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Harvard’s Jeremy Lin Torches UConn For 30

Jeremy Lin

Back in Dime #48, I featured Harvard University standout Jeremy Lin. A couple of nights ago, the Crimson’s 6-3 senior point guard went into UConn’s gym and got 30 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks against the 13th-ranked Huskies. UConn ended up winning the game 79-73 over Harvard, but Lin once again proved he could hold his own against the nation’s best.

Last season against a ranked Boston College team, Lin went off for 27 points, 8 assists, 6 steals, 3 rebounds and 2 blocks in an 82-70 upset win. In 2009-10, Lin is averaging 17.8 ppg, 4.6 apg, 5.6 rpg, 1.4 bpg and 2.4 spg for the Crimson, who are currently 6-2. “He’s one of the better kids, including Big East guards, who have come in here in quite some time,” UConn coach Jim Calhoun told reporters after the game.

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  • life-p

    He’ll be in the league next year.

  • JD

    Holy crap!

  • http://twitter.com/airjustinn AirJustinn

    Lol. I don’t know about in the league, but if he wants he could probably play in the D-League or overseas. At 6-3 200 he wouldn’t make it in the NBA as a 2-guard, and he doesn’t seem quick enough with the ball or his feet to pass as a Pg, either.

    But then it hits me, this guy goes to Harvard. He’l likely make more money doing anything but pursuing hoop dreams. But I can’t take it away from the man, he dropped 30 on Uconn and BC. Kudos to you, Jeremy Lin. Kudos

  • jimmy (cawter)

    You serious life-p?? this kid sucks. maybe the CHINESE LEAGUE.

    He has height but no skills on a mediocre team.

  • Paul

    Definitely making the league, or at least having a good shot at it.

    He’s got the height (at 6’4″ actually), the quicks, the hops (as shown by his swatting Dyson), the skills (top 10 in every statistical category) and most importantly the IQ. Have you seen him play? Totally understands the game.

    He may not look it, but this guy’s definitely legit.

  • hahns

    comments already show how biased people are against asians. im korean and anytime i walk on the court w/o nonasians i feel like i gota prove something. this kids stats say it all. he played against UCONN. are you serious? youre tellin me this kid cant ball?

  • No J Mayo

    @4…You’re an asshole. Guess a smart guy like Barack Obama could’ve went to the “Black Harvard”….
    I’ve never seen the kid play, but seems to me you’re making a generalization here based on a photo.

  • control2

    Finally he’s getting some notice. I’ve been following him ever since he led his high school team to the state title in California. They upset nationally ranked Mater Dei I believe. I think he would be a very solid bench player in the NBA. ABC represent!

  • flad

    #4 you probably ain’t never seen him play. dumbass

  • Promoman

    I’m impressed thus far. Hopefully he won’t get screwed over.

  • Knicksfan84

    Nerds rule! Get dem buckets, dunkin on mofo’s LOL!

  • K Dizzle

    Nice numbers. 6’3 and 200 is good size for a point guard. That’s Chauncey’s size, but anyways, if dude takes Harvard to the tourney and makes some noise, he’ll get a shot at pro ball….assumin he ain’t gonna be a doctor or lawyer or somethin else…It’s Harvard

  • Diego

    Harvard kids still have to get jobs. Hope he does take Harvard to the tourney and makes some noise and then pursues, and is given a fair shot to make, the pros. (An NBA paycheck in the short-run will exceed almost anything he can get with any degree.) Ivey leaguers can make the NBA–shout out to Chris Dudley! ;-)

    He can always work on his law degree in the offseason or pursue med school after ball.

  • srb

    too bad slicin’ dyson nearly got a triple double.

  • Mike

    Nice to see a true student-athlete doing well.

    I love Stanley Robinson, but that wasn’t his finest moment. Thought about going for a block, but then thought . . . I’m not getting dunked on by an Asian.

