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Breaking News: Minnesota Timberwolves Acquire Devin Brown

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The Utah Jazz kicked off the trading season by sending Eric Maynor to the Oklahoma City Thunder for financial reasons. Not to be outdone the New Orleans Hornets have sent their regular starting 2 guard to the Minnesota Timberwolves for a player who played in one game all season. The Timberwolves announced today that they acquired Devin Brown and cash considerations from the Hornets in exchange for Jason Hart.

“This was a difficult decision to make as Jason has been the consummate professional during his time with us, but it was a rare opportunity to add a proven player with three-point shooting capabilities that will help our offense,” said David Kahn, Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations. “Devin should be a nice addition to our team defensively, as well. He has a reputation as a tough kid and hard-nosed defender.”

The trade seems to be lopsided. Devin Brown has averaged 10ppg and shot 41% from beyond the arc this season. Jason Hart on the other hand has only appeared in one game for the Timberwolves, recording 1 assist and 1 steal in five minutes of play. For the Timberwolves the trade seems like a no brainer. If Brown can continue his hot shooting from beyond the arc, he will help stretch the defense and allow Al Jefferson and Kevin Love to go to work on the block. The motivation for New Orleans has to be financial. The Hornets financial woes are well documented and the only reason a franchise sends a regular starter away for a non contributor is to save money.

What do you think?

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  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Calling Devin Brown a “regular starter” is laughable. He should be in a suit every night. This is no great loss for the Hornets. They’re clearly going to cut Hart for cap space.

  • JRav

    Chris Paul is not going to be happy

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Haha. Chris Paul will be secretly ecstatic. Brown threw his passes away for no good reason other than that he’s not an NBA starter about 4x a game. He also shot 15% from three for a good stretch last year. I suspect the Hornets have only been giving him minutes as trade bait.

  • JC

    I think you spelled contributor incorrectly. Come on, son…

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    Clearly slashing payroll and doing everything they can to keep CP3… don’t think it will work though. I think the only thing that will keep Paul in the NO at this point, is NO itself. He has dedicated a lot of time and money to helping that city. That’s a tough move for him to leave.


  • Kellan White

    Devin Brown started 22 of 24 games this season which is why is a regular starter.

    Interesting development on the trade. The Timberwolves posted an announcement on their website (where I got the quote) and took it down about 10 minutes ago.

    Stay tuned for any updates

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    going 6 for 6 from 3pt range (in one half)against Chicago the other was perfect trade bait. NOH is smart.

    Now if only Chicago will capitolize on Deng and Noah playing well and trade their ass for maybe a draft pick or a solid player for low $$$ we’d be good. Maybe package them for T-Mac…hmm that would work out perfect. Money doesn’t add up though.

    NOH should also trade Chris Paul and maybe move the franchise to St. Louis or something.

  • MBE18

    Now the Knicks and Rockets got to pull the trigger on trading J. Hill, E. Curry & C. Mobley for T-Mac.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @ Chicagorilla How bout the big fat zero he put up in the second half?

    I get why you call him a “regular starter”, but let’s not suggest Devin Brown is a huge loss for any team. I watch every game and he is routinely the worst player on the floor on 8/10 nights for the Hornets and probably one of the worst starters in the entire league. Over the summer fans were dumbfounded to find out he had a player option and we’d be stuck with him another year.

    Not sure if this trade is going down, anyway. It might be a different NO low-salary guy or Hart to a different team altogether. (I’d be disappointed.)

  • Jas

    “The motivation for New Orleans has to be financially motivated.”

    Top-notch English.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    yes he was a non factor for the rest of the game. Point being though, NOH was smart to take advantage of his early season production and trick MInny into taking the bait.

  • http://www.robharrisdesign.com Rob

    Congratulations to New Orleans. They just got one of the worst guards I ever saw play in the NBA. I thought for sure by now he was long gone from the league…

    Well now he can sit on the bench behind Chris Paul, already done that for Deron Williams.Maybe he can give some insight on which one is better to backup…

  • Scott

    if it does go down, I can’t see CP3 being too happy about it. He doesn’t have a ton of help in the backcourt as it is in NO. Losing a guy who was starting to play well at the 2 can’t help the squad.

    Whatever happened to James Posey?? Before he went to the Celts and won a ship he was a regular starter for whomever he played. He was an up and coming player in the league. Then he gets tagged with the ‘glue guy’ label and the ‘bench scorer’ label, and now he can’t seem to get anything going.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    trade doesnt really help either team much.
    but, it should put a scare into corey brewer. his minutes gonna go waaaaay down.

  • lsuhornet17

    Devin Brown is not a legitimate NBA starter. I seriously doubt he would have still been the Hornet’s starter at the end of the season. Good luck with him stretching the defense over in Minnesota. Despite his current percentage, he is not a 3pt shooter and is a train wreck when he puts the ball on the floor.

