NBA, Video / Dec 18, 2009 / 10:15 am

Dwyane Wade Swats J.J. Redick On The Break

At the end of the third quarter last night, Dwyane Wade hit a pull-up three with one minute remaining, putting Miami up 87-60. But don’t think he was celebrating. When J.J. Redick tried a layup in transition moments later, Wade lurked behind then swatted it off the backboard. “If he was a guy who could dunk the ball, it would have been a little different,” Wade said. “But since I knew it he was going to lay it in, it made it a little easier to time it.” Sorry J.J., but you gotta at least attempt to flush it on the break.

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  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Reddick could’ve prevented this by dunking it or even just going up strong. Leaving a weak layup attempt up there is a gift for anybody trailing behind for a block.

  • mules

    nice block, but he’s no Pops Mensah-Bonsu

  • the big fundamental

    i never understood how guys get blocked like that on a fast-break i mean this is something that can be easily Jose Calderon did it at the beginning of season against cleveland! as soon as you feel a guy like wade ,lebron, gerald wallace, tayshaun prince, josh smith coming from behind (you actually can feel it or take a quick look behing your back! (they all like to come from behing) just plant your feet fake let him fly past you and then lay it in!! I’ve used that since my junior year of HS!

  • the big fundamental

    Oh and ive had a couple of blocks like that of my own BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD (you can easily get hurt though especially if the guy you just blocked falls where you were supposed to land)!

  • Coop

    Hahaha oh dear.

    Another option is to do what smart guys do and use the hoop as a shield as you go diagonally across in front of it rather than up on one side.

  • sunni

    reddick couldnt have prevented this..this is not duke..its wade’s house

  • AdvancedMind

    Why the F@CK is Reddick still on a NBA roster, shouldnt he be in a small village in Poland somewhere playing over seas?

  • Jordi

    No way that he could have dunked that, he didnt fully control the ball untill his last step, very hard to dunk those for a guy like him…
    Anyway nice block

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  • E$

    Dwade quote says it all

  • IG

    Dukie wasn’t thinking. He should have backed it out and taken the last shot (23 secs). Not only did he not convert the layup, he fouled and gave up the last two points of the period.

  • BMW

    @the big fundamental:
    You gotta remember that Mario Chalmers was still trailing them so a fake would just mean that Mario would have the block instead of Dwyane.