  • JS Lee

    I’ve actually been following Jeremy Lin since i stay in Boston. Been watching his games at Harvard as well as espn360. This is a critical year for him and if he gets ignored by NBA in 2010, i will say to him, go into banking or something. He has the skills but from the NBA marketing point of view, i think Yao Ming is already the asian face for the asian market. Will any LA teams take him so that they can attract the asian crowd? i think the asian population is perhaps too small for NBA teams to take a risk on him. (though i hope i can see him in one of the LA NBA teams next year). He has to consistently perform at 20-30 points over the next few games against BC, Cornell, Georgetown-away, & show that he isn’t a one-hit wonder. (BTW i’m bringing my family to the Boston College game). As for his physique, at the college level, skills are more important cos u can bulk up once you go pro. (Yao Ming had to bulk up too for the NBA).

  • Razzle

    Asian represent! Hope dude makes the NBA!

  • L@zYChUck

    Jeremy Lin is ma HOME*boi~~ we use to hang out at lunch time..

  • Reallieee

    #16 Are you serious? The NBA has spent a ton of money and time marketing the game to overseas markets since 1992. The revenue from say 500 million Asians ordering overseas cable/satellite just to watch the guy make him valuable.
    And according to your logic there should only be one person of each nationality to be “the____face for the ______market.” That’ll lead to a 3 on 3 league.

    And to all the crackpots who obviously never balled, I’m a baller and we don’t care if you’re purple if you can ball.

  • Joe


  • JS Lee

    #19 i honestly hope you’re right marketing-wise but Jeremy Lin is an Asian american who is an unknown outside the US but Yao Ming was already famous in Asia before he joined the NBA.

  • Bojangles

    Being a doctor or a lawyer can wait, this dude should take his game any place where they are willing to pay him to play hoops. Take it from a Harvard grad lawyer currently busting his ass every day.

    And while this dude probably ain’t going to go NBA, you never know, look at guys like JJ Barea who came from mediocore college programs.

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    Trust me, I live in Taiwan and see how bad NBA teams crave having Asian players. Its a monster market!!! Saturday afternoons here are stupid, go to ANY court and there are like, 8 hoops, one with families, one with teens, one with girls, one with the big boys, etc.

    As far as being asian, black, white, purple, well ball don’t lie. Everyone got the same shit to prove as anyone else. Buckets are buckets. D is D.

  • Boogie

    Kid can ball. I really hope he continues to prove himself and gets to the league.
    For whatever reason people want to add race into the list for nba necessary qualities these days. When actualy its more to do with these kids social situations. Most NBA players have only one chance to make that much doe. The NBA. Other kids trick themselves into not workin hard enough by using excuses (I’m too short, I’m white, I’m not “athletic”, etc, etc) and ignoring the many many examples of these things not mattering, instead of getting a better game and showing it. Its easier to quit when you have options. Most nba dudes did not. Carmelo was ducking shots at a point in time.
    Glad to see a kid like this who doesn’t give a fuck. He could be a doctor. But he is definitely balling. Respect his game.

  • http://www.petsocietyhelp.com Pet Society Help

    I think he’s from the bay area, too bad golden state has 10 point guards and 40 sg’s on their squad cause he could be a good marketable rookie free agent pick up for the bay. Actually would be good marketing for nba, first asian american to play in the league, guy goes to harvard so you know that’s a plus for the nba office.

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com da real

    Lin is legit, he will get alegit shot in the NBA summer league. If he plays well he will be invited to camp. He is better than Chris Quinn. If he gets faster he could earn a spot in a year or two. If he were black he would be Terrico White, haha. Sucks that he is Asian because his game is solid

  • weng santos

    Why is his race part of the discussion?

    He’s a smart in the classroom, so what? I hate that jock culture anyway where you have to somehow be less than stellar academically to be stellar athletically.

    Obviously, the kid can play. He just dropped 30 on UConn! Jim Calhoun called him “one of the better kids, including Big East guards, to come in here in some time.” Jim Calhoun! You think he hasn’t seen enough talent to make an evaluation? Calhoun knows his basketball.

    I’d take IQ over hops anytime. Cerebral players are coachable, and they see things a lot of kids don’t. Sorry to all the flyers out there, but when it matters most, basketball is more a thinking man’s game.

