Smack / Dec 12, 2009 / 7:10 am

Extreme Makeover

Amar'e Stoudemire (photo. King Lawrence)

Amar'e Stoudemire (photo. King Lawrence)

Count us among those who loved Amar’e Stoudemire‘s scruffy-face-‘fro-and-goggles look, but if being lined up with a fresh cut means STAT will play the rest of the year like he did last night, we can live without the Moses Malone tribute. Amar’e was a beast, dropping 28 points and 10 boards on Orlando and helping hold Dwight Howard to just 10 points (8-17 FT) on ONE field goal attempt. Of course he got some easy buckets off the pick-and-roll, but his jumper was smooth as well, and his offensive rebound and dunk in the final seconds was vital in helping PHX stay undefeated at home … After a wild sequence late in the fourth that included Anthony Johnson getting clutch buckets, Steve Nash missing free throws, and some what-are-the-odds turnovers (e.g. Johnson dribbling the ball off Mickael Pietrus‘ foot), the Suns were up one when Stoudemire’s board and Hulk-Smash made it three with six seconds left, and Rashard Lewis missed a trey on Orlando’s last good opportunity. Dwight had been owning the glass (18 rebs), but on that particular play he was on the perimeter trying to block Jared Dudley‘s jumper, and you know the Magic can’t get a rebound if Dwight isn’t involved … The Suns initially looked like they would dominate, going on a 17-0 run in the first quarter sparked by Nash (20 pts, 18 asts), but give the Magic credit for coming back even though they couldn’t get anything from Dwight offensively, Vince Carter got hurt in the third quarter and never returned, and Johnson was logging the crunch-time minutes at PG … It’s still hard to say whether these Suns are a legit title contender, but apparently we’ll find out on Jan. 15 when they play the Hawks. Joe Johnson and Co. have been exposing fake contenders all season: ATL has swept the Blazers already, blown out Miami, shut down the Mavs last week, destroyed the Bulls earlier this week, and beat the crap out of the Raptors again on Friday. Whoever Toronto put on Johnson (20 pts) had no chance. Jarrett Jack, Antoine Wright, Andrea Bargnani — they all got worked over while Joe looked like somebody practicing Isomotion moves on NBA 2K10 just for the hell of it … You don’t have to be a LeBron hater to realize some of LBJ’s work — especially his blocked shots — get a little too much hype on the nightly highlight shows. ‘Bron will do something that makes the studio guys fall out of the chairs, but if Gerald Wallace did the exact same thing, you might not even see it. That said, there was no over-hyping the swat LeBron (33 pts, 7 rebs, 7 asts) had on Brandon Roy. Portland was down five with 30 seconds left when B-Roy got into the lane and put up a floater with a little too much “float” on it. Appearing from under the rim, LeBron got WAY above the rim — like, take-quarters-off-the-backboard style — and sent a gift to the cotton candy man. The game wasn’t technically over then, but the Blazers didn’t have much left … Other notable stat lines from Friday: Dirk Nowitzki dropped 25 points on Miami in a win; Joakim Noah posted 18 points, 14 boards and three blocks as the Bulls knocked off Golden State; Manu Ginobili scored 22 to beat the Bobcats; Al Harrington dropped 28 in the Knicks’ win at New Orleans; Roy Hibbert had 20 points, nine boards and three blocks as the Pacers beat the Nets; Kevin Durant scored 32 in OKC’s win over Memphis, while Zach Randolph went for 19 points and 20 boards in the loss; and Pau Gasol had 17 points, 20 rebounds and seven assists in L.A.’s blowout of Minnesota, in which Kobe basically played with his left hand after fracturing another finger on his right hand, and Corey Brewer took Derek Fisher‘s heart and ate his children on a dunk that would’ve made Vince proud … Dime’s in-house Sixers fanatic predicted a “mini-breakout” for Allen Iverson against the Rockets, although the rest of us were mostly worried for A.I.’s ankles as he lined up across from Aaron Brooks. Iverson did score a season-high 20 points (7-18 FG) and dimed Andre Iguodala with a couple of sick passes — including one full-court sidearm rope that hit A.I.2 in stride for a dunk — but Brooks (19 pts) nailed the dagger in Iverson’s mug as the Sixers lost their 12th straight … Remember that exchange the other night between Philly announcer Ed Pinckney and his broadcast partner over the term “Euro Step”? Pinckney used it again when Iguodala broke out a Euro Step on his way to a layup, and the play-by-play guy said, “OK, you’ve gotta explain that.” So all Pinckney did during the replay was say, “Well, here it is: He Euro Stepped on him.” Great analysis, Ed … We’re out like Kobe’s right hand …

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  • http://mundoalbicelete.blogspot.com john

    Firstly, a win is still a win that is all good news for the Spurs to revive their chances in the Western Conference. They will need to carry on this momentum when their embark on their three game road trip and for me, it is only by then we will know have they really reach their zenith peak with this new line up.