  • Franchise Baller

    man this changes the whole outlook of te western conference playoff race!

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @ Chicagorilla No doubt! He’s likely to go 0-8 the next minute.

    @ Rob If this trade goes down, there is a 0% chance Hart will back up Chris Paul. Chris Paul’s backup is Darren Collison. Hart will be waived. It’s the Hornets only motivation for this move. Period.

  • http://dime eyes

    @This isn’t breaking news. It’s a sad day in basketball when you’re talking about devin brown & that other guy. Another highely overatted player. Stunk in college at the Cuse. James Posey wasn’t up & coming he already peaked and had a very solid career out of Xavier. He was the glue for winning teams built for him to fill a role. N.O. thought they had a Championship team & expected to much from him. Partner that along with not having a 2 guard & Stojakovic at the endddddddddddddd of his career. You have James Posey. Would be a good fit for any contender this yr. If I were Atlanta I’d pry him from the N.O. & even go after Chris Paul. Give up Williams,Bibby, & Teague. Sign Yatta Gaines & Bass & my friends you might bring a title back to the A. Teague isn’t going to turn into a Point Guard. Mo Williams is going to abuse M.Bibby tonight & be the reason the Hawks lose. He sustains the team but doesnt complete. He D.Fisher for our team. Yeah he could shoot & is a savvy veteran but he has a lot more negatives than positives. If San Antonio let Bowen. Fish could be on the sidelines.

  • Mo

    LMAO! @ people thinking this is a loss for the Hornets. And LMAO @ people dying to see CP3 unhappy in New Orleans. And LMAO! @ people actually thinking Devin Brown is a real starter in this league. Get a clue guys. Seriously. So does this mean the people that actually really watch the Hornets won’t have to watch Devin Brown go up for a layup only to get blocked by the rim? LMAO!

  • Mo

    From Hollinger’s ESPN chat today..

    Jamal (New Orleans)

    The Hornets are pathetic. Devin Brown is a useful piece and they gave him away for nothing. Any chance CP3 asks for a trade?

    John Hollinger (2:36 PM)

    Devin Brown was the worst starter in the league, I wouldn’t sweat this one. All he was doing was blocking Marcus Thornton and Julian Wright from playing.

    Jamal, get a clue buddy. LMAO!

  • Mo

    And events like this happened regularly.



    Devin Brown? H*ll, a dead James Brown could play better than this guy. LMAO!

  • Mo

    Now wait. Am I hearing that this isn’t even official? Come on. Don’t do me like that. Don’t get me all excited like that. Say it ain’t so.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    The best Devin Brown YouTube is actually the YouTube of T-Mac scoring 13 points in 33 seconds. He falls flat on his face and T-Mac steals the ball from him and wins the game.


  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @ Mo It’s looking like going to fall through. Minnesota put the press release up on their site and then took it down.

  • Mo

    @ticktock6, LMAO! Poor dude is just hoping someone will offer him a contract next season. He is in a ‘contract year’ you know? Gotta feed the family. I was p*ssed when I realized the Hornets would have him for another season. This is a player that should NEVER have a player option.

  • Mo

    @ticktock6, WTF? Seriously? That sucks. Really it does. I curse the T-Wolves for getting my hopes up like that.

  • quest???

    shitty moves on shitty teams.

  • Mo

    When are they going to attempt to ship off ‘Paris’ Hilton Armstrong? Any takers for this guy? For a bag of Skittles even?

  • jlee9

    hey dime i have brown in my fantasy team tonight (yeah i know I need help that bad). how will this affect his fantasy availability? should i take him out soon as possible?

  • Mo

    @jlee9 word has it that he’ll play tonight. Don’t know how much he’ll give you in Houston though so you might wanna go ahead and take him out anyway.

  • jlee9

    @mo thanks man.

    also, this trade is shockingly more irrelevant than the eric maynor one.

  • chief youngblood

    As a hornets fan and resident of south louisiana ,i get to watch every hornets game thanks to the consistent yet bland cox sports team . and true devin brown starts and may hit you one or two threes a game , but his main offensive capabilities are drive the lane hard, loose the ball , and complain for the uncalled ( unmerited ) foul .

    we haven’t lost anything , this should open up a starting position for marcus thornton who will also get you those couple threes a night with a whole lot more energy.

    i know we have money issues but i’m still holding out hope for a Prince trade with the pistons maybe for hilton armstrong and another young player , maybe marks . to extend our wing and put peja in a more natural 6th man role ( shit i did it on live 10 )

  • Mark

    Devin Brown was the best player in Hornets… nay, NBA history, bar none. This future hall of famer will be missed.

  • Ross
  • Ross

    BTW, who is Alando Tucker? I’m thinking this trade makes more sense than Devin Brown though.

  • jonny taise

    lies!!!!!! all lies!!!!!