  • weng santos

    Stockton couldn’t dunk, jump, run fast. He wasn’t exactly athletic.

    And yet he’s one of the greatest ever. He did it all on wit and vision.


  • the trainer

    A player is a player no matter were you play! because it’s uconn you are to lay down and die?? LOL!!! well that kid got game and killed KIMBA the all american lol!!! going to show you bring your game not your name!!!!

  • BillaY~~!

    Just like mike gansey from WVU, this kid will never get his fair shot purely based on his race. Take gansey or this kids stats and they get drafted over half the “potential” players. Or if they were black. This is horseshit

  • Boogie

    First it should be noted that most scouts, coaches and GM’s are white and they make the decisions on who gets drafted in the nba…. so i wonder who is to blame for the dumb fucking stereotypes…

    Second, why is it that now its come down to black players are ‘athletic’ and dumb, while white players are weak but smart? That is such a pathetic stereotype i can hardly contain my anger whenever it gets used. What about chris paul, d will, what about p.pierce even who makes hundreds of heads up plays every year to keep the celts moving? bet no1 here would call him smart. But of course Birdman andersen is a genius because he uses his brain to block balls rather than his terrible jumping ability and short arms, because white people obviously cannot have either ‘athletic’ ability or be stupid…. You think Kobe is stupid? Or MJ? or any player who is a great Nba player not just hall of fame? Speaking correct english has nothing to do with intelligence in case you people havent noticed. Its making good plays and playing good ball that defines that in the profession of bball.

    America is seriously tripping. Look at europe schooling the shit out of you guys. I mean seriously, where are americas rudy fernandezs’?? PLease show up and make this debate look even more stupid than it already is. It needs to happen.

  • Kudabeen

    I think he is the same caliber of player as Eric Maynor…He might get slept on, but he will be an excellent backup or good lead guard at the next level. A quicker Steve Blake…I like his game…

    Also Boogie is on point with post 30…

    Also with the the issue with jock culture, whatever that is…no one was criticizing Jason Williams from Duke when he was a McDonald’s All-American and killing cats in college…It was highly advertised that he was an excellent student first.

    Genius and intelligence are fluid as well as objective…Being an athlete, scientist, stripper, professer, or bum have nothing to do with your capacity to comprehend and contribute to society.

    In the end who are we to judge…stereotypes are valid to the extent they are used as the only means to measure a person. It is human nature to profile or try to understand through generalizations, but intelligent people will take the added steps to understanding what they are seeing to legitimize their initial feelings…

    Black, African, Asian, Hispanic, White, or whatever…It shouldn’t be used as to tool of destruction and limitation…Those who do that are prejudice and have a racist mental disorder that they need to deal with…

    Racism is a mental disorder by definition…The facts are in your face yet you cling to what is proven to be false…psychosis

    J. Lin has game period.

  • http://www.dreamleague.org/blog/category/jeremylin/ Poor Man’s Commish

    First of all, Jeremy had TWO dunks in that game. Go look up the play-by-play in the ESPN boxscore. He also had a swat of a Jerome Dyson fastbreak. Check user aman2k, who is not me, on YouTube for the video.

    Secondly, those of you saying he’s not big enough or fast enough obviously haven’t seen him play, especially the UConn game in which he was clearly the fastest player on the court. This includes Jerome Dyson, a projected NBA 2nd-round pick who nearly had a triple-double, yet was not the best player on the court. True, Jeremy is near Chauncey Billups’s size, except Chauncey is bulkier. However, when Chauncey was Jeremy’s age now, I would be shocked if he was as big as Jeremy is right now.

    Third, he is not studying law at Harvard and did not go there for the diploma, I assure you. Despite being a Player of the Year in California and leading his team to a state championship, he was not offered any scholarships. That right there was discrimination. Only Harvard and Brown guaranteed him a spot on their team, so he picked Harvard. You would’ve done the same.