    While both RJ and Antonio McDYESS did their part from the starting line up, the true strength came from the bench with Manu GINOBILI leading their way. Tony PARKER was worrying sign at times considering the number of turnovers he committed.

    Luckily the despite the many times they gave the ball away, Spurs manage to keep their heads focus to grab another victory.

    As a for Manu on a personal note, I do appreciate your thoughts on being the best player today (my post on him is out, as always your though is welcomed).

    But clearly he was all black and white based on his performance from each half. While he was spectacular in the first two quarter, I couldn’t believe that he only manage to make just ONE shot for the next two period.

    Well deep down we all know he can do better. Maybe the Cats decided to pay some extra attention after realizing the damage he was doing on them earlier.

    Hopefully this same momentum that the Spurs are enjoying, Manu will too keep it up for the next few games and only then we will know the good old guy is back for good.

  • Valenfat

    nobody cares john, nobody cares.

  • John

    Derek Fisher is lucky that Brewer didnt jump over him, damn , that was a nasty dunk ,,,

    Looks like in the East we have the Celtics, Magic, Cavs, Hawks. After that we have Miami, and them a bunch of bad teams ,,

  • Atom

    What Valenfat said

    Fisher might think twice before he stands around that close to the basket to take a charge. Some other kid might jump over him too.

    The Cavs almost gave that game away at the end when Moon’s inbounds bounced right of Lebron into Roy’s hands for an easy 2 right under the Cavs basket. WTF? Lebron wasnt even looking at Moon when he threw it in. I think they were gonna call a timeout so they could take it in on the sideline and Moon just didn’t know what was going on. Blazers were obviosly going to foul anyway so why pass it to Lebron in that situation? Sometime I just get the impression Jamario doesn’t get it. Going to be hard to make it out of the east if key players cant make basic decisions at the end of games.

  • joe_flow

    Philly really needs to pick it up…

  • That’s what’s up

    Post 1
    John, you are the patch of hair that completes Manu’s mane

    …and Fisher still hasn’t washed the taste of nuts out of his mouth yet

  • Ross

    That was a good read, John. Everyone here is entitled to an opinion.

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL. What TWU said…

  • Phileus

    Nice post, john. Better than the “LOL I’M FIRST” crap that usually opens the comments.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Houston up. Back from 17 i think to win. Nice.
    Love A.I. but Houston needed that.

  • Sweet English

    LOL!.. I’M TENTH!

  • Dennis Castro

    I’d say Brewer’s come a long way from being rejected by the rim on a breakaway dunk attempt a couple of years ago. Last night’s cram was filthy, straight up.

  • http://joe.com joe

    Sixers play by play guy is Mark Zumoff.

  • http://twitter.com/sum_cut_up emory

    didn’t see the game….but dwight howard only taking one shot in 41 minutes is totally unacceptable on all levels

  • LakeShow84

    No love on our 11th straight win DIME?? thats something we havent done in YEARS..


    And the Suns arent contenders.. As u can see we have shallacked them this year.. a well coached team can murder them.. not saying Orlando isnt well coached (even tho feeding the Centaur has always been a problem), they had their chance tho..

    Phoenix is a 1 trick pony right now.. fortunately for them its a good trick lol

    let the road games commence!

  • Chuck

    Yeah Corey brewer used to be the very definition of a scrub a few years ago in EVERY aspect of the word, but I’ll give dude his props on that dunk. NASTY, that bron block was viscious too!

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @Lake, we alllll know the suns won’t win anything…Nash can’t stop anyone on D (as anthony johnson their 3rd string pgproved) and the rest of the defense is just as bad. They barely beat orlando with vince hurt and dwight not even putting up shots. AS for your 11th straight…you beat the wolves….enough said, no need for a long paragraph lol

    @Dime, I love how anyone who doesn’t seem to think lebron would beat god in a game of one-on-one is suddenly a hater. Like dudes won 12 rings and we just dont like him. Dog, dime writers must have a tatto of his name on their lower backs. I mean you talk about his block, which was a goaltend by the way since it was coming down, but dont even mention shaq gettin racked in the face and leaving the game early.

    Brewer dunking on fisher was completely uncalled for..just roughing up the elderly like that.

    p.S:euro step, instead of taking your two steps in a straight line, take one big own out to the side and the next one back to the direction you first started in.Think a crossover with no dribble..not to be confused with the “lebron crab dribble” 5 steps but no dribble

  • LakeShow84

    @ Bron

    i know thats why i only mentioned the streak in 2 sentences lol and the 11th win has nothing to do with the first 10 bruh, u know this.. Lets just see if we can make it 20 while playing a bulk of these games on the road..

    And Lebron tattooed on Dime writers lower backs is cold Bron.. just cold lol

    Which brings up something interesting that DIME brought up “You don’t have to be a LeBron hater to realize some of LBJ’s work — especially his blocked shots — get a little too much hype on the nightly highlight shows.”

