole story. His team wont allow him to have high assists. When he plays well they almost always win. Earl Boykins was nice since Eastern Michigan. Another player hurt by the political system. Was always better then Brevin Knight.

  • Ekstor

    From Big Jurg to a Real Tyrone impostor…? All we’re missing is an argument between QQ and his impostor and we’d have the best thread ever!

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Call me old school, but I don’t like Earl Boykins at all. It was exciting at first, but now it’s annoying. He’s shooting the ball waaaaayyy too much. He is a 5’5 SG…that annoys me. It’s like the 7ft small forwards. He gets abused on defense too.

    Gilbert is the much better option and taking the ball out of his hands is going to make him opt out and leave as a FA….maybe thats what Flip is trying to do. Make Gilbert Opt out of his last year. The wiz probably hate him now, seeing as how he’s always injured.

  • D.H.

    As a Raptors fan I don’t know what to say or do. They are sooo soft on D its unbearable. They’re like a bunch of robots; ZERO EMOTION. Someone on the Raps needs to man up and start throwin some hard fouls on D and play D like they care. I just can’t imagine accepting loss after loss like that. Get mean, dirty, scrappy, and win some fucking games.

  • http://dime eyes

    A team takes on the identity of team’s best player or Coach. Good luck Raps fan. Jarrett Jack calling out players won’t work. A star or above avg player has to do that. His teamates will laugh and snicker under their breath. Shoot you need to work on your game. They’re just not a good team and overachieved under Sam Mitchell. Calderon and the rest of the team are good. Wth the exception of Bosh. He’s an All-Star but cant do it himself. Jack & Duhon are cousins what a lineage of talent. They’re in that Earl Watson category solid because the real talent isn’t allowed in the league. These guys are the best available. Give me a break. They never were or ever will be what these analysts or GM’s project.

    Back in the days everyone was or could have been pro. Now a days 90% of players stink. They’re just given contracts to fill up rosters. It’s bad & ashamed. Not sure how the future looks. Could you imagine idolizing a scrub. How good could you be. If my favorite player was just say Chris Duhon. I might as well start my 2nd & 3rd career now. Looking at Duke yesterday and UCONN the mass are career backups at best. The talent pool of the N.B.A is terrible overall. That trickles down to college and definitely High School. Lets mix that talent with the fundamentals. The Gm’s/Fans/ & critics alike would much obliged. Everyone loves to see a good show.

    There are less than 10 teams you could actually watch & enjoy on a nightly basis. Let Stern tell it. This is one of the best yrs to date. HOW?? The lockout yr was better than this. How do you explain the Nets/Knicks/Wolves. That’s embarrassing. If the people in charge are incompetent of effectively doing good. Change don’t recycle. You’re telling there isn’t a better talent evaluator than Marty Blake & his Son. He has the same eye. All of these scouts,coaches. They’re getting older and could care less some of them. Get them out of here & lets get this show back on the road. Fix the environment & all the people change. It’s not the players fault. BELIEVE ME.

  • Mr. BBall

    Ha ha, gilbert is not going to opt out of the hugh contract with his shakey knees. And I have mucho love for Earl B. He was killing with Denver and now he is with a team that at least has some talent. I do question his defense but you take the good with that bad and he goes for it on D. I also question the decision to go with him to win the game but it worked out and like I said Give that man Earl his props.