    Fourth, there are already NBA scouts and agents who are interested. Whether or not this means there are higher-powered individuals of the like, and GMs and owners who want to draft him and give him equal opportunity, and a buzz about him before draft day, remains to be seen. Of course, how he does in predraft camps is important, too, but the fact remains: he goes to Harvard, where unless you are the ONE team that wins the Ivy and gets an NCAA bid, you are forgotten. Surely there must be something wrong with him if he’s only going to Harvard, right? That’s what the clueless owners/GMs will say.

    Fifth, if there was no market for having an Asian player on your team, then why did the Lakers sign Sun Yue last year? But the cool thing about this is, Jeremy can hold his own.

    Sixth, many of you have forgotten that Steve Nash started out as a bench player. Shame on you.

    Finally, to #6 who hit the nail on the head: “anytime i walk on the court w/o nonasians i feel like i gota prove something”. Every Asian American should root for Jeremy to make it to the NBA. He is NBA-caliber and it’s already been proven on TV a few times (let’s not forget last year’s 27-point performance against BC and this year’s buzzer beater which made #3 on SportsCenter). He’s way better than any D-League player and if he goes overseas, unfortunately, non-Asians will continue to feel like they have to prove something when they walk on the court here in America.

  • http://www.dreamleague.org/blog/category/jeremylin/ Poor Man’s Commish

    Correction (in conclusion): He’s way better than any D-League player and if he goes overseas, unfortunately, *ASIANS* will continue to feel like they have to prove something when they walk on the court here in America.

  • JS Lee

    “#27 weng santos says:

    Why is his race part of the discussion?”

    Cooooome on…..Race is a big issue. Whites/Blacks have many stereotypes about asian athletes and they’ll look for the dumbest reasons to justify why jeremy or any other asian can play good basketball. For the Chinese players(Yao) = abnormal heights. Jeremy = Ivy league’s lower standards. i won’t be surprised if they question his mental strength to ‘handle’ NBA, too short (though he’s 6-3), him not winning the Ivy League(maybe this year finally), how his stats have to be seen in the ‘context’ of a low-ranking conference etc etc. & they can and will cite 2 million dumb reasons to back it up…

  • JS Lee

    BTW Jeremy scored 25 pts and beat BC 74-67 :)

  • AirTaiwan

    Jeremy Lin has both an excellent cerebral grasp of the game, the constantly-referenced high basketball IQ, as well as the requisite “minimal” physical attributes to make it to the league. He has a good grasp of the X’s and O’s, of running a team, fundamentally strong team defensive schemes, etc. Additionally, size or physical abilities are not a concern, as he has the height 6’/ 6’4 , 205 , to be a big point guard. If you watch game tape of him play, he ‘s not just a spot-up shooter who can’t get his own shot, as more racially-charged detractors’ comments might suggest who would concede that any Asian ballers can play. He has the speed, handle, and strength to drive on some of the top players in D1, both making the smart passes to set up teammates, pulling up with a pretty deadly accurate jumper, or taking it strong all the way to the rack and finishing. People who want to knock Asian ballers might say even if he has the size, he probably can’t play like it, but he averages like 6 boards a game as a guard, and pulled down 9 against Uconn. He also had 3 steals and 2 blocks against Uconn, showing that he has the physical skills to defend and hang with anyone. If he doesn’t make the NBA, and get drafted at least in the second round, it really will be a sad statement on the state of racism in America. The guy’s an inspiration, and way to represent for Taiwanese ballers!

  • http://www.asianmalerevolutions.com Jake

    The man is the American Dream personified, and as far as I’m concerned anyone who brings racial stereotypes into the picture is about as “American” as Adolf Hitler and Lenin.

    Shame on y’all.

    At between 6’3″ and 6’4″, he could gradually fill out that body to around 210 pounds for an optimal (big) point guard weight (Deron Williams and Jason Kidd have those physical dimensions – not that I’m comparing their games to Lin’s.). If he can maintain his quickness and increase his explosiveness while increasing his weight by 10 pounds like that, he definitely will have an NBA-ready body.

    The man is a legitimate basketball player, and could certainly play at least a reserve role in the NBA if he learns more from professional coaches and trainers at that level.