    So true.. if i see his come from behind block ONE MORE time as the NUMBER 1 replay im going to drop my NBATV and save $4.99 lol i dont care if its a slow night and he comes thru at #3-4 but i always see all these sick ass plays and #1 is Lebron with yesterdays favorite flavor..


  • bang bang boochi

    I will admit, I am a laker hater and proud of it. It’s funny because the only reason I hate them is because they are so good. However, looking at their 18-3 record I take some solace in knowing losses are coming soon. Looking at their losses to Dallas, Houston, and Denver. Those are 3 not quite elite teams. It took a lucky shot (c’mon even kobe has a lucky shot once in awhile) to beat Miami, a 1 point win in OT to Houston, and a 3 point win against OKC. So at worst, they’d have a 15-6 record, still one of the best in the league. Besides the favorable home schedule, the lakers have had a relatively cupcake schedule in terms of opponents. What worries me the most though, is that the average “elite” team occasionally loses to the bottom feeder teams. I don’t see the Lakers dropping many easy games.

    So to end this on a haterific note: I hate kobe’s underbite, and fake humility. I hate derek fisher’s shot-jacking (and how they always go in at the right time).I hate Lamar’s odd shaped head. I hate Bynum’s 2 inch alley oops. I hate Gasol’s everything. I love Ron Artest. I hate that Sasha cut his hair. I hate that Jordan Farmar insists on shaving his head even though his ears should never see the light of day. Ahhh…..much better

  • baron

    LakeShow – I haven’t seen you play yet this season, what’s your jersey # so next time “we” are playing I can look for ya!

    Maybe the rest of the season should just be a mercy forfeit since the Lakers have it on lock again. SKUNK!

    . . . . . . .

    Hey, I know you Dime guys are way into the shoes, have y’all seen these kicks?


  • FallODaLdr

    Difference between Kobe and LBJ:

    Kobe BREAKS his index finger on his shooting hand and comes back and plays in the same game. (also hitting two 3’s)

    LeBron SPRAINS his index finger on his left (non-shooting) hand and misses 5 consecutive games (10days) in 07-08. (Cavs went 0-5)


  • drew

    -anyone think the lebron “block” last night was a goal tend? funny how some sites (not including you dime) tend to forget to mention that it looked like it was on its way down from replays…

    -notes from orl/phx… win: phx, loss: orl, save: REFS (see tip ball from .6 to 1.9 secs left for that..)

    -brewer’s dunk ranks 2nd best posterization of the year behind dwhistle on varejao

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    @drew, I said it was a goal tend and the jumpball was BS since the first one Amare hit out of bounds.

    Who has a odder shaped head, Odom or his wife Chyna?

  • Hoya Saxa

    @ DIME:

    Why no coverage of Tim Donaghy interview on 60 minutes?? Dude says he made a killing betting of inside info on NBA ref beefs with player/coaches/owners, NOT fixing games. FBI finds his story credible. NBA had no comment.

    All this coverage of the demise of AI, but what about Donaghy claiming refs out to get him since 2007.

    Hit us up with some info DIME.

  • the cynic

    no mention of the awesome Luis Scola fans at the rockets/76ers game

  • gregory

    Orlando looked better without Carter last night. He’s been taking some ridiculously stupid shots this season, like three pointers from 5 feet beyond the line when it wasn’t necessary or settling for jumpers with hands right in his face. He’s always done that, being too confident for his own good but I think playing in Orlando’s jumpshooting system exasperates that. He’s never had a coach that has emphasized the three pointer like Van Gundy has and Carter’s taking the freedom way too liberally. I never thought he was a stupid IQ player but he’s been one this season.

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    Can someone tell me why nobody ever looks at players’ feet after they get rebounds and pivot like 4 times? I’ve got no hate on Amare or the Suns, but I found it strange that none of the announcers mentioned it even on replay.

  • bob

    Drew, how can you forget pp opn bosh, the top three dunks of the year are pp on bosh, wade on varajoe and brewer on fish.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    @bob, pp n bosh was weak. Pierce barely got off the ground and he knee’d bosh in the balls. D-Jones on Ellis was much worse.

  • That’s what’s up

    what no mention of how DIME comment posters always are talking about “No Mention”.

    Look, if it ain’t mentioned then just massage your little pussies until it stop’s hurting and blog on

  • QQ

    @ 21:


    Kobe: Arrogant as hell but has 4 rings

    Lebron: Arrogant as hell but has not yet won a single Finals game.

    And dime, if yall call all of us Bron haters, then what do we call you? Fucking narrow minded nut huggers? Fanboys that has no fucking mind of their own? Take your pick Dime.

  • Snyde

    all i have to say is that bron’s block was a blatant goaltend. end of story.

  • Snyde

    @ 14

    dude was fouled within seconds of touching the ball every possession. tough to get a shot up with that going on.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJ23

    I’m with QQ on this