  • Johnny


    this kid is god, and props no doubt, but he could never make the nba. He does drop 20 or 30 which is nice, but he does it for a bad team! if he was on UCONN or BC or something, he wouldnt be dropping 10 probably. He gets to take any shot he wants at harvard and thats why he averages so much. But he is good i wont lie like some other idiot in this post. He wont make nba though. But go overseas if he wants or stay here. (and im not saying he cant be, but not everybody at hardvard can be a doc or lawyer or successful, ive had a harvard substitute teacher in middle school…what a waste of harvard).

    he wont go nba, there is no chance. at 6’3 he would play against the Chauncy of the nba or nash or people like that. 1= he is not strong enough, 2= he is not fast enough for a Nash, 3= he doesnt have height for SGs.

    It comes down to can he guard anybody? and the answer is no. (and dont say he swatted dyson). he cant guard nba players consistently on any given night.

    but props to him, great college career, and hopefully european

  • Johnny

    another example, i agree nba is racist towards nonblacks. they think any nonblack cannot hoop. and that makes me mad.

    but an exmaple of why lin wont make it, remember kyle mcClarney from ND basketball? He was the best shooter in America, better than Lin. More skilled than Lin and more consistent. He was a btter player than Lin and a lot of other guards. He was a better college player than some than made the NBA. But he never got drafted and never got a chance really. he is in the NBDL now. I see Lin not having a chance like Mcclarney. Mcclarney was better and didnt make it

    Although the NBA is indeed racist a little as seeing nonblacks as slower and not as good athletically or w/e,
    you guys saying he should make it have no idea how hard it is to make the league. There are sooo many players that score many points and do it against big name teams. D3 schools when they play D1 schools have a player score a lot. Best players on any team score a lot because they are the team’s go to guy. They have the ball a lot and score a lot. It is so hard to make the NBA. And unofrtunately, Lin wont make it.

  • jimmy

    Just say J. Lin play against Seattle. Excellent Basketball IQ. A bit like what Steve Nash was but not as quick.
    He probably lacks the athleticism to make it to the NBA, unless he is a bench player to attract to the asians. Maybe Golden State? Clippers?

  • Rick

    I saw Lin play Seattle U. He is clearly the smartest player on the floor. On top of that he was probably the best all player on the court, including Charles Garcia who is supposed to be a first rounder this year. We’ve seen what he’s done against top 25 teams, and he had no problem getting his way with Seeattle U. Very quick first step, good athleticism, great passing, never forces anything, only takes good shots and is very unselfish. I’m pretty sure this guy could avg 25+ easy if he had to, but Harvard is solid so he doesn’t need to. Lin plays big for his size, he was grabbing rebounds and swatting guys much bigger than him with ease.

    From a talent perspective there is no doubt in my mind he is better than Matt Bouldin of Gonzaga who is a projected mid 2nd round. Lin is a better creator and more athletic, while Bouldin is a better shooter for now.

  • richard lam

    I just saw Lin plays on youtube. He is a great player. I am Chinese and I support him 110%. He will make it to the NBA. I’m calling all Chinese and Asian to support him. Lin rock the bball world

  • http://Dime Jacques Denis

    Bill Bradley,Eddie Jordan, and Armand Hill-Princeton Jim McMillan-Columbia, Jerome Allen and Mat Maloney-Penn,Chris Dudley-Yale are just some of the 45 Ivy league players who have gone to play in the NBA. Tha’s a better record than most of the smaller conferences from th east and mid-atlantic regions such as the Colonial, Big South, Atlantic Sun and America East. In fact the Ivies probably rival the talent in the Atlantic 10 and the Metro Atlantic. When players come out of these conferences, they are not criticized like Lin is by many doubters. No one really criticized Stephen Curry, formerly of Davidson, a guard similar to Lin,once he started to prove himself. So, all of the anti-Ivy and anti-Lin criticism just does not have any real basis. It is really based on bias and prejudice and not subtance. He may not make it in the pros, but I think that he has as good a shot as, if not better than, John Scheyer of Duke. So, give the kid a break and let’s all wait and see how it turns out for him in a year or two.